i hate this but i had to finish it

I had a long fucking day, but No Work Tomorrow,

Finished two commissions and my dad’s birthday reqeusted drawing. Finally time to draw a gift for a friend, doesn’t go well, doesnt look good I hate how it turns out, starting ALL over again, it’s now 00:30 I feel very tired, swearing at myself did not help and Instead of going to bed earlier I sketched this shit. Because I hate myself

Yeah I should go to bed

Goodnight guys < 3 

I don’t think I ever shared this story so I’ll share it now.
By far THE best interaction I had while working at GameStop was when this older woman, probably in her mid to late 70’s, came in asking for games she could play that were similar to The Witcher 3 because she had completed the entire game, despite hating the game mechanics.
When I asked her what she liked about the game that made her want to finish it, she looked me straight in the eye and deadass said, “Geralt.”
So basically this elderly woman completed every single mission in The Witcher 3 solely because of how hot she found Geralt. I died. And set her up with a copy of Uncharted after she gave Nathan Drake her Hot Boy™ seal of approval.

Some facts you might not know about Alan Turing

I have just finished reading Alan Turing’s biography (written by Andrew Hodges) and I wrote down some interesting/cute/amazing/nerdy facts about Alan:

• Alan taught himself to read, but was quicker to recognise figures, and he had an infuriating habit of stopping at every lamppost to identify its serial number
• on picnic with his family, he wanted to gather the wild bee’s honey and observed the bees’ flightpaths to locate the nest
• he hated games at school, and he later said that the necessity of avoiding the ball in hockey had taught him to run fast
• his father loved literature and was pleased when Alan told him he liked one line from Hamlet - only to learn that it was the last line: “Exeunt, bearing off the bodies…”
• his first friend at school was Christopher, who he first met in 1927, and he was struck by him and “wanted to look again at his face, as he felt so attracted”
• during what Alan said was the happiest week of his life, he, Chris, and a friend went to the cinema and on the way back Alan wanted to test how much Chris wanted his company, so he hung back and then Chris “beckoned to me (mostly with his eyes) to walk beside me”
• he made a star globe out of a lampshade and woke up at 4am to look at the night sky
• in Chris’ memory, his family founded a prize which Alan won
• at Christmas 1934 Alan asked for a teddy bear because he never had one as a little boy - he got one and it was called Porgy
• when Alan was at Princeton in the US he complained in a letter that he didn’t like “the way they speak”, “the impossibility of getting a bath” and “their ideas on room temperature”
• Alan liked to chant the couplet “Dip the apple in the brew, let the Sleeping Death seep through” from Disney’s Snow White over and over again
• he broke up with Joan by reciting the closing lines of Oscar Wilde’s “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”
• he didn’t like the sight of blood and even once fainted when he grazed himself shaving
• he was an avid long-distance runner
• he wrote a short story about a gay man named Alec, but only three pages survived
• Alan died on 7 June 1954, most likely by committing suicide; the cause of death was cyanide poisoning (next to his bed was half an apple which might have been dipped in cyanide)

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

today I had my political science class

and it was awful. Trump supporters were everywhere - people who weren’t even registered to the class came in to gloat.

I raised my hand and said I was more terrified of Trump supporters than I was of the man himself, because they want people like me (queer) dead - and was immediately shouted down with “I don’t hate gay people!” and “not all supporters are racist/misogynistic/homophobic/etc” and I wasn’t able to even finish what I was saying.

But I’ll say it now: even if you yourself are not any of those awful things, when you cast your vote for him, you enabled thousands of people to be open and PROUD about their bigotry.

If you’re a Trump supporter and you REALLY aren’t bigoted? I expect you to be out in the protests and the rallies and protecting the people you say you don’t hate. I want you rallying in front of LGBT+ safe spaces and keeping out everyone who wants to harm them. I want you speaking up for women, POC, and Muslims when you see them being harassed. I want you volunteering at planned parenthood. I want you to defend the disabled and chronically ill to your last breath. I want you supporting Jewish communities. I want you chanting “Black lives matter” in the streets. I want you calling out people who are saying the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic things you say you’re not.

You’re not bigoted? Prove it.

Otherwise, your silence is violence. Against every minority in the US.

Hanzo you are so funny. >_> 

Anyways, everyone’s drawing Jesse being all sweet and romantic but I’d like to counter your adorable romantic McCree’s with my own headcanon a McCree who hates all holidays – especially christmas and valentine’s day. 

“ Y’see I never had a family, and well I didn’t think I’d live love enough to share my life with anyone… Funny how things work out eh?” 

Also I’ve had this colour palette in my folder forever and I just named it “ hopelessly “ how tragic and yet sweet..? :/ 

I’ve been thinking lately… Hayden Christensen doesn’t do a lot of interviews.  But when he does, I don’t see him talking about how he hates Star Wars or how he auditioned for the role of a lifetime and everyone started spewing hate from every platform imaginable, or how he had to come back and finish the trilogy while the entire planet hated his guts and said so to his face.
What I do hear him talking about? How much he loves talking to little kids about Star Wars.  How happy he is to have been a part of it.  How hard he worked, how much fun he had, how much he learned.  While fans are still vomiting hate over a decade later, he seems pretty happy to live quietly on his farm and not retaliate.  If he has any secret desires to Force Choke the fans or the media, he’s been pretty good about letting that go.
Guys, Hayden Christensen is a better Jedi than all of us put together.

this is james, oli’s older brother, and if you like him you’re making the wrong decision. like i know i say all my original characters are the worst but james is actually legit bad news lmao


* Can you believe it’s been a year since I started this blog, and what a life-changing year that was for me.

* As mentioned above, I first sketched this comic way back in March, on a really bad mental health day - a kind of day that I would be going through on an uncomfortably regular basis at the time. However due to the rise of this blog’s popularity, and growth of my fanbase, I can honestly say that I have had the best year of my life. I never received any hate mail. I never got into any arguments. All that you, my followers, have ever given me, was the kind of mass support I’ve NEVER known online until now.

* This comic was, obviously, made with Papyrus in mind, and how he helped me face my issues, but today, fully finished, it’s for all of you as well. For your support, for giving me something I can look forward to every day I check the internet, for all the encouraging words, for caring for my health, for all the beautiful fan art, for the lovely people that I met.

* Undertale, Papyrus, and this blog have changed my life in ways I never thought possible, and for this I want to sincerely thank you.

* So here’s hoping to another year of silly comics and good vibes!

* Nyehfully yours,

* -Jim

  • Yoosung: It's not that I hate you...
  • V: Really? I-
  • Yoosung: It's just that if you were on fire and I had a glass of water. I'd drink it.
  • V:

“logan was an awful jerk!!! he was the worst!!”

k well maybe u forgot that he:

  • respected rory as a reporter (he literally gives her the nickname ‘ace’. he’s literally calling her a great reporter)
  • he comforted rory when her boyfriend broke up with her in public 
  • was upfront to rory about what kind of guy he was (he told her that he had only had casual rel. before. he didnt hide it and understood that rory didnt feel the same)
  • lent his car and driver to rory bc her mom was upset 
  • he asked her for permission before they had sex. he. literally. asked. for. her. consent.
  • he recognized his feelings for rory and gave up his other casual relationships bc he liked her sm
  • he stood up to his shitty family who were awful to her
  • he understood that she was upset and wanted to talk to her about it
  • understood that rory needed to make her own decisions about school. (i know a lot of ppl hate him for this but honestly…wtf was he supposed to do? he challenged her by not demanding that she go back— he let her do what she thought was best for her)
  • the entire vineyard valentine episode
  • he respected lorelai and all the work that she went through in running away raising rory. he makes an effort to understand her and her relationship with rory.
  • “if you come with me i wont get on the plane”
  • the love rocket
  • he literally got so happy and excited about work and he was super good at it. a real work dork
  • faked a meteor shower
  • “im tired of not being around you.”
  • accepted that he made the wrong decision and took responsibility for it
  • denounced his family and gave up his wealth to start fresh and work hard to earn his own money
  • “I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.” 
Bite Me (Oneshot)

AN: Soooo guess who’s not dead? Yeah, sorry guys. I started my Senior year and everything just went to hell from there. Fortunately, I’m graduating next month and I won’t be starting college until the Fall, so guess who has more free time soon!? Anyways, I started a new request, but then remembered I had this one already started and almost done. So I finished it real quick and I’m posting it as a sort of apology for being so inactive. I hope this one is to your liking, anon!

Prompt:  Hi! Can you do a Bucky x reader where they kinda have a love/hate relationship and one day they are arguing and the reader is like “bite me” to Bucky and he’s like okay and leaves a bunch of hickeys on her. And then like the next day while them and the avengers are chilling Steve see’s the marks and is like the hell? And Bucky appears and is like she said bite me so I did. Sorry if this is confusing and thank you so much!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, teasing, angry/horny Bucky, heavy kissing, hickeys, no smut tho.

Gif not mine

The relationship between you and Bucky was friendly but at the same time… strained. At times the both of you would get along and sometimes actually hang out. Other times you would be at each other’s throats. This obviously was driving the team crazy since they never knew what mood the two of you would be in. However, everything finally came to a head one evening after a particularly stressful mission.

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen my-” Bucky was cut off as soon as he walked into the bathroom connected to your room and saw you. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

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Though She Be But Little She Is (Not) Fierce

A little background, I’m a halfling ranger with a high elf wizard, half elf druid, and a couple others. We had just finished our mission and were picking stuff up on the way back. We came upon some prisoners we had left tied up and decided to take them back to our employer. Our strongest players were holding dragon eggs which left two of us to carry the two unconscious prisoners. We were also super low on health from fighting. 

Me: I roll strength to pick up this guy.

*rolls critical failure*

DM: You, a 4ft halfling who weighs 70lbs, try to pick up a 6ft and 180lbs man. You lose your balance and crack your head on the floor, killing yourself.

Druid: Alright, I’ll pick her up and carry her back so the town can heal her.

*rolls critical failure*

DM: Uuhh, fill in two of those failure bubbles.

Wizard: I’ll heal her with my med kit.

*rolls critical failure*

Me: *flabbergasted* Oh my God.

DM: *delighted* Oh my God!

“Just drink this down,” I said to Aaron, reaching into the backseat with the coconut water I’d spiked.  "It’s coconut water, it’s more hydrating than Gatorade.“

"Good, I hate Gatorade,” Aaron said, yawning.

“Really?” I said, “I’m surprised.  Most guys love it.  But then again most guys are also hairy, sweaty, muscle-obsessed horndogs who wear tank tops and are obsessed with their cocks.”

“I am not like that, Jon, and you know it,” Aaron said.  "I didn’t even want to work out today, you know I think it’s dumb.“  It was true, it had been hard to even get him to wear a tank top.

"I think that’s about to change, dumbass,” I said, turning around with a mischievous smile on my face.  Did you finish that bottle of water yet?

“Yeah,” Aaron said, scratching absently at his chest.  "Yeah?“ he said again, sounding confused.  "Aww, I’ve gotta flex” he suddenly said, and as he did I could hear the cracking of muscle as he started to swell up.  Aaron’s eyes were wild, but he couldn’t stop flexing as his biceps started to swell with serious muscle and he started to take on a more masculine expression.  Hair was starting to spout up in his pits as he held a flex.  He was staring straight at me in a flushed panic, and soon it was sprouting in the center of his chest as well, rapidly spreading outwards and across his torso.  "What’s happening,“ he managed to get out as he let his inflating arms collapse to his sides for a moment, but a few seconds later he already felt the compulsion to flex again.  His biceps mounded up even harder, his shoulders broadened, and I could see hair starting to sprout up towards his collarbone.  He had started getting stubble on his face just before his chest started to loose its smoothness, but by now he was already sporting almost a full beard.  "FUCK!” he yelled out in a voice that had dropped by a full octave, going unwillingly into another hard flex.  "What the fuck man!“ he said, panting, as the changes slowed down to a stop.  I could tell from the bulge in his pants that he wasn’t as entirely upset as he sounded.

"Flex for me, fucker.  Maybe you’ll get to let that bone out if you do.”

“What the… yeah, I’ll flex for you, you dick.  I don’t know what was in that shit, and you should have asked me.  Though holy shit, look at my chest, man.  Holy fuck, I feel cocky or something.  I gotta get this dick sucked man, I feel so horny for no reason.”

“It’s in the water, you fuck,” I said, leaning back and grabbing his hairy chin with one hand and learning in so we could wrestle our tongues in the backseat.

Sketch talks

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m head over hills over this fanfic “Smoke and Grit” with human gems and Cop Garnet x Bad Pearl. I fell in love with the police team and had to draw everyone together (even tho Bismuth isn’t part of their present team). 

There’ll be a police car with bismuth in it… hahah I hate drawing cars. 

I’m really excited about finishing this one! I even did some investigation:

well there is magic all around you, if i do say so myself
i have known this much longer than i’ve known you

my half of the witch harry art trade with @believeinbritboys (their half is amazing, seriously go check it out!!!!!) 

i wanted to do a lot more with this but my tablet broke right as i was finishing .. go figure.. p upset i couldn’t finish it- i even had to write my signature w my touchpad lmao but!! anyways!! here’s harry and a three eyed cat.. magically stirring his tea.. 🌝 hope you guys like it!

Caffeine #9

I haven’t done one of the caffeine challenges before, and I took a couple of breaks during the time so I didn’t get it quite finished, and then had to reformat for the broken html import that is tumblr.

But it was a ton of fun! And naturally, I immediately took the prompt and went “okay let’s break this”

Ever since birth, he had never had a voice.

His mother, of course, never held it against him. She sung like an angel, like a siren; she could enchant enchantresses and toy with the playboys, and he was raised on lullabies that could have rearranged the stars.

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