i hate this and i hate everything ugh

Why is everything so expensive?

Ugh, this is going to be a shitty personal post but I don’t care.

I really hate money. I hate looking at my bank account. I hate budgeting. I hate it so much.

My last student loan refund was back in February, and I’ve been trying so hard to save my money, but everything is so expensive that it’s impossible.

In order to move, I had to pay $400 to have a hitch installed on my SUV so I could tow a trailer. $250 to rent said trailer. $300 on gas to drive across the county (thank god I drive a hybrid). And $150 for hotel rooms along the way.

Once I got here, I had to pay $1200 for June’s rent and a $1200 security deposit. I owe July’s rent now and I still won’t get paid for about 4 more weeks.

Getting licensed is a whole other story. The NAPLEX costs around $500 and the MPJE (law exam) costs $250 for each state and I’m taking it for two states. In New York, it cost $70 to get my intern license and about $350 to apply for my pharmacist license.

I have a car payment of $450 and insurance payment of $120 coming up and have just enough money for my rent. I need to call my parents sometime soon and ask them for money help which is fucking embarrassing. Thank god they gave me some money as a graduation present already or I’d be in serious trouble.

How does anyone else manage all this? Am I doing something wrong or is it really just this fucking hard? Does anyone out there have any tips for budgeting or anything?

Now excuse me while I go buy a box of ramen while I still can.


“Stop talking for a second and just… let me tell you something.” 

I had this idea about if Keith and Lance got stranded in space and for some reason the team can’t get to them or doesn’t know where they are, and they think they’re gonna die so they finally confess to each other. 😏 

But then the team finally comes and rescues them and they’re forced to actually deal with their feelings. 

Varric's Roast
The Inner Circle
Varric's Roast

This banter where the whole Inquisition squad goes after Varric in the Trespasser DLC

Varric: Great, we’re in the Deep Roads. I feel myself getting “dwarfier” by the minute. Did I just sprout a beard? Ugh, I hate caves.

Cassandra: Yes, yes. You hate the Deep Roads, and caves, and the outdoors.

Sera: And everything that isn’t hearing himself talk…

Dorian: Orleasian cafés, taverns that are too tidy, slopes of greater than 10°.

Blackwall: Also quiet, and most kinds of smells. Rain. Water in general.

Vivienne: And Orlesians, Fereldens, Nevarrans, mages, templars, the entire Merchant Guild, nugs- 

Iron Bull: And slopes, uneven ground, the dark, pretty much all kinds of weather.

Cole: The smell of the sea, [Varric voice] Who made the ground vertical? Mountains covered in the dead.

Varric: Look, I have to complain or you’ll forget I’m here and trip over me! I’m providing a service.

Some Nyance doodles

some queer parallels

first i present the unholy trinity:

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followed by the hot but problematic faves:

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and finally, the perfect cinnamon rolls, too good, too pure for this world:

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