chanyeol: hi luhan wow it’s great to see you it’s been so long

luhan: haha yeah hi *signs chanyeol’s arm* you know it’s hard to remember everyone that comes to the fanmeets but just remember we are all lufans ok! haha

luhan, to his manager: i thought they didn’t allow fans back here ??? pls keep tighter security


so handsome…… so thicc…….

I wonder what Harry smells like post concert. Like probably a little sweaty and a lot boyish. Probably some traces of deodorant and cologne still linger on his skin. I bet he rides out his performance high in different ways. Shaking out his arms and bouncing from one foot to the other. I bet the ends of his curls are a bit damp as he runs his hands through his hair and slicks it back into a bun…