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Jafael as Jaladdin


palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen

so this was what i’ve been doing the entire past couple of days. dont look at me

animating Sans was fun ‘cause he doesn’t need lip-syncing (lol) so I could focus more on his expressions instead ( -v-)b

audio/insp from here!

Delayed Effect

Jay Park; Fluff

“She’s really cute.”

Jay lifted his eyes off the music sheet he had been writing notes on and looked up at you, sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Considering the volume of your voice, he knew you were probably just talking to yourself, and he felt bad. You’d been here for over an hour after coming from work, waiting for him to finish rehearsing for tomorrow’s performance so you two could go home.

You clicked your tongue and pressed your thumb on the screen of your phone.

“Who’s cute?” He asked, tipping his head to the right to catch your attention.

“Her,” you replied without looking at him, as if he was seeing the same thing you were seeing. “She’s tough, I’m telling you.”

“So… she’s cute and tough?”


He put his pen to weigh down the sheet. Something in the way you spoke and how your brows knotted made him really, really curious.

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anonymous asked:

why did i feel so strange when dan came to the "another white guy that people ship with his friend" part and phil was right next to him? there was literally no reason to but i cringed a little

this might be weird but i hated hearing dan talk about “shipping his friend” right next to phil. and phil didn’t even do anything? made me feel so weird. i hated that line in the original video too. i mean i get why he said it in the diss track but i still hate it and it feels very antiphan

i think that’s understandable. in the moment (in today’s video), i also was weirdly taken aback that there was absolutely no reaction from either of them when dan delivered that line. the reason it strikes us as being so odd is because it’s an overt shattering of the fourth wall. basically as close as we might get in this era to them openly talking about the fact that people “ship” them. they haven’t really explicitly addressed that in the last few years outside of a handful of sidelong allusions and reacting to “shippy” art in the tumblr tag videos. but that being said, their lack of reaction isn’t all that surprising as they probably discussed the lyrics of the diss track to death before dan uploaded that video. phil was even in the video for that exact line! so it’s not like they were going to do something to indicate some deeper significance to that line when dan said it. 

to the meaning of the line in general, and it being interpreted as “antiphan,” i would just say that it’s less of a big deal than it might seem on surface value. i mean it was interesting at the time for the same reason i just mentioned–it was a now-rare instance of dan acknowledging ~the ship~ in such a forthright way. but importantly it doesn’t contain any affirmation or denial of his relationship status with phil? it is just sort of a startlingly self-aware statement, with respect to how dan likely views himself as a youtuber: that a large part of his popularity comes from the fact that 1. he is white and male, and 2. people ship him and phil together, or, to avoid that phrasing if it makes people uncomfortable, take interest in the realities of his and phil’s relationship. to me it feels like the reason people are actually weirded out by the line is bc he calls phil his friend, but to that i just wonder what else anyone would expect him to call phil in that context, and given the tight meter/rhyme scheme he was trying to uphold in this rap. i mean. he didn’t have enough syllables for “housemate” or “social security blanket” or “senpai” or “best friend” or “creative inspiration,” all of which he has essentially labeled phil as before.


Idk I just find it interesting how armys have time to comment on every youtube video ever but y'all sleep on Namjoon’s music.


One of the writers of Roswell talking about Tess in early season 2. 

@guerins do you know where is this from? Is there more? I stumbled upon it on youtube by chance. *.*

OMG, I really love it.

“…Well, look, she’s got her own problems, you know… And she is vulnerable and she knows that she is disliked, and yet, what else is she gonna do?… And this man, who guided her her entire life is suddenly dead… and she is cast aside, no one cares about her…”

I just…yeah…