i hate these two unicorns so much


“She’s so very sexy, she’s a beautiful girl … I don’t know if she’s more beautiful in real life or more beautiful on camera, it could be debated.” - Nathan Fillion on Stana Katic

“I think he’s super talented, a kind guy and he’s good looking. He’s very smart and very fun … He has a cute bum.” - Stana Katic on Nathan Fillion

there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping riley and lucas from being together through the whole s2 (except for the fact that they feel really uncomfortable around each other when they’re a couple) and then they wait for maya to break in Texas to decide they actually have feelings for each other. and that’s okay? what the hell??? are you kidding me? i’ll never get over it. it’s ridiculous. maya deserves better than that.

gosh i hate this triangle so much. not even maya is thinking straight anymore, thank god she’s walking out of this mess. let lucas pick riley, let them live in their fairytale world with unicorns, they’re dorks. i don’t care anymore, this thing needs to die.