i hate these turds

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Why do you hate semi colon tattoos so much??

They look stupid, they’re lazy, they’re badly thought out, they’re LAZY, they’re patronizing to people with mental illnesses, and they’re fucking LAZY. 

Congrats, you saw a trend of people getting the simplest tattoo possible and claiming it’s for mental health awareness so you hopped on the bandwagon and tried to say that the tattoo was personal to YOU and YOUR LIFE, when it’s not. You have the exact same tattoo as a million other people. It’s not personal, you’re just not creative and you wanted to follow a trend.

My mental illness destroyed me. My mental illness almost killed me. My mental illness, should I choose to embody it in a tattoo that will be on my body forever, is more deserving of something unique and special than an upside down circle on top of a slightly squigglier circle on my wrist that a million other people have.

Grow up. Learn to think for yourself. 

And by the way, a semicolon doesn’t mean “when the author could have ended the sentence but chose not to uwu” it fucking indicates a pause between two main clauses in a sentence. 

My half of an art trade/collab with @sugarlantern! I’m so blessed, I love her art

Leon showing off his sweet nail polish that you can’t see because this has no colour yet

Imagine Vegeta teaching Goku how to speak saiyan but completely lying about it. Like Goku will ask how to say “i’m hungry” and Vegeta teaches him “i’m a dick” so whenever Gokus hungry(which we all know how often that is) hes just saying “i’m a dick” over & over in saiyan. Or he asks how do I say “i’ll defeat you” cause he wants to shout it at enemies and sound cool so of course Vegeta teaches him “I’m a piece of shit” so whenever hes fighting someone hes just angrily shouting “I’M A PIECE OF SHIT!!!”. He goes around shaking new people/fighters hands trying to say “hello” in saiyan but hes just happily saying “fuck you! fuck you!” (Vegeta in the background about to piss himself from laughing) No one understands him of course because the ‘saiyan’ language is a dead language at this point. But Vegeta fuckin knows. And he just snickers to himself all the time. He does this with every word or phrase Goku wants to learn until one day Goku asks how to say “I love you” and being the evil turd geta is he teaches him “I hate you” instead and to Vegeta’s surprise Goku immediately grabs his hand and with a serious face and with the most passion ever says “I hate you”. Only then does geta come clean and explain hes been fuckin with him all these years. It later becomes a huge inside joke and Goku will often just randomly say (in their earth language) I hate you and Vegeta will say I hate you more and Goku will say I hate you most. And everyone around them would be like mmm okay rivals we get it y'all hate each other shut up… but Goku and Vegeta know.

Could someone please make a gifset of Eleanor in 2x04 talking about the last time the Spanish came and burned nassau to the ground. And Rogers in the last episode, telling the spanish to do just that. Cause oh my god, what a turd, i hate him so much!! His fucking paternalistic concern for Eleanor, talking about her ‘instincts’, like she’s this wild paradise island woman not in control of her own actions whom he has to civilise for her own good. And this just shows that he doesn’t even remotely understand her! Cause omg, a prosperous Nassau is all Eleanor ever wanted and he wants to let the spanish burn! it! to! the! ground! I honestly hope she shoots him with a canon. 

And another thing. The conflict that needs to be resolved before this show is over is not Eleanor/Rogers or Eleanor/Max or Eleanor/Vane (thou those are all important), it’s Eleanor/Nassau! More than any other character besides Flint, her arc has been tied to this place. She grew up seeing it as her birthright, simultaneously resenting her father for leaving her there in the first place but also wanting to protect this place where, as her father said, she mattered. Resenting it for not being what she wanted it to be, hurt when it rejected her when all she wanted for the stupid sexist pirates was peace and prosperity, vengeful against it and now… will she defend it again?     


Using French is very unnecessary…

Because this is tumblr, heres your disclaimer:
I fucking hate trump and his policies. Hes a double decker turd sandwich period.


It really scares me when political movements lobby to remove him from his position due to “mental illness”. Based on how our legal system works, its really not far fetched in the hypothetical situation of his impeachment due to mental illness for that to serve as justification of “mental illness=incompetency” later on. Those who have medical record of mental illness could potentially be fired/denied a job due to “they have a mental illness which can lead to/has resulted in incompetency”, with this legal case cited as reference. And thats rly fucked up, bc a ton of mentally ill ppl HAVE gotten better and CONSTANTLY WORK EVERY DAY to improve and be better and ARE BETTER. To say otherwise implies that those who are mentally ill have no capability to change or get better, and thats kinda fucked.

Yall are targeting the wrong thing: target INCOMPETENCY, not MENTAL ILLNESS. Mental illness =/= incompetency.

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Milo was on Alex Jones this week, it was a riot of laughs. You can get his book at Infowars store.

Ah yes :) I watched it, and I don’t watch Alex (I watch PJW) unless it is something outrageous like his trolling of the TYT last year I think it was, because I hate the Young Turds. They had great chemistry, and I’ve never seen Milo laugh so hard so much, on the full version around the 33 minute mark he was almost literally in tears from laughing, it was so adorable :D

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i followed you waaay back because of dragon age and now you've got a new blog and are mainly into overwatch (which tbh i don't even like??? at all??? don't hate me omg) but i simply cannot unfollow because you're awesome and perfect and ily 😂 😭 😙

hey bro no worries i also hate overwatch

but this little turd

has fucking ruined me and i am SORRY for that