i hate these different spellings

i was tagged by @yuurislove and @viktyuuris (thank you both!!)

  1. name/nicknames? alex
  2. height? 5′7
  3. hogwarts house? slytherin
  4. last thing googled? “excelsior”
  5. a fictional character i’d like as a sibling? idk tbh i don’t have an answer for this one sorry
  6. how many blankets do i sleep with? always just one comforter 
  7. favorite artist/band? one direction 
  8. how many blogs do i follow? 332
  9. what do i usually post about? on this blog just yoi and i guess personal stuff?? i complain a lot probably rip
  10. do you get asks regularly? no i dont think so tbh today i got a ton but that’s kind of rare
  11. what’s your aeshtetic? idk i’m emo trash so?? (fake) leather clothing, fingerless gloves, combat boots, ripped skinny jeans, the night sky, city silhouettes, book stores and libraries, rainy days, concert crowds
  12. tag 20 followers: @powerpansexual @viktorkatsudon @mystic-amy @bornforvicturi @blushingtroye @hashtagphichit @troy-voltron @coachviktor @victuuri4ever and anyone who wants to do this i guess?? just count yourself as tagged by me then