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Oh Sehun//For Her

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Summary: The first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are tattooed onto your skin from birth. You hear the words, but in the worst possible situation - he’s in love with your close friend. 
Scenario: Soulmate AU, angst, fluff
Word Count: 5,746

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My last 2 Hannibal Lectures!

Episode 1.13 “Savoureux" 

Before class, a student who had been absent for "Releves” asked, “Did Hannibal get caught yesterday?" 

"No,” I said.

“Does he get caught today?”

I peered at her. “What makes you think he gets caught this season?”

And she gave me this look:

As in, exactly that look, only right in the eye.

During the episode, @ the hunting dream: “He’s poaching.”

@ Will’s dirty feet: “What the…?”

A moment later…“He puked out an ear." 

"He needs to learn to chew his food better." 

@ opening credits: "Oh damn oh damn oh damn.”

While Will is taken off: “Look at all the dogs.”

@ Winston: “He’s so cute.”

When Will said, “According to the evidence…I killed Abigail Hobbs.” I stopped the video because it was the end of the period on Tuesday. They went, “YO.” “No.” “BULLCRAP.” The bell rang. “It just keeps getting better and better.” “It just keeps getting crazier and crazier.”

I resumed at this same moment on Wednesday. 

@ Hannibal’s tears: “Whoa. He’s crying.” “Whoa.”

Silence till Will and his thumb: "What? OMG!“ "C'mon, Will!" "Ohhh.” “Gahhh!” “He broke his thumb?” “Ugh!”

When Hannibal produced the normal-looking clock and claimed it was Will’s: “Shut. UP.” “Oh God, he makes me sooo mad.”

Someone made a sound I don’t know how to spell. I think it might have been “asdfsfskjldkfljsdk.”

Then when Hannibal said that he left Will alone in the office long enough for Will to have called Hobbs: “What. a. bitch.” And another sound I don’t know how to spell, this time longer and angrier. (No one in this class thinks Hannibal is anything but a big ol’ bag of dicks. There are no apologists here.)

When Will showed in Hannibal’s office: “Dude, when is he going to piece it together? It’s so obvious now.” Someone answered him, “If he pieces it together, we wouldn’t have a show.” (I was grateful the darkness hid my smirk at this point.) 

When Alana says, “He may kill Hannibal without even knowing”: “I think it’s the other way around.” “Uh-uh.”

@ the Bentley: “That car is ugly.”

When in Will’s dream Abigail hands him the phone: “What the…?”

After Will remembers Abigail saying “Are we going to reenact the crime?” when the camera focuses slowly on Hannibal turning to look at Will: “There we go. He knows.”

As they slowly entered the dark, bloodstained kitchen together: “God, this is scaring me.” “This is so scary.”

When Will lifted his gun to point it at Hannibal: “Oh damn oh damn oh damn.” “Oohhh.” “Shoot him!" 

And then when Hannibal stepped closer, of all things: "What is he DOING?”

@ “Are you a murderer, Dr. Lecter?” & “What reason would I have?”: “Awww man aw man aw man.” (Yeah, all these kinds of comments are from the same kid.)

After Jack came in and Will looked back at Hannibal, and Hannibal tilted his head at Will in that way he has: “Do it, Will!”

When Jack shot Will: “You shot the wrong guy, buddy.” “Aw man.” “Oof. Damn.”

@ the fade to black: “IT BETTER NOT BE OVER.” “CRAZY!” “I finally understand.” (I forgot to ask what she understood.)

No comments again till the veal scene. “I hate how he smells [his wine]. It pisses me off.” “It’s creepy.”

When Bedelia took her provocative bite: “That is NOT RIGHT.” “She knows.”

When Will stood up behind the cell bars: “asjdkfkjsSJDKLFJK.”

At “Hello, Dr. Lecter”: “He so hot.”

And the final fade to black: “OH. MY. GOD." 

"No… NO… NONONO.” (They’re just like a live version of Tumblr, hehe.)

“That’s ALL?”

“Till when?”

I gave them the info on the start of the season. They’re very much relieved they don’t have to wait through a hiatus. I was just good enough to them–or just evil enough to them, you be the judge–to show them the trailer (the “Stand by Me” one). 

There was one muffled “wow” at the eyeball of bodies. That was the only noise the whole time.

Afterward, there was extensive, desperate begging that I show the new episodes on Mondays. I hemmed and hawed and haven’t made up my mind. Regardless, they somehow convinced themselves that I’d agreed to their demands, I found out today.

One quiet kid, who if he’s said a word during the whole season, I haven’t heard it, stopped on the way out and asked me, “It’s on Fridays? At what time?”

I said, “10 o'clock.”


I nodded.

He said solemnly, “I can’t wait all the way until Mondays.”

Today I mostly lectured on how television gets made and licencing and how the show almost got canceled–they said “WHY WOULD THEY EVEN DOOO THAT???” (I gave them a lecture on watching live and live tweeting and whatnot)–the history of the books and movies and who Bryan Fuller is and how he got involved and whatnot. That was when they asked me to ask Bryan Fuller if he’d come to class. I said, “What would you want to ask him?” and they said–and this is so cute–

“We just want to watch it with him.”

(And if you don’t think I feel accomplished as a language arts teacher that I’ve gotten a whole class of kids to idolize a writer in a matter of three weeks…you just have no idea how I feel…. Not that I did much.)

We also talked about violence in the media and how violence on the show has affected the marketing, and how the show makes a case that people are more desensitized to violence by shows glossing over it than they are by shows being explicit with it, and that there’s a difference between gratuitous violence and violence that’s necessary to narrative. That was mostly me talking, but the light bulb came on for at least a few of them. One said, “Ohhh, yeah, they do show that! That’s really sly!” (He actually said “sly”–do kids use that word? I guess they do.)  

I want to revisit this issue of violence though in terms of the narrative and how many times they rooted for Will to kill somebody, and whether or not that means they’re actually rooting for Hannibal to win, because I don’t think they’ve made that connection yet. There’re just so many things I want to discuss, and I’m afraid I won’t remember to get to everything, or that I won’t have time. I picked Hannibal just because it’s just so full of technique, so to speak, and there’s so much depth to it on every level, it really is media as literature, but now I’m feeling overwhelmed by wanting to do it justice and just not knowing how that’s possible because there’s so much to do.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to spend on mostly discussion and reflections about the characters and their motivations. I’ll probably start with the last scene in the Hobbs’s kitchen and see what they think, then ask them to tell me whether they think Hannibal was willing to let Will kill him, how long he was planning to frame Will, what’s up with Bedelia, and stuff like that. Then as we go back through the episodes and analyze them, we can talk about what the text shows about these thing as we go forward.

I only planned to take through 3rd quarter to work on this, I’m already two days behind schedule because of the snow, and if I add in 13 Mondays of new episodes…I dunno…this is going to end up being the whole semester if I’m not careful.

They did it! Felix and Niko kissed!

People roared outside.

They whistled and cheered and clapped, I could hear women, men, kids, it’s like everyone was waiting for it on baited breath.

Someone even yelled ‘Vai Corinthians!“ (I hate the team but love the enthusiasm!)

Then the bar (where loud music usually takes over from 6 to 6) kept silent until the last minute of the final scene after the kiss. People were watching, they wanted to respect it.

I’m pretty sure mostly everyone cried over the last scene.

Because it was about a homophobic and utterly rude father who finally, FINALLY told his son he loved him.

Then they held hands. Finis.

Damn I’m still crying.