i hate these colors im sorry lol

As promised, I made some icons out of mangacaps I colored! It’s the 5 icons above but with different background colors.

There are 20 icons of 100x100!

Since it’s only 20 icons, I decided to upload them directly on this post. But if you want to download them all at once, hit me up and I’ll post a download link!

If you want me to make icons of a particular character, just tell me.

Please reblog/like if you (plan to) use! Credit is not necessary but appreciated! c:

The icons are under the cut:

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° . ☆ Hyakuya Yuichirou | Happy Birthday!  . °

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so im interrupting my hiatus to post it ha :p tagged by @southernkittygal

relationship status: im single, so ladies if ur lookin…

fave colors: i hate to say rainbow but its rainbow i just cant decide, but i tend to gravitate towars orange, yellow, blue, and green (in that order)

last song listened to: devotion by coleman hell!

favorite tv show: wander over yonder haha, invader zim and robot jones are close seconds though!

first fandom: hmmmmm thats tough? id probably say pokemon, warrior cats, or invader zim… i was pretty invested in them at the same time lol…

im not really one for tagging, sorry folks! but if you wanna do one yourself then i indirectly tag you ;p (op of this game/meme/whatever is forestdragoncat, i just didnt want to keep adding onto their post,,)