i hate these clothes tho

We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes, we’ve just begun

Found myself thinking today about how we tend to focus on Steve dragging Bucky into fights and other Steve shenangians, but not as much about Bucky dragging Steve along to science fairs, Coney Island, double dates, and all sorts of Bucky shenanigans. 

I think at this stage in the fandom, it’s very easy to settle into that sort of “pre-war marital bliss” mindset where Steve and Bucky share an apartment and do everything together and seemingly have no other friends (except for Bucky’s string of interchangeable girls.)

But really, Bucky and Steve’s friendship isn’t one of like following like.  I’m sure Steve had other friends who were also small and scrappy and full of communist rage (I love the fics where Arnie Roth is Steve’s normal best friend), and Bucky has plenty of friends who like to dress up nice and show girls a nice time and talk about the latest car models.   But to each other, they’re the friend who takes the other person out of his comfort zone – in a good, invigorating way.

I guess I want to see more of Steve not being sure about some shindig that Bucky wants to take him to, but going along because he trusts Bucky.  Or Bucky canceling a date to go to a protest with Steve, slightly worried about being overdressed, or getting arrested, or whatever, but going along because he trusts Steve.   For every time Bucky comes home with a bloody nose because of Steve, I want a time when Steve comes home smelling of perfume because of Bucky.   Both lipstick and bloody noses are equally daunting, but they wouldn’t do it with anyone else, and they make each other better.