i hate themeing oh my god


Pumpkin Spice Lester and Doot Howell

Phil dyed his hair into a pumpkin and Doot is once again out of the basement

me, complaining to my roommate: ever since I showed you that that one “Justin Trudeau scented candle” on Etsy as a fucking joke, all it recommends to me is weird, Trudeau-themed merch. 
my roommate: their algorithm needs to recommend like, Gorbachev themed merchandise? That would be more relevant for you? Or like, something that says “presidents are also hot” on it.

anonymous asked:

oh my god why do people keep doing this white out thing???? it stopped being cool in like 2013 when demi lovato did it its soooo dramatic i hate it sijfsojeiçeniofnjdsnsdwposcmejopwjeop

idk he doesn’t post anything of substance so now it’s just about keeping that IG theme aesthetic for announcements

cat themed AUs
  • my cat isn’t feeling well so i brought her to the vet and she scratches you, the cute veterinarian, and ‘oh my god i’m so sorry she never does this are you okay am i going to be charged extra for this’
  • my cat hates strangers but you are bound and determined to pet her even though she has repeatedly swatted at you and hissed before running away
  • we meet at a shelter and are arguing over who gets the cutest calico i’ve ever seen and your only argument is ‘i saw her first’
  • you’re severely allergic to cats and ‘oops did i not mention i have three extremely affectionate cats who won’t stop rubbing their faces against you i’m sorry’
  • i pointed out the cutest dog while we were out today and you seemed uninterested bc you’re more of a cat person and we get into a heated argument over which species is the better companion
  • you found a stray cat in the alley behind your apartment and your landlord is super strict about having no pets and all the shelters are closed for the holiday so you rushed over with the cat and beg for me to take care of it until you can find it a proper home but i end up keeping it bc it reminds me of you
  • we’ve been married for a few months and you decided we needed more members of the family and i take that as ‘i want to have a baby’ so i am seriously embarrassed when you come home from work holding a kitten while i’m laying on the bed completely naked
  • a witch put a curse on you and turned you into a cat and ‘oh my GOD how am i going to get you back into your human form’
bloobguy replied to your post “wherem do i go for themes oriented toward people who make a lot of…”

your only two options are “nice looking overall” or “shows tags on posts” and you cannot pick both. this is why i just gave up and im a default theme bitch

LIKE OH MY GOD there were a bunch i tried and then passed up because they had tags and displayed them in a normal way (no tacky icons or weird bubbles or hover effects or whatever) but theyre like……. a mile below the post body?? bc i think the maker wasnt Really epxecting people to have them visible? i discovered so many extra things i hate about theme trends today like i dont want other peoples icons showing on my blog, i dont want thick bars at the top of my posts, i dont want tags at the top, i dont want a ton of extraneous info jammed onto each post with little icons, i dont want the footer post info all on separate lines so its like 120px high on every single post and more if theres long tags, i dont want weird loading effects, i dont want a sidebar with sixteen sections im supposed to put four words each into, i still dont want massive sidebar images even if its now in the form of a rectangular pic of bucky or a kpop boy instead of a transparent anime character…. how do people live. this is why im glad i never go on desktop themes tbh like at least you cant have a tiny cursor and 9pt text on mobile, i get to be oblivious to whatever ugliness people settle for nowadays

  • Henry: I heard all the noise outside. What happened? Where's Mom?
  • Charming: I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but she's the new host for the Dark One.
  • Henry: What?!
  • Charming: Yeah. It came out of Gold in a mess of black goo and attached itself to her.
  • Henry: Oh my God.
  • Charming: I know. It must be tough to hear but--
  • Henry: She got Spider-man 3'd.
  • Charming: What now?
  • Henry: Don't worry. I know what to do. You go see if the nuns will let us use their church bell. I'll make sure nobody indulges her if she starts a dance sequence. Text me the second you notice any wardrobe changes.
  • Charming:
  • Charming: None of that made any sense.
  • Snow: When does it ever?