i hate them and love them at the same time

how I describe the signs in men and women
  • Aries Men: Funny as fuck and can hold a conversation, make really good friends too. Also have a secret kind side.
  • Aries Women: Really chill, give little to no fucks at the same time tho. LOVE IS A GAME LMAO. Again, make amazing friends.
  • Taurus Men: Can be funny and entertaining, but you mustn't get close to them it's not big and it's not clever.
  • Taurus Women: usually bitchy as fuck. Don't really have a place in my heart for yall.
  • Gemini Men: Either love or hate them. Big ego. Will argue their side they don't care about how you feel. Fun tho.
  • Gemini Women: dramatic and will be offended if you disrespect them but you will not ruin them. Exposing Queens and they will ruin YOU.
  • Cancer Men: hidden emotions. Like to be happy and make you happy too. Can be shady if necessary.
  • Cancer Women: really kind people and are fun to be around. Very caring and usually dog people.
  • Leo Men: Omf don't even bother because they think they're just superior to you by default though despite the superiority complex they're really funny dudes and are great at parties.
  • Leo Women: They sing everywhere and anywhere. They can be annoying and bitchy sometimes but still a ride or die bitch. Loyal as fuck and will pull out at all the stops for you.
  • Virgo Men: Perfectionist fuckboys, a deadly duo that will break your heart. Clever people. May seem a bit awkward.
  • Virgo Women: Shady hoes that think they're invisible. Clever and introverted sometimes though. Can also be awkward to be around.
  • Libra Men: Sociable, funny and laid back very chill people to hang around with. A libra is never cocky or rude unless given a good reason. Generally don't like conflict.
  • Libra Women: Popular but don't seem to realise it! Naturally stylish and kind. May seem fake but it's only because they will lie to you in order to keep you happy.
  • Scorpio Men: Have an intimidating attractiveness to them. Calm and reserved. Enjoy being with one person that means a lot to them.
  • Scorpio Women: Seems vindictive and shady. However a good secret keeper. Knows everything about everyone and is sisterly to their friends.
  • Sagittarius Men: Natural leadership which is intimidating yet exciting They like to mess and joke around because they're children at heart but they are passionate fire signs at the same time and are good at most things they do.
  • Sagittarius Women: Fun and sassy. They are confident and encourage others around them to be too! Loves to travel and see different things and meet different people.
  • Capricorn Men: Come off as stern and serious though they do like to relax and gave fun too. They dislike conflict but are never afraid of it. Rational people usually.
  • Capricorn Women: Fierce and confident. They inspire themselves and others, they are devoted and willing to work and put in effort for something they want.
  • Aquarius Men: Funny in their own way and good friends, though you do not get close to them and you rarely see their "otherside" they can be egotistical. Cand be ICE COLD.
  • Aquarius Women: Cheerful and fun. Chilled people who like to think. They usually prioritize themselves over others but this is rarely out of selfishness and usually just because they are unaware that they do this.
  • Pisces Men: WasteYourTime2k17. In their minds, they can do no wrong. And when they do they know it but will not admit it. Can be fuckboys but can also be v interesting to talk to.
  • Pisces Women: Laughs all the way until something goes wrong for them then OH SHIT they are usually the victims in their head. They are very good friends and will be loyal to you and don't ruin things for people.
How I Describe The Signs In Men And Women

Aries Men: Funny as fuck and can hold a conversation, make really good friends too. Also have a secret kind side.

Aries Women: Really chill, give little to no fucks at the same time tho. LOVE IS A GAME LMAO. Again, make amazing friends.

Taurus Men: Can be funny and entertaining, but you mustn’t get close to them it’s not big and it’s not clever.

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Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

k @yethhoundart prompted me with “what if hannibal bought a cat just to piss off will and his dogs??” and i was like “FUCK YES” 

Hanni just freaking loves this can man, okay? Like its his child and it had the ugliest, loudest, scratches meow in the whole world and Hannibal loves it

sorry its just a quick doodle before I go to bed but ill probably draw more tomorrow night after i move back into res

Don't Put People Down Who Watch YouTube Playthroughs Instead Of Playing It Personally

•Some people can’t afford the consoles
•Some people can’t afford the games
•They may not feel justified spending money like that
•They DO get enjoyment from watching Playthroughs
•They DO get the same feels
•Plus I dunno they may feel like the youtubers are the only people who will spend time with them
•I know that seems sad
•It’s sadder that people have to feel like a stranger on a screen is more invested in their happiness than people around them everyday
•You may not understand why we love those youtubers. And we may not understand why you dont.
•No one should put anyone down either way.


I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

How to get each MBTI type to LOVE you

ESTJ: Ask an enourmous amount of questions that could be answered very easily. You can also ask the same few questions several times in a row. Works best when they are busy.

ISTJ: Borrow things from them and handle them very carelessly. When they refuse to lend you anything anymore, be really mad at them.

ESTP: Basically treat them like huge babies. When they get mad, just say: “I know that it’s hard for you and that you’re pretending to be angry, just to compensate the emptiness in your heart”

ISTP: Be very mean to them for no reason. They might act like they don’t care but they do.

ESFJ: Exclude them from social activities. Befriend their friends but treat them like they don’t exist.

ISFJ: Ask for their help on a project. Let them do all the work and then never even say their name again when you present the project.

ESFP: Be really offenced because of everything they say. Great, now tell all of ESFP’s friends that ESFP offended you.

ISFP: Whenever they created something, just roll your eyes and say: “I already did that years ago. It’s nothing special” Or just give them really harsh critiques.

ENTJ: Be really offended because of everything they say. Then walk away and sulk for a few hours. That works especially well when the ENTJ needs your help for something.

INTJ: Walk inside their personal space and rearrange their things. Also, drag them to as many parties as possible and just “forget” them there.

ENTP: When they discuss with you, voice your opinion, let them give you their arguments and then say: “Well, since you didn’t have any valid arguments, I’m right” Then just walk away.

INTP: Always look over their shoulder and comment on what they’re doing. Tell them that their what they do doesn’t work and what they have to do to make it work. Works best when you have no idea about the topic.

ENFJ: Take everything that they do for you for granted. Also, be really mad at them when they decide, not to do everything they can to help you.

INFJ: When they do something wrong, call them out on it and proceed to tell them in a dramatic way how bad their mistake was, how many problems they caused and which bad effects it had on other people.

ENFP: Tell them that they behave like a monkey and crack and that nobody will like them if they’re annoying like that.

INFP: Tell them that they are not a mystery and easy to understand. Then tell them about all the things that are wrong in their life and how they can fix it.

Original Magcon

When I fell in love with these boys it wasn’t because they were extremely attractive. (although that’s a nice bonus) I fell in love with their idiocy, compassion and love for fans, silliness, spontaneousness (is this even a word?), personality, and so much more. Unfortunately I didn’t discover these amazing goofballs until shortly before the original Magcon ended. But I still love them the same as the fans who knew them from the beginning. These boys helped me through things and made me laugh when I was down. I love them so much and it kills me when I hear about them crying or getting upset from hate. I honestly don’t see how it would be possible to hate these amazing boys. And, Mahogany. If I ever meet them, I don’t know if I would have enough time to tell them how much they mean to me. I like new Magcon but for me it’s not the same. But, maybe someone will discover them, and it will help and impact them like old Magcon helped and impacted me.

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OTP: Confesses love for one another

Me: :) thats cute

OTP:  Fights any time they are in the same room. Only working together because someone/something forced them to be. Constantly bickering.


shit i’ve said to my girlfriend

“i fucking hate love live”
“fight him”
“he eats ass”
“where the fuck did her pants go?”
“that was really gay”
“i am a whole inch taller than you what the fuck”
“did you just send me the space jam song?”
“no thanks, my dude”
“i refuse to believe that they’re both straight”
“kinkshame them”
“it’s our child”
“i can’t believe you just fulfilled someone’s kink”
“i’m gonna fight them”
“you’re a legacy now”
“i can cook decently”
“i think my favorite character just died i’m gonna lose it”
“at least i know sailor moon will keep my lesbians alive”
“every time i push up my glasses, i feel like an anime character”
“good news: i no longer feel dead inside”
“i’ll gladly pet a dog, but i won’t touch a foot, my dude”
“this is so dramatic for a fucking idol game”
“i just tried walking downstairs and i’m really tipsy and i almost died”
“walking up the stairs in the dark while holding mashed potatoes is hard”
“yuri day should be a national holiday”
“listen, i’d let him kick my ass”
“we’re gonna watch shitty anime and eat bread”
“soft pirate aesthetic”
“i still don’t understand how they reproduced”
“anal cheese”
“you just admitted that you’re into furries”
“all i’ve been doing the past two days is knitting while watching horror movies”

Me: *watches DB episode 150* 
Goku: Are you cold? 
Chichi: No I’m alright. 

You’re back is warm~


They are just so touchy with each other on these episodes //// it really shows why they are not afraid to touch on DBZ

I just saw the octavia and ilian scene… I have mixed feelings? So here’s my one post for tonight.
I’ve loved o since season one, but she’s basically got ptsd and probably some other really bad issues rn, and while I understand her character development this season, I hate it so much.
I know the ilian actor from mako mermaids lmao but I love him
I just hated how it was so predictable? If you’re gonna force them into some half-added romance, do something original. I wouldn’t hate them as a pairing though? Just in general.
But I totally see and agree with a bunch of the people who hate her and I can understand why completely. And I don’t like the relationship and I don’t like her but at the same time I love her and think the relationship has potential? Man oh man I am Conflicted so if y'all wanna talk to me about this I would be very comforted.

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If Tommy does become a part of the movies, what do you think will happen to Jason x Kimberly? I'd hate for them to make some sort of love triangle and I can't see them throwing away the couple they spent time on in the first movie. Secretly I'm hoping Tommy doesn't make an appearance in this reboot....

Kim in this movie had a boyfriend named Ty and they broke up. Naomi said in an interview on set that Kim had superficial things and is now looking for real friendships and a real relationship

In their clip, Kim mentions that Angel Grove makes her miserable and Jason says he feels the same way. It seems like the only reason they stayed was probably due to them becoming Rangers. Why add more drama to your life by getting involved in some pointless love triangle? I just can’t see it. I don’t see Kim letting herself be put in this situation. Like I feel like Kim would just tell them both to fuck off before it came to that. But I can’t see Jason getting involved with that at all either. I honestly can’t see how it would work. 

And what motivation would she have to leave Jason for Tommy? Zack’s right there and she’s still making out with Jason. Tommy’s not special. And if Tommy still makes his debut as Evil Green Ranger, what’s Kim going to do? Just say “Sorry Jase, I’m just really into almost literally getting murdered. It’s not you, it’s me.” It barely made sense for the tv show, but at least with those characters, you could buy it. These characters are a lot different. I can’t see them just being chill right off the bat with some guy that tried to kill them and destroy the world. Much less want to get romantically involved with him. The boom comics even touched on that a little bit. Why should she get so close to Tommy as to break up with her boyfriend for him? Even when he turns good and joins the team, just no. I know people love to hype up Tommy as some pimp who’s going to swoop in and “steal” Kim from Jason but nah. Kim’s not just some trophy to be swapped at will, thanks. She made the move to kiss Jason, she seems to be the one who initiated this relationship. Who tf is Tommy to come in and change things? 

And Jason and Zack are already doing the rivalry thing. So I guess they’re just going to recycle that with Tommy and throw Kim in the middle? Why? And why should Jason put up with that lol. He can just fucking stab Tommy and be done with it. The whole thing just doesn’t seem feasible. 

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about that confession about the dances: I think the fandom tends to forget that the seiyuus aren't professional idols, especially at the beginning. The dances have to be doable for them, and as it is, the lives are exhausting. It's not fair to expect them to be on the level of girls who train every day for years in dancing (and singing at the same time is not easy!!) so can we all just stop hating on the simple movements that they can do live, instead of just in animation?

If you’re referring to this, that came from @lovelive-confessions, not us. However, if you don’t mind my offering my two cents - as someone who does musical theater for a hobby and plans on majoring in it, you typically can’t expect everyone in a show to have the same beginning skill level. There are some who feel that you shouldn’t dumb down choreography for the sake of any amateur ensemble members, and others who feel that approach is gatekeeping and favoring those who have had access to professional training, which can be expensive and is often extremely time-consuming. I can personally understand both sides of the argument. On one hand, I’ve seen some shows that were painful to sit through because of how unengaging the choreography was, but at the same time, I’ve also been in shows where people auditioned with little to no professional dance experience and still received lead roles. The last two musicals I’ve done were both extremely dance-heavy, and part of our rehearsal regimen was physical conditioning to increase breath support and stamina like what is shown in both animes (I don’t doubt the actual voice actresses do something similar as well).

From what I understand about the audition process for Love Live!, it seems similar in that the seiyuus came from all sorts of backgrounds. Emitsun and Soramaru had vocal training; Kussun had dance training; Ucchi, Aiai, and Suwawa were already voice acting; Mimorin, Anchan, Rikyako, and Arisha had theater experience; Shikaco and Rippi started in the modeling industry; Pile, Nanjolno, Takatsuking, and Ainya were professional vocalists; and Shukashuu and Aikyan were rookies (in fact, I believe Shukashuu auditioned for Sunshine while she was still in high school). So while choreography probably came pretty easily to girls like Kussun or Anchan, I’m guessing it was more of a challenge for some of their groupmates. I personally think both groups have a pretty good balance between songs with simpler choreography and more complex choreography, but I also agree that whoever does comes up with the routines irl definitely has a few steps they’re overly fond of. Ultimately, I can buy that in-universe these dances were created by high school students, and whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your point of view I guess. - Mod Dia

You know, when I’m reading BOB smut fics for all those different OTPs, I take amusement out of imagining all of them happening at the same time.

Like they’re in Haguenau in some house they’ve commandeered, and in pretty much every other room there’s gay af paratroopers super-secretly going at each other. Like, Speirs is fucking Lipton while two rooms over Webster and Liebgott are having the most amazing angry hate-sex and Babe and Gene are probably making gentle love in the basement and Dick and Nix are getting busy in HC across the road. Meanwhile Harry wonders where everyone’s going all the time.

And the funniest thing? All of them think they’re the only gay couple in Easy.

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I saw a person say that Harry emotionally abuses Hermione and I'm just so irritated now, even though this person is an R/Hr and H/G shipper. None of the trio emotionally abuses another person in the trio. And I love Romione and Hinny to death. I just hate this "X is abusive towards Y" argument used in ship wars, even if it's Romione's favour (I feel the same way about "Hermione abuses Ron" arguments too). Sorry. Just came to vent.

Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I just……get so tired. I’m all for healthy relationships. I mean, ALL FOR them. But this freakishly puritanical demand for utter perfection isn’t going to get us there. People are human. Normal humans experience negative emotions, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to express them in the ‘right’ way 100% of the time.

Harry was in a horrible place mentally and emotionally. And while that doesn’t excuse how he treated people when things were too much for him to handle, it’s not his typical pattern of behavior. It’s something we’re all guilty of; anyone who sits back and self-righteously thinks 'well, not ME’ Either hasn’t examined themselves very closely, or they’ve been fortunate enough to have only hurt people that have chosen not to call them on it.

Any negative behavior can be technically considered abuse. Gesture wildly while fighting? You obviously want to hit the other person. Raise your voice? You’re trying to emotionally intimidate them. Anything beyond a calm, bloodless, 'the things you’re saying and doing are hurting me’ and people freak out–and even calm reactions are often twisted into accusations of gaslighting or similar.

As for the Harry being abusive, no. As an argument, I would say his behavior and the way Hermione reacts to it are a fair argument that she and Harry wouldn’t have any fewer problems than she or Ron, but that’s as far as it goes. And as for Hermione being abusive, I’ve seen SO many people claim that Ron would be physically abusive, with absolutely nothing to back that up; in the books he never laid hand or wand on Hermione; she was always the one to get physical. But I’d really, REALLY like to find someone that hasn’t smacked or shoved or poked someone at one point or another in their lives when emotions were running high. Everyone has at least one moment in their lives when they do something completely crappy to another person. If you’ve never at least slightly hurt a person’s feelings, you probably don’t have much interaction or closeness with them.

I suppose I’m just tired of rigid moral superiority without compassion and understanding, and this unrelenting need to inflict perfection on characters in a desperate attempt to pretend that means we’re as controlled and blameless as we want to be in real life.

(And on that note, I’m collapsing face first into bed.)