i hate them :)))))))



OTP: ‘’Giggle like I said something charming”

- Jonah Simms


Zachary Campbell reacts to Little Mix - Live Vocals

I hate these bitches!

bea387  asked:

like lately ive been seeing A LOT of wife hate, way more than usual, and i just want to say that i think that youre so amazing for always showing support for them xx

thank you! i’ve said it before and i stand by it - i’d much rather have like 10 loyal, positive, welcoming followers than 13k wife-haters following me

the only time i don’t hate to lose followers is after i’ve posted some gen or danneel (or vicki or sarah) love, that’s just like… taking out the hater trash

i don’t associate myself at all with anyone that’s willing to spread hate - like i literally have a 0 tolerance policy for it. i’ve unfollowed year-long mutuals for it

hating them makes no sense to me at all, like their husbands aren’t leaving them for you so what’s endgame here? just being a hurtful bastard smh

i love genevieve and danneel with all that i am and i doubt that will ever change

there is nothing i hate more in a story than an ending that’s so bad it retroactively makes everything that came before bad too, no matter how good it had been up until then, especially if it had been really good up until then

As a student, the thing I dread the most is the disruption of my daily routine. Everything that I do while being in a pre-exam panic is a sort of rite to me. I have to sleep 8 hours, I have to get up by 8 am, I have to shower - eat - go to sleep after studying all day, in that order. But then I have a rude roommate who ruins everything. I can’t describe how that stresses me.

honestly i Know when a fic is leading up to the ‘they almost kiss but get interrupted’ route and i hATE IT but every goddamn time im like on the edge of my seat and just like ‘ooOOOOO WHAT IF THEY GET CAUGHT” like of course they are dumbass youve been down this road a million times

All was golden when the day met the night 

I painted this for @sebastianflan`s birthday back in december and my style has changed quite a bit but since volume 6 happend i thought i might as well post it…

beautysimmerawesomeness  asked:

When is the next time sim requests are open?

I’m honestly not sure, but I can say that they won’t be open anytime soon. I’d just rather focus on other things about my blog and I get a little anxious about doing them because I can never get them out as quickly as I would like. Don’t get me wrong, I love making sims for other people, it’s really fun creating different kinds of sims that I probably wouldn’t have made otherwise, but it just gets a litte much for me sometimes.