i hate them

I can’t get this out of my head now.

Harry’s flight was supposed to leave around 2:30am LA time. That’s not really *that* late for Louis to stay up so that he and Harry could chat right before take-off.

But then the flight ends up delayed for 2 hours, and that’s where my imagination conspires against me.

Harry kept telling Louis that it’s ok, that Louis should go ahead and just go to bed. Louis staying up isn’t gonna make the flight leave any sooner

Louis refused of course, they always talk to each other right before a flight alone. He’s staying up, thank you very much, Harold. And it absolutely is nobody’s concern if he’s yawning while saying that.

And voila, we’ve got a tweet at 12:33, a flight that officially at 12:37, an IG at 12:46, and another tweet at 12:57.