i hate the yankees but i love baseball


there’s this v blessed baseball au fic by @moreracquetball where whizzer plays for the boston red sox and jason’s a yankees fan and marvin unwittingly hooks up with whizzer without even knowing he plays baseball cuz he hates baseball and honestly i love it so much it’s amazing 10/10 would recommend

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im a die hard yankees fan and my bestfriend is a huge red sox fan, and baseball is what started our friendship. she wore a betts shirt and i wore a gardner shirt the first day of school and we were paired for a project. first thing i said was "idk if this is gonna work" and we both just laughed. we watch all sox-yanks games together. and we both hate the teams, but we dont hate eachother bc of it. if i wouldve just been like "shes a sox fan i h8 her" i wouldve missed out on a bestfriend.

I LOVE this, thank you for this. That’s so adorable. Maybe I need to find my own Red Sox fan. 😆❤️

listen I hate the Yankees as much as the next gal but I also don’t really care about the astros and would love to be in the World Series City when me dodgers win it all so……..


this could almost be a canon doodle but what kind of coach would make a kid bat without a helmet on smh

nah, this was drawn with the intention of being in the “games i play” ‘verse by @moreracquetball bc i legit just love this au

they’re practicing in central park and whizzer’s just tossing the baseball easily at him and jason’s wearing a yankees jersey

(marvin is under a tree reading something

Otomedia Interview Okamoto Nobuhiko - Asanuma Shintaro

*due to vague answers and blurry scan andmyhorribleJapaneseskill, forgive for all mistranslation*

> *blurry question…sorry*

Shinta: When it comes to game, interchange casts are so hectic, so difficult to transfer the microphone (LOL). It’s followed by fierce battle, no matter how much mic available, it still feels like [final game].

Piko: Two schools carrying a lot of things, we get more expectation from many others, in the end I felt like this is [final game]. Extra actors who shouts more than usual is raising tension as well, rice battle become amazing sound pressure (LOL) 稲実戦

Shinta: I always do my best as in game, I don’t change until the recording itself. But, followed by background sound and cheers voice, My sound director said the direction [I want you to put more spirit]. More than on side you’re playing, I think how much they cheer in another side is also changing.


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