i hate the way u do ur hair

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>>wants to draw the baskin >>is worried you'll hate my art skills >>hahahah ((Bruss' mun))

((I cant remember what ur art looks like but last time i checked u draw the longe necc but other than that ur art skills are admirable. The facial features are p cute

((Maybe decrease neck

((also shoulders maybe

((a neck is about ¼ to half the size of a head, shoulders are around 2 to 2 ½ heads wide (not counting hair), at least if ur going for a more human and proportionally realistic approach (or at least the shitty way I do it)

((also i dont care if ur art is good or not, the fact that you give enough of a horse’s ass abt me to mcfuckin draw me stuff is flattering as hell, man

((Im bad at constructive criticism forgibe me

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avi, i've been wanting to cut my hair short for a long time now, but i'm really scared bc i've had it long for like. ever and i don't know if i'll like it on myself like i do on other girls. any advice?

most of the girls I know who’ve gotten short hair cuts have liked it way more than they thought they would. also, it doesn’t take as long as you think it does to grow out, so it’s super temporary and if you hate it, in a few months it’ll look totally different. also, if it helps, research hairstyles u might want, and tell the hairdresser you’ve never had it cut short, and tell them ur specific concerns about your hair type / how it will look, so they can plan to style it in a way that you’ll like.