i hate the term analog as it applies to film


Rolleiflex T, Ilford Delta 400

This was the first profile shot I asked Merle to take.  I really wasn’t happy with the way it came out.  Now looking at it some six months later, maybe it’s not so bad.  Maybe it’s not so good, but maybe it’s not so bad either, but I’m leaning towards maybe it’s not so good.  

Who the hell knows.  

“Looking Down Fifth" 

Hasselblad SWC, Ilford Delta 100

This is a counterpart I suppose, to my other shot, ”5th Avenue Wedding,“ which has since become my most hearted picture to date (thank you rebloggers!).  

As you can see, this one was shot during an overcast moment, while the other has some serious sunlight and shadow going on, as well as a few wedding guests.  Also, I shot this one further down the building, closer to 49th Street.  So they’re kind of the same, but totally different.  

Which one is "better?”  Who knows!  Let’s see how many hearts this one accrues.  

Also, I figured since this is allegedly a film photography blog, that I should at least get some film photography posted, as opposed to whatever might be happening on my bookshelves or in my bookcases, as documented by my phone’s camera.  


Hasselblad SWC, Ilford Delta 400

So what do you know, I posted a picture after all.  I took this the Friday after the hurricane.  This was the last day downtown was without power.  I’ve been meaning to finish up this photo for ages and either print a hard copy or send it to my friend here.  I also took pics with the Rolleiflex, but this one came out the “best,” even if the wide angle isn’t serving the photo too well since he’s getting lost in the mix.  

I’m also not entirely happy with my post-processing.  Maybe the unsharp mask was a bit too harsh.  I feel like it’s been ages that I’ve worked a scan in photoshop, but I just had to get this damn thing done.  O has been bugging me about it for over a year, and I’ve been flaking on it for over a year.  

Yes, that’s his name, “O.”  No, he wasn’t born with that name, but that’s what he goes by now (and yes, he legally changed it to that).  But why am I telling you all this when you can go to his own tumblr.