i hate the quality of their pictures though

More Sebagrell Observations

Okay, so those who’ve read the manga know the first picture. Well I’ve been looking at it for a while and have noticed several things, which I have circled in different colors. 
Let’s start with the Green and Red circles. In the Green you can clearly see Sebastian and Ronald Knox’s hands. Not too odd, right? Well, in the Red you can see that both Sebastian’s and Grell’s hands are hidden. I’m not saying they’re holding hands but…kinda suspicious. 
Next is the Yellow circle. Ronald is clearly stepping on Sebastian’s foot. I don’t know how visible it is, but there are indications he might even have stomped on Sebastian’s foot. Either way, it’s not friendly. Now let’s take a look at the Dark Red circle. Sebastian’s foot is grazing Grell’s. Look at it for a few moments. Sebastian is clearly not stomping on Grell’s foot. He’s not even stepping on it. No, Sebastian’s foot is sliding off it. Which means what? They were playing footsie? Maybe, maybe not. We can say for sure that is not how people who hate each other stand beside one another. 
Finally, the Purple circle. Grell’s foot is casually leaning against Sebastian’s knee. And Sebastian is letting Grell. Yes, they can’t exactly be fighting in a chapter title page, but it’s certainly worth noting I think. 
The last thing I want to mention is the final piece of their body language. It might be a little hard to see in these pictures (you might have to look in the actual manga for better quality) but you can see that Ronald is facing away from them both, completely. Grell on the other side is actually standing more neutrally, facing front. Sebastian, though it looks like he’s facing forward at first, is actually facing more Grell’s direction. You can tell by looking at his feet and his arm. Sebastian looks like he’s about to turn towards Grell. 
There is a HUGE difference in body language. Sebastian and Ronald don’t like each other, AT ALL. You can tell in the previous scenes when they fight and later too. Here their body language says it all. Facing away from one another, and Ronald stomping on Sebastian’s foot. Sebastian and Grell…People (and Ciel) believe Sebastian doesn’t like Grell either. But, their body language doesn’t support that at all. Sebastian is turned toward Grell, and Sebastian is lightly brushing against Grell’s foot with his own. That is not the body language of hate or even dislike. Sebastian may not be head-over-heels in love (yet  ) but he certainly finds Grell’s presence agreeable. 
If anyone wants to discuss this with me (maybe you’ve seen something I haven’t) then please do.  I’m always happy to (respectfully) talk evidence with people.


Alright! So I’ve created squad one to the best of my abilities, but there was some limitation. I’ll upload the full body shots if anyone wants, but they aren’t very good quality.

Also, Tate’s skin isn’t that level of trump orange, I just had to enhance the picture a bit and that‘s why he’s orange, he’s really just tan.

Also note that Bradley has peach/coral-dyed hair and Rowan’s is navy blue, nor is Rowan’s hair completely accurate (it’s really close though)

I also hate the way Cade turned out. Hate it.

So, tell me what you guys think! Are they a lot different than you’d imagined?

(In case you aren’t sure, from top to bottom is Rowan, Dylan, Tate, Faye, Bradley, Cade, and Cooper)


Hartmon Week, Day 4: High School AU

I see Cisco and Hartley having a mutual pinning sort of thing going on during high school- even though they act as if they hate each other, resulting in some ruined notes :)))

I also see Hartley being surprisingly artsy and hella creative, although he’ll never admit it, but he still doodles in the corners of his notebook :) 

(I apologise for my crappy handwriting and poor picture quality ://)

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RFA + (if your willing) unknown react to MC who has to travel a lot on business trips?

This was so much fun to do and this was my first request so I spent quite a while on it. Sorry it took so long! Please send in requests and give me a shout out if you can- I’d really super appreciate it! Like I said, I’m willing to do almost any scenario you can throw at me, so go ahead :D



• Even though he knew your trips wouldn’t keep you from him for unbearably long periods of time, he got really clingy and lovey dovey when he knew you were going to leave
• Like, this boy will cook, clean, shower you in compliments, send you cute texts, take the highest quality selfies, AND smother you in kisses
• He hates to see you leave but loves to watch you (IYKWIM)
• He’s look through pictures of you and watch old videos of you two and video call you to keep himself occupied and happy
• “Zen, honey, it’s been two hours since I left. I’m not even on the plane yet.”
• “So I can’t miss you already?”
• Constant. Calls. And. Texts.
• You don’t text him back, even if he knows you’re busy, he fears the worst and won’t stop texting you
• Along with those texts, you’ll sometimes get a picture of a nice, nude Zen
• The second you come back, he’s hugging you and kissing you all the time and whining over dramatically about how he missed you so much
• Even though he knows you have another trip next week and he’s gonna have to go through withdrawal again


• You tell him you’re leaving and the first thing he does is demand to come with you
• “You never know what could be waiting and I need to be there to protect you”
• Jumin, I know you’ll just threaten everyone to stay away from me"
• “That was ONE TIME”
• You have to call Jaehee and make sure she packs his schedule with important meetings and projects to keep him from flying out to you
• He constantly calls you and wonders if you’re alright
• The last thing he wants is you hurt in a place he can’t do anything to help
• You video call him the second you get off the plane to let him know you’re alright
• “Jumin, you have work to do and lunch with your father”
• “But do I care? No”
• “I swear to g— just go. I’ll text you once I’ve settled in.”
• When you get back, he brings you back to his penthouse and makes up for lost time ;))))))))


• After the first few trips, he stops crying during the first few hours
• But he sure as hell doesn’t get used to not having you there
• You keep his place from going to shit and it always gets dirty and laundry-covered and oh lord, Mrs. Kim would have a heart attack everytime she came over if it weren’t for your cleaning
• So when you leave, the potato chip bags are everywhere
• The t-shirts and jeans cover some of the furniture
• He can’t help it, he’s too busy between studying, gaming, and eating
• When you get to your hotel and you start to relax, you video call him
• The second he picks up, you smile and start to say hi before you go into maid mode
• “Yoosung Kim, clean that floor right now!”
• “But babe, I’m in the middle of a really important battle!”
• “No. Off. Now.”
• And he gets off because, oh lord, you’re scary when you get all strict like that
• When you’re done with the trip, you go back and when you open the door
• The whole place is SPOTLESS and Yoosung is wearing a cute apron with his hair pinned back
• This boy treats you like royalty
• Then the cycle restarts


• She is so used to going on trips with Jumin, so you and her always do cute little things to make each other happy before you leave
• You’ll put sticky notes all over her things to pack saying cute things
• She’ll put a package of stress relieving tea in with your luggage
• You’ll write her a long loving note on her phone
• She’ll make sure to make a big, healthy breakfast the day you go
• You’ll pack her a nice balanced lunch for her hard day at work
• seriously everyone is jealous of the super healthy, perfect seeming relationship you two have
• You always get selfies of her with a cool landscape behind her or a picture of Elizabeth 3rd being a C U N T bad
• When you get back, you share a special coffee blend and cuddle on the couch, watching one of Zen’s movies
• She’ll light a nice, clean smelling candle, too
• You two are seriously so caring and loving it’s so sweet


• He was NOT a fan of you going on trips
• Who will help him eat his honey buddha chips?
• Who will help him down Phd. Pepper like there’s no tomorrow?
• Who will save him from his internally crippling depression that he covers with memes?
• Vanderwood won’t. Saeran won’t. Yoosung won’t.
• Only you could do that
• And now you’re going away
• As selfish as it is, he hacks into your stuff and does the work from home and sends it back, saying you were busy with something at home and could just do the project and layout from home
• You end up not having work for a good while because of this boy
• When you find out you’re kind of pissed, but you’re also kind of grateful
• Work is always stressful and you hated that he was taking it on and doing it himself
• But you were really happy you didn’t have to do it because work was starting to wear you out to the point of  exhaustion and the jet lag was becoming too much
Life lesson: Get yourself a Saeyoung


• He knows you go on trips a lot from the research he did on you in Mint Eye and was actually pretty ready for you to leave
• That doesn’t mean he likes it
• It just means that he was ready for it before you told him
• He always knew you were going off before you did, since he knew how to get into your e-mail, phone, work computer, personal computer, flash drives- anything hackable, he was in
• You’d always know because he wouldn’t act as instinctively cold as usual
• He would try to get you out of the trip for the hell of it, but you would
• He always tried to make the e-mails and messages informing you of them disappear, but then he realized that this was your work and this was how you made a living, so he put them back out of guilt
• He pouts when you leave and makes sure to mess with your computer and force you to call him every once in a while so he can check on you
• “Saeran, I have to work on a speech. What do you want?”
• “Love. Attention. Faster computers. You can supply two of those.”
• “I’d supply the third but I’m broke, ha”
• You two talk longer than you thought you would and you’re so lucky you could wing that speech
• You come back and the first thing he does is force you on an ice cream date because “you owe him, dammit”
• But hey, free ice cream AND time with your boyfriend
• What more could you ask for?
maybe a job where you could have free ice cream and time with your boyfriend all the time oops


Sooo, I’ve been working on my Horseball picture, the horse itself is almost finished now, even though I’ll never be satisfied with it. ;w;
Anyway, here are two other things I have done and put MUCH work in: moving images (the animations are by me, I hate EA anims)! Click on them and they’ll have better quality, I don’t know why Tumblr shows them off so blurry. 

Enjoy! ^^

Sometimes i just hate it when you are trying to take a picture with your iPod but then it is on the video mode accidentally then it just looks super awkward but apparently i thought this was a pic for the longest time but its actually a video haha i have this of Darren being all sarcastic .. “i have the internet” LOL 


For my Bayonetta~ Happy belated birthday! ♥


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To tell you the truth, I went from thinking you wre a good artist to my personal favorite was when you reacted to some MRA getting mad at your drawing of Fluttershy saying "I hate all boys" by drawing a picture of Fluttershy saying "Boys are dumb". Rude cool Fluttershy is easily the best Fluttershy.

Thank you! (Though I’ve since learned that dumb wasn’t a very good word to use so I apologise for that)

I always found drawing rude Fluttershy very cathartic because Fluts reminds me of me when I was younger. I was very meek and anxious and as a result I let myself be harassed and abused a lot (to the point where I’m still getting help for it today). Those qualities make me feel angry now… especially when I see fans lauding such a character as ‘perfect girlfriend material’ because of it. I want to go back in time and tell myself to be stronger, and I want society to stop glorifying meekness in women. So I find it cathartic to draw a meek, anxious character being brash and rude, and not caring about other people’s opinions.

Of course, bronies didn’t bother to message me about the meaning of the image and just fell over themselves to call it hate art, so whatever. It still has personal appeal to me, and that’s why I made it.

Thank you for your kind message :)