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Katara, Consumed by Destiny: Water

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We are working backward from the end of The Legend of Korra, pretending we don’t know anything more about Katara than that she is a waterbender and a member of Team Avatar. At this point, however, we’ve accompanied Katara through four books of LOK, four comics series, and two seasons of A:TLA. The progression, or rather, regression, of her character, is all too clear. We’ve seen Katara’s biggest triumphs and most cutting remarks; what more could the initial season of A:TLA have to offer?

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Homework || Peter Parker

  Another excerpt from my Tom Holland Trash Book on Wattpad.  Feel free to send me a message on here if you are interested in requesting. :) Xx

  Blurb:  Peter tries to help you with your homework but algebra isn’t your speed, distracting and flustering Peter however is right up your alley.

 Warnings:  EXTREMELY FLUFFY!  You have been warned.

                                   || GIF CREDIT TO OWNER ||

 You take another deep breath before blowing it out in an exaggerated fashion. Peter’s face falls into a deadpan expression, clearly unamused at your disinterest.

“Alycia, it’s algebra not rocket science.” Peter states.

“Says the ‘rocket scientist in training’,” Alycia groans, falling ungracefully onto Peter’s bed face first. “More like Alge-Bruh to me.”

Your face upturns into an amused smirk. Peter groans at your lame joke before turning back to his completed Algebra homework.

“Hey, hey, hey, Parker, I know you’ll like this one!” Alycia shoots up, the bed groaning under the pressure of her sudden movement. “What did 12 get on its 13th birthday?”

Peter spins around on his chair to face you. “A ’D’ on its uncompleted homework?”

“Come on, Peter!” You groan loudly in protest.

“Fine, what?”

“An Alge-BRA! GET IT?!” You shout in excitement at your own joke.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” Peter says matter-of-factly in between your chuckles.

“You’re about as fun as a lethal injection.” You state, your face straight and emotionless. “Someone has to keep the fun alive in this relationship.”

“Hey! I’m fun!” Peter objects.

“Not since your attention has been caught by little miss Algebra over there. What does she have that you don’t have?”

“Quadratic formulas.”

“You got me there, Einstein.”

“Now that that’s settled, would you please focus on this homework?” Peter begged, clearly frustrated at your lack of concentration.

“But it’s so boring.” You whine loudly as you face plant into the bed once again.

“Your mum’s boring.” Peter mumbles.



“I hate you.”

Peter shoots you a cheeky smirk. “You love me.”

“No, apparently my mum does though.”

“Well, you’re not wrong.” Peter teases, causing you to slap his arm.

Peter lets out a small 'ouch’, rubbing the area of impact. You turn on your side and look at him, his eyes clearly fixated on the homework in front of him. You admire the look of concentration of his face. His eyebrows tug together unconscientiously when he encounters a harder sum. His lips form incomprehensible shapes as he reads the pages over in his head.

You silently scrutinise him, memorised by the minor details that make him unique. Peter feels your eyes on him and spins to meet your gaze. His cheeks flush a light pink after noticing your staring.

“What?” He asks lightly, a breathless chuckle leaving his lips.

“You’re so cute when you’re concentrating.” You state, propping yourself up on your elbows.

Peter’s head hangs instantly in a desperate attempt to hide his hot cheeks. “Well, we could be cute and concentrate together.”

You smile at his comment and hop up off of his bed. You saunter to behind his chair and wrap your arms around his shoulders, your hands folded lightly against his firm chest. You nuzzle your head in the crook of his neck, satisfied at your view of the school work and Peter.

You could feel Peter’s heart beating under your fingertips, the erratic patterns of his pulse drum against your skin. Peter gulps deeply, your close presence making him extremely nervous. You would have thought that after a couple months of dating he would have been used to your touch, but it was somewhat comforting that he still felt sensitive to your presence.

“You good there, Parker?” You ask, craning your neck to look at his face.

He gives you a stiff nod before clearing his throat, his voice breaking slightly as he speaks. “Y-yeah, I’m…good, yeah I’m…”

His voice fades out, the words vanishing as they leave his mouth.

“…Good?” you complete his hanging sentence.

“Yeah, that.” He mutters barely above a whisper.

His eyes are still on your own, his gaze scrutinising every single feature of your face which is only centimetres away from your own. You feel your face heating up under his loving gaze. You swiftly plant a kiss onto his cheek before turning back to the algebra.

“Okay, now, explain once more, why is the alphabet invading the numeral universe? And why is x always missing? Does his mother not love him or something? Can’t he solve his own problems and leave me to solve my own?”

Peter doesn’t speak, his eyes still on you.

You wave a hand in front of his face. “Hello? Earth to Peter. Come in Peter.”

“Right, um, the Algebra system is based on the unknown, the letters being unknown numbers otherwise known as variables. Exponents and formulas are used and that could be led down the course of advanced trigonometry and geometry.” Peter stumbles out, his head snapping back to the paper in front of him.

You grin at him, his nervous ramblings making you smile. “Hmmhmm, ok, keep explaining it. I’m listening.”

You rest your head against his shoulder and close your eyes, soothed by the sound of his intelligent explanations and smooth voice. Peter continues to explain the problems to you and the steps to complete the work.

“Are you still listening to me, Alycia?” Peter asks, his eyes landing your closed ones.

“Of course.” You mumble against his shoulder.

“Your eyes are closed.” He states.

“I don’t listen with my eyes, Parker.”

“Come on, Alycia, I know you can do this.” Peter places a gentle kiss on your temple.

You take a deep breath and open your eyes. “My eyes are now open, talk nerdy to me, Peter.”

Peter begins to write out a simple equation. Your lips brush against the skin of his shoulder, you place a gentle kiss against his bare flesh. He shivers instantly at your touch. You place another equally gentle kiss on his neck, tracing up to his jawline.

“A-Alycia?” Peter stumbles out, clearly affected by your simple actions.

“Hmm?” You mumble against his skin.

“Dammit.” He curses and spins around, pulling you onto his lap.

You tilt your head at him, pleasantly surprised at his actions. He sits up a little straighter and captures your lips in his, his hands resting on your waist. A small smile reaches your lips, enjoying the bliss of his touch. Your hands slide up his chest and lock behind his neck, your fingertips gently tangling in his brunette tousles.

Peter shivers under your touch as you do under his. Alas, the moment of heat is soon stolen when you hear a knock at the door. The two of you spring a part which actually ends up in the two of you falling over each other resulting in a mess of tangled limbs. His body hovers over yours and you give him a desperate look.

“Peter? Alycia? Can I come in?” Aunt May calls from outside Peter’s room.

The door inches open and the two of you panic. Peter pushes himself off of you and you scramble into his chair, sliding on his old glasses. Meanwhile, Peter springs up and pounces onto his bed, shooting a web at one of the algebra books beside you and pulling it into his lap. You glance at him but gasp at the sight of his book, about to correct his error but you are interrupted by May’s presence at the door.

“Peter, your boo…Aunt May!” Your voice trails off and is replaced by her name, faux surprise laced in your words.

“Hello, sweet pea.” Aunt May shoots me a pleasant smile and leans against the door frame. “How’s studying going?”

“Smooth as my pickup lines.” You shoot her a wide grin.

“What are you learning?”

“Uhhh,” you mumble. “How the alphabet invaded the numeral system.”

“Ah, I see, interesting.” She muses.

“Oh, very!” You agree, sarcasm lacing your words.

You glance at Peter, your eyes widening as you try to direct his attention to the book in his hands. He somehow doesn’t get your subtle attempts at pointing out his error and shakes his head slightly, his eyebrows furrowing at your expressions.

“Peter, honey,” Aunt May comments, suppressing a smile. “Your book is upside down.”

You slap a hand to your forehead and shut your eyes, taking a deep controlled breath. Peter lets out a half-hearted nervous chuckle before turning the book the right way up.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to it.” Aunt May turns around and closes the door behind her.

“Bye, Aunt May!” You shout a farewell before turning to Peter, an unimpressed look on your face.

“What?” Peter shrugs lightly.

“You had one job, Parker and you blew it. I hate to do this to you but, you’re off the Mathletes.” You sigh heavily and point to the door. “The door is that way.”

“Who needs the Mathletes when I have the best girl right here?” Peter kneels in front of you, pushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

“Oh, wow, smooth, Peter.” You give him a small smirk.

“As peanut butter.”

Peter leans in once again but you hold up the Algebra book in front of your face, causing Peter’s lips to collide with the cover. He pushes down the book with a groan.

“The only loving around here is going to go down in these algebra equations.” You gently tap the book on Peter’s forehead.

Peter takes the book from you and flicks through the pages before throwing it over his shoulder.

x can find itself for once.” Peter states before placing his lips against yours once more.

Fic: Pride & Prejudice & Superheroes (4/5)

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | College AU | Superhero AU

Summary: Blaine, the reluctant superhero amateur with the lamest backstory ever. Kurt, the apparent snob with an impatient attitude and an aversion to expressing gratitude. They hate one another, but the universe has other plans if the way they keep running into each other is anything to go by.  

To be updated weekly.

Beta’ed and rescued by notthetoothfairy, without whose enthusiasm this might have gotten deleted a while ago.

AO3 | FF.net | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

(songs used in this chapter are The Imperial March, Confrontation Song (Les Miserables), and It Takes Two (Into The Woods) - if you want the audio cues you might want to go open those YouTube tabs)

Part 4: The Surrender

Kurt is confused. He has no idea how it got to this point. But Blaine is sitting on his couch, and they’re about to watch The Incredibles together. Thankfully there are two girls between them, which helps diffuse the tension.

The worst part, though, is that he doesn’t really know what kind of tension it is anymore. The absolute animosity may be gone, but his shoulders are still drawn and there’s a tightness in his stomach. Kurt’s not sure he wants to delve too deeply into it. He’s always been good with denial, and this is no different.

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