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Bart gets lost in the speed force and has to find his way back home.

this is self indulgent but i needed to write it

anonymous asked:

Do you prefer preboot Jason to reboot Jason? Why or why not? I think you organize your thoughts extremely well, by the way! I appreciate your headcanons and opinions!!!

Thank you! I think the utter lack of writing classes in Nursing school has forced me to channel my essay skills into meta instead.

I strongly prefer preboot Jason to the point that I wish Jason had just stayed dead in the reboot.

It’s not that FabNic or Morrison or Daniel wrote Jason better than Lobdell and the assortment of writers on the Eternal series, because that’s just false. FabNic wrote Jason as a fucking idiot who gives zero fucks about kids and clings to Timmy like a pathetic whiner. Morrison wrote him as someone who would coerce a traumatized teenage girl to become a vigilante without any training, and who’s obsessed with social media of all things. Daniel wrote him as evil (no, literally, he wanted Jason to be evil henceforth), someone who would shoot a child in the chest and go on a random bloody rampage. I hate all those characterizations just as much as I hate the worst of his New52 portrayal.

However, when Winick’s Jason was still canon, I could cling to that and selectively ignore anything that contradicted it. Even after Battle for the Cowl, Winick returned to write Batman and Robin volume 1 #23-25 and salvaged his characterization. Now, Winick’s Jason may as well have not existed. At best, I have a few issues of the Batman Eternal series that don’t irritate me, and that’s all that any newcomers are likely to read.

Who is Jason Todd, according to Winick? He’s not a typical hero, but he’s not not a hero either. He denies caring for the world, right after saving London from a terrorist attack and making sure that those who would be falsely accused (for Islamophobic reasons) would be safe, at the risk of having Bruce notice him on the news. He tortures people and laughs it off. He took care of his sick mother for a year. He will stop at nothing to keep kids safe. He will not stand for dehumanization of vulnerable people and he will kill you for it. He’s so jealous of Tim that he doesn’t hesitate to beat him unconscious and use his blood to write on the walls, but he makes sure to knock out Raven peacefully on his way in because he doesn’t want her to suffer any more than she already has. He’s pissed off enough at Bruce for letting others intervene in their little argument that he decides to take it to Star City, but takes the time to force a confrontation between himself and Mia Dearden, someone whom he relates to. He absolutely loved being Robin and was heartbroken to have it taken away. He really likes Damian, but he drives the kid nuts when they team-up just because he can. He jumped in front of the bomb in a desperate last attempt to save Sheila, the woman who had sold him out to the Joker without a moment’s hesitation. He still hasn’t gotten over Bruce not killing the Joker. He didn’t care about Dick at all when he wanted Bruce to pay attention to him, but then he trusted Dick enough to tell him that Black Lightning had been falsely accused of murder, something he had no obligation to do, and he clarified that he didn’t actually want to hurt Dick. He wanted so desperately to be adequate in Bruce’s eyes, and even now, he vies for Bruce’s attention. And so much more.

Winick’s Jason is complicated and human.

The fact that New52 Jason is now the Jason just makes me want to scream in frustration because Jason fans and newcomers deserve so much better. I’d rather new fans not know of the Red Hood at all than know him as the edgy, casually sexist badboy who spends his spare time in bars and is too hotheaded to be competent, a watered down (suddenly friendly with the Batfam, doesn’t argue when they tell him not to kill anyone) and pathetic (forgiving Bruce for that stunt in Ethiopia over Damian and rolling over for him, going all heart eyes over Babs treating him like garbage) version of his former self. It’s just an insult and it genuinely depresses me sometimes.

Basically, Jason Peter Todd didn’t die for this.

anonymous asked:

hey could you give some headcanons on Jason's and Tim's relationship as brothers?

I hate the instant friendship Tim/Jay has in New52 but I don’t hate the idea of Tim/Jay eventually reaching an understanding. But they have such a complex, antagonistic relationship that it’s something that needs time and patience to develop into something more positive. it was disrespectful to the characters to deny all their history and make them friends.

- I’d like to think Tim/Jay started forming a proper relationship sometime after the events of Red Robin. Tim is all grown up, feeling angry and estranged from the Batfam after all the hell he’s been through. Jason, the original angry, replaced kid, can feel this coming off Tim and senses he’s in a bad place and might make some bad decisions. Jay has calmed down off his crazy train and is able to see that he treated Timmy pretty badly and makes somewhat of an effort to make up for it. More importantly, he doesn’t want to see another Robin die.

- Tim is super cautious and suspicious around Jay but after a few months Tim is just crumbling and spilling his guts to Jay because he’s so tired and he’s been on his own too long and he's almost 18 but he can’t handle this stress anymore. And Jay is the only one there to keep Tim together. By this point the Batfam are there and help get Tim back on track, but Tim’s not forgetting that they left him to fall or to fly… or that Jay was there at his lowest point.

- Once Tim begins to bounce back, he makes an active effort with Jay which Jason finds uncomfortable. He held Tim’s hand when he needed it but now Tim is trying to be there for Jason and he’s not used to that. He tried to kill that kid too many times to count and now the idiot is openly trusting his back to Hood. Jay’s kind of taken aback by this care and trust. It’s… better than Dick’s bright, somewhat condescending behavior to get Jay back and Bruce is an ass as always. But Tim is quiet and he gets it man what it’s like to be pushed off and he’s not forcing Jay to change all at once, just offering support and understanding

- So Tim helps reintegrate Jay into the Batfam by serving as a mediator between the two and Jay makes the fam very much aware of how they fucked over Tim and they better not do that again. Initially Jay is only comfortable around Tim but he slowly learns to get on with Damian, Cass and Steph and over time find sit in himself to forgive Bruce and Dick. It’s not perfect, they still fight a lot, but he’s over at the Manor more often and begins wearing a Bat on his chest.

- He and Tim develop a pretty easy going relationship. Again, there’s strife because Tim is an insecure paranoid freak who keeps everything close to the chest and Jason has his moments where the Pit’s influence overrides everything else. They hang out casually, watch movies while Tim works and Jason cleans his weapons (rubber bullets, boss’s orders), they make small talk and enjoy each other company. Jay becomes Tim’s main confidant in the Batfam since Dick’s betrayal and Tim will always back up and defend Hood when he’s struggling. They’re not best friends or quite brothers, but their mutually sucky experiences help them find solace in each other as friends and partners

Wonder Woman #2

…or “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF MY COMICS LIFE???? (e.g. the tail end of Greg Rucka’s first run on Wonder Woman?)”

I love Wonder Woman so much because she’s funny and warm and strong and intuitive and kind.  I want to be her.  And today’s issue featuring baby Diana made me love her more.  More importantly, it made her relatable enough to make me think that maybe someday I actually can be like her.

And there were so many other things in this issue to love! Let’s get to it!


Steve is a total babe and Nicola Scott is here to drive home that point.  Hurray for Nicola Scott!  And Greg Rucka had Steve doing all sorts of sensitive things: holding a baby, standing as best man at a wedding, comforting his friend Nick. Hurray for Greg Rucka!

Seriously, did everyone else’s ovaries explode too? And if you don’t have ovaries, did you grow some temporarily only to have them explode because that’s how amazing this issue was re: sensitive handsome dumb beautiful Steve Trevor?


As I’ve said in the past, I think that Greg Rucka is amazing at world-building.  I got really engrossed in Steve’s backstory with his buddy Nick and all of the other baby (navy) seals.  And reuniting him with the Amazons is explosive.  For the first time in a long time, I want to live on Paradise Island.  What lady *wouldn’t* want to kick it with Amazons while they hang out telling jokes, stargazing, knocking back a few Amazonian drinks? Like, hello all of my lady friendships! While I actively hated New52 Themyscira, I love this version.

And Io is back! And instead of having her crush on Diana implied, this time it’s stated out loud.  I love it!  


Every time I read Wonder Woman’s origin story, my heart skips a beat.  I’ve encountered people who complain that her origin story is dated (unlike Batman’s or Superman’s).  Listen…it’s not.   Baby made of clay (btw i cannot *wait* until this is addressed), grows up wants to see the outside world, man crashes onto island, tournament to see who takes him back, the best Amazon wins.  Boom, done.  It’s a beautiful story.  This take so far is true to that with a few fresh twists, which are pretty enjoyable.  I can’t spoil them though!  Just know that August 10th can’t come soon enough!

Stray observations:

  • Love the way Diana and Steve’s stories parallel even though they’re so vastly different.  This is masterful storytelling.
  • Diana is a bombshell heartbreaker in her youth.  LOVE IT.
  • Steve, on the other hand, is not! LOVE IT TOO.
  • Can Steve wear baseball shirts all of the time, please? I thoroughly approve of this sartorial choice.
  • I like that some of the Amazons know what a machine is.
  • Nick’s cheesy grin in *every single panel* when his baby is born is the cutest thing ever. 
  • If you are new to comics or Wonder Woman and wondering where to jump in, start with this issue.  And shoot me a message, I’d love to help you if you want!