i hate the new52

Palmiotti Rant 1/10000

Hi, I’m here to remind you that HARLEY QUINN is a super villain crime lord, dedicated moll to the Jester of Genocide himself, as well as a ditzy dame who loves slapstick cartoons and coloring books.

I’m also here to remind you that HARLEY QUINN is not a kawaii :3 Hot Topic fanatic, Antihero, or a poorly written, black and white abuse survivor.

I feel like I need to write this on paper and shove it into the ears of Harley’s current creative team.

Honestly, I have no idea what they’re trying to do with her. Whether it be an edgy antihero in the *SKWAD* (as the kids like to say), or this ridiculous Deadpool impersonator who loves Coney Island, what they’re trying to shape her into doesn’t make sense.

I also have no idea how shes doing these goofy antics with a bomb in her neck because she’s on an assembled task force.

Whatever it is, this isn’t Harley. I feel like they can completely rename her and everyone would be happy.

It’s hard to claim it as the same character when the Pre52 fans hate it, and alot of the new52 fans hate Classic Harley. The fanbase is split because they like totally different characters.

Sure, sure, it’s a different universe, but they never mentioned that in the past few years until recently, almost as if to save their butts.

If it’s a different universe, then the creative team should stop labeling this shit as “development.” You can not develop a character that differs in a different universe.

Harley was more interesting as a crime moll who was genuinely INTERESTED in “murderous psychopaths,” her words exactly; than the poorly written abuse story she is now.

In fact, she became the completely opposite of what her creators wanted her to be. She was “never written to be a tragic abuse story,” Paul Dini’s words.

If you ask me, HQ in Rebirth and N52 feels like a parody of abuse stories. It’s so cliche and crude it’s distasteful.

I also hate everything Palmiotti has done to The Joker. Last thing I read that they written him, they tried to make him into a brooding pervert, giving even a rape feeling towards their interactions.

There’s a lot of bad things that the Joker is, but a sex offender isn’t one.

They try to push this idea of “ew he’s gross haha girls rule boys drool” but in the same writing, have Harley sleep with no less than 50 Joker cosplayers at once, then on the very next page cry about being an abuse survivor, then even having her MURDER a Classic Harley cosplayer.

They try to make you hate what they hate; Classic Harley and JxH. It’s just a big “fuck you,” to pre52 fans.

And do I really have to go into detail about Ivy being OOC to give Harley a “sexy gf,” and how they use this relationship to queerbait and/or make you believe that they actually care about gay representation?

I hated even Palmiotti’s older work, and never understood why fans hyped him joining Harley’s creative team.

I can’t wait for him to either be fired, or realize he’s made a mistake a long the way.

But, I digress, because not only is this sloppy and all over the place, but I am looking forward with hope that Paul Dini will give Harley the redemption she needs in April. Please don’t let me down, Paul.