i hate the new picture format


july 18 2017. 

i made a habit tracker in my new bujo, but then i hated the format so i made a new one next to it and covered the old one with pictures! none of them are mine, i will post credits to the ones i have access to under a cut on this post 😇

also, i made a list of the level 110+ campaign quests i have on my druid on wow! and then i had to draw a lil moonkin of course. 🌙 💫 ✨

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Apparently tumblr hates me so I’m gonna make a separate post because this is just driving me crazy.

Sooo as I was saying in my answer to the lovely anon, unfortunately I have bad news. I am currently unable to login on tumblr from my PC so I’m left with only the app and making post through the app is the worst thing ever. Just answering a single ask is driving me crazy, the quotes are formatting with the feet, you can’t add pictures to a post etc etc so I’m not going to post anything new in the coming days. I apologize for the inconvenience, I’ll make it up I promise!
In the meantime, don’t hesitate to keep making awesome post for the fandom, I’ll still see them through the app! :)


New bio templates!

Don’t let the pictures fool you, it’s Available for all flights!

Exceptionally these bio templates won’t be located in my Forum Thread but in a google doc, I’m currently making a new thread so this is just a temporary resource directory while I work on it. Other templates will come, hopefully this week, and they will also be located on this directory, I’ll make make my new thread once I’m done releasing them all. The graphics/resources will be released individually on the forum thread. 

If you have any issues or questions, send me an ask or message me.

Also sorry for the weird pictures’ format, Tumblr upload hates me