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Adored by Him

A/N: So this fic is inspired by the song “Adored by Him” by Dodie Clark. Yeah that’s really it… 

Warnings: Swearing but that’s normal.

Word Count: 2, 428

Your POV 

I honestly never expected any of this to happen. When I became friends with Dan, I did think he was handsome and funny. But I didn’t think I would fall for him as fast as I did. I always pushed away the feelings until they asked if I wanted to move in with them. Being around him 24/7 made it harder to conceal it so I just let it happen. No one knew about my feelings, except Phil, who figured out a year ago. I always expected the feelings to just go away but they didn’t.

But then she happened. Allison was Dan’s most recent girlfriend. They’ve been dating for many months now, and he was absolutely smitten (cheeky Dodie reference again) with her. He never spoke about how he felt about her, but I was able to tell. The way he looked at her with adoring eyes, and smile at the mere mention of her name. I don’t blame him though. She was beautiful, with her butterscotch hair and her smile that could shine brighter than the sun, I bet anybody would fall her easily. She was literally perfect, and I was just…well me. It was easy to figure out how she made Dan’s soul practically glow, and it hurt. A lot.  

I won’t hate you but oh it stings,

How does it feel to be adored by him? 

It was hard to hate Allison. She was super nice, and had the same sense of humor as Dan. Plus, she makes him happy. That’s what matters, right?

I was sitting on the couch, watching my favorite movie with Phil. It was raining outside so we decided to dedicate the day to watching a bunch of movies. Phil and I were cuddled up under a blanket, eating popcorn. It was relaxing to say the least. Dan was out at Allison’s house so, of course, Phil questioned me about my feelings.

“Are you ever going to tell him, Y/N?” Phil asked, nudging my arm with his elbow.

I pulled up the blanket to my chest, and sighed heavily. “Philly we’ve talked about this before. I’ll only ruin things so-" 

"You should tell him. It’s best to get it out there.” Phil gave me a sympathetic look. It’s like he knew Dan wouldn’t return the feelings but he didn’t want to keep any secrets. To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t tell Dan by now. 

“Phil, look-”

Phil and I jumped off the couch when we heard a loud bang, and stumbling coming from downstairs. We exchanged confused glances, and hurried to the front door to see Dan, stumbling around the entrance of our flat.

“Hi guys!” Dan said, his speech slurred.

“Dan what the hell happened!?” Phil questioned, running up to his best friend’s side and helping him take his shoes off. 

“Heh, Allison and I got in a fight. Stupid really-” He tripped over his shoes that he just took off and laughed. He looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry I’m fine.” Dan pushed Phil’s hand off his shoulder, and walked up the stairs by himself.

“Y/N, do you want to make sure he’s okay?” Phil asked, walking up to my side as we slowly followed Dan up the stairs.


“Just talk to him." 

I let out another sigh, and took another glance at Dan, who stumbled into his bedroom. "Okay. I’m not telling drunk Dan anything though.” I pointed my finger at Phil, and let out a small laugh to lighten the mood. Phil shook his head, smacking my hand away and smiling.

“Just go.” He laughed. 

I walked to the kitchen, and poured a small glass of water for Dan. I ignored the aching pain in my chest, and the tears swelling up in my eyes. I put down the glass for a moment to take a deep breath, and recollect myself. After a few minutes, I made my way towards Dan’s room where I saw him softly crying. My heart broke at the sight. It pained me so much to see another girl make Dan hurt. I hated it. I walked towards Dan’s bed and gave him the glass of water. 

“Here you go, sweetie.” I sat at the end of his bed, waiting for his response. 

“Thank you.” Dan sniffed, taking a sip of the water. 

“You want to talk about what happened?” I moved closer to him. His legs were hanging over the edge of his bed and he was staring at the cup of water in his lap.

“She doesn’t trust me.”  

“What do you mean?” I was right by his side after I finished the question. I tried to make eye contact with him but he was so closed off, I decided to keep a little distance.

“She thinks that I’m cheating on her with you.” He lifted his head slowly and stared into my eyes. My face turned red and I stared at the ground. I felt the butterflies in my stomach go crazy, and I had to take a deep breath again to calm myself down. I looked back into his beautiful, chocolate eyes and stared in silence for a while.  

Pretty girl there’s no need to fret

Because it’s midnight, he’s drunk, and you’re the one in his head.

You don’t even have to try at all. 

“I can’t say I’m in love with her but I feel something…strong towards her you know? I’m not even sure if she feels the same. It’s just- It hurts a lot that she doesn’t even trust me. ” Dan’s eyes got glossy, and he stared down at his cup again. All I did was nod my head. I understood where he was coming from. Someone you may be in love with and they might not even return the feeling. How ironic. 

“I understand, Dan. But you should get some rest, then talk to her in the morning.” I flashed a fake smile at Dan and stood up from his bed. I stood in front of him, and he stared into my eyes like he was searching for something.

“Thank you, Y/N. You’re honestly the best.” Dan put his glass down on his bedside table and got up to give me hug. I accepted it, taking in his warmth for that short moment I had. I sighed when he pulled away and sat in his bed. “You want to…stay with me for a bit?” He asked, not making eye contact. I gave him a weak smile, and nodded, sitting next to him as he got comfortable underneath the blanket.

I lost track of time, waiting for Dan to fall asleep. I stared at his sleeping figure for god knows how long, I felt like a complete creep. He looked so peaceful with his head resting in my lap it was hard not to. I gently stroked his hair as he slowly fell asleep, his arms wrapped around my body as his head rested on my leg. I checked the time on his phone, 1:00 am. I noticed his lock screen, expecting it to be a picture of him and Allison. But instead it was a picture of him, me, and Phil at VidCon on our day off. I smiled at it, but quickly my smile faded when a text from Allison popped up. I decided to ignore it, and finally leave Dan’s side. 

I crept towards the kitchen, hoping not to wake Dan or Phil up. However, to my surprise Phil was standing in the kitchen, drinking some tea while leaning against the counter. 

“So, how did it go?” He asked, staring at me. 

“She doesn’t trust him apparently. Allison thinks he’s cheating on her with…me.” I sighed. All my emotions that I’ve been holding in all night were surfacing, and I wasn’t going to let it happen. “Um, he’s asleep now. He asked me to stay with him for a little while and I lost track of time because he was…uh-" 

"Cuddling with you?” Phil flashed me a smile, but it faded when he looked into my eyes and noticed the tears coming up. He gave me a sympathetic look and walked closer to me. “You should just tell him so he knows. So you don’t have to keep hurting. He will understand, Y/N." 

"I know Phil. It’s just- it hurts seeing them together so much. And of course I want him to be happy! But that selfish part of me wants him to be happy with me. God, it fucking hurts.” I felt a warm streak roll down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it away, looking away from Phil. 

“Y/N.” I knew he was trying to make me look at him, but I hated being this vulnerable. “Y/N.” I gave in and stared into Phil’s icy blue eyes. It was full of sympathy, and I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Phil, don’t look at me like that please. It’s only making me feel worse.” I felt more tears surfacing and let out a heavy sigh. I heard Phil mumble a small apology and he embraced me in a warm, loving hug. At that point I finally broke. I started sobbing into his shirt, with every sob he would hold me tighter, and tell me everything was going to be okay. He gently ran his hands through my hair. I pulled away from Phil, and sniffed, gently rubbing my nose. 

“Y/N, I know it hurts but-” Phil paused in the middle of his sentence and stared behind me. I looked up to Phil, then turned around to see what he was looking at. There was Dan, his hair curly and disheveled, and his empty glass in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked, noticing my red, puffy eyes and the tear stains on Phil’s shirt. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was concerned.

“N-Nothing.” I lied.

“Obviously there’s something wrong, Y/N, tell me.” Dan walked over to the counter and placed his cup on the surface. I looked up to Phil, and nodded, signaling for him to give us some alone time. When Phil left the room, Dan pulled me into a tight hug, and for the second time that night I broke down. “Want to talk to me about what happened?”

I pulled away from Dan and stared at the floor. “It’s not really about w-what happened. It’s more…what’s happening.” I let out a fake chuckle. Dan shot me a confused look, and backed up to lean against the counter.

“Tell me what’s going on or so help me god Y/N I will-”

“Okay. Um. I guess.”

“Spit it out, please.” Dan tilted his head, giving me a worried look. God I can’t handle this anymore.

“Okay, you don’t even have to respond to this…but I really need it out in the open.” I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and I took deep unsteady breath. “I just need you to know that…that” I stared into Dan’s eyes and I could feel my heart aching all over again. I felt tears pouring out of my eyes and saw Dan’s tall figure making his way over to comfort me again but I pulled away.

“Please don’t. You’re just going to make this harder.”
“Y/N tell me. Please, you’re making me worried.” I realized that Dan and I were standing really close, closer than we usually are. I looked into his beautiful eyes like it was the last time then stared at the floor.

“I think I’m in love with you.” I mumbled. 

“What? Speak up, love.” Dan said softly. 

“Fuck.” I ran my fingers through my hair and avoided eye contact at all costs. “I think I’m in love with you and it fucking stings so much to see you and Allison together. I mean I don’t blame you, or her. Allison is like the definition of perfect. I mean she makes me look blind with how adventurous she is and you look at her like the world is fucking perfect. It’s so stupid to think that I could compare to her. But god, do I wish it was me in your arms instead of her. Don’t even get me started about how I feel about you because there is too much history to even go over.” I shook my head, staring at the ground, watching my tears hit the white kitchen tiles.

“Y/N, can you look at me please?” Dan was still speaking softly. 

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to even say anything. You could just simply ignore it and leave, I’ll get the point." 

"Look at me, Y/N.” Dan said, more stern but still full of care. I rolled my eyes and stared into his eyes. Even though my vision was blurred I could still see the small glimmer in his eyes. “I’m sorry for-”

“Dan I told you, you don’t have to do this." 

"Y/N, we need to talk about this. We can’t just ignore it.”

“Well I’ve been ignoring it for 3 years now, so I think I’m good. I know the speech you’re about to give me and I just…” I let out a muffled sob into my hand, and looked back up to him. “Please I can’t take this right now." 

"Please let me just-" 

"Dan, I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. I really need fresh air…I’ll be back in a bit." 

Dan looked over to the clock on the oven, and slowly moved towards the door. "It’s 1:20, Y/N you can’t go outside alone." 

"Well I am, so please move.” Dan was blocking the doorway. I made eye contact with him and got lost in his eyes again. I felt like time slowed down when we stared into each other’s eyes, but I broke the contact because I felt more tears coming. Dan reluctantly walked up to me, opening his arms to give me a hug. But instead, I pulled away from him. 

“I’m so sorry.” I mumbled, and ran down the stairs to the front door, putting on my shoes and coat. 

“Y/N wait-”

I left before I could hear anymore. I let the cold London air enter my lungs, as I tried to relax from what happened, and trying to decide if I should go back and face Dan, or go to a friend’s house. I ultimately decided on staying outside for a while. Sitting on a park bench staring at the trees in the park as I replayed what happened through my head. 

What am I going to do?

A/N: Second part? Or leave it there? YOU DECIDE

What’s The Plan? (Peter Parker x reader)

Anon asked:

HI! I JUST SAW HOMECOMING AND IM IN LOVE. Anyway can I get a Peter X reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter (a teleporter) who has a deaf best friend (Fury’s son) who reads lips and has hyper awareness and she just invites Peter and Ned (who now has a Stark internship for his computer skills) and ned and the readers best friend just try to get the reader and Peter together bcs they know they have feelings for each other? (sorry if it’s too much and btw my best friend is deaf in real life💗)

(AN. I really think this is an adorable idea and I warn you, there are tons of fluff in this!!!!! And guess who became literal Tom!spidey trash and less than four hours after seeing Homecoming???? THATS RIGHT. ITS ME! aaanyway these guys helped a me come out with ideas for this fic > @raisafatika @ciaa11 @harukatrash so kudos to them)

-(B/f/n) : best friend’ s name-


(B/f/n) is a curious human being. He was born deaf, and that made him optimize the use of his other senses. He was given a hyper-awareness serum by his father, Nick Fury, at a very young age to help him go through the world.

Over time, the serum given to him as a tool to face the world became more like a superpower. He had awareness beyond any human being. He could feel even the tiniest vibrations.

Another challenge in his life was having to pretend that his father is dead.

Nick Fury faked his death a few years ago, and he hadn’t seen him since then. He sent his father anonymous letters from time to time, but Nick couldn’t send anything back to him in fear of giving away his location.

He was grateful to have (Y/n), his best friend. (Y/n) was Tony Stark’s daughter. Her mother died after giving birth, so Tony raised her. She was a genius, much like her father. (Y/n) played a huge role in Tony’s life. After all, six year old (Y/n) was the one who insisted Tony to take things seriously with Pepper.

(Y/n) also had a superpower. As a child, (Y/n) got trapped in her father’s matter transporter prototype. The incident broke the machine, but Tony didn’t care about that. He cared more about his little girl.

The accident gave her the ability to teleport. If she could focus enough, she could scatter her molecules to reform somewhere else. She could control her powers now, but if she teleported too much or too far, the exhaustion could kill her.

They were both avengers to an extent. They went on easy missions, but Tony insisted that they didn’t go on harder ones.


(B/f/n) stepped in the lounge. It was another regular day in the Avengers facility. Nothing to do. Neither he nor (Y/n) has school because lessons from Tony and Bruce was better than what any academic curriculum could offer.

He saw (Y/n) sitting contently in the couch watching Star Wars, her Hulk plushie conveniently cuddled in her arms. She was exhausted after teleporting to Manhattan and back. That’s the farthest she’s ever gone.

He smiled at his best friend.

Something else caught his eye. There was a phone on the iron kitchen in the back of the room, flashing with notifications. It wasn’t (Y/n)’s or his, so who’s phone could it possibly be?

He stepped closer and saw the messages.

From: Peter Parker

Hey Happy! Just checking in today!

So apparently, Happy left his phone.

(B/f/n) grabbed a piece of paper and crushed it into a ball and threw it to (Y/n) to get her attention.

“What is it?” (Y/n) asked, turning to him while pausing the movie.

Why did Happy leave his phone? (B/f/n) signed.

His actual gestures were actually: Happy. Leave. Phone. Why? but (Y/n) has gotten good at interpreting ASL.

“I don’t know,” (Y/n) shrugged and went back to watching Star Wars.

Suddenly, an idea came to (B/f/n)’s head.

He unlocked Happy’s phone. It wasn’t that hard. The passcode was Happy’s birthday, and since (B/f/n) had near-photographic memory, it was a piece of cake.

He scrolled through his phone and saw Peter literally spamming him with text messages Happy never bothered to read.

How are you Happy?

I just got home from school.

How’s (Y/n) btw?

Tell her I said hi.

Anyway does Mr. Stark have any missions for me?

I’ll always be ready if you need me, you know.

Don’t forget to tell (Y/n) I said hi.

And it goes on and on like that for at least three months.

There was one thing that (B/f/n) noticed. Peter always asked about (Y/n).

Nobody asks about someone that much unless he had a crush on her.

With blunt realization and sudden excitement, (B/f/n) smiled with glee.

(B/f/n) knew (Y/n) has a crush on Peter. She didn’t tell him personally, but he just knows. He’s aware of the slight blush that colors her cheek whenever Peter is mentioned, or the tension released from her posture whenever Peter enters the room.

He just knows.

(B/f/n) couldn’t tell (Y/n). She wouldn’t believe.

He needed a plan.

So he texted Ned frantically.


“(Y/n) invited us for movie night?” Peter asked incredulously, not believing his ears as his cheeks turn as red as the Iron Man suit. He only goes to the Avengers facility for training. He couldn’t believe (Y/n) invited them to movie night.

“That’s r-right,” Ned confirmed, “nothing behind this invitation- not at all!” he stuttered, ending the sentence with a nervous grin.

Peter gave him a suspicious look, but it did not last. His head was already imagining scenarios.


“You invited Peter for movie night?” (Y/n) asked incredulously. (B/f/n) shrugged and signed, Technically, I invited Peter and Ned.

“I don’t care! What if I mess up? What if I embarrass myself?” (Y/n) said with pleading eyes.

(B/f/n) rolled his eyes. You’re not gonna mess up, he signed, you’re not gonna embarrass yourself. You’re going to be just fine, okay?

(Y/n) sighed, “Okay,” she said grudgingly.


“Do I look okay?” Peter asked Ned, “Please tell me I look okay.”

“Relax, buddy,” Ned reassured, tapping his shoes.

(Y/n) opened the door. “Hi,” she said, smiling playfully. She was wearing an oversized sweater with pajama shorts while Peter was trying his best not to melt into a puddle.

“Hey,” Peter answered, trying to sound brave, but instead it came out more like a squawk. (Y/n) giggled at his reaction as she welcomed them in.

(B/f/n) waved at them and crashed on the couch, followed by the rest.

They agreed to watch Lord of The Rings. (B/f/n) set the subtitles and flopped back on the couch.


Halfway through the movie, Ned tapped on (B/f/n)’s shoulder. “what’s the plan again?” Ned whispered.

It’s dark, (B/f/n) signed, I can’t read your lips.

Ned gave him a confused look. “Huh?”

(B/f/n) face palmed. He remembered one thing that he did not think through. Ned doesn’t understand ASL.

Oh, how he hated excitement that ruined his near-perfect memory.

(B/f/n) took out his phone and opened the notes. He typed, what did you say?
And passed the phone to Ned.

Ned took the phone. I said, what’s the plan again?

(B/f/n) took the phone again. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, and I’ll do the same a few minutes after you.

He handed Ned the phone again. Okay. He gave the phone back to (B/f/n).

“Are you guys passing notes on your phone?” (Y/n) asked, slightly confused.

“What? No,” Ned said nervously.

Since (B/f/n) can’t hear a thing and can’t see in the dark, he typed, Who are you talking to?

“You guys are passing notes,” Peter observed.

“O-okay,” Ned stuttered, “I think (B/f/n) is sleepy, aren’t you?” he asked, as (B/f/n) tilted his head in confusion. “and I need to go to the bathroom!” he announced, pushing (B/f/n) out of the lounge and into the hallway. “I’ll be back soon!” he called and disappeared through the door.

“Well that was… wierd,” (Y/n) said uncertainly.

“yeah,” Peter agreed, blushing because he was alone with (Y/n) on the couch watching The Fellowship of the Ring.

(Y/n) scooted closer to him.

Peter noticed something dangling from the girl’s arms. “Is that a hulk plushie?” Peter asked.

(Y/n) blushed in embarrassment. “Umm… Yeah,” she admitted.

“I think it’s cute,” Peter smiled.

(Y/n)’s eyes brightened. “Thank you.”

Then, Peter realized, that if he wanted to confess, this is the perfect time to do so.

“(Y/n)?” Peter called softly.


“I sorta.. Kinda, y'know…” he started, scratching the back of his head, “you’re just… And I’m, well… I don’t know how to say this and I’m really scared right now… It’s like… You know, when you’re in a room… I, ummm, I get nervous, and I-I don’t know how to act- I just have these feelings, and stuff and- I sorta- kinda like you- but- but y'know if y-you don’t feel the same…but I think I-I’m in love with you -”

Before he could finish his sentence, (Y/n) leaned up to press her lips against his.

Peter couldn’t believe it. (Y/n) Stark was kissing him.

He melted into the kiss in a matter of seconds.

His heart was beating out of his rib cage as he sighed into her lips, happy that he didn’t have to hide anything from her anymore.

They pulled away, out of breath and smiling like idiots.

“Was that your first kiss?” (Y/n) asked smiling contently.

“That obvious, huh?” Peter grinned.

“It was mine, too,” (Y/n) admitted, pecking his lips one more time.

They stayed in silence for a while.

“Hey, Peter?” (Y/n) called.


“I think I’m in love with you, too.”


From the hallway, (B/f/n) and Ned high-fived in happiness that their fatally flawed plan actually worked.

Nick Fury would be so proud.




Replica by Vivid Vega

I eat at the same restaurant every day for the past 2 years

I’ve heard people on their phones speaking about their passions and fears

I see a couple at table 3 that arrive every Saturday afternoon

Every time they leave I feel like they left too soon

I envy the way he puts his hand on her thigh

And how they look into each other’s eyes

I wish I had their life

I bet I’d make the perfect wife

But instead I’m in this table for one

And keep writing because I’ll never be done

It’s 1:04

They’re out the door


The next week comes by and its noon and then…

The perfect couple rolls up again!

At table 3 he pulls out her seat

And she elegantly places the napkin on her lap so neat

The server asks what they want to eat

They ask for a dessert and treat

She’s the perfect woman that I wish to be

But I’m invisible and no one ever notices me

It’s 12:55

They’re up to leave and get close to me as they pass by


It’s Saturday again and my hatred is growing stronger

It’s 12:01 and I don’t know if I can wait any longer

Than the golden couple comes in and sits at their usual table

And they look too perfect like their relationship is a fable

They begin to speak but I never heard what they said

I can feel the rush of my veins and my face gets red

It’s 1:09

They’re out after they drink their glass of wine



The next week approaches and I’m in the table I always sit

There’s a storm and the electricity goes out so there’s many candles lit

It’s 12:04

The couple of the year is just outside the door

I see them arrive with all their coats wet

They enter the restaurant but the weather made them upset

She gets up to hang her soaked coat and I bump into her purposely

But when she turned around I realized she looked like me

It’s 12:28

And they leave not finished with their plate



It’s next week and it’s 12:15

They aren’t anywhere to be seen

It’s 12:44

They haven’t stepped in the door….

It’s 1:02

I don’t know what to do!

They are not here

Where is the couple of the year?!!!


It’s 1:13

They still aren’t anywhere to be seen

I ask the server where the couple is from table 3

“What couple?” He asks me

I shout, “The ones that come every Saturday morning!!!!”

And he insists that there is no couple with a warning

I see blood on my hands and my shirt

But I do not feel hurt

Whose blood could this be?

But I have something more important on my mind to worry



So I grabbed the phone and yelled at the server to dial them

But he pushed me out the door… and I realized I was in an asylum

The guard holds me down, a needle goes into my skin as I shout

And everything goes dark and I blackout…


I wake up, how long has it been?

I try and get up but the room starts to spin

The doctor comes in

He says I’m finally making progress with a grin

I ask him what I’m doing in this place

And the smile gets off his face


It’s 11:17

I wish I could take back all the things I’ve seen…

I remember I was working on being a writer

But my dreams turned to ashes as if burned with a lighter

I worked hard and so did she

But she was always better than me…



It’s 11:26

I tell the doctor there’s nothing left to fix

I remember what I’ve done

I remember how my hatred won



It’s 11:53

I killed my twin sister in the name of jealousy

She had everything that I wanted

And I had their blood in my hands so she haunted

She came into my head and made me remember like a loon

What had happened to her and her husband at table 3 that Saturday at noon

She showed me the restaurant where I committed my crime

And she made me pay with the price of counting every minute of time

She plays the different days of my feeling of hate

And she’ll make me remember her fate


She replays the scenes like a movie in my head

And makes me go through them again and again……


It’s noon!

The couple of the year walks in

They laugh at table 3 with a grin

He caresses her hair and kisses her cheek

And their love makes me feel disgustingly weak

They are everything I want to be

But I’m invisible because no one ever notices me

I feel my hatred for them growing inside

But it’s 1:04 and they’re already outside

The next week comes and today is the day

The perfect couple will have their last things to say

It’s 12:04

I hear the tune in the restaurant but I am out by the door

I wait for the perfect couple as they step inside while I wait out with my knife

I go inside and I take their life

She screams I’m her twin and to please have a heart

But I can never be done with what I start


She whispers in my head that the memory is my punishment and there’s nowhere I can hide

So she keeps replaying these memories in my mind…




It’s noon……

Replica by Vivid Vega

Bicker || Jughead Jones

Originally posted by dailyjugheadjones

Prompt from anon: Hi I absolutely love your fics. Can you do a Jughead x reader where they are always verbally sparing and the gang think they hate each other but they are low key dating. Please and thank you



“Hey. Scoot.” you snapped.

Jughead rolled his eyes and the rest of the gang sighed.

This was a regular thing that happened at Pop’s between you and the beanie-clad boy. Bitter remarks between the two of you as you hung out at the diner with the rest of the gang. The gang, Veronica especially, was sick of it.

You and Jughead bickering with one other in general, not just at Pop’s, was also a common occurrence. You guys constantly snapped and made fun of each other. The gang didn’t know why you and Jughead hated one other so much. Maybe you two were too similar. You wore similar clothes, had similar music taste, and watched the exact same movies. It blew the gang’s mind that you two weren’t a couple. You were perfect for each other.

“Why should I?” Jughead snapped back. “I was here first.”

You scoffed.

““I was here first,”” You mimicked. “What are you, nine?”

“Listen, you—”

“Enough!” Veronica blurted out, silencing you and Jughead.

Archie and Betty were wide-eyed, surprised at the Lodge girl’s outburst. Veronica Lodge didn’t get angry and you certainly never heard her yell before. It was unsettling.  She glared at the two of you so intensely you and Jughead actually winced.

“I don’t understand why you two always fight!” she exclaimed. “Why can’t you just be friendly with one another? Or just be civil? I hate coming all the way over here just to hear you guys yell at each other every night! I’m sick of it!”

You and Jughead were quiet and looked down, avoiding Veronica’s stern gaze.

She scoffed and got up, pulling her purse over her shoulder.

“I’ll come back when you guys learn to behave.” she said and with that, she was gone, Archie and Betty trailing behind her, giving you sympathetic smiles.

When they had left the diner, leaving just you and Jughead, you sighed, taking a seat next to the raven-haired teen.

“So…” you began. “Guess we can’t use that plan anymore, huh?”

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, guess not.” he said as he draped his arm over your shoulder.

Yes, despite all the yelling earlier, you and Jughead were dating. The both of you had wanted to keep it a secret ever since you became a thing about five months ago. Why you wanted to keep it a secret, you didn’t know. Maybe you thought it would be easier that way. No one would ask any questions of how you and the boy who supposedly you hated and who hated you began to date. No one would tease the two of you about your newfound relationship. It was simpler this way. But truth be told, you were getting kind of sick of it. You hated pretending you still disliked Jughead and little did you know, Jughead felt the same way. The bickering the two of you had going on in public couldn’t be good for your relationship whether it was secret or not.

“Juggie?” you asked.


“C-Can we not make our relationship a secret anymore?” you asked hesitantly.

Jughead looked at you.

“It’s just that…” you sighed. “I hate yelling at you every time we’re with our friends. I don’t really care if they know anymore. I just want to be with you and hold your hand but if you still want to keep it secret, I understand—”

Jughead’s lips crashing against yours cut you off and you smiled into the kiss, deepening it. When you pulled away for air, Jughead was looking at you with a goofy, loving grin on his face.

“What?” you asked.

Jughead chuckled.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say those words.” he admitted.

You hit his shoulder lightly.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say them! Why didn’t you?” you questioned.

“Why didn’t you?” he retorted.

“I asked you first.”

Jughead chuckled again before he pulled you in for another kiss, his lips soft against yours.

You sighed contently as you pulled apart again.

“I love you, Y/N.” Jughead said.

Your heart swelled at his words.

“I love you too, Juggie,” you said quietly. “Now…”

“Come on,” you said as you got up, taking Jughead’s hand in yours. “Let’s go find Ronnie. Might as well tell her about us now before she snaps again.”

Jughead sighed.

“Something tells me she’s going to be angrier about the fact that we didn’t tell her about us rather than us yelling at each other all the time.” he mumbled as he got up.

You shrugged.

“Only one way to find out.”


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It's Not
Aimee Mann
It's Not

so baby kiss me like a drug like a respirator

Finding beloved favorite old songs on recently unearthed mix CDs: another perfect Sunday activity.

anonymous asked:

Reaction of daniel, seung woo, jinyoung and guanlin when their girlfriends are scared ghost but love watching horror film with them pleaseee???

Daniel: “so we’re watching insidious, right?” (insidious has ghosts/spirits)



Originally posted by kngniel

Seungwoo: are you sure you want to watch this? it’s going to be scary…


two minutes in and ur screaming

Seungwoo: aw, I’ll protect you, babe

also Seungwoo: is screaming

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

jinyoung: why do we do this to ourselves?

you: just accept it. we love to suffer.

(you two cling to each other in fright)

Originally posted by winkdeep

guanlin: (constantly asking questions, is a savage while you are dying of fright) bru why is the white chick going into the room is she dumb

you: can u just watch the movie oml

guanlin: why are we even watching this u hate ghosts

you: guanlin pls

guanlin: who produced this the quality is trash

guanlin: why is the white chick so dumb

guanlin: she deserved to die. 

Originally posted by peach-somi

wow this was trash

it’s also almost three in the morning

and i got irritated with how i was writing the next ch of picture perfect so i took a break.

ninjahufflepuff  asked:

Any headcanons about the paladins watching movies/tv together?

Oh man yeah, let’s go!

- Hunk actually hates competitive cooking shows. He doesn’t mind the lifestyle, little old lady “let me show you how to perfect a crust” kind of cooking shows, but things like masterchef? My Kitchen Rules? Top Chef? He hates them with a fiery passion. 

- As a joke, Lance will put leave Masterchef on, to which Hunk will exclaim “I refuse to give any ratings to these hacks.”

- Hunk and Shiro watch the Great British Bake Off together. “This is wholesome” Shiro often repeats. Hunk feels genuinely bad when someone’s soufflé doesn’t rise. 

- Everyone is really bad with horror movies… except for Pidge and Allura. Pidge finds them hilarious, especially when she watches them with the others. Allura just finds them confusing.

- “Why should I be afraid of this tiny man on a tricycle?” - Allura at some point

- Lance finds out that Keith has seen like… nothing?? So he’s taken a very intense interest in his film education. Imagine him singing “I can show you the woooooorld” as he pops in DVDs

- Lance and Keith love the Rush Hour movies. 

- Everyone loves cartoons. Every single one of them. 


- “C’mon and slam!” Shiro throws Keith into a wall. 

- Coran, like all good Uncles, becomes addicted to the History Channel. He finds earth history fascinating… but also horrifying. He wonders if humans have maybe been left alone for a reason.

- No one likes Game of Thrones. 

- “Yeah we watched it for a while, but then just ehhhhhhhhhhh…” - Lance and Hunk about their non-existent Game of Thrones nights.

- Lance introduces Allura to musicals and she adores them. It becomes their thing. But not like… not like fun, quirky, modern musicals. No, no, no tongue in cheek Book of Mormon, Heathers or Rent stuff here. Like old school stuff that Lance’s mum loved. Sound of Music, West Side Story, Gypsy, Hello Dolly, Carousel…

- Allura and Coran find Star Wars tacky and hilarious.

- Pidge has ween Wall-e 23 times

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, so, I’m probably going to be talking about this a lot since it’s like, super amazing. A lot of fans have been pondering and contemplating things, and these are my personal opinions on it all. I’m just doing this before this spectacular plot unfolds and reviewing it so far. I guess this is gonna be kind of long?? I’m not sure, anyway here’s a something some of the fans have been talking about it.

1. How long is it going to last? 

Since Naruto was out for a very good fifteen years, a lot of people expect the same from Boruto, but a lot of people (judging from the opening scene) believe that it’s going to be a pretty short series, some don’t even expect it to last a year. It’s not because the fans necessarily hate the show, actually from what I’ve seen we’ve been pretty supportive, it’s just that the opening scene for the series is this:

So this scene is basically between some guy (who kind of looks like Iwabe? I’m not sure if it’s him, I kind of have mixed feelings on that theory) and an adult Boruto. This is what has made some fans believe that Boruto is going to be some quick, abrupt, series that’s probably going to end in a short amount of time. Others believe that it’s going to be long because, well, look at Naruto:

(Damn, I shouldn’t have picked such an emotional picture) Personally, I don’t what the Next Gen series to be short, but I’m not exactly expecting 15 years. Although Shippuden admittedly did have a lot of filler/insignificant episodes, it still takes decent writing skills to be capable of writing that long. Rather it’s a book, anime or some movie with sequels, it still takes a lot of thinking and effort. 

I love the Next Gen series with all my heart and more, but that wasn’t exactly the best scene to start on. It kind of already disappoints fans because they think that it’s going to be rushed. Or at least it’s going to feel rushed.

 But no matter how long it ends up being, I’m still going to probably love it, as long as it has a decent ending and doesn’t feel rushed are anything, I’ll be fine Besides, if it ends up getting popular among the Western side of the community, then it may end up being very long, either way I’m supportive.

2. The characters

Can we just talk about how well written out the characters are? Like, it wasn’t even much of a bumpy start in my opinion, I think everything went pretty smoothly from the start and so on, obviously, that can change, we don’t know yet, but so far it’s been doing pretty good, at least to be 

Boruto Uzumaki 

Okay, there are lots of things to say about his character but lets just start with this:


But honestly, fans thought that they were going to see that mischievous, ignorant, (yet loveable) male protagonist that always ends up rising above what everyone initially thought he was going to remain. Naruto was the original guy, besides Goku, despite their stories being quite different. But then other anime writers decided to do it, thus, turning it into a cliche.Yet, we somehow end up loving these idiots, I guess it’s because despite them having similar personalities, it’s different stories that they have to tell and different messages they have to bring out. As nerve wrecking as this cliche may be, I couldn’t imagine any other protagonists for some of these anime’s.

Back to the core subject though, Boruto’s generation or Boruto himself may not or never Naruto Uzumaki, but he was the perfect guy to take on the the legacy. However, in the movie he appears to be some spoiled, cringy, selfish, good-for-nothing brat:

And even though he did redeem himself later on during the course of the movie, it still couldn’t help but leave a very bitter taste it our mouth’s, including my own. Even though I have to admit, it did manage to make me cry. But then again, that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

Then Kishimoto decided to release Gaiden, probably a pretty good move being how mad half of the Japanese and most of the Western fans were at him. But after the movie a lot of people nearly completely separated themselves form the fandom. Then came this blessing of a series:

When I first heard of this, I screamed. That was my first reaction. But then I remembered the bratty Boruto and my excitement immediately disappeared. But one day, I decided, why not try watching it? I was pretty scared that I was going to be disappointed again, and I didn’t really want that, but when I saw the series I immediately became attached to it.

Boruto is so different, yet similar to how Naruto is. I didn’t want a completely different character that made the show’s feel go away, but at the same time, I didn’t want a complete duplicate of Naruto, that would’ve been quite disappointing to think one of the writers of your favorite shows wasn’t very versatile, but Boruto has a great balance of both Hinata’s and Naruto’s personality. He’s not the shy, prim and timid person Hinata was:

But he’s not the idiot Naruto was (still may or may not be at times but that’ why we loved and still love him):

Not only that, I love the message Boruto is giving to not only his friends in the series, but his fans, that he’s not his dad, and he’s choosing to take a different path. This isn’t Naruto’s story anymore, it’s Boruto Uzumaki’s story and he’s going to live it however he wants. We saw so many sides we probably wouldn’t have found out existed in the movie or even the manga, and now that theirs a series even more. 

Not to mention the fact that he’s freaking adorable:

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

You can’t convince me that he isn’t. His personality although not a classic, is still really loveable. A lot of people have mixed feelings about his character, but I’m already pretty attached to him, and I can’t wait to see what his story has to bring.

2. Sarada Uchiha 

As far as how fans view her, all I see is love. Only a few people actually hate/dislike her character. Which I don’t know exactly why, because unlike Boruto, she didn’t necessarily do anything idiotic or bad to get any hate just yet, eventually, she is, and I think that’s when fans should start actually developing actual dislike for her character. Some fans only continued to watch the series because of her and I don’t blame them, she does seem kind of badass.

But I never knew fans could like Sakura’s offspring so much, let’s admit. Sakura got a lot more than enough hate from Shippuden viewers:

This was basically a joke that got way out of hand, because a lot of people actually began ranting about how useless she was, to put it short, Sakura became the most hated character in the entire series, personally, I loved Sakura, but a lot of people didn’t. Coincidentally, majority of those who hated her also shipped NaruSaku, which I will never understand since most fans don’t exactly ship a character that they hate with the main character.

Back to the core subject-(once again smh at myself) Sarada has a very interesting story, not only that, it could have a completely different outcome from the manga version, due this being rather very different from the manga. Although I just believe that it’s going to be written out a bit differently and nothing more. It doesn’t make Sarada’s story boring though. Because honestly, it’s just something that draws fans to her. 

Like Boruto, she seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents, she doesn’t push any emotion away as Sasuke does, but she also doesn’t have too much emotion like Sakura tends to have. It seems like she only pushed away major emotions.

Sarada didn’t exactly have the decent or okay childhood that Boruto had, even though Naruto can be somewhat neglectful of his family (with fair reasoning) Boruto still had Naruto their during his younger years. Sarada on the other hand, was basically only raised with a mother and has little to no memory of her father. Her childhood was most definitely different from Boruto’s.

Her story also seems to be different, but it’s way different from how Sasuke’s was, that’s probably why most fans find her story to be the more compelling out of the two. She isn’t short tempered and over emotional like Sakura was:

But she doesn’t tend to accidentally come of as cruel or try to be void of emotion like Sasuke:

Honestly, if Sarada had taken more traits from one parent than the other then I’m pretty sure she would have been hated, too.

She’s a perfect mix. When you really think about it, especially from a writer’s/creator’s point of view, it’s kind of a amazing their have been more than plenty of shows where the main character’s children always end up too much like their parents. But this is absolutely perfect. Honestly, I may not have given this show a chance if it wasn’t for this character. She was pretty interesting in the movie even though she wasn’t a major part of it.


Originally posted by attackonnaruto

Originally posted by makeawiish5

Originally posted by makeawiish5

Originally posted by veenia

3. Sai 

Initially, I was just going to leave it at Sarada and Boruto, but the fact that they even put Sai in the series is pretty cool. I’m not going to say that he was one of my favorite characters, but a lot of the Japanese viewers adored him. He’s not really what I’d consider a main character, but I just like the fact that Kishimoto listens to his fans. Sai could’ve been completely gone from the series and that Kishimoto kept him just goes to show that the way this whole entire series has been written is far from being messy, unlike a lot of other animes.


There is definitely a shipping war beginning to brew among most fans, a lot fans are already shipping characters. Personally, I think the fans are justified. Sakura was in love with Sasuke when she was around their age, so fans shouldn’t be blamed for shipping anyone. Although their are a lot of ships like MitsuSara, MitsuCho and more, I’m just going to talk about the two main ones involving Boruto:

Borusara and BoruSumi:

Originally posted by stella-scarlet

Can we please just take a moment of silence to admire this beautiful, wonderful, ship (I’m obviously talking about BoruSara

Okay, I’m going too far, I’m sorry. But seriously, I find this ship so cute. I’m not saying that it can’t be a simple rivalry/friendship like Naruto and Sasuke’s just because Sarada is female I strongly believe that is could being a female myself, but I do ship them pretty hard.

I love the fact that when they’re in public they constantly argue but when they’re alone they tell each other really important things. Personally, I was pro NaruHina all the way, but since Sarada and Boruto’s characters are a pretty good mixture of their parents’ this could be another chance for those who shipped SasuSaku or NaruSasu.

Obviously, I could go on all day as to why I ship these two precious cinnamon rolls, but then I’d be wasting your time. 

As for BoruSumi, honestly, initially I found Sumire to be so annoying at first, once I heard her story she grew on me though, I like her as a character in the series but I don’t ship her with Boruto. I’m just not a fan of the whole NaruHina dynamic happening all over, Hinata is the only character who can really pull it off. Admittedly, I’m probably just another butthurt BoruSara shipper. 

But whatever happens in the series as far as that, I’ll still be completely supportive, Boruto isn’t exactly a love story, afterall.


Boruto is an awesome show, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t imagine being without it and we haven’t even reached the climax of it yet. I can’t believe I ever wasn’t interested in this show. I’m pretty glad that I decided to be open-minded instead of being completely dedicated to Naruto like a few of other fans have chosen to.

(If you disagree with anything in this post, please be respectful about it if you don’t believe you can be then personally message me, even end up commenting anything negative that’s disrespectuful I’ll delete your comment, reblog, or whatever)

“Forget Me.” pt. 10

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

pt.1  pt.2  pt. 3  pt. 4  pt. 5  pt. 6  pt. 7 pt. 8  pt. 9  pt. 10  pt. 11  pt. 12  pt. 13  pt. 13.5 (End)

Originally posted by yoonmin

Tour was nearly over, which meant I could spare some time dedicated to looking for Y/N before going back to work. 

It’s been getting more difficult lately, I didn’t have Y/N around to keep me reassured when I was down, she wasn’t there when I felt insecure about certain things. I hated that. I hated only realising now how much I depended on her because now that I’m without her, I don’t know how to function properly.

The old days were so perfect, beyond perfect even. You wouldn’t even believe how well matched we were if I told you so. We loved the same food, we loved the same games at the arcade, we loved the same movies, same music, same clothing style, yes clothing style - that is why we matched unintentionally so often. There was only one thing that differed and that was her love for coffee and my love for hot chocolate. 

“Why don’t you try some of my latte? It’s good! I don’t get how you don’t like it when you like the smell of coffee.” she laughed whilst pushing her cup in my direction.

“I’ve tried it before and my opinion on it still hasn’t changed princess.” I say as I pushed her cup back to her. She loved it when I called her princess and she would blush every time, because I told her that one day I was going to make her my queen, and that one day was going to be the moment I stepped foot back into Korea after this years tour which was in a couple of days time, and when it was all over, I was going to ask her. I was going to ask if she would spend the rest of her life with me as my wife, but now she doesn’t even want me anymore.

It’s shoooort but here’s pt. 10 ~Request for pt. 11

Kissing Booth | Rucas

Each year, Abigail Adams High has a carnival at the end of the very last semester to welcome summer and celebrate the passing of another successful school year. Students and staff tend to go all out. There are booths scattered around the outskirts of the lot, like the very popular pie throwing contest where you can pay to throw a pie in the face of your favorite, or not so favorite teacher, the dunk tank if ever you’re in the mood to fall into freezing cold water, and the kissing booth.

Normally Riley would partake in all of the activities, aside from the kissing booth of course. She hated the idea of people paying to kiss someone, sure it was for a good cause and all the proceeds helped fund the extracurricular activities for school but still, she couldn’t get on board with puckering up to some stranger who has already kissed dozens and dozens of people.

That is until her crush since freshman year, Chris Cardellini, was the one on the other side. This year, the baseball team is in charge of the kissing booth, since there are so many of them they get to switch off every 10 people or so. Chris, along with two of her best friends Lucas and Zay, is on the baseball team and that meant she finally had a chance to get him to feel what she’s felt for him since the first day of school, almost 4 years ago.

Did he even know she existed? No. Did that stop her from fantasizing about him every chance she got? Absolutely not. To be fair it’s not that she was some unknown loner who had no friends, she had a great group of friends and over all she was well liked, it had more so to do with the fact that she decided to crush on the most popular guy in school. The one who could have any girl he wanted and because that was the harsh reality of the situation she knew deep down she didn’t stand a chance. However, she convinced herself that maybe, just maybe, if she got to kiss him at the kissing booth this year, he’d feel a spark and that would obviously lead to their beautiful love story.

As she sat at her usual lunch table she found herself getting lost in the hypothetical-ness of it all. It isn’t until her best friend Maya slams her lunch tray on the table that she’s forced back to reality.
“Daydreaming about Chris Cardellini again?” The blonde muses as she aggressively opens her bag of chips.

“No.” The brunette pouts, taking a big gulp of her juice. “I was just wondering what I should wear to the carnival.”

“The carnival where you’re going to kiss Chris Cardellini?” Maya smirks, raising her eyebrows at Riley.

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Almost everything I’ve ever read about Ahsoka that was written by fans of the show say things like “She goes from the bratty little girl that we loved to hate to a mature and lovable character.”

Are you kidding me?


Why did everyone seem to hate her in the beginning? She was called things like the Jar Jar Binks of the Clone Wars, and I find it horrible…

Am I the only one who never hated her and has loved her from the moment she first appeared? Because it certainly seems like it.

Like Ashley Eckstein said, “If she comes into the Star Wars universe perfect, then where is there for her to go?”

I liked her because she wasn’t perfect, and she was relatable to me when the movie first came out and the show first aired.

Please reblog or like this if you never hated Ahsoka, because I feel like the only one.

Bushwick's Brittany Snow on Pitch Perfect 3, recovering from self-harm and her new action film

Those who only know Brittany Snow as ditzy Chloe Beale, one of the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect, are in for a surprise when they see post-apocalyptic thriller Bushwick, which sees the actress play a college student who turns into an action heroine after the hipster Brooklyn neighbourhood comes under military attack.

Whereas in Pitch Perfect Snow has to play dumb as her character doesn’t want to graduate, in Bushwich playing college student Lucy she is faced with a stark dilemma when she exits a subway station and discovers that New York is under attack from Texans wanted to secede from the United States.

“Lucy is a girl who has to utlise her intelligence and adjust to her surroundings in order to survive,” says Snow. “It poses the question, what would you do in that situation if you had no prior experience of being in a violent atmosphere, would you stand up and try to save others and yourself or would you just lay down? I don’t know what I would do.”

In Bushwick, Lucy does what anyone would want to do when under attack, she teams up with Stupe, played by muscle man Dave Bautista, best known for playing Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As she ventures through Bushwick, she gets attacked form all sorts of people, including locals complaining about gentrification. For the actress, the leading role offered a departure from the type of characters she’s been playing ever since she became a child star appearing in shows such as Guiding Light, American Dreams and later on Nip / Tuck.

“The things that people know me for are more light and fun, I guess, I sing in a lot of things,” says Snow. “But this movie is definitely different to what people have seen before, because I’m shooting guns.”

It forced the 31-year-old to get out of her performing comfort zone, something she admits that she struggled with at first. She says she butted heads with directors Cary Murnion and John Milott over the kitschy tone of the action sequences. “ I wanted to gear towards it being grounded [in realism]. They knew that this needed a heightened element to the action, where it’s also sort of funny, and maintaining that tone and - I hate to call it a B-movie, I can’t because I’m in it – but that sort of genre of film was planned and very specific.”

But we shall soon be seeing her singing again as the third instalment of Pitch Perfect will reach cinemas in time for Christmas. She reveals that Chloe will be even stranger this time out. “I can tell you that I have a love interest this time,” she says tantalisingly. “I think, weirdly enough, that Chloe is even more weird in this movie. They let me do a lot of improvisation and let me do what I really wanted to do, so I just ran with it.”

Just as Bushwick has seemed to hit the zeitgeist with its look at the divisions of society in Trump’s America, Snow argues that Pitch Perfect was the perfect film to tap into the desire for more female empowerment in the movies: “It was definitely lightning in a bottle of so many things that happened simultaneously that had the right synergy with the cast actually getting along rather well and also Pitch Perfect being about letting your differences bring you together.”

She waxes lyrical about the franchise; “It’s about a bunch of misfits and I think us girls work well together because we are so different and people really like to see different types of women, different sizes, different comedy styles and different appearances. It’s refreshing because that’s how the world is, and you don’t get to see that enough in film.”

Born in Tampa, Florida, the actress had her first modelling job at the age of three. Yet she admits that despite the successful start to her career she always felt like an outcast. “I was definitely not a popular person and didn’t go to school,” she says in stark contrast to Chloe who tries everything to stay in school.

“I only went to one year of high school before I moved to LA to do American Dreams, so I was definitely not with a group of friends and I felt like I had to make my own quirky habits and things like that. So I definitely related to Pitch Perfect and I think a lot of girls do, even if they are part of the cool group.”

She was schooled on set, of which she says, “It got very confusing shooting at the same time as doing chemistry. Am I acting, or am I blowing something up in chemistry class?”

Through her teenage years Snow battled with anorexia, depression and self-mutilation. At the age of 12 she began following fad diets. After an intervention by the Guiding Light producers she began eating again, but this led to depression and after she went to work on American Dreams she began cutting herself.

She says of overcoming her anxiety and illness, “I know this is going to sound really cheesy but probably being an example for my nieces and for my friends and for people that have gone through similar things that I have gone through and trying to be strong for them, even though shit gets tough. I think that is maybe some of the most fearless things I’ve done.”

More recently, she’s been inspired by Pitch Perfect director and producer Elizabeth Banks; “I started a production company a couple of years ago and directed a couple music videos and she’s helped me a lot, actually, and we have been talking about working together.”

They have already collaborated on a web series called Temporary, which is written by fellow Pitch Perfect star Chrissie Fit. “So Elizabeth is definitely an inspiration for me when it comes to knowing it can be done and that it can be done with intelligence and in the right way.”

‘Bushwick’ is in cinemas from 25 August and available on digital download from 28 August

Sticks and Stones ~ Newt Scamander x reader

Request: i’m not sure if you’re accepting requests or not but I was wondering you could write a fix where the reader and newt are in a relationship and tina is jealous and a bit rude at first but eventually comes around when she talks it out with the reader and realizes that you and newt are perfect for each other. hopefully it makes sense xx

A/N: I just want to say that first off, I have absolutely nothing against Tina and I think that she is an incredible and wonderful character, and that she also may seem a smidge ooc, but that’s because I only had one movie to base her off of…anyways don’t hate on Tina she’s great :)

Warnings: arguing, mentions of insecurities, slight angst?, jealousy etc

Please Enjoy

“Honey could ya give me a hand with the strudel?”

Ingredients and various kitchen utensils wavered through the air as they paired up to complete the necessary tasks to prepare a delicious dinner to be served in the Goldstein apartment. You and Newt had returned for a short visit, and as soon as you had left the boat, Queenie was excitedly bounding down the port with Jacob and Tina smiling behind her. You had only been to New York once in your life, and that time just so happened to be the one where a certain magizzoologist got himself into a bit of trouble with the law.

Now you found yourself once again in the Goldstein apartment, except it was more welcoming and less stressful as opposed to before. Jacob hurried into the kitchen to assist Queenie with the cooking as you helped Newt and Tina prepare the room and set the table. Candles became lit and utensils nestled themselves into the folded napkins. You continued walking around the nearly finished table, watching as the plates then settled neatly at each spot before bumping into Newt. With a small look of embarrassment, you glanced up at him and his proudly worn grin. He then leaned down and gently pressed a soft kiss to your already reddening cheeks.

“Better watch out love, you and I both know how clumsy you can be,” he laughed before proceeding to fill glasses with water with a wave of his wand.

You smiled before returning a kiss to his jawline, noting the slight scruffiness of his stubble, and heard a quiet yet still audible groan from Tina.

A lot had changed since that first trip to New York. When you had arrived, you and Newt were best friends and partners in crime from your early days at Hogwarts, however, shortly after you both arrived back in the docks of London, Newt confessed to having feelings towards you. You harbored the same, yet you didn’t want to destroy or impose upon the bond you two shared. A few candlelit dinners and romantic walks around the case later, it was as if the two of you had been together for years. You two hadn’t really told anyone about your relationship, so when you both walked off the boat hand in hand, a few squeals and pats on the back were expressed. However, while Jacob and Queenie were ecstatic, Tina was practically the opposite.

You could sense the bitter edge of the situation as soon as your boots scuffed upon the pavement off the ramp to the boat. Tina was smiling, but you had known that type of smile from experience. She wasn’t really happy, regardless of the hugs and smiles, but you still viewed her as a respectable and good-hearted person. This pattern continued, further raising your suspicion as she acted differently around Newt. Instead of faking her smile, it was genuine around him, and when you had exited the room to use the bathroom, she was awfully close to the awkward man that you fell in love with, touching his hands and scooting closer to him on the couch. You trusted newt to know he wouldn’t try anything, but your thoughts still echoed with a bit of insecurity.

Once the table was set and the food was finished, you each sat at the table, with your seat being directly next to Newt’s. As the five of you ate and exchanged stories, Newt’s hand would brush against yours throughout, and you often caught him with a loving gaze directed at you. Around the time in which dessert was being served, you began to tell about the time in which the two of you had discovered a nest of a Chinese Fireball before Tina replied with an uninterested and slightly critical tone.

“So you just followed him?” she questioned.

“Well, yes, I mean I was observing with him…”

“But what you’re saying is that your job was to simply follow him? As in you can’t find your own job out there.”

“No I wasn’t saying that at all, my job is to help him, and I did so that he could gather information for writing his book,” you spoke, suddenly no longer hungry for the remaining strudel on your plate, yet you still put on a smile, pretending that you didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Newt’s eyes shifted as to you, as he had noticed your discomfort and nudged you under the table before speaking, “Y/n has been a wonderful assistant with my studies, and I don’t think I could have done it without the help. Y/n’s job is as mentioned, as Y/n helps me.”

“But Newt, don’t you think that you should, I don’t know, maybe have someone in your life that actually has a job and isn’t just following you around like some lost puppy?”

You were a little taken aback at her statement, as you and Tina had gotten along well before, but now, you were confused. You sensed her hint of jealousy as she had shown some interest in Newt before, but you didn’t think she would make such a deal of it, especially during dinner.

You gathered some courage before breaking your silence, “I’m not following him like a lost puppy.”

“Right, and I’m guessing that you don’t expect him to pay for and care for everything you do am I correct?”

“I don’t, Tina.”

Queenie butted in briefly before Tina cut her off, “Teenie, I don’t think you shoul-,”

“Newt you need someone who can actually handle reality, not someone who just expects everything to be magically taken care of,” Tina paused before looking at you again, “Someone who isn’t so invested in themselves.”

“Y/n is not any-,” Newt tried to interject.

“Take a good look Newt, I mean are you sure that Y/n isn’t just using you for the money that’s going to come from dating a bestselling author? Are you sure that she even loves you?”

You felt your heart sink and crack in your chest, and you turned away from Tina’s words. They were rude and untrue, as you loved Newt for who he was inside and out, and you didn’t care if he made any money from his book. Queenie’s broken expression matched up with Jacob, who had nearly let his glass slip from his hands as a chilling silence stormed over the table. The candles flickered dimly now and Newt tried to speak to Tina before she left the table in a frantic hurry back to her room.

Newt stared at you and held your hand in his own before muttering apologies. He knew how some people’s words could hurt others, and he didn’t need to be a genius to know that you were hurt beneath the surface, he knew you better than that.

“Y/n you’re not any of those things dear. You’re incredible and amazing and hard-working and-,”

“It’s okay,” you cut him off with a quick kiss, which he melted into before you pulled away. Queenie then broke the tension once more as Jacob began to clean up some of the discarded dishes.

“Sweetheart,” she said, sadness evident on her lips, “Tina is just…she didn’t mean those things, not really. She’s just hurting…”

You glanced at Queenie, a small tear forming and preparing to fall. You were strong, but words could still break more than bones. You wanted to be upset at Tina and the situation, but you had seen the look in her eyes before she exited the last time you were here. Only, the look was in your own eyes as you sat in the bathroom and stared at the mirror, observing how well you thought Tina was for Newt. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but you figured that Tina’s temper and words were not that of being snide, but rather of slight jealousy and heartbreak. Perhaps the way that you and Newt had acted with one another had set her off, and neither of you meant it to hurt her in any way. Tina was jealous that you had what she couldn’t, and her heartbreak was being hidden under her usually collected exterior.

“I understand Queenie, no real harm done. I’ll be okay,” you said as you squeezed Newt’s hand before getting up from your own chair. Newt gave you a look of confusion as you began to retrace Tina’s pathway to her room, but you pressed a loving kiss to his curly locks, explaining that you were going to talk to her. Queenie reminded you to be gentle before calling Newt to join her and Jacob in the kitchen.

You approached Tina’s door quietly before knocking a few times upon the grainy surface. A murmur of what sounded like, ‘Go away Queenie’ came from behind the door before it swung open, revealing Tina equipped with pink cheeks and tear tracks staining her appearance.

“Tina I…” you started before the door began to close once more. Reaching out, you held it, “I just want to talk to you, please Tina, just for a minute or two.”

Tina hesitated yet complied, expecting you to scream at her and return the same bitterness that she had with you. However, she was surprised when you sat next to her on her bed without an insult slipping from your mouth.

“Look, Y/n I’m so sorry I don’t know…”

“Tina it’s alright.”

She looked up at you and her jealousy plagued expression was replaced with a more regretful and saddened one. More tears began to pool out of her eyes as you handed her a handkerchief.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, not wanting to overstep you boundaries, but Tina began to speak with a small sniffle.

“I-I was…I was jealous. Looking back I know I was horrible to you and I’m s-so sorry Y/n, I really truly am.”

You could feel the honesty in-between her tears, and you simply listened. She was a strong woman, but even the strongest people fall and break from time to time.

She began again, “When I saw you and Newt holding hands off the boat and kissing before dinner I just felt, I felt…”


“Yes…I just thought that maybe I had a chance with Newt. He seemed nice enough and passionate and intelligent, and I thought maybe I would talk to him alone when the two of you returned but I see that I was wrong now. He has your heart and you have his. I didn’t want to believe it, but you two really are perfect for one another. I can see it in the way he looks at you, when his eyes sparkle or when his smile gets wider around you. You’re smart and kind, and I know you really do love him. It was so, so wrong of me to say such nonsense. You’re beautiful and caring, and you love him for who he is, not for the money in his pocket. I was out of line for saying all of that, especially during such a nice dinner. I guess I just became angry and jealous that my chance at a love or happiness with someone like that was gone. I just wanted what you had…”

Her tears began to increase and you gave a small sigh. She was hurt, both in terms of her heart and her self-esteem. You knew she felt horrible for what she did, and instead of saying ‘I told you so,’ you sat closer to her as she dabbed the cloth at her eyes. Her tough and calm exterior was beginning to melt away like snow in the spring.

“Tina, you’re an incredible woman, and just because Newt and I are together doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there for you. You’re smart, talented, gorgeous, and I’m sure that there are many men out there who are dying to find a woman like you. You will find love someday, I promise you that Tina.”

Tina had started to calm down more after a while as she looked at you with glossy eyes, “How can you be so nice to me when I was horrible to you?” she questioned.

“Let’s just put it behind us alright? Neither of us deserves to spend our night hidden away and upset.”

You stood up and lent a hand to pull Tina up from the bed. You expected her do release it and exit behind you silently, but instead, she pulled you into a warm and sister-like hug.

“You truly are perfect for him Y/n, I’m so sorry I was too idiotic to see that,” she said as she let go to be met with your smile.

“You aren’t idiotic Tina, anyone can see that. Now come on, I think your sister is probably reading our thoughts outside the door,” you joked, earning you a laugh from Tina.

You forgave her, and she was no longer cross with you, and you both still had a long night with friends ahead. You both exited the doorway of the bedroom and Queenie immediately pulled Tina into a hug and sat her down for tea (your suspicions were right of course, as she was a legillimens, of course she heard everything). You smiled to yourself and crossed your arms, feeling the previous tension in the air being replaced by Jacobs’s laughter and clinks of mugs on plates.

You paused in the hallway and turned to see your curly headed boyfriend, who was now opening his arms to invite you for a hug. You gladly accepted and took in his minty and earthy scent from his clothes. He pressed a kiss to your lips, and you could feel him smiling through it.

“You know, you really are perfect love,” smirked Newt before he wrapped you in his arms once more.

You only laughed at him, aware that he was probably outside the door with Queenie and Jacob the whole time. You simply laced your hands with his and led him back to where the rest of your friends were sitting with their tea, putting the past behind them, and you both would do the same.


I am not a fan of Fleur Delacour. I remember reading Goblet Of Fire and hating her guts. I remember reading Half Blood Prince and hating her even more because she acted like being at the Weasley’s was more of a chore rather than a nice visit to meet her fiance’s family. And I REALLY hated that Bill still married her. And I really really hate that the movies made her seem like a perfect princess too rather than put in how much of a prissy and uppity person she could be at times.


Pairing: dean x reader Word count: 1,347 Warnings: language? Fluff? Author: @senselesssamii

I’ve known Dean Winchester my whole life. I’ve watched him take down countless monsters single handedly. Watched him drink, anyone that would challenge him, under the table. Watched him hustle drunk after drunk out of their money,at pool and poker. I’ve seen him patch Sammy and I up like it was nothing. But the part of him that mesmerizes me the most, was his freckles. He didn’t have them his entire life though.

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Ok, I liked The Mummy 2017

And I still love the 1999 Mummy and The Mummy Returns

But, I don’t really understand why people are angry with The Mummy 2017 because it doesn’t have Brendan Fraser.

The 1999 Mummy took place in the 1920s with its two sequels taking place in the 30s and 40s respectively. 

The new Universal Dark Universe is meant to bring these classic monsters into present day. If the O’Conells were even still alive they’d be over a hundred years old.

I thought that The Mummy 2017 made several strong nods to the Brendan Fraser movies by giving Ahmanet very similar powers to Imhotep and when Annabelle Wallis’s character was fighting with the Prodigium agent she clearly smacked him in the face with what looked to be the Book of Amun Ra.

So, The Mummy 2017 wasn’t perfect. There could have been a lot more of Ahmanet and her character development. Annabelle Wallis’s character could have been a little more rounded. Still, I don’t think it makes sense for people to hate it because it’s not about Brendan Fraser. 

Plus, the cinematography and effects were beautiful

“I mean I know you said it was going to be tacky. But this is tacky.”

Yesterday I went with Supercorp, today it’s Karolsen. And Sanvers, of course. Also, I made Maggie say “fuck.” It seemed appropriate.

@queercapwriting‘s Danvers Sisters Week - Day 6: Double Date

“It’s a surprise, Maggie,” Kara smirks.

“It’s not really a surprise if I’m the only one who doesn’t know what it is.”

“Wait—you really let her pick this?” Alex whines. She’s standing in Kara’s kitchen, monitoring a massive amount of popcorn that’s cooking on the stove. “It took ten years for me to get her to stop watching it!”

“First of all, I didn’t let her do anything. She made her own decision.”

Kara stands a little straighter at his words, and then James shrugs and sneaks a wink at her standing next to him, “but…she did make a really convincing argument,” he grins.

“Well I’d like to know what that possibly could’ve—”

“Al—,” Maggie coughs a little too loud.

“What?” she turns away from the counter and toward the rest of the now-silent room to see Kara grinning wickedly, eyebrows raised, and James staring intensely at the table, redness flushed up to the tips of his ears.

“Oh. Oh…”  The realization dawns on her and she shakes the thought from her head, “Gross.”

Maggie laughs and slips a hand, palm-up, toward James, who slaps it reluctantly, but laughs.

Alex throws a dish towel at Maggie, “Did you just high five him?”

“Technically, it was more of a low-five…” she quips, flashing her dimples.

And Alex has to focus on staying mad at the sight of those dimples, “You are unbelievable.”

“What? He scored! He earned it.”

“That is our baby sister.”

“Um, yes it is. And if she were standing closer, I would’ve low-fived her too—because she also scored.”

James grabs the bowl of popcorn before Alex can even put it on the table, “I’m going…far away from wherever this conversation is headed…”

“You’re a true gentleman, James Olsen!” Maggie calls after him.

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whovian1077  asked:

Okay I just wanna say, like, just say if Tina hadn't brought Newt in and immediately just let him go because she liked him, people would have complained that she put him above the law even though she had just met him! Realistically, someone who has a career in any form of government would bring in anyone that they see breaking the law, they wouldn't just let them off because they talked to them once or twice. People never know what they want these days! #MoreLoveForTinaGoldstein <3<3<3


If she had just let him go because he was cute or whatever, there would have been HUNDREDS of complaints from the haters saying that she’s “weak” or whatever for putting a man before her career…? And yet they hate on her for being career-driven, just because “OMFG NEWT IS SUCH A CINAMMON ROLL I WANT TO MARRY HIM AND HAVE HIS BABIES!!!!!1!”

Like, I LOVE Newt too, he’s awkward and adorable but like…? He’s not perfect, he WAS breaking the law, Tina did the right thing by bringing him in. We see Newt through movie-goer goggles, so our perspective of him is rose-tinted - but in the universe of the film, Tina did what any law-abiding Auror would do and she does NOT deserve hate for it!

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#MoreLoveForTinaGoldstein #ProtectTinaGoldstein2k17 #TinaDeservesMoreLove

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Prompt: “This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.”

Character: Natasha Romanoff

Warning: Insecurities?

“This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.”

“How is going shopping damaging your self-esteem? Everything you put on looks awesome!” 

“Because Nat, everything I put on would look 50 times better on you.” You watched her come up behind you in the mirror, frown on her face. “That’s not true, you’re stunning and everyone knows that…except you apparently.”

“I just…it’s hard sometimes, y’know?” Part of you doubts that she knows. Why would Natasha ever have self-esteem issues? She was pretty perfect in multiple different ways. 

“Yeah, I do. We all have days when we hate how we look, but you really are pretty.” 

“Thank you, I just…i’m having one of those days.”

“Wanna go watch a movie instead?”

“Please” Neither of you got any shopping, but that didn’t matter. The thing that mattered was that you had someone who listened and knew that she couldn’t change your mind over night and that instead doing something more comfortable was in order. 

Lesbian Movies The World Deserves And Needs:

1. Love Actually, but with the cast of The L Word as all of the characters, even though they would do terrible British accents.

2. Cheaper By The Dozen, but it’s about a lesbian couple with 12 dogs.

3. Bend It Like Beckham, except without the useless male coach. Jess and Jules (JULES, come on) would just snog at the end and all would be right with the world.

4. Clueless, but Tai gives Cher a plaid and Doc Martens makeover. They fall in love, and Cher sensibly decides not to get off with her sort-of-stepbrother.

5. Juno, but she never accidentally gets knocked up, because she’s a lesbian. The End.

6. The Notebook, but it’s about a cute old lesbian couple who’ve been together for years and got married as soon as it became legal. It’s even more upsetting than the first movie.

7. Heathers, but with more sex and less death.

8. Step Up, but Jenna Dewan plays both her character and Channing Tatum’s character. She leads a troupe of empowered queer lady dancers.

9. Adventureland, but Jesse Eisenberg is just Ellen Page.

10. Bring It On, but Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union have a secret Romeo and Juliet style love affair, and get thrown out of their teams for fraternizing with the enemy. Ultimately their romance unites both teams because love and cheerleading conquers all.

11. Grease, but Danny is a leather biker butch with exactly the same haircut and wardrobe.

12. Brokeback Mountain, but with Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams as the cowgirls. Their husbands are just there in the background, for colour.

13. Mulan, but she decides to keep her new look, rejects Li Shang, and gets off with some random chick in the end.

14. Mean Girls, but Regina and Cady have a turbulent love affair and get outed in the Burn Book.

15. My Big Fat Greek Lesbian Wedding.

16. Twilight, but Bella falls for Edward’s sister with the spikey hair instead. Edward and Jacob also run off together. Honestly, this is a better love story than Twilight.

17. Titanic, but Jack is a girl. The character looks exactly the same, though. Also they both fit on the big door in the end and start a new life together in New York, ultimately using Rose’s wealth and Jack’s street smarts to open an illegal speakeasy when prohibition comes into force.

18. The Princess Diaries, but with none of the male love interests with bad hair because they’re all trash. Mia ultimately realises she’s been in love with her best friend the whole time and they run off to be joint Queens of Genovia.

19. Bridget Jones, where Bridget gets revenge on Daniel by sleeping with hot Natasha from the New York office.

20. Whip It, but Ellen Page’s character ditches the lame band dude, and has steamy sex in the diner with Alia Shawkat instead.

21. When Harry Met Sally, where Sally ditches Harry in the end because it turns out she’s been having an affair with her friend Carrie Fisher, who has a lovely cropped haircut, the entire time.

22. Jenny’s Wedding, except cast with actresses with actual chemistry who do more than politely hold hands in bed. Definitely Samira Wiley.

23. Pride and Prejudice, but Lizzie Bennet decides that marriage isn’t for her in the end, because Darcy is a bit of a prick. She moves into a lovely little cottage with her “intimate friend” Charlotte Lucas.

24. 10 Things I Hate About You, but Kat never forgives Patrick for the bet and gets off with the lead singer of the band instead.

25. Cruel Intentions, but that one spitty kiss actually goes somewhere.

26. The Hunger Games, but Katniss ditches both dudes and gets off with Johanna in a tree in the second movie. They take over Panem and resolve the war several months earlier.

27. Pitch Perfect, but Anna Kendrick makes out with the hot ginger singer in the shower right at the beginning, and we never meet the boring man who loves films.

28. She’s The Man, but Viola decides she likes the blazers and short hair and decides to stay that way.

29. Thelma and Louise, but in the end they decide life is worth living, and start a remote lesbian commune together.

30. The Sound Of Music, but with some hints that the nuns are getting it on the whole time.

31. Chicago, but with more Orange Is The New Black style prison sex scenes. Preferably involving Catherine Zeta Jones and Queen Latifah.

32. Ghostbusters (2016), but Kate Mckinnon snogs someone, literally any other woman, even for just a second.

33. But I’m A Cheerleader 2.