i hate the media a lot sometimes

I feel like a lot of people used to peg me as somewhat of a debbie downer who complains a lot on social media but honestly, they never even fucking knew me, did they? I’m such a happy person once you get to know me. And I’ll tell you what, if there’s one aspect of myself that I don’t hate, that I don’t detest with every fiber of my being, it’s my laugh, my laugh is beautiful and whenever I hear it, like the true version of it, I realize just how much love i have within me. Sometimes that love can be toxic and hurtful and I’m learning to control it, but i have so much love to give, I’m a loving person naturally, and I want to be loved too. I want to protect people and I just want to help people. 

Critical Role fandom: I think I know what’s going on here

I think I figured out what the problem is here.

Every week, especially around big battles, there’s always this burst of negativity. Usually in the twitch chat and on reddit, but it’s on twitter and tumblr too. You all see it. People getting up in arms about rules, what it says in this book or that book, what a character “should” have done, etc. 

Leaving aside all the vitriol directed at Keyleth as a character and Marisha Ray for being A Woman In Gaming, and Vax as a character for being Openly Depressed (I could rant about that for 500 years but the short of it is, you need to take a good hard look at yourself if you spend every week spewing hate at these characters for the “crimes” of Being a Woman and Being Depressed respectively. Please take some time and consider why it is you have all this hatred that you use to lash out against people, especially women, you might wanna work on why that is.) Leaving that aside, I think I have figured out the problem here:

There is a fundamental confusion on the part of some fans about what Critical Role is. It is NOT one of those nasty D&D games where the GM is your enemy and out to murder you. It IS a longform improv drama/comedy web series that is released weekly and is a massive company asset.

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Gavin Creel won a Tony

When this sentence became a fact I felt so incredibly happy for this amazing performer, artist, and person. However, I checked the tag of his name today, and found a lot of negativity around it, and honestly, I can’t believe it. A lot of this seems to purely revolve around the fact that there are so many people who are so passionate about Falsettos and really don’t know that much about Gavin Creel just because they haven’t been following Hello, Dolly!. So now we have a list of why Gavin undoubtedly deserved this tony and you shouldn’t say anyone else was robbed (this year or ever).

I beg that if you think that anyone was robbed this year, that Gavin shouldn’t have won, or just don’t know much about Gavin Creel that you continue reading.

  • The whole point of nominating people and not just choosing one person is that ALL of the nominees deserve recognition for their work. so to say that one is not deserving (especially the one who won) is sort of fighting an uphill battle.
  • A lot of people were saying that Gavin robbed the award from the other nominees. The truth for Mike Faist is that he just debuted and is still young. He has a lot of chances to win later in life, and may even be too young to have garnered enough attention for his performance this year. As for Lucas Steele, this is only first major role on Broadway anyway, so it makes sense that he may not be as well known in the community yet either. Obviously, a lot of the attention went to Ben Platt and Rachel Bay Jones for DEH, but Mike’s performance still earned a nomination, so clearly he’s not doing terribly.
  • The Andrew Rannells argument is a bit more complex since a lot of people are saying that he “should have won his first tony” for a plethora of reasons. Let’s go into them.
  • Andrew Rannells made his Broadway debut in 2006, so he’s been working his way up to a Tony. Well, Gavin Creel made his debut in 2002 for originating his role in Thoroughly Modern Mille. He didn’t win that year and that may have been partly because the title role earned Sutton Foster her first Tony (and this year she literally presented his. COME ON, IT WAS PERFECT), and one for Harriet Harris as well in the featured actress category. That’s almost a DIRECT parallel to DEH. (I’m telling you guys, it’s really all about timing.)
  • So, of course, we all know Andrew Rannells was also nominated for a Tony in 2011, so that furthers the argument that he deserved one this year. Unfortunately, following that argument again leads to the fact that Gavin Creel has been nominated twice before this year anyway, so he wins by tally, if that mattered. But it doesn’t.
  • One of those nominations for Gavin went to his work in Hair, which as far as I’m concerned, is sort of when Gavin was “robbed” by the boys who played Billy Elliot. However, it was the year for them, and Hair was a bit of an underdog that year anyway, but it’s all about timing.
  • Last year, Gavin was in She Loves Me along with Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, and Zachary Levi, who were all nominated for Tonys. Gavin was not. To me, this qualified as a snub, but it made sense that he wasn’t nominated since his performance really kept the attention on Jane’s, which is partly why I thought it was so brilliant, but I digress. It wasn’t the right time.
  • A lot of the disappointment was towards the fact that Falsettos didn’t win anything, but the truth is that Tony Awards usually goes to shows that are still running. It helps sell tickets and gain attention. A lot of Broadway fans saw Falsettos, and considerably less have seen Hello, Dolly!, which is still sold out every night. This is because those seats are going to the critics, Tony voters, and the “insiders” of the community that decide who the award goes to. Those people chose Gavin as a winner, but they also chose Andrew and all the other men as nominees.
  • Also, a lot of fans were so surprised that Gavin won, but really, it was predicted by a lot of notable sources. I think Tumblr and social media in general sometimes create a vacuum of only fans and similar perspectives on theatre. To add to that, Gavin doesn’t use social media (he prefers to be in the moment. Guys, you really can’t hate him) so it makes sense that some fans may not be familiar with him, since that is a lot of fan’s only access to Broadway.
  • Another fact of the matter is that Gavin has been working in the theatre essentially his entire career. For sake of comparison, Andrew has made some transition to television, which I think is awesome. Something to keep in mind is that Gavin has been making his way through the theatre community for a while, meeting people who could vote for him to win an award, and actually did when he played Elder Price in London.
  • I believe Andrew Rannells deserves a Tony, and I believe each nominee deserve a Tony. I believe lots of people do. One of those people is also Gavin Creel. The truth is, careers are not built on or for Tonys. Some careers are helped by winning awards, but the best people really are not in it for the awards, so the fans shouldn’t be either.
  • In conclusion, go listen to Gavin Creel on the Millie, Hair, or Hello, Dolly! recording. Better yet, listen to one of the performances for which he wasn’t nominated, such as She Loves Me, or Bounce. If you still don’t trust that he’s deserving, go watch a bootleg of Hair, or even just the Tony performance. And if you still don’t believe it, go watch one of his interviews. When there’s a solid interview of Gavin talking for 30+ minutes you can tell just how intelligent, kind, and artistic he is, and just why those Tony voters trust that he deserves an award.
  • Have I won you over? Has he won you over? Okay, now go discover artists that you don’t know about and respect all the art that so many people have cultivated. That art is so much more interesting than any award, but when someone who is so great at it does get one, celebrate it.

By all means hate a character; and in fact, by all means hate the actor(ess) if they’re a horrid person; but…


That got a bit yelly screamy; but I’m not going to apologise, because there has been a lot of this recently.

If a character:

  • rapes someone, that means the character is a rapist and the actor(ess) is playing the part of a despicable person. It does not mean that they themselves are a rapist.
  • commits murder, that means the character is a murderer and the actor(ess) is playing the part of a despicable person. It does not mean that they themselves are a murderer.
  • physically/spiritually/emotionally abuses someone, that means the character is an abuser and the actor(ess) is playing the part of a despicable person. It does not mean that they themselves are abusive to those around them.

This can work in other ways too:

  • If a character is outgoing, sarcastic and overly tactile, that means the character has those traits and the actor(ess) is playing a part and embodying them. It does not necessarily mean that they themselves are like that. They may be more reserved in private and may not want you to expect a hug/have a sassy conversation with you.

Above all, actors are human. I know it’s easy to forget that. They play these larger than life roles and those roles are varied; but we don’t know these people. Even the people we ‘know’ from interviews are a character they play. Depending on the actor(ess) we will get a variation in how much ‘them’ we get.

Tl;dr? Actors are human, they are fallible. They need to be respected; and they are damn sure not the character they play.

dear joshua dun,

thank you joshua.

thank you for understanding what i’m going through. i have anxiety too, you’re not alone. nobody here back home understands because nobody but me has anxiety in this little town i live in. unless there’s like a person that i don’t know about. i’ll find you, person in the corner of michigan.

you get what it’s like to have that thought in the back of your head that whispers, “you’re not good enough. you’ll never be good enough. you’ll never be close to enough. everyone’s judging you. you don’t deserve all your friends. in fact, they’re not even your friends. they hate you. they just keep you around because they pity you. oh, and your best friend? he’s just using you. ever wonder why he always calls you his body guard and stopped saying ‘i love you’?”

you get that.

sometimes i feel alone in my problems, but i look at you. i REALLY look up to you. a lot. almost too much. you’re honestly my hero.

i could be calling anyone my hero. superman, john cena, my dad, my grandpa, my mom, one of my 47 cousins, i don’t know, anyone.

but i chose you, joshua william dun. you’ve really helped me through a lot. tyler does too, but right now, the focus isn’t on tyler, it’s on you for a change. now i’m gonna share a story if that’s okay with you.

a few years ago, i was called on stage with my friend. i hate being on stage. everyone’s always looking at me and stuff. so i got really, really anxious and i fainted. people didn’t understand how bad this awful monster in my head named anxiety is so they made fun of me for passing out. they started calling me goat. because when goats get scared, what do they do? pass out, flat down on their backs, legs in the air. well i didn’t have my legs in the air. but you get the idea.

anxiety eats you alive. and you understand that. you understand what i’m going through. THAT’S what i love about you. i know you prefer “respect” over “love” because “love” is more personal, but i do love you, but in a different way. there’s more than one kind of love, i do believe. i don’t love you because you’re “cute” or “hot” or whatever most of those girls nowadays call you (that isn’t even love, that’s lust. gross.), i love you because you understand. you understand, you listen, you care. i HATE that you get overlooked or taken advantage of sometimes, all because you’re very kind and trustworthy. people SHOULD NOT do that. you hear our stories too, you feel our pain too. and thank you for listening when we need it, and helping to build us up when we’re down, i really appreciate that.

i respect you with everything i have. you’re my role model, my idol, my hero, everything i aspire to be. i love you, i honestly do.

you’ll often find on my media platforms, i’ll call you my “superhero without a cape” – a lot. whenever i type “my”, my phone’s predictive thing always suggests “superhero” as the next word because i call you my superhero so much.

heck, i hardly refer to you as “josh”; i call you joshua. i guess it’s because i find it the most respectful way to address the man i look up to so much.

one of the major reasons i look up to and respect you so much, is because of the things you do almost every night. i’d imagine that preforming onstage in front of tens of thousands of people is pretty anxiety-triggering, i get uneasy just thinking about it. but you still overcome your anxiety and preform those shows with such a strong presence, and i find that so empowering. it motivates me to keep fighting my demons too, even when i feel like i’m not strong enough, or just not enough in general. sometimes even just thinking of you overpowering your anxiety – or just thinking of you – helps when i start to get a panic or anxiety attack. i couldn’t be more grateful that you strengthen and impact me in so many ways without even having a personal relationship with me. that’s pretty darn amazing, of you ask me.

now, one of the reasons why i love you. you’re human. you’re flawed. you’re not too different from me. you’re not a god. you’re a human. you’re not greater nor lesser than me, just like everybody else. and that’s one of the most lovable things about you; you’re human. you make mistakes. you’re not a perfect person. you’re not flawless. but you’re still amazing.

you’re talented and introspective and you have an artist’s mind, you’re amazing at what you do and i couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what you do. you see the world in a splash of color, you don’t see the night sky as black, but as blue with swirls of purple and red. you’re open-minded and intelligent in more ways than one. you inspire me, and so many other people.

you’re an amazing person. you are incredible, and you’re worth every fan you have. you deserve every second you spend on stage, every song played on the radio. don’t stop doing what you’re doing, don’t stop fighting. you’re good enough – you’re more than enough, joshua. i respect you and i love you, and don’t you forget it. keep it up, superhero.

thank you for taking the time to read this, i know it’s long, i’m very sorry. but thank you for saving so many lives and impacting so many people.

eve, from michigan

let’s get rid of the idea that a piece of fiction has to have some kind of depth or meaning to be worth consuming. sometimes you just wanna read/watch/play something fun without having to think about a deeper philosophical meaning, and that’s okay! some fiction is just entertaining for entertainment’s sake, and that doesn’t mean it’s any less valid or worthwhile than more intellectual media.  


I’ve never been good at speaking on my feelings on anything of my past even up to today. coming out as a “lesbian” wasn’t too difficult for me because I came out by changing the way I dressed from 10 or 11 years old I’ve been wearing male clothing. and then uploading pictures of me and my first girlfriend at 15 years old and each one after. of course many people thought it was a phase (because I was somewhat feminine) but now going on 24 years old I have news for my family and friends that I’m not sure they are ready for.

transitioning for me have
always been on the far side of the side of my brain that isn’t often used. but one day recently I woke up w it heavy in my thoughts, day in and day out. I’ve been researching my ass off and watching ftm videos literally all day everyday. the more I watch these videos, and research and find more FTMs on social media, the more I become sure that this is something I want to do. I need to do.

lately I have been extremely depressed w what I see when I look in the mirror. I have tried to explain this to my girlfriend and friends but I’m not sure that they truly understand that it’s not about whether your body looks nice or not. it’s about what you see when you picture yourself. and for people like me, the mirror is all wrong. the body is nice, yes. but it isn’t mine. it isn’t how I feel inside.

it’ll be hard enough to tell them that I want to transition. but I don’t know how to explain how I fall under the non-binary umbrella. in the physical sense I am transmasculin. which is obvious because of how I’ve dressed all of this time and the “role” i play in relationships. it’s in my likes and dislikes. I’ve never played w female toys as a kid, I’ve hated wearing feminine clothing, never had any interest in makeup or anything cis women speak about w other ciswomen.

I love to get my hands dirty, I fix things, I love sports, I played w my brothers toys as a kid, I kill the bugs for my girlfriend, I give daps/hand shakes, not hugs, I cut off all of my hair, wtf is a panty or thong, boxer briefs over here, the list goes on.

but I may be feminine because of how I talk w my hands, how emotional I can be, the sound of my voice is super high pitched I hate it! it’s the #1 reason of why I’ve been antisocial all of my life and only spoke to people through social media in writing because I hate hearing such a pitch coming from my man body. I may tear up at the end of very sad movies, I may sometimes stand w my hand on my hip, my friend base is 95% cis women, dancing to single ladies is my shit!, I love musicals (is this a feminine/masculine thing), I have such a gentle heart, I’m not a fighter, I don’t get into arguments, I just feel like I’m complicated.

maybe I’m just over thinking (which is something I do A LOT). anxiety. idk how to get them to understand. I wish there was a documentary that explains all of this in detail for me. I doubt any of them would take the time out to research this themselves to even try to understand me and be in tuned w what I want to do.
but the first step is coming out to yourself, and now I am trying to come out socially.

A lot of the responses I’ve been getting to this post boil down to “Sometimes it’s just Nice to have a completely reprehensible villain who you can just hate with a clear conscience”

and I guess I just… can’t relate?

Hating characters is exhausting. Seeing people do horrific things through the context of a media gradually depletes my reactions to them. If I’m watching or reading something with a despotic empire, it reaches a point where new travesties fail to even register as travesties. It’s wrong, they’re hurting people, it’s business as usual I guess. Yawn.

And I do write, and take interest in, narratives where horrible things do happen. But to me, I feel like if you’re going to create a story where something horrible has happened, the shallowest possible reason you can give it is “some people just want to watch the world burn.”

If you’re going to make a character who does horrible things, something is motivating them. Something made their perspective form, something made them who they are. A complex tangle of choices they made and pieces of their environment, and there are so many more options than just “a sob story.”

Putting actual thought into what drives a villain beyond just “they’re wicked” is incredibly important, I think. What are their beliefs? What do they stand for?

A villain doesn’t need to be a sympathetic tragic figure to be interesting. But I think it’s very frustrating when being the most reprehensible is the only real thing a villainous character is stocking- that they stay “compelling” by sinking to a new low, by doing something even worse, so that your only possible relationship with them is either romanticizing what was deliberately built to be revolting and horrifying behavior, or a Pavlovian hatred response every time you see them.

Zarkon, from Voltron, is not a good person. Whatever his history, you can neatly draw a line and say that doesn’t justify anything he’s done. There’s going too far and then there’s making an Olympics-worthy hurdle over “too far” and sticking the landing.

But Zarkon is, I would say, an interesting character. I pick his dialogue and scenes over in my head because there’s a lot to him we haven’t seen yet that you can tell is there. He has particular beliefs and understandings that lead to him both succeeding and failing to communicate with some of the people around him. They’ve taken the effort to stock his company with not only people like Prorok or Morvok who he orders around, but people like Sendak and Haggar that he actually has a positive relationship with- even if part of why they’re thick as thieves is their similar mindsets- all three of them are very nasty people to be around. I wouldn’t want to be in a room with him but watching him tick is rewarding. 

And once you invest in a character like that, even if you don’t want to see them hurting people, even if they do need to be stopped, there’s something disappointing if they only go so far and no more- if there’s a point where they just. stop being there- it’s ultimately disappointing.

Because if you make a villain who’s so set in their ways they’re unable to change or process new information, that they can’t reconsider, that’s what’s inevitably going to happen- they crumble. We virtually never see them faced with the prospect of picking themselves up- or if they do, it’s expedited or they’re given an easy slide, possibly because they die for it. I’ve always found that cheap, personally.

Spare a villain who’s really terrible. Give me someone who goes from standing over the world as it’s conqueror to the very bottom, who people don’t trust, rightfully, and show me how they pick themselves back up again. That, to me, is way more interesting than any righteous comeuppance possibly could be.

My thoughts on 'Atypical'

I’m gonna go against the grain a little here so, bear with me.

Bad points first, we’ll get on to why I actually liked it later.
- Not written by autistics
- Supported by Auti$m $queaks
- No autistic cast members in major roles
- No research done with autistic adults
- Some of it is poorly thought out (asking for his brain?? What?)
- About a teenage white dude

“Now princess–keeper! You still liked it after that? Are you crazy? That sounds like the opposite of something you would enjoy!”

If I knew all that before I watched, I’d have probably hated it. I watched the whole thing in two sittings with my wife and we really enjoyed it. I’m a super butch, gay autistic woman but even I found that I could relate to Sam. I also found that the personalities of the people around him were very relatable - that’s really how people act when they’re around you! I think it captured the assumed lack of autonomy really well, perhaps unintentionally but if it was intentional it was done quite accurately.

The depictions of us being violent and a bit creepy were hurtful, but for autistic men I personally don’t think they’re that unfair. I found dating very difficult, just like Sam. His meltdowns mirrored the meltdowns I have had almost exactly. My siblings also called me a r*t*rd, as did people at school. I got bullied and sometimes I didn’t realise, just like Sam. It *is* difficult to be independent at times, especially when people don’t let you. Some of us are that blunt and literal (myself included). I love my SI as intensely as Sam does, and some therapists really are totally clueless.

The Autismoms are so accurate, it was genuinely hilarious. I couldn’t figure out whether it was a dig at them or not but I really hope it was. I found the part in the Autismoms group where they were like “we like to use people first language” really, really funny and totally spot on. I hated his ma with a fiery passion. I think the “look how hard it is for the family!” aspect was too much, but I can appreciate that sometimes I’m hard to love and hard to connect with and that must be stressful and hurtful.

I found it charming in its dysfunction, a little clumsy at times and I really hope that if they do a second season that they:
- sever ties with A$ (a gal can dream)
- get a more diverse cast with actual autistics, autistic girls, and PoC in leading roles
- do their research properly with autistic adults

It sucks when something I know I should hate is actually super accurate. We don’t exactly get a lot of media where we’re not portrayed as violent and cold so I’ll take what I can get. I shouldn’t have to. We should be getting better offerings than this by now. But I have to be honest (I mean sure, we can’t help it right?) I really did find myself enjoying it and I really did find it relatable. I guess you can call me a critical fan.

I appreciate that this isn’t relatable for everyone. There was a lot of missed nuance and a very obvious lack of representation that can’t be ignored. For a first attempt it was decent so I hope the creators take on board the feedback and criticism our community has given them and do better next time.

P.S. I love Frozen Planet too.

Happy holidays @zaibl0tarts! I’m your @secretsolenoid santa! I’ve heard that you especially like the Jett Twins and Blurr, and it just so happens that I do as well. I’ve had a lot of fun with your gift!

One of my favorite moments from Transformers Animated is when Jettstorm asks his brother to take a picture of himself with the Decepticon prisoners “for the fanbots at home”. I had the feeling that, if given the chance, they would probably overuse social media apps like Instagram and decorate their pictures with stickers sometimes. Poor Blurr just got caught in the middle of their shenanigans! 

Pink is my favourite color, so I used it a lot here, but if you happen to hate it let me know so that I can change it to a color that fits your preferences!

Anyhow, I wish you happy holidays again and lots on fun in the fandom for 2017! ₍⁽⁰꒫⁰⁾₎◞❢


You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with social media:
Social media helps people communicate. That’s just a part of [the] reality we’re living today. That’s how people get their news, that’s how people share news back in the day you had to actually watch the news on television or read the paper. Now, everything is so instantaneous because of social media. I don’t like to share too much of my private life because to me it just doesn’t feel right. I do sometimes because I may think a moment is funny, cute or harmless. But it’s also an opportunity to do a lot of good. It really is.

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Pia, hi! I was wondering: what are the fics/books/movies/any media that you can reread/rewatch constantly? Like, a fic you've read about 20 times despite it being 500k long or a movie you've watched so many times you know every line be heart.

This is a genuinely tough question because of the sheer quantity of things I reread and listen to and watch repeatedly.

Did you know there are over 50 albums I’ve listened to over 500 times?

There are over 50 songs I’ve listened to more than 200 times apiece.

Once, because I was doing art, I watched Good Will Hunting 4 times in one day. I just kept pressing ‘replay.’

I’ve watched Yuri on Ice about 10 times now and that’s pretty conservative for me when I really like something.

It’s weird though, I can love something and not want to rewatch it much. Like, there are plenty of things that I think of as exceptional music, television, film etc. and it’ll go into the ‘seen it once’ pile.

But oh god, there’s like, 500 DVDs in this house and I know a lot of them off by heart. Or at least, I know the main lines off by heart. I mean it’s pretty bad when I can do it for a lot of The Office, Parks & Recreation, Will & Grace, like x30 romcoms, all the Marvel films, Penny Dreadful, Community etc. There are parts of Harry Potter where I remember whole tracts of stuff.

I’ve read 100+ fics more than 20 times, lol.

It’s really overwhelming to think about.

I was once in a conversation with someone who said that there are two types of media consumers: those who want to consume something new, and those who like to consume ‘the same.’ For those who constantly want something new, they rarely go back and reread / relisten etc. Because they always want the next thing. For those who like ‘the same’ they would rather go back to content they know delivered, and have to be in the right mood to try new content in case it doesn’t.

Glen has always found it fascinating that I can laugh exactly the same amount at exactly the same joke even if I’ve seen it over 10 times. I can cry at exactly the same time, at exactly the same point in a hurt/comfort fic by someone like Lise even if I know what’s coming and have read it 20+ times.

I am sorry anon, but I’m not going to go through 700+ bookmarks to find the 100+ fics I always go back to. It’s usually on rotation, too. (It also includes quite a few fics not on AO3 come to think of it, like Sushi’s Civil War). I’ll read one fic five times in a row, forget about it for a year, and then go back to it and read it another five times in a row. Likewise with songs, I recently listened to ‘The Owl and the Tanager’ by Sufjan Stevens about 20 times in one day, but then I won’t listen to it much for like, 6 months.

But sometimes the amount of media I consume, even if it’s media I’ve consumed, overwhelms me.

I’ve listened to 459 songs in the past seven days alone (and at the top of that list are the NES 8-bit soundtrack song: Dr. Wily Stage 1 by Capcom Sound Team and Wintergatan’s marble machine, with 9 listens apiece - though there’s def new music in there, Brand New’s album did drop after all). I rewatched Yuri on Ice and am currently rewatching the Harry Potter films and am currently rereading a bunch of Harry/Snape longfics that I recently read for the first time and liked enough to be reading again.

Sometimes I don’t leave myself much time for new media. ;)

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I hc that roxy struggles with a lot of self hate because she's a trans lesbian, and sometimes she thinks that she's just a straight guy, but like. She knows that isn't true, she just thinks that when she's really depressed and shit.

yes!!!! kinda similar to this hdc i have where jade had issues realising she liked girls after she came out as trans bc she thought she had 2 conform to being Straight to be taken seriously as a girl

i dont think roxy has That Much self hate bc she didnt have a lot to compare to but sometimes she feels a little inadequate in comparison to alpha rose bc rose was a Cis Hero (n the media prob assumed she was str8) where roxy has to try super hard to pass by her own standards and shes jus kinda surviving rather than doing something Cool And Memorable so being straight was kinda the last standard she thought she could uphold?? seeing rose attached at the hip to her gf was probably the most validating shit tbh

I really do hate cinco de mayo a lot bc of what white people have turned it into. I’m going to have to go to work on friday and endure joke after joke abt “cinco de drinko” and pics on social media of non-Mexicans laughing it up in fake mustaches and sombreros, wearing brownface and taking selfies of their friends dressed as ICE pinning them to ground like that isn’t a terrifying and sometimes deadly reality for my people that separates us from our families and loved ones to suffer in inhumane detention centers. A holiday that was supposed to empower mexican americans among all the hate and powerlessness we experience is an excuse for white people to get out of work early and get wasted now. we really can’t have anything.

Let down

Originally posted by immamakeumabitch

I’m really, really nervous about posting this one which feels quite weird as I've never been nervous posting my writing before. Please, please let me know what you think- your opinion means a lot with this one!

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I'm finding out a lot of the Keith blogs I follow are hardcore antis. So now I'm just cryin' and clinging onto this blog for dear life

i’ll hold you like a life line <3

but seriously, it’s difficult sometimes to navigate social media with hateful or rude posts that often feel like landmines. i’ve made a couple blog rec posts in the past of people i trust here! avoiding main tags and following the right people makes all the difference :)

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I loved the Bts fandom until it became like the One Direction fandom. It's okay to ship, it's okay to swoon over your guys, but like "HE DIDN'T WRITE HIM, THEY'RE NOT REAL" and "WHO CARES, HE'S PROBABLY LAUGHING BEHIND OUR BACK, BECAUSE HE HAS SOMETHING PLANNED FOR HIS BABYBOY." (That actually happened for Larry Stylinson too) are making me hate this fandom. Are y'all 12? Can you chill? He didn't post, doesn't mean a thing. He just didn't. Sometimes it's not that deep.

You can call me a lot of things but oh man. If you call me my reciprocal age ._.

hey, hey buddy. HEYYYY. I know you probably don’t follow my blog but I think I speak for most of us when I say: 

If you actually honestly believe we seriously think the fundamental reason why Park Jimin hasn’t made a social media post because he’s actually frick fracking Jeon Jungkook then you need to find a new joke book because you clearly can’t comprehend ours. ._.

It’s a joke. Albeit one with a history (*cough* valentine’s day jacket) which is why it’s an effective joke but…hey, if you can’t handle it, no one asked you to come raining down on our gay parade with your storm of negativity geez.  

Sometimes I see a lot of negativity on social media and I don’t really understand it. I don’t support it, and I don’t necessarily engage in it, because if you start paying attention and engaging, it just gets worse. And so I filter out – not that I physically filter it out, but I mentally filter out – and I just decide that I don’t need to read the negativity and I want other people to do the same thing.
—  Lana Parrilla, ETonline Article 2017

Hey guys! I thought I’d share with you my morning routine for school today! (cuz I was bored and I haven’t seen this post on studyblr b4 so why not)

  6:00 - I wake up 

  6:05 - actually get out of bed after talking to my mom and stretch 

  6:10 - I wash my face and brush my teeth. (I don’t take showers at this time bc im too lazy but I do take one when I come back from school!) 

  6:15 - drink a glass of cold water bc im always so thirsty in the mornings (which is normal) and listen to some music for 10 minutes 

  6:25 - start getting dressed (I have to wear uniforms so its easy) 

  6:40 - eat breakast (usually a toast w orange juice or a fruit w milk)

  6:50 - check if i have everything that I needed for school in my backpack that i packed the night before

  6:55 to 7:20 - check social media and wait for my bus driver (who annoys me sm cuz he comes late sometimes and I hate being late for school) 

  7:20 - hop on the bus and ride to school :) (which starts at 8am but my bus driver picks up a lot more students so get in early)

Im sorry

Hey guys.. I just have to say something..
I may have been lying to you guys…. im…almost Never happy anymore really…..
In getting Bullied in real life and on social media..
Because of A LOT of reasons..
Im in a bad shape.
Im ugly
I never use make-up
I don’t care what I wear
I have almost no friends
Im bisexual
I use social media a lot
I don’t have a life
My “life” is on social media
Im drawing All the time in class
Im quiet
Im shy
Im a nerd
Most of my friends are younger than me
Im childish
Im doing self harm
And im sick

I sometimes say, im so excited, or im glad we’re friends. Or other things that make it se like im happy.. but… sometimes happiness is not an emotion for me, im often so lonely, sad and angry.. And Empty
Sometimes I feel dead..
And now im just a shadow of my younger self..
When I were younger, I were happy.. I had lots of friends, and social media was not important.. when I were younger I were so happy, I didn’t care about the future, I smilied a lot.. with a real smile..
But now. I hate everyone, im inside all the time, im emotionless… im dead inside..
I don’t know what went wrong.

Im sorry. For babbling about my horrible life..
Its just that.. I got to hear that My Bff is moving away.. and that im loosing all my friends…
I feel like im dying…
Also.. im thinking of Leaving Tumblr….