i hate the end look

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Ahh sorry to ask but could you please draw furuta from tg, (your art is amazing I'd love to see him in your art style) thanks you Sm xx

hey i just want you to know i kept opening my laptop and this thing would pop up and scare the crap out of me


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #45. Peyton Sawyer & Jake Jagielski 

“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic, but gaining your heart’s desire? That’s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love … to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give it back for the world.”


I love this bean to death but I had to draw so many hands I feel like screaming. 

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Idk about yall, but Taako’s 11th Hour outfit saved my life.


No matter what, I will never stop laughing at this scene


Okay. Many of us wrote about new Naruto episode (484), and did really great job! But I’m want add one little thing.

At first, lets look at Hinata and notice her look type. She has a round, wide face, not narrow chin. Outer corners of her eyes are pretty lowered.

But now she is magically changed into absolutely different person. And guess like who she looks like now? 

Right, she looks more like Sasuke. Her eyes are narrow, skin is paler, hair is darker, and her face is thin and long. Even their facial expression are looks similar now….

What is it? I know, puberty changes a lot in people, but it can’t change your eye form and face shape. 

Why??? Like its not enough for them to steal a moments, colors and techniques from NaruSasu to NaruHina sake, they also want to steal Sasuke`s look for Hinata to make her more opposite of Naruto (and opposites, as you know, complement each other.) 

What is next, Hinata will awake her sharingan? Ugh.

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first off before i ask, your art is /so/ aesthetically pleasing it's unreal! and my question is, do you do zodiac characters? like a zodiac based character? (pls yes)

Thank you so much! ;w;

I did two zodiacs. Taurus and Pisces I tried doing more but ended up hating how they looked and scrapped them (have tried Aquarius a solid 5 times apparently, according to the amount of Photoshop files names “aquariusagain#.psd”). >__> Every once in a blue moon I try again. Eventually there will be one more, at least.

Hate To Love You Part 2

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Injuries, blood, gunshot wound, swearing, little angst

Word Count: 1297

Summary: After you and Bucky breakup you can’t stand to be apart of the Avengers any longer, choosing instead to work for yourself. However when Steve asks for your help, telling you that there was no one else he could ask you agreed to one more mission.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so freakin long to come out but I hope the wait was worth it…


A shaky whine left my lips as I pressed one of my hands over my wound, pushing down hard enough that I felt the warm blood start seeping through the cracks in my fingers. My hand was already shaking and I could feel the pain radiating up along my side, making me feel dizzy and lightheaded. Bucky was in front of me, his arm around my waist, letting me lean all my weight against his side as he moved us out of the line of direct fire. He was talking to me but I was only catching every second or third word as I tried focusing on not passing out.

There was already an intense pounding against the side of my skull and my breathing had shallowed out at an alarming rate; Bucky’s concerned expression enough of an indication of how bad this might actually be. He helped me lean against the compound wall, crouching in front of me.

I hissed when he tried moving my hand away, his fingers brushing over the nasty hole the bullet had left in my skin. He growled in annoyance when I slapped away all of his attempts.
“I need to get that bullet out,” He seethed angrily. “Unless of course you’d like to just bleed out here in the dirt.”
“You know what lets - lets go with the second option,” I replied, my voice cracking on every word.
“You’re a fucking smartass you know that right?”
“So - so you keep reminding me.”

I closed my eyes, leaning my head against the rough exterior of the wall, the grip I had on my side faltering just enough for Bucky to push it away. He ripped open the bottom of my shirt and I winced as he probed around the wound, wiping away some of the excess blood.
“This is gonna hurt.”
“You think?” I  replied, trying to take a deep breath. Bucky rolled his eyes, giving me a quick look before he pushed his fingers into the bullet wound. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
“As hard as it might be, do you think you could curse a little more quietly? There are still a whole bunch of men running around with guns trying to kill us.”
“Fuck you Barnes.”
“I’ll take that as a no then.”

It took a few more minutes but Bucky eventually yanked the bullet back out of my side, my eyes watering with unshed tears as I bit down hard on my bottom lip, trying not to punch him out of reflex. Bucky ripped a little more of my shirt, pressing the wad of fabric against the wound hard, checking over his shoulder to make sure no one was sneaking up behind us.
“We gotta move,” He muttered, helping me back to my feet.
“Just let me get my - my breath back and I’ll race you,” I quipped back.

Bucky shot me a withering glare before wrapping his arm back around me, keeping his gun in his other hand while we hobbled away from our hiding place. I pressed myself against his side some more, a roll of pain shooting through me with every step, my vision faltering a little. I whimpered out his name just as I felt myself go slack, black dots swimming in front of my eyes.

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