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IxxJ Friends

~ Based on our INTJ, INFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ squad ~

- Complains about his lack of romantic life 24/7.
- Only likes doing / watching / reading stuff that makes him feel good.
- Always cheerful, never happy.
- Absolute bookworm.
- Seems shy and friendly.
- Judgmental.
- Awesome fashion style.
- Hair is always on point.
- Can’t watch a show or read a book if he dislikes the main characters.
- Also emo trash™.

Common phrases include:
- “But that’s not practical”.
- “Don’t think about it so much”.
- “Learn from me”.
- “We are cleaning up right now”.
-“That’s adorable”

- Witty and sharp humor 24/7.
- Emo trash™.
- All the yes to fictional worlds.
- Awesome writer.
- Her characters are more likable and complex than most real people.
- Better psychologist than 80% of professionals.
- Loves video games.
- Needs to be in the mood in order to do something smoothly.
- Understands anyone better than they understand themselves.
- Master puzzle solver.
- Whenever she does something moral but stupid, she compares herself to James Kirk to feel validated

Common phrases include:
- “I was joking"
- “That is hilarious, dude”.
- “*Explanation about how she started saying something in an ironic way, and how she is now doing it unironically*”.
- “Everything is meaningless. I wish I was dead”.
- “Fuck you, too”.

- Very busy person.
- Everything is scheduled (revenge included).
- Prefers to read non-fiction.
- Nerdy af.
- Learns physics in their free time.
-Quotes Spock in random situations.
- Very practical and driven.

Common phrases include:
“I already did it”.
“*Smiling in a very sweet and frightening way* Well, they shouldn’t have done that”.
“World domination is the best solution”
“You have to see this”.

- If it doesn’t teach you anything then what’s the point?
- Either so driven that they ignore physical needs, or so demotivated that they can only exist in the dark™.
- Once investigated intensively to find out if it was really true that Heavy Metal had a bad influence on mental health.
- Dark humour, which increases exponentially with INFJ’s presence.
- Likes bullying ISFJ, gets bullied by ISTJ.
- Existential crisis at least twice a week.
- Seems serious and intimidating on the outside, the social anxiety is real on the inside.
- 🎵Animals are better than people🎵

Moto: If I can understand it, I can fix it.

Shared characteristics
- Avoid crowds and noisy people.
- Avoid people in general.
- 99% of our meet ups are in either one of our homes.
- Allergic to stupidity.
- Perfectionism™.
- Different manifestations of condescendence

- Shows them a meme trash™ video

- Has already seen the same meme trash™ video 10 times.

- Can be mildy amused about the meme trash™ video. Will complain anyways to put his own video of liking.

- Doesn’t get and/or hates the meme trash™ video. Pretends to enjoy it.

(Bonus: INFJ notices)


xNTx squad

xNFx squad


In Mexican lucha libre — professional wrestling known for its masked fighters and cartoonish style — the bad guys rule. They’re known simply as rudos.

“Mexican lucha libre is for rudos. We welcome any rudo who wants to come in here and be badder than the others,” says Marco Espinosa, a fan, from beneath his souvenir lucha libre mask.

So it made sense for Sam Polinsky, a 27-year-old wrestler from Pittsburgh, to try his luck south of the border. He came to Mexico about nine months ago and branded himself as Sam Adonis, “El Rudo de las Chicas” or the “Ladies’ Bad Guy.”

When Donald Trump won the presidency after a campaign that regularly scapegoated and insulted the Mexican people, Polinsky saw an opportunity to turn up the heat on his bad-guy character.

“I had a perfect idea: Why not come to the arena with [an American] flag, but I’m gonna take this to a whole other level,” he says, unfurling a flag and grinning. “I have a 4-ft. flag with the face of Donald Trump on it.”

With this prop, he became the surrogate of Donald Trump in Mexican lucha libre.

In Mexico, The Crowd Loves To Hate Pro Wrestler Who Plays Trump Supporter

Photos: James Fredrick for NPR

Leaving Tour

A/N: Some more Dad!Shawn because I have the biggest inspiration for it. School starts tomorrow and I want to write as much as I can. (SEND REQUESTS)


You’ve been on tour with Shawn before. It was easy, just be ready whenever you need to be and be okay sharing your boyfriend with thousands of girls.

You get used to it. 

But this time around you won’t be staying long. Now that you have Y/d/n, you can’t stay the whole time. It’s just not possible.

He won’t admit it but having you both there is a distraction, and that’s the last thing he needs. 

He argued with you, on this topic, for hours on end. 

“I don’t want you to leave, if you leave then she won’t know who I am.”

“That’s not true Shawn.” 

“Please, Y/n don’t leave. Please, I don’t want you to leave.” He teared up. 

And you almost gave in, you had only seen Shawn cry a few times. Those few times were just enough for you to know that you don’t like it when he does. It makes you feel helpless because you don’t know how to comfort him. 

“Shawn, we’re not leaving you, we’re leaving tour. That’s all. I just can’t travel with her anymore.” You protest against him. 

“Why? When you’re here there’s others around to help you. I’m here to help you. I’m here.” He says taking your hands.

“I know that Shawn. I do, and I love that. But Shawn were off to a new city every night. We never stop long enough for her to get used to the time zone, hell for us to get used to the time zone. I just want to go home, and let her settle down.”

“But I’m not home.” He whispers.

“Yes you are Shawn, you are everywhere around our home.” 

“No, that’s not the same and you know it. You know what I mean. Y/n, please.”

By then he was begging you and again you almost gave in. But you couldn’t do it anymore. Having a newborn is exhausting, traveling with a newborn was worse. Her ears constantly popping from elevation changes. Not sleeping during the night but during the day. It’s just so crowded on the bus for all the things you need for her, but for his tour too. It just doesn’t make sense.

“I’m sorry Shawn, but I need to go home.” 

It took you days to finally convince him. He hated the idea of you being home alone with his babygirl with no help.

You had to tell him.

“I’ll call you everyday, I’ll send you pictures and videos. If I need anything I’ll call your mom, Aaliyah can like practically move in to help. Shawn we’ll be okay I promise.” 

So sadly the day you two were leaving is today. Shawn hasn’t let her go all day. He has done everything in his power to hold her. 

But now your in the car, your close enough to home that he insisted on driving you home. 

His hand is holding yours and the soft sounds of John Mayer plays lowly hoping not to wake your daughter but loud enough to calm Shawn down.

“I don’t want you to leave.” He looks over at you quickly.

“Shawn,” You sigh, its a rough day for him. But it’s also a rough day for you. You are leaving your husband to go home with your daughter and take care of her without him. 

You almost tell him to turn the car around, head back to the bus. 

“I love you, call me every morning, every night. Send me pictures and videos.” He says holding your hand tighter.

“I love you too.” You say feeling like you might cry. You cough and clear your throat trying to get this lump out of your throat.

“Babe are you okay?” He asks looking at you worried. You look at him and break, you let a tear fall. “Don’t cry.” 

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want to leave either.” 

“Then don’t.”


“I know, I know. I talked to Aaliyah, shes on summer break, she’s gonna stay in the guest room.” 

“Shawn, she’s seventeen she shouldn’t have to give up her summer just to help me.”

“She told me she wanted too. Said she wants to become like best friends with Y/d/n.” 



“You’re gonna have help, and I’m gonna fly back so much it’s gonna be like I’m not even on tour.”

“Shawn.” You start.

“No, I’m doing that. If you’re leaving then I’m gonna fly back to be home as much as possible.” He says turning the vehicle. 

“You know, when she’s older we can stay. Just give her a few years.” You smile at him. You look in the back seat and then back at him. 

“I know.” 

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @dilfosaur - featuring the voice of myself as Genji, Hanzo and McCree! Left tiddy the same. LEFT TIDDY THE SAME. o: Also, this is an advance notice that updates for the Overwatch AWNN series is possibly going to be a little spotty in the upcoming weeks as I’m taking a trip to AMERICA and meeting up with friends and eating your delicious garbage foods and GOING TO DISNEYLAND (maybe, still undecided, I hate crowds). So yeah, I probably won’t have time to do these things for a while maybe, sorry. o:

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Press Play

FINALLY! The next one-shot in the klance YouTuber AU! The next thing I post probably won’t be a part of this AU since I work on a ton of stuff and I still need to finish a lot of it, but I wanted to post this today as a thank you!

I’m not going to link the other one-shots, just know that from now on these one-shots will be tagged with ‘klance youtuber au’ on my tumblr. The series can be found on my AO3 here.

This one is how Lance and Keith first met!! Most of the one-shots in this AU are gonna be entirely fluff, unlike the last one, but who knows? I’ll probably find a way to incorporate more angst at some point. I hope you guys like it!

Keith hated crowds, and he knew he always would. The feeling of being in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for all the people in it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially since he always felt everyone was staring at him, for some reason. Talking to one person he didn’t know was bad enough, but being surrounded by them? A nightmare, as far as he was concerned.

Stupid VidCon. Stupid Shiro and his stupid, stupid YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to document their life on video for an audience, anyway? Sometimes Keith wondered how they were even friends.

And it didn’t help that he was completely, hopelessly, lost. The directions Shiro had given him made absolutely no sense! Apparently he was supposed to ‘look for where Allura’s selling makeup’, but Keith didn’t know who Allura was, much less where she sold her line of 'limited-addition lipsticks.’ The only thing he knew about Allura was that at some point she’d taught Shiro how to successfully do winged eye-liner, and now he wore it all the time.

Keith sighed, and looked back down at the notepad in his hand, with the list of Shiro’s instructions for where to go. They still didn’t help. And, to make matters worse, Keith forgot to look where he was going, and bumped straight into someone else.

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Idols at Airports

I’ve said this time and time again. If you’re going to greet idols at airports PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE THEM SPACE. I hate seeing videos of security pushing fans out the way and then seeing comments saying ‘they treat the fans so badly!’. Mate, if the fans gave them space to walk they wouldn’t have to be pushed out of the way. Seriously, I have no sympathy for fans who get shoved away, it’s your own fault for getting too close.

Put yourselves in the idols shoes. Would you like to be crowded and have phones and cameras shoved in your face while you’re on your way to another country, you’ve had no sleep, you’ve been travelling all day, and all you want is to get to the hotel and rest before performing for paying fans the following day? I certainly wouldn’t.

Better yet don’t go to airports to see famous people. You aren’t paying to see them and you’re disrupting the staff and passengers who work/travel from said airports. By running around and crowding idols you’re putting yourself, the idols, and the people who work and use the airport at risk.


I don’t care if you want a picture of your idols. I do too, trust me I do, nobody ever comes to my country, but when they do I don’t bother going to the airport. I don’t want to be mixed up in that chaos, I’m not paying to see them. Stop putting yourselves and other people in danger for the sake of a shaky video or blurry picture. The idols are working, you aren’t paying to see them, leave them be.

Is it wrong? || Miniminter

Random Imagine :: Miniminter

Title :: Is it wrong?

Mistakes? :: probably a lot of them.

Y/f/n - your fiancé’s name


It had been two years.

A two years since I walked out on him, a year since I met somebody new… two years. Is it wrong that I left him without warning and then went off to find someone new? Is it wrong that every time I go to bed at night, my fiancé sleeping next to me, that I think of him? Is it wrong that after this entire year I still have feelings for him?

I left him. I moved on, well I tried to. Is it wrong that I watch his videos everyday? Is it wrong that I’m marrying someone who I don’t love? When y/f/n got down on one knee and popped the question, I didn’t know what to do. It was so public, he looked so happy and I couldn’t take that away from him. I didn’t want to say yes, but I felt pressured.

Is it wrong that I’m using this marriage as a ticket of moving on? I left Simon because he had so much ahead of him and I always felt like a burden, so I left him. Though, whenever I watch him I see that his eyes don’t light up the way they used to, his laughter isn’t as genuine, his smile isn’t as real. It’s all my fault. I left him and now I’m paying the price too.

Is it wrong that I was at his door on my wedding day? Is it wrong that when he opened the door I kissed him passionately, standing in a white dress and makeup done ready to get married? Is it wrong that on the day I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with y/f/n, I was standing kissing another man?

Is it wrong that I didn’t feel guilt?

“Y/n? What– judging by your attire I assume that you’re getting married?” His tone was calm but his eyes showed that he was ready to break down crying. I felt guilty. I had caused his pain.

“Yes. Simon, I’m sorry! I- I have regretted my choice of leaving you since it happened, but I met someone new to get over you. I left you because I was holding you back. I- I said yes to another man when all I wanted was to be with you. I love you Simon Minter. I never stopped,” By this point the guys had gathered around, watching our little reunion.

Simon’s mouth dropped open in shock. Is it wrong that I wanted to rip his clothes off right then and there?

“I-I don’t know what to say. I love you too and you’re forgiven but Y/n you just left someone who you was supposed to be spending the rest of your life with…” His eyes travelled behind me, I turned around to see my fiancé, my family and his family. My parents were smiling but his weren’t.

My parents knew that I loved Simon, they loved him just as much as I did.

“I should have known this was coming. You watched his videos all the time, you still had pictures of him on your phone. I wanted to believe that it was just for memories, but deep down I knew that you loved him. You let me make a fool of myself in front of everyone! If you didn’t love me, y/n then why agree to marrying me? Selfish! You’re utterly selfish!”

Is it wrong that I felt like punching him?

“You put me on the spot! I didn’t know what to say! And then you told all our families before I could even talk to you about it, I couldn’t disappoint anyone! I’m in the wrong, I know. You can hate me but I can’t help what has happened, I can’t help my decisions. You’re a great guy but you knew I loved Simon. I always have and I am so sorry.”

He looked down at his feet. His Mom looked like she was ready to attack, she never liked me anyway. Simon held me in his arms as the crowd left, my parents gave us hugs before getting in their car and driving away. I turned to Simon and gave him a guilty smile.

“Can we start over?” I begged.

He smiled.

“Hi, I’m Simon. I make YouTube videos and I’m incredibly lonely.”

I laughed, remembering the first time we had met. He apparently thought I was attractive and awkwardly introduced himself, it was a lot less smooth than it was this time.

“I’m y/n and I make bad decisions sometimes.”

Simon smiled and leaned down to kiss me.

Is it wrong that I have never felt more at home?

Is it wrong?

Flying high

A/n: so daughter’s burden and the strongest Talon are finished! Which means I can start this one which I’ve had the idea for a while. If you like this I highly recommend reading the maximum ride series by James Patterson.
Description: Damian comes home after being gone for a year and finds that his father has a new ally.

Damian ran down to the cave to see batcow. He had been gone for a year working with some fellow heroes on an extended mission and it strangely felt good to be home.

Until a throwing star embedded itself in the doorframe next to his head.

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anonymous asked:

Durian Rider is still labeling u fake. Such a shame as he is getting a lot of people convinced that you are not true to your colours and I can only think it will end up with people not wanting to follow you. Durian also mentioned that you are ranking in the money, I suppose too thanks to us morons who thought you were true but came to hear that you are FAKE.

1. I know who I am, what I do and my values in life and what I do online especially. 

2. His reason for me being “fake” is that Jonah my partner was sitting aside at the next table alone when I was sitting at the table just over with fonzie, bonny..etc. Jonah didn’t want to join the table because honestly he doesn’t have the same interests or get along with them comfortably, I told him to come over but he rather sit alone and he was completely fine with that, he only looked bummed out cause his phone has no battery.

For photos he doesn’t like taking photos together to post online and for videos, I’ve made some with him but whenever I actually go to film he hates it so I’m not going to drag him to do something he isn’t interested in doing just to get the views or make it look like we are some social media couple thing hahah (in saying this occasionally I’ll drag him to film a what he eats because as much as he hates filming he still wants to show what dudes can eat being vegan)

He is not interested in being photographed or being in videos and he has his own crowd of people he hangs around which have the same interests as him or just people he can socialise with easily and comfortably.

What’s funny is if I were to have Jonah online or in every photo that would some how end up being fake or whatever but because we just don’t take photos together that is also being fake or equals to me not caring about Jonah… We have been dating for almost 2 years next month, love each other a lot, have been close friends for 5 years and have spoken about anything and everything, especially this topic since I would love to have him in my photos or videos but it’s him that doesn’t want to and I respect that, he rather be behind the camera. another example I would love for him to start training again but he hates the gym now and love skating, I’m not going to force him to do something he hates. Fake for me would be making him train and take selfies together acting like some fitness couple or something or making his what I eat videos something it’s not just to make him look like he eats super healthy hahahah.. so yeah!

Another thing regarding money, I say NO to offers that pay around $1000-4000 for promoting products that I genuinely do not want to endorse.. products like lifesum app for example that everyone promotes (I didn’t want to endorse it because 1. I don’t use that stuff (only cronometer for the nutrients which this app does not have) and 2. it’s about counting calories and what you burned..etc and I actually think about those out there who can possibly develop an eating disorder through these things). and other things like waste trainers, protein powders, weight loss pills or sups, teeth whitening, detox products, games, makeup and the list goes on…

So just because I generate income online does not = being fake. 

anonymous asked:

Brendon hears you and josh getting busy in a stall at a panic! concert

“Be quiet, Josh.” you giggled palming him. He groaned and set his head back against the wall, “Well speed up YN. You’re killing me, girl.” he chuckled and pushed his pants down.

You were so excited to go to a Panic! concert, you had no idea that you’d spend half of it in the back dressing room with Josh. But he didn’t have the tolerance to watch you “fawn all over Brendon, all damn night” he had said. You dropped to your knees and began to work him over, to “prove that you wanted him more”.


You wished Josh had been quiet, because Brendon has a big mouth. When you got wind that he had dedicated his song ‘Hallelujah’ to you two, you wanted to die. The song is infamously known to be about sex. You groaned whenever you clicked on the video:

“this next song goes out to my good friends Josh and YN, who grasp the meaning pretty well and are just wonderful personifications of the song. One of the last times I invite them to a show of mine. Anyways, here’s Hallelujah.” he laughs as the crowd cheers.

“Josh!” you groaned, “I hate you so much.”

b a i t  |  a thiam fanmix

[part 2/?] part 1 here, listen to the entire playlist here

i’m only helping you as long as it helps me.

something to believe in - young the giant
i’ve got you written / in a black book / by the railroad track / you see i know your fate

stubborn love - the lumineers 
it’s better to feel pain / than nothing at all / the opposite of love’s indifference

half light - banners 
when you’re in the half light / it is not you i see / and you’ll live a half life / you only show half to me
[note: via @lostinmixedsignals – check out their thiam fanmix here!!]

mountain sound - of monsters and men
so i packed my things and ran / far away from all the trouble / i had caused with my two hands

avalanche - walk the moon
one glance and the avalanche drops / one look and my heartbeat stops

favorite liar - the wrecks
and i can almost taste it / the bloody lip you left with me last night / kiss me one last time

holy grail - dead posey
lone wolf roam around / alone in the crowd / savage the fools / gonna shout at the moon 
[note: from this video of a different tw ship, but equally applicable imo]

train - brick and mortar
…everything you hate / your thoughts, your words and everything you say / defines you, defined you 

roll up - fitz and the tantrums
i don’t care, i don’t care, if i’m losing my way / i’ll be waiting for you as the night fades away 

ever after - marianas trench
you say i would make a better liar / and never face the music when it’s dire

trust me, i know.

The Fitting Room (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by chokaivlicious

28. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.” + Jongin

The task of shopping for dresses was never pleasant, and having to pick one for your sister’s wedding was even more of a foreboding prospect. You groaned and whined about it, even as Jongin dragged you to the mall.  

‘But I hate dresses!’ You complained loudly.

Jongin ignored you, holding your hand tightly to keep you from diverting off to the coffee shop or one of the video game stores. He expertly dodged through the crowd with you in tow and only stopped once you had reached the brightly lit boutique.  

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•so many smiles

•he rarely smiles with others and normally expresses himself through his eyes but with you he can never stop smiling

•he gets nervous sometimes when he meets new people because he thinks they will judge him based on his past

•so when he first met you he actually didn’t speak to you once

•he made ten go get your number for him

•he now relies on you so much when meeting people as just having you next to him calms him down and reassures him that everything is ok

•lots and lots of back hugging

•you’re washing dishes? back hug

•brushing your hair? back hug

•leaving the house? back hug

•when he back hugs you he rubs his nose in the gap just behind your ear and sometimes if he’s feeling affectionate he plants a little kiss there too

•he borrowed jaehyun’s clothes on your first date because you had mentioned that you like how jaehyun dresses

•expect him to be needy after practice

•even if he is soaked in sweat he will trap you in hugs and fall asleep on you without saying much because he is so tired and just needed a cuddle

•”taeyong you stink get off …get off of me…. taeYONG i sWEAR”

•kissing taeyong can range from being really soft and delicate almost as if he isn’t even touching you to heavy and desperate with him holding you really really tight

•you once accidentally found a box of his sketchbooks under his clothes rack in the dorm

•lots of them were of you in different forms like some where realistic some were cartoon some were sketches some were coloured 

•there were so many and they were all beautiful 

•you’ve never seen him run so fast after ten told him that you were grinning at his drawings

•he changed his name in your phone to “your visual ;)”

•flirty flirty flirty 24/7

•this involves him saying embarrassing and sometimes x rated things when you’re with the other members just so he can glance at you to see your reaction

•his weakness is you playing with his bangs

•even after dance practice when he’s sweaty and tired you always bring a hair brush so you can sit in his lap and brush his messy hair

•if he could purr he would when you brush his hair he turns into a smiling mess

•taeyong never blushes but once he overheard you telling johnny how important taeyong is and he swore his cheeks were on fire

•he’s very protective but very lowkey about it

•like he won’t ever get in your way of talking to someone or get physical if someone is being overly flirty but he will definitely make it clear that he’s your boyfriend 

•if something upsets you he gets really riled up and doesn’t know how to handle it so just paces about the room ranting about how you don’t deserve to ever be hurt by anyone

•he also can’t handle you crying it’s the worst thing for him and if he sees you cry his heart breaks so he just pulls you into his neck or chest or any part of him so he can hold you 

•“tae where did you put my phone”

•“tae have you been on my phone”

•“oh my god taeyong why the hell did you take three thousand pictures of your leg on my phone”

•taeyong is a weird cuddler sometimes he wants you to be the one to tangle your arms around him and kiss his back while he falls asleep but other times he’s really dominating and practically cages you into his chest so he can wrap himself around you while you curl up against him

•he has that alternating little spoon big spoon complex

•the first time you stayed over at the dorm he planned on sleeping on the floor and letting you have the bed but he fell asleep beside you while you watched movies on his laptop

•you once bought him a pair of spongebob boxer shorts on your second date as a joke and he still has them

•you call him his full name when you’re mad and secretly he finds it really funny and cute so his heart swells whenever you say it

•”lee taeyong” “[taeyong dorky smiling and blushing like a baby]”

•since he doesn’t like mess he is constantly cleaning your house

•sometimes he just gets up during a movie and gets a cloth and just wipes the tv screen 

•he actually loves cleaning your room he found so much more about you by tiding your draws and finding an old photo album or trinkets you forgotten even existed

•you find him sat in the middle of your bedroom floor once smiling up at you because he had laid all the old things from your childhood he had found so you could look through them together

•he drags the others out with him whenever he is looking for a present for you because he never has a clue what to get

•"taeil what flowers would they like" “ok but doyoung would this look good on them” “ten put that back they would hate that” “oh fucking hell mark why would you even pick that up” “jesus christ where has yuta gone”

•he normally settles on a plushie and picks your favourite drawings from one of his sketchbooks to put in a frame

•when he’s away he doesn’t call much as he’s bad at voicing his words so instead texts you constantly

•he also video calls you whenever he can

•once during the encore of one of the smtown shows everyone thought he was taking pictures of the crowd but really he was video calling you

•"look where i am" “taeyong you’re literally on stage get the hell off Skype”

•he once asked to do your hair and forced you to go out for dinner with your hair however he styled it

•you ended up eating in a restaurant with twenty three pink bows pinned in your hair and an entire can of hairspray holding it in various weird shapes

•he tries to keep up his cool image in front of others but when he’s with you it has always melted away

•he even bakes cakes for you both sometimes

•his lockscreen is a picture yuta took of tearing kissing your nose on your 100 day anniversary 

•the same anniversary where taeyong tried to keep up his cool image by giving you his jacket while you were walking but he ended up getting the zipper stuck in his hair so you had to spend ten minutes trying to pull it out

•which worked out pretty well for him since you were so close to his face that he took it as the chance for your first kiss

•it was so quick you weren’t even sure it happened but you looked up to see him staring at you before he leaned in again and kissed you again

•his favourite thing to ask the others is “who’s gonna win the fight to be best man at our wedding”

•which always ends up with hansol smacking the back of his head for being cheesy

•like johnny he is always scared of upsetting you he would never do anything to hurt or upset you because you mean the world to him

•but this basically means he will always hold your hand in public and not a soft gentle hand hold a “taeyong my fingers are actually about to fall off you’re holding them so rtight” hand hold

•you once scratched your knee slightly by tripping accidentally and taeyong was so worried he carried you the whole way from the store back to the dorm before bandaging your knee with gigantic bandages when really the scratch was the size of a small coin

•he keeps his emotions inside when he isn’t with you so whenever he is away or he bottles up his feelings until he can see you again

•and when he finally does see you he just likes to lay beside you holding your hand explaining what had upset him and why

•he realised he had fallen in love with you during one of these moments

•he also realised he was in love with you when he saw that you started carrying around hand sanitiser or a small pack of wipes for him so he can clean his hands if he ever feels his phobia creeping up on him

•you’re surprisingly close to the younger ones 

•you once dozed off with jisung and jaemin against each of your arms cuddled into your sides during a movie and you could just about see taeyong tucking you all in with a blanket before whispering “you’re going to be the best parent to our kids aren’t you”

•or maybe you were dreaming?

•or maybe you weren’t

•dating taeyong is like dating your best friend and expect him to treat you like the most precious thing in his life


So I was watching some Markiplier videos and in the recommended section was Random Encounter’s “resident Enis” music video, so I started watching it. While that was playing, my brain immediately told me to go draw a fanart of that ego. Then I realized that monster gulch Mark was never accepted as an ego, so here are some headcanons of him.

• has major trust issues

• lives in the woods

• hates crowds; even being with Mark’s other egos kinda scares him

• has nightmares about his time in Monster Gulch, back before he found the other egos

• never shares anything with anyone

• triggered by the slightest mention of vampires

• carries a machete everywhere for “protection”

• sometimes he just walks in with a dead thing over his shoulder, then skins and cooks it in the kitchen while the others stare

• hoards obsessively

@reverseblackholeofwords, you can run with this, right? All writers out there, maybe just a short piece about Monster Gulch Mark meeting the other egos?

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One more speculation from my side is, maybe it was because Camille simply didn't want to be alone in the crowd?

Could be :) I heard some assholes at the LA show filmed her on snapchat (I believe), and called her his latest whore or something. One of them was apparently meant to meet Harry at the iHeart thing, but fans had sent in that video to Jeff and his crew, and they stopped her from meeting H. Bless. And she has gotten her share of hate on SoMe, so I can see that she maybe doesn’t wanna be alone in crowds. Although I’m sure she’d get security if that would make her feel safe :)

i know this is from our discord but i want yall to know too

i wish i could explain better why messages like this make me so happy and why i appreciate them so much. i’ll do my best tho

naturally, everyone likes validation, appreciation, and recognition. so of course sweet, random messages like this would make anyone happy. im no different, obviously, and i understand im nothing special. never have been.

but, i hate feeling… average. normal. like im just another person in a crowd. all of it. i cant stand it and its the root of a lot of my emotional breaks. i just feel like i’ll never be anyone of any sort of importance. i’ll never hit my goals, i’ll never reach my dreams, i’ll always be mediocre. that kind of thing. and, unfortunately, most of my skills, talents, anything i do is all mediocre in my eyes. my art, my dioramas, my writing, my videos, my grades way back in school, all of it. 

i mean, i obviously dont want to demand recognition by doing anything extreme like “gendertrending”, rioting, or shit i just dont care about to get on the news.

my entire dream, my goal, since early middle school was to be a content creator, specifically for youtube. although, if it meant recognition, making people happy, helping people, being well known, and having communications with large numbers of people who knew me, i’d be happy with it. 

recognition is what i wanted, and i never expected it when i made this blog. i didnt expect to be someone that others looked up to, i didnt expect to have people so interested in what i did here. i started this blog thinking it’d be a fun thing to do on the side and the other antikin blogs i followed had aspects that i thought i could improve myself. i thought i would just get hatemail and that was it.

i never stepped back and thought “you’re going to have people coming to you for help. you’re going to have people looking up to you, you’re going to make friends from doing this. you’re going to build a small community around your blog and what you do.”

that never even crossed my mind. i thought it would go ignored. 

but, here we are. and even though im not much closer to my actual dream of making popular content, i’m still recognised here and on discord. and that’s really heartwarming. to know ive pretty much built a kind of family here, a group of people that are inspired by what i say, people who come to me for help, people who look to me for guidance.

its moving and makes me happy to know ive achieved so much by doing so little.

and i know this will probably get screencapped and put on some fucking stupid anti-anti blog and i’ll get made fun of for being genuinely happy, i know. if it does, fine. i get it. petty people want something to laugh at and it doesnt help im in my, what 20s? 30s? whatever, i dont care. i just want my followers to know im happy. that being here makes me happy. posting this content makes me happy.

i just feel like im another step forward, despite in actuality being no closer than i was before. one day i’ll give you guys my youtube and maybe that’ll be the start of something bigger. 

but im not ready yet. 

so, a big thank you to everyone who follows this blog. a big thank you to anyone who’s interacted with this blog, positively or not. even the negative interactions helped. 

i really appreciate all you’ve done for me, and i hope i can continue to do more for you.


namseok long-distance relationship au

inspired by this, with help from and mostly made up for @ronthany

  • Nams is an underground rapper with a pretty respectable fanbase
  • Hobi is one of the top students at his dance school, concentration being choreography though he is ridiculously fond of performing
  • they meet via twitter thanks to a shared interest in a certain drama
  • (they argued about ships a lot because Nams’ opinions are obviously wrong)
  • eventually moving to chatting on kkt
  • Hobi: How many Ryan stickers does one man really need?
  • Nams: However many I have at any given time plus one.
  • somehow their chats feel super comfortable though??
  • Hobi is very uncomfortable with that like wtf how is this jerk in my head
  • “I’m a rapper.” “The fuck you are.” “No seriously!”
  • Hobi refuses to believe him just out of spite
  • they eventually work up to video chatting also out of spite
    • Nams video calls Hobi right before going on stage
    • “This is my face. This is my crowd. You owe me money now.”
  • Hobi continues to deny Nams’ skills
  • but then the video calls become A Regular Thing???
  • Hobi suuuuuuuuper disapproves
  • (routine they eventually establish - Nams calling Hobi super late - “Wake up and say goodnight to me.” “I really fucking hate you, Kim Namjoon.”)
  • Hobi’s always bare-faced during their calls and Nams gets curious about seeing him in makeup
  • Hobi makes awkward faces
  • but eventually indulges Nams and calls him right after being made up for a Black Swan performance
  • Nams was not prepared for that
  • and now there are Feelings
  • sooooo many feelings
  • (he writes songs about Hobi but plz don’t tell Hobi)
  • after like 8 months of awkward flirting (Hobi: It is not flirting.) Nams sends Hobi a message that just says turn around - and thus Nams is standing in the lobby of Hobi’s major’s building with some flowers and a shy little smile and Hobi really just walked past him at first because he’s so focused on getting to class
  • (spoiler: Hobi does not make it to class)
  • (it’s still not flirting though)

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