i hate the colouring on this film

Things to do instead of hurting yourself

- Paint or draw on yourself

- Colour

- Read

- Call a friend (or text them if the phone scares you)

- Exercise (it helps)

- Watch a Disney film

- Plan a vacation

- Listen to music (not something sad, pick something uplifting)

- Dance

- Pet an animal

- Soak in the sun

Feel free to add anything to this list. This is just what helps me. Stay safe :)

I’m so scared that one day a/n/t/i/s will find my blog and flood my inbox with hate. I see so many blogs bashing those in the cg/l community… the last thing I want is to end up on their pages and blacklists. I keep my posts sfw and my little space is /not/ a kink, but I still find people like me getting crucified on those kind of blogs.
I just don’t understand what is so wrong with me regressing to a place where I feel safe… what’s wrong with me having stuffed animals, colouring, and enjoying Disney films? And I might be single as of right now, but why is it so wrong to wanna call my cg, mommy/daddy? Just let us be little/:

Lady Macbeth: how one film took on costume drama's whites-only rule
It’s set in Victorian Britain – and has more black characters than all the Austens and Downtons put together. Will Lady Macbeth end period drama’s whitewashing of history?
By Steve Rose

“There are two sides to this problem. First, the repercussions are being felt on Britain’s screens and stages as actors of colour are excluded. As Thandie Newton has said about being based in Britain: “I love being here, but I can’t work, because I can’t do Downton Abbey, can’t be in Victoria, can’t be in Call the Midwife … there just seems to be a desire for stuff about the royal family, stuff from the past, which is understandable, but it just makes it slim pickings for people of colour.”

As a result, many British actors – from Idris Elba to David Oyelowo to Chiwetel Ejiofor – go to the US to find work as well. Sophie Okonedo went to act with Denzel Washington on Broadway, Newton is currently in Westworld, Daniel Kaluuya jumped ship with American horror Get Out – and the list goes on. Samuel L Jackson recently questioned why all the plum Hollywood roles were going to Brits; if he channel-surfed on British TV, he would have seen why.

The second aspect of the problem is that these ethnically cleansed costume dramas give the impression that there were no people of colour in Britain’s past, which is far from the truth. In the third century, Roman emperor Septimius Severus, born in what is now Libya, brought his family and court to York. A fourth-century skeleton excavated in York in 2010 was found to have African characteristics and was buried with a bracelet made of ivory. DNA tests discovered rare African-specific chromosomes in white British men. Onyeka’s book Blackamoores documents the presence of Africans in Tudor Britain. Britain’s global empire and the legacy of slavery brought significant non-white populations to our shores.

The underrepresentation of black historical figures on screen has created a catch-22 situation. At the British Film Institute last year, Oyelowo spoke about trying to develop a movie based on Bill Richmond, a real‑life black bare-knuckle boxer in 19th‑century London. He read out one of his rejection letters, in which the producers explained that they couldn’t make his film since “a viewer must have a sense of what it is they are to get: either a familiar title or a piece of history that is ripe for a revisit”. In other words, even though this was a true story, the producers thought it would confuse audiences to see a black character in a period movie. Oyelowo went off to play Martin Luther King instead.”


25 favourite french movies - 6/25

Populaire (Régis Roinsard, 2012)


fancasting meme: seven more canon historical figures -
Yvonne Catterfeld as Shiera Seastar

“Though she never wed, she had many offers, and several lovers through the years. Duels were fought over the right to sit beside her, men killed themselves after falling from her favour, poets outdid each other writing songs about her beauty. Her most ardent admirer was her half-brother, Bloodraven, who proposed marriage to her half a hundred times. Shiera gave him her bed, but never her hand. It amused her more to make him jealous.”

Bir kaç öneri;

The perks of being a wallflower (2012)
Palo Alto (2013)
It’s kind of a funny story (2010)
Another happy day (2011)
Virgin suicides (1999)
Stuck in love (2012)
Mommy (2014)
The first day of the rest of your life (2008)
Love at first fight (2014)
The art of getting by (2011)
The bling ring (2013)
Juno (2007)
Léon (1994)
Easy A (2010)
Young & beautiful (2013)
The spectacular now (2014)
I killed my mother (2009)
Blue is the warmest colour (2013)
Respire (2014)
We children from Bahnhof Zoo (1981)
White bird (2014)
We need to talk about Kevin (2011)
The maze runner (2014)
Keith (2008)
Ginger & Rosa (2012)
Love, Rosie (2014)
10 things I hate about you (1999)
The breakfast club (1985)
Dog pound (2010)
An education (2009)
Coldwater (2013)
Cherrybomb (2011)
The Basketball diaries (1995)
American beauty (1999)
The Road within (2014)
Chronicle (2012)
Dans la maison (2012)
Smartass (2014)

Sizde çok beğendiğiniz dizi ve ya filmleri rebloglayarak önerebilirsiniz.

LGBT Movie Reviews: Recap

So, I’ve watched quite a few queer-related movies in the past few weeks. Here’s a recap of the ones I’ve watched (and ones I’m going to watch) and how I’ve rated them.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour: 5/10 Brownie points for Lea Seydoux being Lea Seydoux, but it’s a no-go for the male gaze-oriented sex scenes. And Adele’s snot-crying at the end. And for Emma calling Adele a slut… I love and hate that scene both at the same time. But mainly hate. Also, it’s long and in all French, so you better put on the subtitles and have a good 3 hours to just chill.

High Tension: 7/10 Cecile de France is amazing in this film (read: her haircut is hot), and I’m sad her character had such a bad ending. The gore is slightly over-the-top, but terrific in its execution (so many bad puns. I apologize). Although most of it is in French and dubbed in some places, I would still watch it again in a heartbeat. The suspense and the tension were high (again, I’m sorry, I can’t help it) but the ending does not bode well for LGBT folks. As is such with many films in the horror genre, the concept of sexuality is a misused and abused one.. but it makes for great fanfiction (mine, since it’s one of the only TWO fanfics posted on the internet from this fandom). 

But I’m A Cheerleader: 6/10 Too campy for my taste, but I shipped Megan and Graham from the moment Graham said “I like girls” while staring at Megan. It’s a very good film to watch if you need to distract yourself from the reality of living at the Pray The Gay Away summer camp your parents just sent you to “for your own good.” Also, Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky Nichols in OITNB, so… yeah. Brownie points all around.

Imagine Me & You: 11/10 Yes, I gave it an eleven. (These go to eleven.) I absolutely LOVED this movie. Luce, The Florist, is amazing. Rachel, The Married Woman, is adorable. Heck, The Token Male Character, is… awkward and sweet and a necessary evil for the plot. But the romance! Literally, kids, I’m never watching The Notebook during a sleepover as long as I’ve got this movie. It’s fucking adorable and British and the witty dialogue is on point.

The Runaways: 7.5/10 I didn’t know I shipped KStew and Dakota Fanning until I watched this movie. And the portrayal of Joan Jett was amazing- the old middle-school me that was obsessed with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (and My Chemical Romance… we all have our punk phases) was amazed at how Joan Kristen was. Even down to their hair-flip thing.  I mean, Kristen should sing more. And wear tighter t-shirts more often, you know what I’m saying?

Better Than Chocolate: 8/10 This movie would be a seven, if I hadn’t loved the trans* character of Judy so much which added a brownie point. It was a cute comedy, and I liked the friendship between Judy and  the mom, Lila. Also, Christina Cox as Kim (girlfriend goals second only to Luce The Florist)… and the sexy painting scene around 20 minutes in… yep. Except for the random scary break-in near the end, this movie was sweet and definitely better than chocolate.

Pending reviews: 

The Kids Are All Right; Lost and Delirious; Bloomington; Loving Annabelle; My Summer of Love; When Night Is Falling; Mulholland Drive; Heavenly Creatures; Bound; Room In Rome; Cracks; Itty Bitty Titty Committee; Martyrs; The Moth Diaries; The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister; Tipping The Velvet; Desert Hearts; Go Fish and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I’ll try and watch Affinity and Fingersmith (or better yet, read them) if I can find any copies of them lying around the library. Sadly, no luck so far.

Consider this my pseudo-”summer reading” assignment, although I can’t buy lesbian-themed books (aside from The Price of Salt that I bought and have hiding in the bottom of my dresser to read at night with the door closed- it’s so good!) or else my mother will find them and ask too many questions. I feel like I smuggled in drugs or something, when I went to buy the book at Barnes and Noble. It was the fastest I’d ever been through a checkout. :)

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i would like to clear something up about the recent blackface thing about mamamoo. the stylist darkened solar's face at first. solar realised that it was blackface, saying she hates it and had the artist remove the dark makeup. so yes, there was blackface. but solar removed it and just applied the black powder on her natural skin colour to look like dirt. this time it wasn't mamamoo/solar's fault and she actually caught the blunder before they filmed it for the VCR but it was still sadly (1/2)

added to the bts video. so yes, solar did do blackface at first, from how the stylist applied the makeup but after she realised the stylist darkened her face overall, she had the woman redo it. that makes me think mamamoo did truly learn from their mistakes but the stylists didn’t get the memo. (2/2)

In Response to the uneducated "Thor Ragnarok is Copying Guardians of the Galaxy" Comments:

First of all, both previous Thor movies came out before Guardians. Thor is the only other cosmic character besides the Guardians so of course there’ll be similarities, just like how there’s similarities between the Earth heroes. So with that argument, you could say all the Earth heroes are copying each other because they’re all set on Earth. Yeah there are similarities, but the colour and composition is very different. Guardians is a Space Opera, Ragnarok looks like a Retro Scifi. Thor is the bridge between the Guardians and the Earth heroes. Get a fucking grip. You still see those gritty shades of colour during the Asgard scenes and battle scenes. Literally the only Guardian-like scene was during the Gladiator arena… but of course everyone jumps on the bandwagon and uses the same cliché complaint with next to no context. Man, I hate people…

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…I broke the internet

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You do study film, right? So, what IS your opinion on Baz Luhrmann, then? I'm an amateur, but I personally find it so hard to watch any of his projects. I stuck with The Get Down, however mainly because of the characters. I don't love his work? But I also don't completely hate it? It's always super colourful and bright and there's a thousand things going on in one frame at the same time, all the time. Tbh I always thought his work reminded me of sth an art student would do?

Yes, I do! Well, I’m not entirely all that educated on him but Luhrmann’s films are strictly a matter of taste, I’d say. He isn’t my favorite director either, to be honest haha (Even, don’t hate me). His films have overdramatic acting, vibrant settings, very fast pacing and all these other things that sometimes are just too much to take in, personally, especially when I’m not a fan of this kind of style. Luhrmann is very interested in theater and musicals and loves creating this kind of setting and bringing attention to it a lot, so that’s why you could say it appears so artsy? He is a great director no doubt and knows how to make a story fresh and extraordinary through untraditional ways sometimes even if we know the plot and the ending already (Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby) so I like him for that the most, but yeah, it’s a matter of taste, really (just like with other directors with distinct styles that aren’t for everyone) ❤

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It must be tough for Floriana because ethnicity wise she has a very varied background. I just gotta laugh when people say she's 'using brownface', like no?? That's just her skin colour which is gonna get lighter/darker depending on where she's based during filming. But I really laugh when people attack her appearance because she's so freaking beautiful, it shows how sad these trolls actually are

She truly is so beautiful and works so hard. People have to remember they film in Vancouver and it rained every couple days there all winter long so she prob wasn’t outside much and her skin got lighter. Must be a sad life to spend time hating other people.


Rules tag 10 followers you want to get to know better.

Birthday: February 24, 1999
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Single & Lonely af ;_;
Favourite colour: Red but blue is getting up there
Pets: One cat named Kitty… I know so original right?!?1
Wake up time: When I have to wake up for school 6:30 a.m but when I don’t have to go to school around 10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m
Love or list: Love duhhh
Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade I hate tea 
Cats or dogs: Cats all the way fam 
Coke or Pepsi: I don’t really like those because dark soda leaves a nasty film on my teeth I usually go for sprite but if I have to choose Pepsi i guess. 
Day or night: Both honestly but I rather it be Day 
Text or call: Both again but I like texting more because I feel like it would be awkward to talk to some of the people I text.
Met a celebrity: Nope well i’ve seen some but not like actually talked to them
Light or Dark hair: Both I have balayage hair right now but my natural hair is Dark
Short or tall: umm tall I feel like 5′5 is in the middle you know 
ChapStick or lipstick: Both but I only wear lipstick when i’m trying to look good, so ChapStick 
City or country: Country all the way! I basically have lived in the country all my life, now you take one street down and turn and you go into the country so i’m like still close by. Also my town is known for like our wine/grapes so its basically a country town anyway
Last song I listened to: T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett 

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20 questions

Tagged by @nox-writings a whiiiile ago sorry it took me so long!

1. Favourite colour

Red or blue or purple

2. Favourite book

Her Name in the Sky or The Song of Achilles or Ari and Dante

3. Top 3 films

1. 10 things I hate about you 2. A star is born 3. Rock of Ages

5. Future plans Idek what I want to do tomorrow *sigh* but I guess it’s mainly graduate and, hopefully, get to meet at least one of my internet friends at some point (I’m looking at you, @loony-loopin you are closest)
6. Religion don’t have one, but I believe in God (or at least a force greater than everything humanity knows).
7. Number of siblings one
8. Cats or dogs? DOGS
9. Tea or coffee? mostly coffee, though I do enjoy some nice English Breakfast with milk fdfkd
10. Favourite food pasta pasta pasta
11. Favourite season Autumn
12. Sexuality uh. Pansexual maybe? Idek I can be attracted to anyone regardless of gender so I guess pansexual it is.
13. Top 3 hobbies reading, wasting time on the internet (sigh), and drawing.
14. Your fandoms harry potter, p!atd… and those are the ones I’m active in right now, used to be more.
15. Your current profession school 
16. Your dream holiday a small town  in autumn when everyone is wearing scarves and over-sized jumpers and boots and getting to walk around the small town with someone I love and drinking hot cocoa (can you see my love for the small things in life).
17. Pepsi or coke? coke
18. Your pets none T_T
19. Your favourite scent cooking food, my mom’s perfume, and wet bricks.
20. Your dress style  honestly, idek

I tag: @loony-loopin @rikkachloechan @kapitan5o @thecatempire and @not-an-ivy

Getting to know me

Hey loves,

This main post is going to be a very simple post with a list of facts about myself.

I hope you enjoy!

  1. My first name is actually Alexander
  2. I’m 17 (18 in two days woo)
  3. I’m gay
  4. I have a Tragus piercing 
  5. Favourite colour is red
  6. Favourite food is Pizza
  7. Favourite game is Smite orrrr Skyrim
  8. I live in Stoke On Trent
  9. I work in Next
  10. I hate working in Next
  11. I’m half Welsh
  12. I lived in Wales for 7 years before moving to England
  13. Films are my life
  14. Favourite films are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
  15. My Patronus is a Black Swan (majestic afffff)
  16. Favourite fictional character is either Legolas or The Evil Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman
  17. In college I study Creative Media
  18. I’m going to University in Cardiff
  19. In Uni i’ll be studying Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
  20. I’m an only child
  21. I literally have 3 friends 
  22. I forgive way to easy if someone has hurt me
  23. I’ve been with guys and girls (hehe)
  24. After finishing Uni I won’t come back to live in Stoke
  25. I have commitment issues 
  26. My favourite actor is Dylan O’Brien
  27. My favourite actress is Chalize Theron 
  28. My favourite singer is Shawn Mendes (atm)
  29. My favourite Author is JK Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien
  30. At the moment my favourite song is Light my Body up
  31. RuPaul’s Drag Race is my favourite ever
  32. The best Drag Queen in my opinion is Adore Delano
  33. Lady Gaga is my inspiration for what she has done for the LGBT community
  34. My favourite gay person is Colton Haynes
  35. Spiders are my biggest fear
  36. Legit scared of getting wrinkles
  37. I had a girlfriend for all of High School
  38. I was bullied and called names through the whole of High School
  39. That girlfriend is also now Gay #gay4life
  40. I participated in NCS which is when I realised I was gay
  41. I listen to Nightcore
  42. Joey Graceffa is my favourite Youtuber along side Jeffree Star
  43. My favourite Youtube couple is Dan&Jon
  44. When singing I channel my inner Troy from HSM
  45. I plan on getting two tattoos very soon
  46. I buy a new coloured hoodie every month
  47. I only just discovered I could smile on photos and not look ugly yesterday
  48. I couldn’t get through the day without listening to my music
  49. First impressions really do matter for me
  50. I love everyone who likes or reblogs my posts <3

Okay, I think 50 is a good stopping point, I honestly thought this would take 5 minites but turns out I’m not as interesting as I thought I was ahah.

Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed these few facts about me. Until next time.