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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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The “me” couple are not really partners. They may love each other; they may be happy enough. But they don’t operate as effectively in love or work as the “we” couple. The “we” couples are unquestionably a team. You see it in their body language and especially in their speech. And when they have successes or problems they view it as something happening to both of them. 

inspired by @bringingthepretty


Heyo! This is lem0uro, and I’m opening up commissions again! Yay! All my earnings from commissions helps me pay for food, rent, bus fare, school supplies; just basically keeps me off the streets! ;u;

The Do’s/Dont’s, Order Form, Process, and additional info are below the cut, or feel free to check out my Commission Page!

5 SLOTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (I will update this post and my Commission Page as Slots are filled)

And any and all signal boosts of this post are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you! ^o^)/

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Some things I've picked up on drawing realistically:

—–The tips on blending/ base color are mostly for prismacolor pencils but could be true for other things. Everything else is kinda general.—–

-Always have a good outline before you start, if your outline is shitty there is no possible way filling it in will make it better so make your outline as accurate as possible.

-99.999999% of all artwork goes through a “this looks like trash” phase… so just keep on powering through it’s not going to get better by throwing it out and starting again 1/5 of the way through… look for ways to fix it

-use ur eraser/ paint over and fix mistakes

Work from background to foreground (back to front obejects) if your doing a background color/paint that in first. Then work on the next farthest thing. Color the inside of the eye before you do they eyelashes/ waterline

-if your subject os wearing makeup/tattoos/etc you should put down their normal skin tone first, then put on the makeup. It’s how real makeup/tattoos work and it will ensure if you screw up it will completely erase and not stain the paper underneath so you won’t have to worry about having some dark erase mark where you went out too far.

-stay away from using the color black when shading non-grey/black subjects. Unless your trying to do the shading for something black/white/grey/ or extremely dark colors (like navy blue that is so dark it looks like it could be black) avoid it, it isn’t realistic.

-human flesh tones aren’t just variations of peach/tans/browns/etc. depending on the skin tones your trying to achieve you could need turquoise, pink, purple, green, gold, blue, red, yellow, and/or a mix of everything.

-you should have a base color of the lightest highlight of the area then put the darker shading on top of it, then you can add that light color on top to blend and soften. Additionally having the lightest highlight as your base tint will ensure if you screw up on shading you can erase and not have dark erase marks as the color that ‘stains’ the paper is the lightest

-grids are your friend, use grids

-use a reference, you and the rest of the world most likely will not be able to remember things perfect from memory. Trust me even if you just want to draw a tiger

-Many schools will not want you to work from photo references for a still life project as it is actually much easier to work from photos than from real life, but if they allow it you should not feel ashamed if you want to make it less stressful on yourself and take a picture of the subject,, remember even tattoo artists will work from a photo/premade drawing in addition to a direct outline on the skin

-art is hard, nobody can teach you how to draw/paint, they can give tips and pointers to help you

-if the person in your portrait has the wrong expression, like they are to sad/angry looking, try changing the eyebrows… I’ve been in high art classes for years and didn’t know that until last week when I complained on the internet that my portrait subject looked too sad and somebody commented to check the eyebrows and it changed my life and the entire mood of the subject

-if you’re just drawing for fun (fan art, etc) you can *whispers really secretively* trace the outline *17 gasps heard from across the country* honestly I’m guilty of just not feeling like spending 6 hours perfectly proportioning the base outline of things, especially people (again, shitty base outline, shitty final product) so I will sit and zoom in on a pic on my phone/laptop and trace it. Also it’s not like it makes your art any less impressive, filling in color/shading and blending right is all up to you and that can make or break your drawing and that is something you literally can’t trace.

- ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ART WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT… like progression pics. SEEING YOUR DRAWING IN PHOTO FORM WILL MAKE YOU NOTICE THINGS THAT ARE OFF (color, proportion, etc). Trust me take pictures as you go, if something is off in the photo, fix it and take another (it’s more effective than that whole ‘turn your picture sideways bullshit’ trust me it’s what has saved so many drawings.

-if you take a break from a drawing, put it somewhere where you won’t see it every 5 seconds. When you come back to it you might notice even minute things that are off (and trust me a minute detail can change your entire piece

-white is really helpful for blending skin tones (yes even darker skin tones) again this is true for colored pencils, not sure how it would fair for other media

-If you THINK you see some kind of color tint, you probably do, make sure you try to add in just that little hint of it.

-backgrounds are hard when you are one to lose interest on anything that isn’t the main subject so if that’s u, you’re not alone I hate them too

-pencil cap erasers are your best friend, not just because you go through erasers a lot, but because they are fine tipped so you can erase small areas

-you will almost always be able to see some kind of lines if you’re using colored pencils/etc so make sure as you go, those lines work with the drawing. Color hair in the way the direction the hair is going, etc (like sanding with the (metaphorical) grain)

-the face is the most important aspect to get realistic (especially the eyes). If you have a really great face it will distract from weak points in fabrics, backgrounds, etc

I use etc a lot hope I helped someone out there

A visual arts student who had to figure all of this stuff out on her own

today in church.

at the 8am service, there were 5 young people, out of 14, 2 of whom were people of color.
at the 10am service, there were 10 children under 10, 6 college students, and 5 Black people, out of 8 people of color, meaning 10% of the people who were present.  about 15% of the congregation is queer and/or trans.    

it’s been three years.  i inherited an absolutely classic white Boomer mainline congregation.  there was 1 person of color.  she also happened to be the only unbaptized member.  after 2 years of my ministry, she decided to be baptized.  she said there was finally a theology she could accept.  

i’m telling you that solidarity is worth it, forever.  you’re gonna get 400000000956945346 phone calls about how you hate old people and people will send mass e-mails to all their friends bemoaning how someone left because you went on a “rant” about police etc etc etc etc etc and it’s all worth it forever.  

ngl im pretty tired of white people making me feel ugly for not having big cartoon eyes that r the color of the Ocean (bonus if they ChAnge Colors According To Mood) or some dumb ass white shit bc monolids are pretty rad too and its taken me so long to not hate them and i still hate them a little but its a work in progress nd white people should stop equating small eyes to ugly or whatever or call us squinty chinky etc etc or comment abt how they look “asian” in a photo bc theyre squinting bc its offensive and its racist and its constantly being brushed aside bc its socially acceptable to mock e asians and our eyes and its just seen as a joke and if i get mad abt it im too serious or sensitive and i shouldnt have to deal w this and neither shld my e asian pals so

moral of the story shove your boba straw up your ass if you think its ok to make fun of our ethnic features but you eat up any shit from e asian cultures thats deemed as Aesthetic or whatever like anime or kpop or pocky your crusty ass bought at walmart bc at the end of the day you rly dont give a shit abt e asian people then


(more examples here )


paypal/usd only

do NOT rush me! the amount of time i take on the commission depends on how complicated your character(s) are. you may ask for a view on the sketch if you’d like.

pay me beforehand. i’ve been scammed before and i’m not willing to risk that again.

you may NOT claim my art as your own. if given my permission, you may use my art wherever and however you wish, as long as proper credit is given, and my signature is visible and untouched.

i have EVERY right to turn down any commission. if your commission makes me uncomfortable, or i don’t believe i’ll be able to do it, i have every right to turn it down.

no more than 4 characters. please ! if theres more than 4 characters it would be too complicated and take way too long to do !


every extra character is double the price of the commission!

please include a full body, flat colored image of your character(s)! its easier to draw them and get the colors right like this.

please, if you have an idea, send me a pose reference of how you want your character(s) !

you must tell me what you want ! (ex, a full body, with shading/effects, etc)

i can calculate the price of your commission, unless you decide you wish to do it.



ship art (gay, poly, straight, etc)


fan ocs


nsfw, kink, and/or fetish art.

gore/hate or violence art

overly complicated characters


ships involving pedophilia, incestuous, and/or abusive relationships





+shading, 4$

+simple background, 5$













@macabre-incarnate I feel like you might like this one. And I always tag you in these lol.

Making another post about the wrong assumptions about demons because there aren’t nearly enough. 

Okay let’s begin. 
1. The first thing I would like to address is the statement “demons are evil.” No, this is not true. This is a huge, false generalization. Demons, like people, are all different. Some are good, some can be bad, and many are neutral in that they don’t go out of their way to be good or bad and simply keep to themselves. Yes, some of them may be mischievous, tricky, and just plain dickish. But to make a general assumption about them based on movies, books, and ignorant people who don’t have experience with them, is just plain stupid.
2. The second thing I would like to address is the assumption that demons are one dimensional beings that just feed off of people. Not true. All demons, like humans, have personalities, quirks, and unique traits. They live in their own societies, have rulers, laws, etc. They have likes and dislikes about food, colors, activities, animals, etc. They also have social groups, friends, and families (although some may be more solitary than others). Some do feed off of energy but a lot of the time it’s not harmful to those whose energy is being taken. For example, demons like incubi and succubi feed off of sexual energy.
3. The third thing I would like to address is the assumption that demons hate or dislike humans. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to say that demons LIKE humans, but I wouldn’t say they all dislike humans. There are some that do dislike humans or prefer not to communicate with them, but a majority of them don’t care all that much about humans, so they don’t really bother with them. Demons are a very busy species since they are “living” entities, and many of them don’t have time to mess with humans. Some do, and like to pull pranks, but most aren’t willing to go out of their way to harm humans. There are some demons that even like and enjoy the company of humans. Some demons are willing to be companions to humans and help them learn about themselves and the world. I for example, have a casual friendship with a demon who visits me on and off. He has his own personality. He’s very calm, warm and loving, and enjoys the taste of cinnamon. He also loves Christmas, and hot tea. Now does that sound like a bad guy to you? Hardly! 
4. The fourth thing I want to address is kind of silly, but people like to assume that all demons are scary looking or monstrous. Like in the movies (which are EXTREMELY inaccurate) demons are depicted as having terrifying or grotesque features. SOME demons really are scary looking (but this doesn’t mean they are evil or bad by any means) but many can look like humans or animals (or a combination of them), as well as an entirely different creature we have never seen. Some are very unique looking, some are cute, some are really beautiful. Some look nothing like what you would expect. So be open minded!
5. And lastly, I would like to just say that demons don’t possess humans. It’s possible but extremely difficult and unlikely. Usually its a mutual thing that’s agreed upon. So stop with the demon possession shit, its old af.

Thank you for taking your time to read this if you did!

i hate how this site shames girls for enjoying anything & everything . you like pastel colors n shit? fuck you. plants&succulents? animals? stereotypical tumblr girl.  non-feminine stuff? hairdye? stop being edgy. fandoms? bands? cringe!! etc etc.. like, can we please be nice to girls in 2017? can yall just let them like what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anybody, for once??

anonymous asked:

You do realize the whole "They came for gamers" is basically about feminism, right? Followed by journalists (as they've done, manipulate the press/infiltrate and control it from within...), then "Capitalists" (feminism is against capitalism, feminist theory, read up, I'd also suggest queer theory heh), objectivity (lived experiences, black feminist thought, "objectivity is unattainable" (and ignores skin color/sexuality/etc), or "product of western/male supremacy", etc. No surprise you hate it:)

I did it, I angered the white nerd boys

2017 Creators Tag

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works. 


Geez, I hate the subject, but I really like the use of colors???

 I used a water colour brush for this, and as much as I want to more often, it’s such a pain in the ass. So getting something like this out was pretty impressive for myself ahhahahsdfgh. 

And yeah, ofc I love me the blending layer add. it’s my fave. just. so good. 


One of my all time favourites??? It’s so soft, and honestly. I should do more thingies like this. It’s pure, and the colours, although super bright, have this … sparkly.. lovely aura…??? ITS FRESH.

And dang, the expressions nnbhgbg Heiji’s like  (´。• ▴ •。`) ♡  And look @ Kyuune

he’s like SHIN IS THE ONE


Clutches chest

That armour took forever to do. It was hard, but fun to make that texture. and the cape too. I really need to learn how to shade like that more. 

I would’ve drawn Urswick, but decided to have Rosie as the focal point. I used the rule of thirds??? kinda? go me



Do I have to say anything else ?

Ok really though. It looks awesome,,, still proud of me. I wish I worked harder on the cards tho. I drew them at 4am so ehhh.


What a soft Kaijou????  love the expressions and also jOUNOUCHI KATSUYA IN KAIBA SETO’S COAt.

Should’ve toned down on the add ahahaha.



Hello everyone! I’m gonna open a few commission slots so i can make some extra cash for gas money/utilities/etc while I’m in-between jobs. I am thankful for anyone who asks me for commissions, as I know many people are tight on money, but it goes a long way and I am grateful. Before looking into prices, please consider the following!

If you can’t afford a commission, you can help by reblogging and getting this post out there so I can find people who are interested! Thank you all so much!

I want everyone to be able to get an opportunity to have a commission if they want one, and I won’t make an exception if we’re close or “you’ll be my very best friend, you promise.” 
-Commissions are started based on who finishes payment first. Payment is done through Paypal, and will be given once the individual and I speak on what they want/etc.
- I work rather slowly, as I do have a (small) job and other engagements that will take me away from the internet. I will however, send progress pics upon request! Paintings WILL end up taking longer, as I have to put more energy into them and take significantly more time.
-If you have ANY questions be it about my policies/a commission fitting my guidelines, please send me an ask, or message me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 
- I have the right to refuse any commission that does not follow these guidelines. In addition, all commissions will be watermarked. PRIVATE COMMISSIONS ARE AVAILABLE! If you don’t want it posted, please say so! Otherwise all commissions will be posted to my art blog for portfolio/record purposes. 

- NSFW (All characters must be 18+ NO SHOTA/LOLICON I WILL CHECK)
- Light Gore (missing limbs, blood, etc.)
- Anthros/Furries
- Minimal Machinery/Robotics (Robotic limbs, weapons, etc)
- Chibis

- Fetishes
- Hate art (rape, racism, sexism, etc.)
- Heavy Machinery (Cars, gundams, etc)

PRICES in USD (text version, scroll down for picture reference):
These are for single characters, simple/no BG or Transparent
$5-$7 sketches 
$10-$12 lineart
$15-18 flat color
$20-22 simple cell shading
$25-28 full shading

$45 Single Character Simple 
+$55 Single Character Complex

+$10 NSFW fee
+$10 EACH per extra characters

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Can we please have some drabbles and HCs about the Espada with a s/o who dyes their hair? Like who sits around the bathroom in their underwear with them, who didn't even realize their s/o's hair wasn't natural, who hates the smell, who is excited to help? etc? Thank you! I really love your work!!!

Ah, the struggles of hair dye <3

Starrk: Unless your roots are showing your natural color, he probably won’t even realize your hair wasn’t natural. When you either tell him or he figures it out, he just shrugs it off. He might sit on the floor in the bathroom with you while you dye your hair.

Harribel: Though she’s wondering why you dye your hair, she doesn’t mind it though warns you about the possible dangers (like drying out your hair, etc). she prefers natural colors when it comes to hair, crazy bright colors are too loud for her and will offer her opinion if you ask.

Ulquiorra: He doesn’t see the point of dying your hair and absolutely loathes the days when you have to redo it, touch it up, or anything that means you getting out the dye. He doesn’t like the smell or that it can leave stains on clothes. If you change your colors up, the inconsistency drives him nuts.

Nnoitra: He hates the smell. So…so much. He doesn’t understand why you color your hair but won’t really say much about it other than to complain about the smell of chemicals. If it’s really obnoxious, he will tell you to change it to something a little less crazy.

Grimmjow: He doesn’t realize you actually dye your hair until he walks into the bathroom to see what you’re doing. He’ll ask what the hell are you doing and will comment on the smell of the hair dye. Grimmjow will stare briefly watching you work before eventually wandering off.

Szayel: He’d be the one who’d be excited to help, and would come up with solutions that will more be beneficial for your hair since constant dying can be bad for it. If you ever dyed your hair to a color that was pink or close enough, he takes it as you want hair like his. 

Aaroniero: He actually likes that you change up your appearance like that. He wouldn’t be able to exactly…help but often commentates on it and sits in the bathroom with you. If you’re in your underwear though he will get flustered.

Yammy: To be honest, Yammy thinks it’s weird and will question why you just can’t get a wig…? Dying your hair just seems too complicated for him and he always does a double take if you have a brand new color every time. He likes really bright colors though so it’s easier to find you.

I think like, some conversations RE: prejudice, discrimination, -isms etc would be more successful if they weren’t framed by how “hard” life is like…a white kid could be born to a meth addict in dirt-poor rural America and a black kid could be born to supportive parents in middle class suburbia, but obviously that doesn’t mean there aren’t ppl who will make the latter kids life difficult solely bc of skin color. Relative difficulty in life doesn’t mean ppl aren’t still unfairly judged or hated or disadvantaged bc of things like race or sex or ability or religion etc, and it doesn’t do anyone any good acting like privilege means you always end up happy and healthy and ahead when that’s not always true–you could be privileged in certain regards with some shitty conditions, and all that means is that you won’t be further denied opportunities based on some (but perhaps not all) aspects of your identity

So like, you don’t have to act like someone is always globally worse off in all ways in order to validly experience discrimination. Success doesn’t make prejudice not exist, and on the flipside, hardship doesn’t mean someone’s being discriminated against. Social reform doesn’t have to include hard-life Olympics


Commission Info (Updated): 

Please message me via fanmail, note on deviantart (preferably) or email (pheobe.darque@gmx.de)  if you are interested! Ask me if you have any other questions. 

I will draw!

  • Your OCs
  • Canon characters
  • Any sort of pairings (OC x Canon; Canon x Canon; Crossovers)
  • Kemonomimi
  • NSFW 

I won’t draw:

  • Meccha and Fullbodyarmors (Only a few parts if it’s possible for me v.v)
  • Hardcore Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri (Rape, Blood, Tentacles, etc.)
  • Guro
  • Gore
  • “Over-busted” women/girls
  • Fetish Art. Depends on the fetish, you may ask but these NOT: Obese, Vore, Anything with Feet, Sodomy/Zoophilia, Extreme Pedophilia)
  • Hate Art
  • Furry-Art

How to order :

  1. Please send me a note/mail with the title Commission 
  2. Type of the picture (Full-body/ waist-up/ ETC + sketch/ line-art/ Colored)
  3. Number of characters (MAX 4!)
  4. Which characters? (References!!!!! But no low quality sketches! If you have no references, please describe the apperance in all little details or try to find a dollmaker!)
  5. Description: Atmosphere, Background, Emotions, (Couple/Enemies/Friends/ ETC), Pose, Outfits, Colors  - IF you WANT ME to come up with something then it’s fine, too. Just give me enough information about the characters.


  • ONLY with Paypal. I will send you an invoice, so be sure to leave your paypal adress!
  • Payment is always upfront unless we discuss it otherwise.
  • I will send you progress pictures if wished
  • No refunds possible once you paid, unless  I won’t be able to finish your commission for some reason. Then I will of course send all the money back.

Please DO NOT rush me. I don’t like to force my hand to draw. I am working as fast as I can! ^w^ //Usually the picture will be done within a month.//