i hate the classism on this site

One thing I really hate about this site is the lack of dispute about classism. There’s plenty of people complaining about homophobia, racism and sexism, but I hardly ever see SJWs complain about the marginalisation of the working and lower classes, specifically within the UK. What’s worse is that British SJWs make out like the biggest problems in terms of equality lie within racial or gender matters; to that, I say, take a look at the real world. The REAL systematic oppression evident within the UK is directed to those of a working class. People on benefits. People who for whatever reason, are unable to work. They are demonised within politics, within the media (every single night on British television there’s a ‘documentary’ about people on benefits) yet all SJWs on this site seem to care about is racial oppression (which, by the way, isn’t even a thing in the UK. There are individual racists, sexists etc, but it is not systematic.)
Even as a middle class person I’m fed up of the Tory government’s divide and conquer mentality directed towards those of different classes. I’m even more fed up of not enough people taking a stand to stop it and instead focusing on less prevalent issues within the political system

Self Diagnosis Network
  • mbf selfdiagnosisnetwork
  • don’t have to be following me but it’s appreciated if you do!! I’ll be posting updates about all my blogs regularly
  • must be neurodivergent or questioning (looking for diagnosis) or physically ill/disabled/questioning
  • being professionally diagnosed is a plus; so you can help people looking to self-DX
  • must be okay with using Google Groups (I realize they’re paired with Autism Speaks, but not everyone has access/permission to use Skype)
  • You can submit links to credible sites to help people with self-DX
  • talk to others on GG or through asks on the blog 
  • No ableism, no classism, no slurs, no truscum ideology (if you’re truscum keep it to yourself), no transphobia, no fatbigotry, no otherkin hate, no queerphobia… just don’t be a fucking asshole
  • If you wanna be a mod message me 

anonymous asked:

You seem to have been in a few fandoms… How is TWD’s one comparatively to them ? It’s the first time I’m so much into a fandom and I feel a little bit overwhelmed by it, with all the hate flying around. Would you say we are the craziest or are we just average ^_^ ? How do you feel tools like tumblr have changed a fandom ?

Damn, I go away for a few days and return to find all these thoughtful anon asks in my inbox. I love it! However, I am also in the middle of the four most intense weeks of work I have all year, so if it takes me a while to get to your question, I apologize, and I will definitely get there!

Ahem, so behind the read more we go, because naturally I have to babble. If you want the tl;dr, this would be a graphic representation of my reaction to the TWD fandom:

[.gif by iheartnorman]

No seriously. This fandom be crazy.

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