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Important Gus updates:

- has put on 0.5kg in 2 weeks!! Such a good bun!!
- no more eyedrops!! Such a relieved bun!!
- little skin infection!! Such an itchy bun!! (She went to the vet today and I caught it early - she’s basically not used to grooming herself yet and it’s got irritated, but she’s had some medicine and she’ll go back in 2 weeks)
- doesn’t want pats because I took her to the vet today and she hates me now!! Such a grumpy bun!!
- playing with her toys more by throwing them all over the place!! Such a destructive bun!!
- was so well behaved at the vets, even when they shoved a thermometer up her bottom!! Such a brave bun!!


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Bunny Boy

Word Count: 3k

Author’s Note: I honestly don’t know where y’all are coming from with all that Daddy Jungkook nonsense. The boy is obviously a sub so I wrote this to prove a point (I’m kidding but still) Listen to this while reading the smut, trust me. 

The modern world is a tough but opportunity filled world for a woman. To be able to seize those opportunities, a woman has to be capable, relentless, with almost savage ambition and attitude. Otherwise the most she can hope for is sit on the side-lines and pray to not be trampled over. You were not that kind of woman. You knew what you wanted and how to get it. This was your world.

You didn’t have a lot of patience with men. You were successful as well as a beautiful and a lot of men chased after you, for your beauty or for your money it didn’t matter, either way they were greedy to get their hands on you, and you shunned them all. You were well aware of your merits and you flaunted them. You weren’t the kind of woman to affect meekness to please men.

But the sweet innocent young intern who fell into your hands a few months ago was special. You had a weak spot for Jungkook. You adored the way he spoke to you so bashfully, the way he followed you around like a lost puppy, and the painfully obvious crush he had on you. The lust he had for you was so pure and illogically innocent that you couldn’t help teasing him. You would frequently invite him into the privacy of your office under the pretence of wanting to teach him something or go over some business thing or another, and he would be greeted with plunging necklines or a glimpse of your garter belt. You loved watching his face as he valiantly tried to keep eye contact, all flushed cheeks and fluttering eyelashes.

This time wasn’t any different but you were planning to take things a bit further.

“Sit down, baby bun.” You gesture for Jungkook when he enters the room, cheeks tinted red despite his familiarity with the nickname.

Jungkook stutters through the first few words of the message he was relaying to you before picking up enough courage along the way to string together meaningful sentences.

You already knew everything he was going to say, the actions of the business partner he was speaking of were predictable to you, his words old and tired. So you used that time to admire Jungkook instead.

The drastic divide between his body and his face was truly remarkable. Jungkook had the body of a man; he was tall with long muscled legs that he loved to show off in tight pants that clung to them and showcased his thighs. God, his thighs. When you first saw him in those ridiculous black pants, you had to actively stop yourself from drooling and dropping to your knees in front of him. And even though you had never seen him shirtless, you were sure that underneath his white shirts were rock hard abs.

Even his neck was thick and wiry, enticing you to paint it with the colors of your passion. But his face was another matter entirely, it’s like god was playing a game of mashup with the angels when he made him. He had the most innocent doe eyes you’ve ever seen, and his nose was large and prominent, but it fit his sweet face perfectly. His lips were thin, hardly concealing his two front teeth, the cause of your nickname for him. You knew it was unoriginal, he probably heard it a million times before, but he would always blush and his eyes would light up whenever you called him that, and couldn’t bear denying him of that little joy.

“Very good, bunny.” You say after Jungkook is finished relaying the message to you and informing you of how he responded to the annoying business partner on your behalf. You may have indulged yourself greatly when you hired the lovely boy but he proved himself more than capable in the few short months he’s been here, and you trusted his judgment enough to divert to him some of the less urgent business matters. “You’ve handled that very well.”

He blushed under your praise and you could see him perk up. “In fact, you’ve done excellently this whole month. You’ve dealt with everything I’ve thrown your way and came back for more. You must be exhausted by it all. I think you deserve a little break, don’t you agree?”

His head snapped up, “No, I don’t want a break!”

You chuckled at his earnestness, and he looked away in embarrassment, fiddling with his fingers.

He must have taken your words to mean that you were giving him some time off. You wouldn’t, neither of you wanted that and so you were quick to clarify. “All I meant is that you’re young. You shouldn’t spend all your time cooped up in a dusty office. Young men like you should be out there having fun and burning the city to the ground.”

“I’m fine, really, ___-sshi”

“Oh bunny, I know you’re too loyal to me to complain. That’s why I have the perfect solution.”

He looked at you curiously as you went around your desk and sat on the chair opposite his, “Halloween is coming up. It’s my favorite holiday so I’m throwing a little party back at my house and you’re invited.” You winked at him and he fidgeted.

“Your house… I don’t know, ___-sshi”

“Oh come on, I absolutely love Halloween. It would mean so much to me if you came.” You leaned forward, using the excuse of gushing over the holiday to flash him a view of your cleavage. His eyes snap down to your breasts and back up so fast you would’ve been sure you imagined it if you didn’t see the guilty look on his face.

“And you’ve worked so hard, bunny. You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve it.” You rested your hand on his thigh and began rubbing it gently, appearing in every way to be an innocuous gesture but you knew the effect it would have on him. “Won’t you come, baby bun?”

You saw his mind struggling to not twist your words even though they were intentionally loaded. “I…” he cleared his throat when his voice came out squeaky and he tried again, but not with any better luck, “I’ll be there”

“Excellent! I knew my baby bun would never say no to me.” You clapped your hands, and graciously nodded when Jungkook asked to excuse himself, pretending not to notice the slight bulge in his pants.

It was 11:45. You had spent the last four hours scanning the crowd assembled in your house for that familiar toothy smile but there was no sign of it. You had started the night excited and lively, but time passed your demeanour gradually changed. You were beyond disappointed. Maybe you had misjudged the boy and he wasn’t what you made him out to be.

You felt silly in the outfit you were wearing. You had picked it out specifically to tease Jungkook: Leather halter crop top, leather mini skirt over sheer black lace thigh highs, six inch heels, coupled with a burgundy faux fur coat. You pulled said coat tightly around yourself, wanting nothing more than to rip everything off your body and change into your comfy pajamas. You had gotten plenty of attention tonight, that’s for sure, but none of it was welcome.

You were debating whether or not you should ask your guests to leave, you were in no mood to entertain people, when you caught a glimpse of jet black hair by the door. You rushed forward and grabbed the arm of the escaping boy, “And where do you think you’re going?”

“Ah, ___-sshi! I was just g-going out for s-some fresh air.” He stuttered, trying not to blatantly stare at you. You let your coat slide a little down your shoulder, suddenly feeling confident in your choice.

“I’m hurt, baby bun. You show up to my party hours late and you’re already leaving. Do you hate my company so much?”

“N-no, it’s not like that, ___-sshi. I lov- I mean, I enjoy your company very much.”

“You’re not even wearing a costume.” You pout, eyeing his outfit. You couldn’t deny that he looked delicious in that wine red shirt and suit jacket, and where those suspenders? God, help you, your hands itched to grab onto them and pull him into a searing kiss. But despite how delectable he looked, the clothes he wore would have fit right in with his normal work attire.

“I am.” He waved a headband in front of your face before putting it on, the black bunny ears blending perfectly with his black hair and shy bunny smile.

You couldn’t help the giggles that fell out of your mouth. Jungkook’s face turned the color of a ripe tomato and he ripped the headband from his head and tried to escape again.

“No, bunny, wait” You held onto him tightly, refusing to let him leave. You felt horrible for laughing but you weren’t laughing at him. You were just giddy by the obvious sign of his infatuation with you, and you realized that the reason he was late was because he was scared and not because he was rejecting you.

“I like it, keep it on.” You took the headband from his hands and placed it on his head then gently patted his cheek. “There, now my baby bun looks perfect.” You could feel the heat wafting through his cheeks to your fingers and smiled, “I’m gonna go get us something to drink.”

You used that excuse to slip away and give a word to the DJ who you had previously instructed to play a specific song when you gave him the go-ahead.

When you made your way back to Jungkook with drinks in your hand, you found him cornered by a girl who looked to be around his age. You had to admit that she was stunning, with a fiery mess of hair and legs that went on for days. If your sight wasn’t set on the boy she was attempting to chat up, you would have taken her to your room instead. However you were too intent on Jungkook, and the hand she had over his chest and the way he got flustered under her touch didn’t sit well with you.

You stepped up to them and cleared your throat, “I leave you for a minute and you’re already being prepositioned. I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on you from now on.” You looked pointedly at the girl, “Why don’t you go lay your traps somewhere else, darling. This one’s already taken.” You gave him his drink and splayed your hand low on his stomach which almost caused him to spill his drink on you. The girl huffed and held her head arrogantly before leaving to look for someone else.

You heard Jungkook mumbling something in wonder that sounded suspiciously like ‘taken’ so you asked him to speak up.

“N-nothing, ___-sshi. I’m sorry for what happened.” He looked truly remorseful as if it was his fault.

“It’s alright, bunny. Nothing happ- Oh I love this song! Let’s dance.” You cut yourself off when you heard the song you had requested blast through the sound system, and you quickly set your drinks down to tug the sputtering Jungkook towards the dance floor.

“I don’t know, ___-sshi. I can’t dance.”

“Oh, nonsense, you just need a good partner, and I happen to be very good.” You give him a wink before resting a hand on his shoulder. He was too concentrated on his hand that you had placed on your lower back to protest any further.

The sensual salsa music flowed into your ears and you let your body be carried by it. You were almost as much a slave to its beckoning as Jungkook was to yours. Your eyes filled with sultry promises and your body moulded to his own, leaving no room for thought.

Jungkook tried his best to stay away but his body was like a comet pulled to the sun, his hips swivelling obediently with the turns of your ass. You could feel the hardness in his pants against you, and you turned around to face him.

“See, I told you, you would like this.” The hand that was resting on his shoulder ran down his back till it reached the firmness of his cheeks. You give it a light squeeze and his hips stuttered forward into your abdomen.

“A-ah, excuse me, ___-sshi. I need to use the bathroom.” Jungkook slipped away from your arms as soon as the song was done. He scurried in the direction you had pointed him towards, almost running.

You had no doubt to what Jungkook would be doing. You had intentionally directed him to the bathroom upstairs so you two could have a little privacy for what was to come.

You gave him a little time to get started before you followed him upstairs, silently padding to the bathroom. You pressed your ears against the door and heard the slick sound of his hand moving over his length and the muffled moans he was trying to hide. You always knew Jungkook would be vocal.

“Is everything alright in there, bunny. You sound like you’re in pain.” You had to suppress the giggles threatening to burst out of you.

“___-sshi! W-what are you doing h-here?” Jungkook yelped, struggling to hide the need in his voice.

“You were taking a long time so I came to check up on you.”

“I’m fine. I’ll be right out. You go back to the party, don’t worry about me.” Jungkook was trying to get rid of you so he could take care of the problem you had created but you were not about to give him that and throw all your work away.

“I don’t know, bunny. I can’t leave you like this. I’m coming in.”

“NO, DON’T-“

All the rooms in your house didn’t have locks except your own, a useful vestige from the days you used to have your subs living here before you got too caught up with work to care for them. You had designed the house that way to catch any disobedient sub trying to give himself relief from your punishments. Oh, how you missed those days. Maybe Jungkook will be your solution to that.

Jungkook was seated on the closed lid of the toilet and his hands were clasped in front of his junk. He was too mortified to even try reaching for something to cover himself with for fear that he would expose himself to you.

“Now, what do we have here?” You stepped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind and leaning on it so no one could get it. “Someone is being naughty.”

“It’s not what it looks like, ___-sshi.”

“Really? Because it sure looks like my little bunny was jerking himself off. Tell me did the girls in the party get you hot?”

“No” He shook his head vigorously.

“Then was it that redheaded girl? She was pretty hot. Were you thinking about her? Imagining what her hands would feel like on your cock instead of your own? Or maybe you were imagining her hot, wet mouth on you, is that it?”

“No! That’s not it at all.” Hot with emotion, he moved to stand up but then remembered his state and abruptly sat down again, squeezing his legs together in an effort to maintain what was left of his modesty.

“Then could it be because of me?” His head shot up at that and his mouth started moving wordlessly like a fish struggling to breath out of water. “Was my bunny thinking bad, dirty thoughts while I was dancing with him? Is my innocent young bun not that innocent after all?”


You cut him off with a laugh, “Oh come on, Jungkookie. I just caught you jacking off to the thought of me. We’re past formalities now, don’t you think? Why don’t you call me noona.”

“N-noona?” He squeaked. You could tell he liked that.

“Yes, baby. Now tell me, is this all for me? Does baby bun want to fuck noona?”

Jungkook squeezed his legs together more but this time it was in an attempt to relief his growing arousal at your words and having you here watching him.

“It’s OK, sweetheart. I don’t mind. You’re a young boy and you can’t help yourself. But now you’ve gotten noona all hot and bothered.”

Jungkook titled his head in confusion, his lips slightly parted, and a thrill went to your core at the sight of him. “You can’t leave me hanging like that. I want to see you finish yourself off.”

Jungkook ducked his head down in embarrassment, “That’s dirty, noona.” He protested but you could clearly see him shiver at the idea.

“Well, you’re a dirty boy. I want to see you make a mess of yourself. Won’t you do it for me, baby boy?” You ran your tongue across your bottom lip and looked to where his hands where still clasped in front of his crotch, and as if by hypnosis, he slowly unlaced them and looked at you hesitantly.

“Go on, bunny.” That was all he needed to start touching himself again. He was still hard, your presence only serving to excite him further. His hands moved swiftly over his length and he avoided eye contact with you.

“Tsk tsk, slow down, bunny. I want to see and remember everything.”  

He still refused to look at you but he slowed down, his hand more deliberate. You chose not to push him, waiting for him to process things at his own pace, but you talked to him, looking to give him courage. “You’re doing great, baby. You look so good; I couldn’t take my eyes off of you when you came in. I wanted to do all manners of dirty things to you. And to think you would have run away and deprived me of such a delicious sight.”

Your words were like a spell on Jungkook; he moaned out and spread his thighs apart, finally giving you a clear view of what he was packing. The boy never disappointed, even in this. He was thick and long, not outrageously so but definitely a size that had you squirming with the desire to jump on him. He lightly traced the veins on the underside of his cock and brushed his thumb over the head, precum leaking over his fingers.

“Can I go faster, noona?”

“Yes, baby, but don’t cum before I tell you to. I’m not done admiring you. God, how can you look and do such sinful things and still be so innocent. Boys with your kind of look and with cocks like that would have girls fighting to be with them, and yet here you are masturbating in the bathroom in the middle of a party like a little slut. What would the guests think if they saw you like that? It’s one thing to be caught fucking someone but this? Touching yourself for noona, being a good boy for her, what would Miss Red think?”

“Please, don’t tell them.” Jungkook looked ashamed but the slide of his hand over his length only increased in speed.

“Of course I won’t, bunny. This scene is only for my eyes to see. Have you got that?” Your tone turned serious with that last question and Jungkook finally looked at you, “Yes, noona, only you”

It quickly became apparent why Jungkook was refusing to look you in the eye before, because as soon as he did and he saw the dark lust swirling dangerously there, his arousal increased tenfold, “Noonaaa, can I cum now? I need to cum now.” He whined, and the desperation in his voice gave you life.

“Not yet, baby. You need to show noona that you really want it.”

“I do, I swear I do. I need to cum so bad. Please let me cum, please.”

“I’ll let you cum but first I have something for you.” You pulled a thin leather choker from your pocket with a little pendant on it that said Baby Bun. You weren’t planning on giving it to him so soon. You were worried that would scare the inexperienced boy away, but you simply couldn’t stop yourself. You didn’t know if after tonight he would come back to you or even his job anymore and you needed to see it on him at least once.

“Can I put it on, baby?” Jungkook nodded and you leaned down to lock it around his neck from behind. Your hair brushed against his nose and he breathed in, the smell liquefying his brain. You pulled back when you were done but you didn’t move away. Your hand went to cup his cheek and your thumb brushed over his lips, “You can cum now, bunny.”

His pants hit your face as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. With his hand a blur over his cock and the pendant quivering with his shivering body, he came. You quickly stepped away so your clothes wouldn’t be ruined but you kept your eyes on him. He cried out with his orgasm and the loss of your scent next to him.

How you wished you could take a picture of him now. His hand was still wrapped around softening length, the entirety of it and quite a bit of his shirt and pants stained with his orgasm. His cheeks were colored a light pink but you couldn’t tell if it was from arousal or embarrassment when his eyes were pinning you down in place.

You stepped closer to him timidly, scared to disturb the masterpiece in front of you. You brushed his sweaty bangs from his face and your heart skipped a beat at how much more manly he looked with them swept to the side. You scrapped that thought for later and leaned down to press a kiss to his damp forehead.

He gave a slight whimper at the touch of your lips and you pulled back, holding his gaze with yours and thumbing the choker, “Will you keep this, bunny?”

“Always, noona.”

Authors’s Note: There will be a part 2 to this :))

A Lesson in Love (Defining the Relationship)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,206

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

“Hello, Y/N.”

“Hey, T,” you respond, moving all of your stuff off the empty desk beside you to make space for T’Challa to sit. He sidesteps a couple of people standing in his way, leaning out of harm’s way when someone swings their arm out without realizing he’s there and slides into the desk with ease. His movements are as catlike and agile as you remember.

“I must admit, I was pretty nervous when Hill said she was choosing who was going to read over our drafts.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a folder. It’s black, which doesn’t surprise you; it’s safe to say that black is his favorite color. “But when she called my name after yours, I felt like I could breathe again.”

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The SLBP Lords As Cute Baby Animals.

Nobunaga: No-BUN-aga

Mitsuhide: Respectable tea drinking baby pig

Inuchiyo: Very Doge Much Cute

Hideyoshi: This monkey has his same hair style.

Mitsunari: He reminds me of a blue butterfly but he hates insects so I chose an owl as the next best thing.

Ieyasu: The only animal I’ve ever see him like is a falcon so, BOOM, baby falcon.

Kenshin: A baby crane admiring nature

Shingen: Adorable Baby Tiger

Yukimura: Precious yukimura kitten is precious

Saizo: Don’t underestimate this cute white fox, he has a darkness inside him.

Masamune: I want to snuggle this baby dragon

External image

Kojuro: Bontenmaru? Oh nope that’s Kojuro.

Shigezane: Looked up cutest baby animal and this is the first thing that showed up because he is my bias. Shigezane the Hedgehog 

Just Because

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader’s three year old daughter asks Spencer why he fell in love with her mommy. :D @coveofmemories


As you walked around the kitchen making Spencer’s birthday dinner, Spencer watched as your three-year-old daughter, Lily, ran down the hallway and into his lap. “Happy Birthday, Daddy,” she said, wrapping her little arms around his neck before plopping down into his lap.

“Thank you, my sweet girl,” he said softly as he looked across the living room to where you were dancing around. You didn’t like to cook all that often, but when you did, you tended to go all out, especially for a special occasion. “Mommy should be done with dinner in a little while. You want me to tell you a story while we wait?” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you smile softly. You always loved hearing him tell your daughter stories.

“Yes,” she hissed happily. Saying S-words was especially hard at the moment considering she had a loose tooth. Normally, she didn’t have a preference, but today was different. “Can you tell me why you fell in love with mommy?” She looked between you both and then situated herself more firmly in his lap. 

She was probably expecting a grand and lavish story that turned their love into a fairytale, but in Spencer’s mind, it was the small things you did and said that made him love you - the little things were more important than where you went on your first date or how you looked on your wedding day. “Well,” he started, leaning back into the couch, “I fall in love with mommy over and over again. All the time.” You turned around and blew a kiss in his direction. 

“How do you do that?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with questions still unanswered. 

There were so many reasons he loved you. Where was he even supposed to start? “One reason I love mommy is that even though we work together, and she knows what goes on in my day all the time, when we get home, she still asks me how my day was,” he started. “That makes me realize that no matter how close or far we are away from each other, she still wants to know how I feel at the end of the day. It means she cares about what’s going on in here.” He pointed to your daughter’s heart. “That’s one of the many reasons I love mommy.”

“Tell me more,” she said, bouncing up and down on her father’s lap. “I wanna know all the reasons you love mommy.”

“All of them?” he asked animatedly. “That might take a while.” He’d be talking forever if he truly tried to recount why he loved you so much. Lily didn’t seem to care; she just sat back further into the couch and stared wide-eyed up at her father. “Ok, well another reason I love mommy is because she laughs at all of my really bad jokes.” On your first date all those years ago, you’d told him how much you loved bad puns, and he’d insisted he could tell you one that would make you groan. But it never happened. Your personal favorite was ‘what do you call an educated tube?…a graduated cylinder.’ It was so bad, but that’s why you loved them, and the way his face lit up at your laughter was enough of a reason to continue laughing.

Lily seemed to understand. “You do tell really bad jokes,” she replied with a smile. “But I still love you, so I guess that makes sense. Tell me more.”

As you continued cooking his birthday dinner, you listened in, falling in love with how he was describing the ways you loved him. His voice had an ethereal quality to it that just made you love him more. He told your daughter that you always snuggled up to him first thing in the morning, putting your head in the crook of his neck. Despite the jobs you had, that always made him feel grounded to the good in the world. Continuing, he told Lily how much he loved the messy bun you always put your hair in, how much he enjoyed watching you dance around the kitchen when you thought no one was watching, how he was grateful that you would eat at his favorite restaurant even though you hated it. There were so many little things you did for each other, he began to lose track. 

“Mommy is the most amazing woman in the whole world,” he said, placing Lily in his lap and looking toward you in the kitchen. “She listens to my stories even when she’s tired. When she reads to you, I love hearing her voice do all the different characters voices. I love the fact that at the end of the day, it could just be the three of us and I’d be happy forever. There is so much I love about your mommy.”

Lily looked enthralled, like she could listen to her father recount every single reason he loved you until the end of time. “What’s the biggest reason of all?” she wondered. 

He’d never thought about the biggest reason. It was just so cumulative. But there was one thing. After his father left, he always had this fear that no matter what he did, no one would ever be proud of him. After all, if his own flesh and blood wasn’t proud enough of him to stay, then how would anyone else be proud of him - all of him. He glanced your eye, not breaking eye contact as he spoke. “I think one of the biggest reasons I love mommy is because she’s proud of me. Even if I ramble on about things, or I get a little mean because I’m stressed out, mommy is proud to call me her husband.”

It had been quite a few minutes since you’d paid attention to making dinner. You were too enraptured with Spencer’s voice. “I am always proud to call your daddy, my husband,” you said, walking across the room to sit next to him and your daughter. You leaned over, giving him a soft peck on the lips as Lily looked on.

“Why do you love Daddy?” she asked you. 

Without looking in her direction, you spoke to Spencer, gently grazing his hand with your own. “I love Daddy because he loves me for exactly who I am. I’m a little hot-tempered. I’m a little weird. I like wearing sparkles and the color black. I’m a whole mess of different things, but no matter what I feel like on any particular day, I know that Daddy loves me regardless,” you said, smoothing back your daughter’s light brown hair. “I fell in love with Daddy just because.”


Title: Never

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 3051

Requested: Yes

Summary: In an attempt to cool things down between Dean and The Mark, Reader suggests that the boys take a simple low profile case. And soon, things take a turn for the worst.

Tags: @johnmurphys-sass, @lilyleely, @16wiishes

A/N: So, this was a requested imagine/one shot. I really hope you like it! Just a quick disclaimer, this is kind of set in season eleven and ten where Dean has The Mark. It doesn’t really follow any of the episodes. Also, I made up Gademan, Kansas, it’s not a real place. So, naturally, any other places mentioned in that town are also not real. Anyway, if you have anything else you’d like to see, please just send me a quick message in my ask box. Enjoy!

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It’s true what they say. In those final moments, the world flashes by. In merely seconds, you witness it all. Your first kiss to your last, all the friends you’ve made and the few that stayed, all the family that turned a blind eye when you were drowning and all the family you turned a blind eye to when they were drowning, all the laughter and tears that soon infused together, all the hope you had and now lost forever, and all the pain you endured from your very first moments to your very last.

But even through all that, he was the only thing you truly wanted to see. Because he was all that mattered.

“I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

Gademan, Kansas - Fifteen Hours Earlier

The blinding sun shined down on two stiff bodies. They lied, bent out of shape and tinted blue from loss of blood, deep behind the tall yellow grass of Territ Fields. Surrounding them were countless police officers and neon yellow tape stopping all friends and family from interrupting the case.

Shutting off the roaring engine, you all hopped out of the car dress in your clean suits. Dean slightly tugged at his tie; he always hated wearing that thing. You, after flattening out your grey pencil skirt, lightly grabbed his elbow.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to you, slightly concerned, as Sam continued to make his way to the crime scene. You gave your boyfriend a small smile then lightly tighten his tie, fixing it in place.

“I hate this thing.” he muttered, tilting his head up a bit while you straightened out his collar.

Running your hands down his chest to dust off his jacket, you mumbled, “I know,”

“Agents,” Sam called on the other side of the yellow tape. He stood beside a hesitant officer that was carefully watching you and Dean.

The both of you quickly moved towards Sam and flashed your badges to the officer.  After granting you access, you began to circulate the two bodies, looking for clues, as the boys talked to the lead detective.

Each lifeless body had two bite marks on the sides of their necks, just as you suspected. You looked up to Dean, catching his eye, and mouthed, “Vamps,”

He nodded, and turned whispering to Sam as the detective continued to brief them about the case.

You turned back to the bodies. They were two young boys. One was a redhead, and quite buff. There other had black hair and though he wasn’t as built as the other, he still held a strong frame. Then, a detail you somehow managed to look over, your eye caught the boys’ bright blue and white jackets. Varsity jackets, or more specifically, sorority jackets - based on the greek lettered badge. You quickly pulled out your phone and snapped a picture of  one of  the badges before getting up from your crouched position.

You, then, made your way over to Sam and Dean. Just as you arrived, the detective left. “You owe me five bucks.” you smirked at Sam as he rolled his eyes and dug into his pocket.

“Lucky guess.” he grumbled, handing the crisp five dollar bill.

You gave him a proud, gloating smile. “So, what did you find out?”

“Not much,” Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. You and Sam shared a quick weary look as Dean continued, “They got an anonymous call around five in the morning. They came and found them dead, not a drop of blood to be found anywhere.”

You nodded, your hand finding it’s way to his. “They’re college kids.” you added. “I got a picture of some sorority seal.” You took out your phone and showed them the seal.

Sam immediately began making his way to the car. “I’ll go find out if there are any colleges near here.” he said, leaving you and Dean to follow behind him.

“How are you feeling?” you asked once Sam was far enough away.

Dean shrugged. “I’m fine.” he brushed off, letting go of your hand and picking up his pace.

You exasperatedly sighed even though you were quite used to Dean pushing you away. In the daylight, he’d hold a straight face. But, once the night fell, he’d break down, pulling you closer into his chest.

Either way, you shook off another one of his many rejections and decided to change the subject. “I hate vamps.” you groaned, pulling your hair out of the tight bun it was in.

“Well, this was your idea.” Dean reminded as he started the car. “You practically begged us to take this case.”

The only reason you begged was to get their minds off Crowley and his demons. And since Dean was having such a hard time controlling the call of  The Mark, you thought it might be a bit easier for him to go on a killing frenzy on monsters that deserve it, rather than an innocent.

You nodded, shaking out your hair with your hand. “Yeah, that’s because I hate them so much.” you lied, though you knew he’d see right through it.

Dean, pulling out of the field, rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason.”

“Gademan University,” Sam suddenly interjected.

You slightly jumped forgetting about his presence in the car. A hand found it’s way on your thigh, and you looked up to find Dean smirking at you. He winked, gave your leg a quick squeeze, then turned back to the road. Suddenly, the lingering sting of  pain from his dismissal disappeared.

“Can I see that seal again, (Y/N)?” Sam asked from his seat in the back. Since you started dating Dean, Sam learned the hard way that the front seat was always reserved for you, whether he called it or not.

You nodded, taking out your phone. “Here,” you passed the phone back to him.

Dean’s eyes momentarily flickered back to the rear view mirror, and he snorted, “Nerd,”

You rolled your eyes and lightly smacked his shoulder with the back of your hand. “Stop,” you disparaged. You turned back to Sam, and lowly admitted,  “But he’s right.”

Sam sighed heavily as he gave you an irritated stare. “You guys are so annoying.” he muttered as he typed away on his laptop.

You let out a small laugh, turning back in your seat. The car suddenly took a sharp turn onto oncoming traffic. Your head snapped to the right and as the head light came closer and closer you felt your soul slowly escape your body. You held onto your seat and screwed your eyes shut, ready for the impact, but it never came.

You opened them to find yourself beside a gas pump. You were at a gas station. You turned to face Dean, shocked and rather angry.

He didn’t seem fazed by any of it. In fact, he didn’t even notice your hard glare. He just hopped out of the car, mumbling, “Anyone want anything?”

You turned to look at Sam. He held a similar expression, confused, and surprised. Your eyes flickered back to Dean.

He raised his eyebrows up at you, still waiting for an answer. “Well?”

You let out a shaky breath, and shook your head. “No,” you whispered.

“Sam?” Dean asked, slightly bending down to look at his brother.

Sam shook his head, still just as baffled as you. Shrugging, Dean slammed the door and rounded the car.

You turned to Sam. “He has no idea.” you spoke lowly, afraid he’d hear you through the windows as he filled up the car.

“He can’t go to the nest with us.” Sam replied in the same tone.

You shook your head. “What? That might be the one thing he needs.”

Sam furrowed his eyebrows at you. “What the hell gives you that idea? (Y/N),  he needs rest.”

“Do you honestly think he’s going to go for that?” you hissed. “If we lock him up in that motel room, he’d find a way out and to that nest before we do. It’s better if he’s with us. We can keep an eye on him.”

Sighing, Sam hesitantly nodded. “Fine. But, how long do you think it’s gonna last before he figures out we’re basically babysitting him?”

“He’s-” you cut yourself off  as the car door opened, and Dean hopped back in.

He looked between you and his brother, then shut the door. “Find anything?” he asked, starting the engine.



The two answers left both of your lips simultaneously. Your eyes darted to the back seat confused. You quickly changed your answer  just as Sam did.



Dean’s green eyes flickered between the two of you. “What the hell is going on?” he questioned, turning the engine off.

You gulped, and turned to Sam. “There’s a party tonight at the sorority. I just found it here,” Sam explained, turning the laptop around to show you and Dean.

Dean turned to you. “So, you don’t wanna go?” he asked you.

You shook your head. “I hate sorority girls.” you lied.

Dean gave you a careful look. You were sure he’d seen through your lie, though he played along anyway. “You should come anyways.” he shrugged, starting the car again.

You nodded, mumbling, “Fine.”

As Dean drove out of the station, looking both ways before getting back on the road, you sent a cautious look towards Sam.  And as he returned it, you both just knew, Dean already knew what you two were up to.

The only question was, why wasn’t he doing anything about it?

“Ugh,” you groaned as you got out of the car. You shoved your silver gun behind you in the waistband of your black skinny jeans. “I really do hate sororities.”

Dean messed up his hair a bit as he stood beside you. “They aren’t that bad.”

Sam laughed, walking a few ways before the two of  you. “That’s cause you’ve slept with half of the girls.”

Your head snapped to Dean. He quickly gave Sam an angry glare before giving you a guilty smile. “Just barely half.” he defended with a nervous chuckle.

You rolled your eyes, humming an unconvinced, “Mmhm.” Ignoring his attempts to call you back, you walked ahead of them towards the door.

The closer you got the door, the louder the muffled music became. You opened the door and entered, not bothering to knock.

To say it was loud was an understatement. There were people chanting names as others chugged down their cups of beer. And while others danced, some people chanted, laughed and threw out dares to one another.

“I’m the king of the world!” a voice called from the living room. You walked farther into the room and turned around to find some drunk guy with a baby blue bed sheet tied around his neck as a cape. He stood at the top of the banister over the ledge with a long rope tied to the end of the banister and the tree outside the window located downstairs. And, with a clothing hanger through the rope, the boy held on tight and started to count down.

“Three,” he started.

“Two,” everyone joined in.

“One,” And, with that,  he propelled himself forward.

He didn’t reached two inches forward before the rope snapped and he was going down.

The room fell silent as he thumped to the ground. Suddenly,  Dean was beside you looking for the drunk kid.

“Yeah!” the kid shouted, shooting up from the floor.

The room erupted in a loud cheer, Dean included. You turned to look at him, fighting back a smile. He turned to you, laughing. “That kid’s crazy!” he shouted over the cheers.

You nodded, glad his mind was off that cursed mark, as the room chanted his name, “Doug! Doug! Doug!”

Turning back to the kid, you found him talking to Sam. For once, you found the serious, nerdy Sam actually enjoying himself. It was pretty odd, if you were being honest.

You watched as their happy expressions switched to solemn ones for a few moments. Once their conversation was done, Sam made his was over to where you and Dean were standing.

“Hey,” a guy said, sneaking his hand around your waist. Your eyes flickered from him to an annoyed Dean. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

Just as you were about to politely decline, Dean tore the boy’s hand off  you and placed his hand there instead. He pulled you closer to him, glaring at the boy. “She’s fine.” he growled, scaring the guy away.

You gave Dean a knowing smirk as he whispered in your ear, “I’m starting to see what you mean.”

“The Far House.” Sam yelled the moment he reached you, interrupting your conversation. “That’s what they call it anyways.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused. “What’s that?”

“It’s an abandoned barn these kids go to… to be alone. It’s about twenty minutes from here.” he explained. “And guess the fastest way to get there?”

“Territ Fields.” Dean answered. “Let’s get the machetes and kill some sons of bitches.”

The three of you quickly went back to the car, grabbed your weapons, then cut through the backyard and down the street. Just off the road was a woody trail that soon bordered the long, weedy field. You cut through it, the old red barn slowly coming into view.

“Don’t they usually nest in warehouses?” you asked.

Sam shrugged. “Maybe their trying to throw us off their scent.”

Dean scoffed. “Those suckers aren’t smart enough to think through that. They’re stupid enough to leave those bodies behind.”

You knitted your brows together. Maybe Dean was onto something.

“Okay, we need a plan.” Sam stated, stopping just a few paces from the door.

And while you stopped beside Sam, Dean continued towards the door, “I have one.” he replied. “Don’t die.”

“Cause that’s worked before.” you sarcastically muttered, following behind him.

However, before you and Sam could get to the door, you already heard a loud high pitched scream. You ran in, finding some girl’s head rolling on the floor and Dean slowly moving deeper into the barn. She couldn’t have looked anything over twenty. You crouched down to examine her face as Sam hurried behind Dean.

Her lips were perfectly glossed, hair - besides the fact it was now stained with blood - was perfectly done, and her lashes - though her eyes were dull and lifeless - were perfectly curled and coated.

A sorority girl.

It all suddenly made sense. They were inexperienced, they didn’t know what to do with the bodies, they couldn’t control their urges. They were the ones that called the cops.  

Another scream was cut short followed by a few grunts and hisses. You immediately shot up from you place and ran towards the noise.

As Sam was trying to fight off  a buff sorority kid, Dean was swinging his machete around, not missing a single head.

“Dean, stop!” you shouted. “They’re just kids.”

He ignored you as the blood splattered across his face. You knew it was risky, knew what could happen. Yet, you did it anyways.

You ran towards him and grabbed his right arm. The arm holding the machete, the arm that just cut off the last vamp’s head. Caught in his bloodlust, he tore his arm away, the sword slicing through your abdomen.

A raspy breath escaped your lips as the pain cut through you. You stumbled back, eyes wide and watery. The darkness that once consumed him, disappeared the moment he caught the agony that cried from you eyes.

“(Y/N),” he whispered.

You tripped over your own feet and he lunged towards you. He caught you just before you hit the ground. “I didn’t mean to.” he rasped, face bloody as he leaned over you. Cradling your head in his lap, he let an endless stream of tears fall as he repeated, “I didn’t mean to.”

Staggering for air, you watched as each tear hit your cheeks, mixing with yours. Your weak hands intertwined with one of his and held your stomach tightly in an effort to slow down the leaking force ready to tear you away from him. You opened your mouth, ready to comfort him, to forgive him, but your words trailed off.

And there echoed only one word, “Dean,”

It was blurry. The moment you opened your eyes, it was blurry. It took you a while to blink your vision back to normal. Yet, all you could see was white. You got up, but a sharp ache from your gut stopped you. You groaned at the pain before attempting to sit up again, this time slower.

Then it all sunk in. You were in a hospital bed, with Sam sleeping in a chair near the corner. Memories of why you were here flooded back to you. The party, the vamps… Dean.

“I’m sorry,” a hoarse voice suddenly came from the doorway.

You snapped you head towards it and found Dean puffy eyed and red. Shaking your head, you mumbled,  “It was my fault.”

Dean violently shook his head, making his way to you. “No, I-”

“I was the one that begged you to take this stupid case, and told Sam that you needed this. It’s my fault.” you cut him off. “I don’t blame you for any of it. Now, please, stop blaming yourself.”

Dean opened his mouth to argue, but shut it once you gave him a pointed look. Hesitantly, he nodded and sat down on the bed beside you. He held your hand up to his chapped lips and gave it a quick peck.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered as the tears resurfaced. “You can’t leave.”

You nodded as your eyes watered. “Never,”

Stages of getting a pixie cut:

1. Should I do this?
2. I’m gonna do this
4. Ok so this bedhead is awful
5. But it’s so easy!!
6. I love it
7. …
8. I can’t do anything with this
9. I look ugly
10. I hate this
11. It’s too much work
12. I just want buns and braids and ponytails
13. I’m gonna grow it out it won’t take that long


I lost all motivation when i started drawing my lobster husband.

Part 1

Fuckboy Next Door (Jimin Smut)

Summary: Park Jimin was predictable. Cocky, good-looking, a flirt… a common fuckboy. Who just happened to live next to an apartment that you visited every weekend without fail. He was someone you swore to yourself you would never have sex with. But maybe going against your own promise was better than you thought. Smut.

(AN: okay, so obviously nothing could top the Jeoncheol threesome and I was feeling a little off my writing game when I wrote this anyway… I got waaay to into the ending and backstory once again, I hope the actual smut part measures up. Requested by @babyboo2018426835 and obvious smut warning -Tanisha<3)

House-sitting. Probably one of the coolest common chores a person could be hired to do. Getting paid to do measly tasks like take in the newspaper and water half-dead plants, and just lazy around and eat someone else’s food. It was really your idea of a good weekend.

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r u still taking requests? if u r can u do 31 or 36 w/tree bros? love ur writing btw

31: you lied to me
36: I wish I could hate you
Word count: 465
(Ahh thanks!)

“Happy birthday babe!” Evan exclaimed as he hugged Connor on his front porch. “You’re 25, and you’re officially an old man. Too old for me, I’m like a cougar.”

“Ev, you’re two months younger than me.”

“Yes, I’m still young and naive, while you’ve got one foot in the grave.”

“Stop bullying me, it’s my birthday.”

“Sorry Con.”

“Don’t apologize. Anyways, are you ready to go?” Evan nodded, and they headed out on their date to the fancy French restaurant in town, Le Pomme de Terre.

Once they got there they ordered their food, and Evan did it all by himself, making Connor proud of him.

“Thank you Ev for taking me out to dinner tonight. This is one of the best birthdays ever.”

“One of?”

“Well when I was four I had a Chuck E. Cheese party, and it was amazing.

Evan laughed. “You look beautiful tonight. I mean you always look beautiful because you’re just such a beautiful person but you look extra beautiful today because you’re dressed up all nice with your button up shirt and nice pant and your hair looks so beautiful today pulled into that fancy bun, you just look amazing, and your eyes look so bright and blue, I just love you so much.”

“I love you too Ev, thank you, and you look handsome as well.” Evan blushed.

“Well, I know I said I didn’t get you anything because you didn’t want anything, but I, I uh got you a little gift for your birthday.”

“You lied to me?!” Connor over dramatically and sarcastically exclaimed.

“Please don’t hate me.”

“I wish I could hate you. You really didn’t have to get me anything. You’re already paying for dinner, and being with you for all these years is already enough of a gift.”

“Well I want to be with you and be your gift forever more.” Evan got out of his seat and lowered down on one knee, earning a gasp from the other boy. “Connor, since the day I met you, you’ve changed my life. You’ve made me a better person, and I like to believe that I make you a better person. We fit together. However unlikely our relationship is, we work together, and I love you so much, so will you, Connor Murphy, do me the honor of being my husband?”

“Oh my god Evan, yes! Oh my god thank you!” Evan slipped the silver band around Connor’s finger, and then Connor pulled him in for a kiss. The two boys were so caught up in the moment, that they didn’t realize the other restaurant goers applauding them. “Evan, I love you so much, thank you.”

“Are you still mad I bought you a gift?”

“Of course not.” Connor replied, pulling Evan into a hug.

officer jeon

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Bts reaction when their girlfriend says love me then hugs them.

Thanks for the request. Okay so…


He would just like hold you and kiss your forehead stopping whatever he was doing to pay more attention to you. Like his princess needs attention and it is only right for a prince to love his princess.

“Okay, okay. I’m paying attention😂.”


He would just like cuddle up to you. He might not stop what he was doing, but he’d make sure to give you more attention than he did before.

“Like I love you so much you don’t even understand.”

“I love you too Y/N.”


He would already be paying attention to you because he loves you more than the moon and stars combined. Although you would ask him to love you he’d be loving you more than you could ever imagine.

“Love me Hobi!”

“I already am.”


He would most likely tease you about it. You would hug him and he would pick you up off of him and run. He loves that you wanted attention he just wanted to see how needy for attention you would get after.

“I hate you!”

“Love you too Y/N.”


Just like Jin he would stop whatever he was doing to pay more attention to his princess. He would cuddle her tightly and give her little cheek and forehead kisses just to show you that he is paying attention and that he loves you a lot.

“I will kiss every inch of your face and will not leave a single spot untouched.”

“I won’t be mad by that.”

“I love you, princess.”

“I love you too, prince.”

Taehyung: (he is my bias sooo…this ‘bout to be cute af.)

Tae would lift off of your feet and spin you around before picking you up and taking you so you both could hug and cuddle. He’ll listen to you you’ll listen to him. Him being himself he would say weird things and do weird things with you. And you would do the same because it was just the weird couple you were.

“Why is it when you say ‘touch’ your lips don’t touch but when you say 'seperate’ they touch?”

“What the fu-.”


Kookie. Kookie. Kookie. He about to give you hell. Just like Rap Mon he would tease you about it. But this is to no end. He would listen but when you wanted to hug him he would dodge you and run away having you chase him. Then after you get tired of him he would come and back hug you, and leave little pecks on your neck, and telling you how much he loves you.

*out of breath* “You know what since you won’t love me I’ll ask Jimin then.”

*back hugs you* “No! Don’t leave me I love you more than Jimin ever could!”

“I wanted to tease you back. How does it feel Maknae!”

“I hate you but I love you at the same time.”

“Me too, baby bun.”

I am sorry if this isn’t what you wanted I sort of suck at these so I apologize if it is lame. But I honestly thought it was pretty good. But tell me if you didn’t like it everyonr has their own opinions.


This is random and started as something that wasn’t GMW. I think I got all of it switched, but if I missed something I apologize. 

Summary: AU where the clique six weren’t the clique six. Lucas wasn’t the best friend. He and Riley never dated, but he and Maya have something back in high school. What happens when they meet up at a wedding years later?

You hit me category five
With your smile
Blew me away
And girl, it ain’t but midnight
You done killed the lights
Bent my heart back to your bedside

She wasn’t sure why she decided to come to that dastardly get together. Her best friend had all but begged her to make an appearance at the party the was being held after her rehearsal dinner. As maid of honor—it would look bad if she didn’t show up to everything that involved the wedding. It didn’t matter she needed to be up at the crack of the dawn to get Riley ready for her wedding.
So there she sat, at the hotel bar chewing on the stirrer that came with her fruity drink that she couldn’t remember the name of. It wasn’t from having one too many, but all of the names blended together. It had peaches and strawberries in it and it didn’t burn her throat as it went down and that was all that mattered to her.

“Do you want another one?” The bartender asked who looked creepily like her math teacher senior year even down to the kind smile that exuded his unshaven face.

She gave a polite smile—the same she reserved for her student’s parents. “Just a water please.”

She hears a throat clearing and she turns to see two boys from high school standing in front of her.

Curse her best friend for marrying her high school crush. They had ran into each other when he came in with a bad burn he had gained during a lab practical. Riley was the nurse on duty and by the end of the visit, he was asking her out for coffee.

“Maya, right?”

She squinted her eyes, reminding herself to be kind to Billy. It didn’t matter that they had had classes together since first grade when he moved to their town. It didn’t matter she was his tutor for a year their junior year of high school.

He was annoying then and it seemed like he was going to be annoying now. He was using the classic, I think I know your name and you are going to feel great when I remembered correctly. But they both knew he remembered her name just as well as she knew his. 

“Mhmm” She settled with the nicest thing she could think of. She wasn’t the same girl as she was in high school.

High school Maya was crass and rude. She was angry and spent more time glaring than grinning. She had a reputation she wasn’t proud of and if she was going to have to spend this whole weekend with Abigail Adams High Alumni, she wasn’t going to be that hateful girl.

“What are you doing sitting by yourself?”

At this point, Maya had completely ignored the body standing next to Billy. She wasn’t ready to look at him and see how much better looking he had gotten since graduation. She kept her eyes trained on the annoying tool talking to her.

She continued to chew the stirrer which had flattened considerably since she began—but hey it calmed her and stopped her from biting her nails and picking at her intricate hair style. Riley had put way too much time in the intricate crown braid and making Maya’s thick blonde hair into a messy bun with curls falling out of it and framing her face “perfectly” as Riley gushed. 

She shrugged hating how incredibly awkward she could be. “I don’t like crowds.”

“Billy, just get your drink and leave Maya alone.”

She looks at him then. His voice too much like home for her not to. His voice pulls her in like she is wrapped around cord that turns to wherever he is. His hair is shorter than it was in high school. No longer so long that he keeps it in a messy bun most days, but buzzed on the sides and longer on top—long enough for him to still run his hands through it to keep it standing up.

He is in a suit that looked like it is tailored to fit him and the charcoal eyes makes his green eyes pierce her once she finally looks into them.

“You know Maya?” Leave it to Billy to start the conversation acting like he had no idea who she was and ending it as though they are old friends.

Billy wasn’t a mean guy, he never was. Just perpetually stuck in high school and thinking who you were then meant who you were now. 

She has lost all focus of Billy. Too stuck staring at Lucas—their history flashing through each others eyes. Both thinking of how to answer that question.

With the truth?That it started with just staring at each other—though neither knew why that every time the other entered a class, they couldn’t stop staring.

They ended up purposely sitting in spots they could make eye contact—once again, you wouldn’t get them to admit it. Then, when we they passed each other in the hallway, they found each other getting closer and closer to the middle of the hallway—the outskirts of who they were walking with—for the chance they might just graze each other. 

His eyes searched hers as he thought of the times he refused to follow after her when she was upset with him because he said something hurtful.  Neither willing to have a relationship, but not being able to get enough of each other. He would corner her in a bathroom, she would find him in the locker room. They would get so close, close to being more than just a few kisses before inevitably one would walk away.

Admit when he got a girlfriend, neither stopped following after each other, though neither broke the cheating code of pulling each other in like they both so badly wanted to do.

Own up to the fact that months of toeing around each other ended with a night of debauchery after junior prom. Where he pulled her into his hotel room and she didn’t stop him. But that would mean they would have to admit that she left before he woke up and he was back with his girlfriend a week later.

The class jock and the rebellious artist didn’t make sense. They both knew that and so they never spoke about it. The following year, when of course they had four classes together, they sat as far away as possible and she never looked at him. Not until she had nowhere else to look their senior prom and once again—maybe it was the heightened adrenaline or being dressed up for dance—or maybe it gave them excuse to be near each other one more time before they graduated— he was pushing her against a wall and ruining her make up.

She told herself to stop and leave because it was going to just end with her hurt, but she was the opening her room that Riley’s parents had gotten incase they got too drunk and one Riley had no intention using (she had her own date’s room), and the next morning, she kicked him out and blamed it on the alcohol— alcohol that neither had drank.

“Just had a few classes together.” She can’t look away from him. Years of forcing herself to not think about him, to not miss him,  crumbles at the sight of him standing there— so close it was almost painful.

“Hmm, so what are you up to tonight?” Billy grinned and Maya sighs finally bringing her attention back to the other man there.

“I’m going to bed.” Billy is about to open his mouth and she almost can hear his crude pick up line, “No I don’t need help.”

She  pulls a twenty out of her sparkly clutch and slides it to the bartender who takes it graciously knowing her five dollar drink didn’t warrant a fifteen dollar tip, but he wasn’t about to question it. She gives him a kind smile and pulls herself off the stool gracefully.

Her pale pink dress falls heavily around her, swishing as the lace falls into place. Her pink suede Mary Jane’s click onto the tile and Maya pats her backside to rid of any wrinkles. She feels the fan induced chilly air hit her backside and she curses her past self for wearing the open back scalloped dress because though it kept her from overheating while they ran through the wedding at the church that had no air on, in the hotel bar it chilled her a little too much.

She could easily walk around them—pushing through Billy and making her way up to the room, but her feet have other ideas. She is stepping passed Lucas and she stops breathing when his hand inconspicuously caresses her forearm. He doesn’t grip her thin wrist, but it was as though he just needed some reason to feel her. She closes her eyes until she is out of reach and she feels like she can finally breathe again. 

She leaves the bar, clicks her way through the lobby and into the elevator. Once the doors close, she lets out a heavy breath and reaches for the bar to hold her upright. Well that was unexpected to say the least.

She should have figured he’d be here. Farkle and Lucas were friends in high school, not as close as Farkle was to Zay, but close enough to be on the guest list. It wouldn’t be like Riley would have asked for her permission since no one knew of the escapades that happened through out her last years of high school.
She’s nearing her hotel room, so close for the night being over and when she is right at door, she drops her keycard and the elevator bell dings.  She is begging God for it not to be Lucas getting off that elevator, but he must have sick sense of humor because once she stands back at up, she chances a glance at the open doors to find him stepping off.

Of course their rooms are the same floor. 

She looks up at the ceiling. “You are not nice.” She whispers and she wouldn’t be surprised if God and her grandmother are sitting together laughing at her misfortune.

He has stopped from his end of the hall, shocked to see her, and she could easily slip into the room, but they have both seen each other at this point, and it would lead to bigger issues if she coward her way out of this.

So she steps near him as he inches closer. 

“I’m sorry about Billy.”

“It’s okay. I’m sure he won’t remember in the morning.” 

He smiles at her and all those times Riley said Farkle made her weak in the knees makes sense because she is pretty sure she just wobbled. She is twenty two for God Sakes. She shouldn’t be this affected by a boy from when she was seventeen.

He stops in front of her, but not too close. Actually the space between is that awkward not close enough, but not too far. He can’t see her goosebumps and she can’t reach for him,  but close enough she can smell his cologne. 

Her heart is racing, pounding at an alarming rate and she feels with each breath she is gaining less and less air. 

“It’s been a while.”

It is so painfully awkward that she feels like her anxiety is clawing to come out, but she punches it away. “Five years.”

“What are you up to?”

She crinkles her nose at the question, finding the whole moment so odd and surreal: “I’m a Kindergarten teacher.”

He smiles such a proud smile that she almost preens. “That makes sense.”

“Yeah? Everyone else just looks on in confusion when I tell them.”

He steps closer now and she almost steps back, but she tells herself she is strong and so she stays firmly planted in her spot. 

“We aren’t the people we were in high school.” She knows he is talking about the fact people base their confused looks of intimidating Maya on being a Kindergarten teacher. She knows it has nothing to do with them—the decisions they made that led them to once again standing in a hotel hallway.

“What do you do?” She asks trying her hardest not breathe him in.

“I actually am a veterinarian.”

She grins because she has to. There is no other option after hearing he was doing something he loved. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” He smiles because he can’t help it. She is smiling at him and it is just as beautiful as it was before.

But then it is over because she can’t stand being so close to him even though it is irrational (because it is so irrational) and they both have taken turns in breaking the other down.

“I should probably be getting to bed.” She looks over her shoulder at the door to her room.

He nods stepping back from her and she has the mental image of reaching out to him. “Of course. Long day tomorrow.”

She nods and they stare for a few moments longer wondering if the other had anything else to say or do. 

But neither say a word and she nods and steps to turn. She makes it two steps before he calls her and her name flows out of his mouth so easily that she feels like her insides might burst.

She turns to him. “You bringing anyone tomorrow?”

She is so floored by the question that she doesn’t even have time to think about the weight of what he was asking. “No. You?”


She nods and sighs a heavy oh before believing the conversation is over. She once again inches towards the door and before she can even comprehend it—his hand is wrapping around her arm once again, but this time gripping tightly and pulling her around into him.

Their lips find each other with ease and she stumbles only slightly into him—his right arm wrapping around her waist to steady her, his left tangling into her hair and effectively ruining her updo.

It felt just like it did before. Overwhelming and heart wrenching and the feeling of falling through the air. Him kissing her was like she had never been touched before and he is holding so tightly as though he is afraid at any moment, she would disappear just like she always seems to.

Her back finds a wall and she pulls at his shirt trying anyway she possibly can to pull him closer. His tongue battling with her and his hands holding her face tightly.He pulls away and she whimpers at the loss, opening her eyes to him staring down at her. Even in four inch heels, he towers over her.

“It is irrational to have missed you so much.” She whispers out of breath and he nods, trying to catch his and planting his hands on either side of her head.
“It shouldn’t still feel like this to be near you.” She continues and again—he nods.

“You hurt me so much last time.” It pains him to hear it and he closes his eyes to not see her broken features. It pained him to think of the stupid things he did when he was a teenager. His adult self cursed his teenage self for walking away from her all those times. For allowing her to kick him out the morning after prom. “And I hurt you.”

“We aren’t the same people we were in high school.” He whispers and it is her time to nod. 

Her body was battling with itself. She shouldn’t rush into this. All of these feelings could subside by morning and then she is left feeling broken just like she did last time. 

But she had gotten through it before—and now they were adults. And the way he was acting and the things he was saying and the way his heart was racing just as fast as hers had her heart begging her brain to not walk away from him again.

“I won’t leave this time.” She finally says, looking into his dark eyes.

“I won’t let you.” He responded pulling her back up to meet his lips and she sighs against him.

It doesn’t take long for her to be pulled down the hall and into his room. For him to shed her dress and her to throw his tie across the room. For her to hold tight as he picks her up and settle her gently on the bed. It isn’t fast like it was back then when both were too afraid the other was going to realize how ridiculous it all was.

Instead, he takes his time kissing up and down her body. He slowly brings her to the edge with his tongue and fingers before she is clawing at him to bring his face back into contact hers. He enters her at such a lingering pace that she has to slam her eyes shut before he is whispering at her to look at him.

“I missed you.” He whispers and he stares into her eyes and she feels like she could spontaneously combust on the spot. She tries to respond but her body has other thoughts in mind as it pushes her over and she breathily and quietly cries out his name, he not far behind her.

And for the first time, they don’t rush to pull away from each other or push the other away. Instead he watches her for moments and moments and when he finally rolls off her, he pulls her into his side and she wraps her arms around his middle.

They fall asleep that way and when they wake up in the morning, he grins at her still sleeping form and rouses her awake once again.

She doesn’t blame what they did on anything other than the feelings she somehow still felt for him. She tells him to save her a dance and he doesn’t hesitate to agree.    

The Royal Wedding

Hey guys! So for the past two weeks, I have been participating as a tlc secret santa. I have written so many fics during those two weeks and now, I have a final Christmas gift for @drew-tanaka-is-my-wife and for @tlcsecretsanta who have been amazing!

Hope you all like it (and sorry if it’s quite long lol) 😀

Cinder was nervous- heck, had she ever been this nervous? Even though it had lessened yesterday when Kai snuck into her room at night, her anxiety had started up again in the morning.

She was worried about her vows. She already knew Kai’s vows would be perfect and despite getting used to speeches being written for her (with some participation on her part), she wanted to do this herself. She felt so much for Kai and didn’t know how to put it into words. She would think about them when the time comes, she thought.

As the maids curled her fringe and brushed on make up, Cinder rubbed her sweaty hand against her thigh. She took several deep breaths, calming her erratic heart rate. She blinked away the warning on her interface.

She thought about what Kai must be doing at this moment. She smiled as she thought of his carefree smile, his gorgeous, mesmerising brown eyes, his-

‘Now that’s the kind of smile I want to see from my dear empress to be!’

Cinder glanced in the mirror, smiling as she caught sight of Iko. 

Cinder gasped. 

Iko wore a beautiful, blue fitted dress that reached her ankles. Her braided hair was opened out and voluminsed, almost looking like a blue cloud around her head. Cinder attempted to turn her head around but remembering the maids around her, she stayed in place. 

‘Wow, Iko. You look amazing!‘ 

Iko grinned from ear to ear. She twirled, showing Cinder every part of her dress.  ‘Thank you!‘ 

Iko whistled as she stopped behind Cinder. 

‘You are looking fab-u-lous! I’ve always said you would look amazing if you dressed up!’ Iko complimented. 

Cinder grinned, her cheeks heating up. 

‘Well, it’s hard to think about dressing up when everyone takes one glance at this,’ Cinder raised her cyborg hand, ‘and runs away, disgusted.‘ 

Iko gawked at her. 

‘Seriously? Times have changed now, Cinder. Do you know how many fans you have?’

Instantly, Cinder’s interface was bombarded by millions of feeds- fanart of Kai and Cinder, articles on what dress they thought Cinder might look good in, praise on the funding she had done for cyborg children, polls on whether Cinder would be anything like Levana (she highly doubted that) and even comments on her work of encouraging lunar and earthen marriages which some people were still skeptical about. 

Cinder blinked away the results.

‘Too much to count, it seems.’

Iko dismissed the maids, saying she would take it from here. She tightened Cinder’s bun at the back, a huge smile on her face. She reached over Cinder’s shoulder for the flower embedded comb that was attached to her veil. She ran the comb into the front of her bun and smoothed down her veil from behind. 

Iko leaned her face against Cinder’s. 

'Who would have thought that a cyborg and an android would be so welcomed by the people of New Beijing?’ Iko said, her voice dripping with awe. 

Cinder sighed.

'Do you think Peony would hate me?’ Cinder asked. 

Iko side glanced at her. 

'Why would you think that?’

'Well, you remember how much Peony loved Kai. She had posters of him everywhere in her room. And here I am, marrying the man of her dreams.’

Iko laughed, shaking her head. She crouched beside Cinder, holding her hands in hers. 

'Do you know what I think? I think Peony is watching up there, swooning at the both of you. Peony loved you dearly, you know. If she was here now, she’d probably scold at you for being so depressing on your wedding day.' 

They both laughed. 

Cinder stared at Iko with a warm smile. 

'I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have you, Iko.' 

Iko sniffed. 

'Are you trying to make me cry, Cinder? Because even though I can’t cry, it sure leaves an awful feeling in my stomach. Luckily you can’t cry or else you would have ruined your make up.’

Iko straightened up. 

Come on, up you get. Let me see how you look.' 

Iko stepped back. Cinder rose from her chair and paused behind it, giving Iko a full view of her dress. 

White lace covered her from her neck to her breasts before camouflaging into her silk dress. Intertwined in the lace, was a silhouette shape of two planets, joining together at the middle- representing Earth and Luna.

The elegant, white dress clung perfectly to her slim waist, flowing outwards from her hips in a dome shape.

Cinder twirled, revealing her lace- covered shoulders and partially bare back. Cinder spun back around, liking the way her dress swished at her ankles. 

Iko clasped her hands together, excitement rolling off her in huge waves.

On cue, the door creaked open to reveal Winter, Scarlet and Cress. Cinder stared with awe at their dresses. 

Their red Chinese styled dresses were carved perfectly to their figures. Beautiful pink blossoms were pinned into the side of their hair.

Cress’s eyes widened.

'You look beautiful, Cinder!’ She exclaimed.

Cinder smiled, her blush deepening. 

'Kai is a lucky man,’ Scarlet teased, caressing her baby bump. 

Winter approached Cinder. She held her face in her hands and kissed her forehead tenderly. 

'My dear cousin, you are quite a sight. Fit for an Empress,’ Winter complimented, winking. 

Cinder thanked them and complimented them back.

Cinder stared at each of them, overwhelmed at the attention. She glanced down at her hands. She had once felt ugly, unworthy of attention. And here she was now, being spoiled of it. 

'Ok, girls, how about a group pic before we go!’ Iko cheered.

As the group gathered together and Iko held out her portscreen, Cinder smiled widely. 

Thank God she couldn’t cry. If she could, she would probably fill the whole room with them.  ——

The night sky brightened and sparkled with booming, multicoloured fireworks. The streets filled with the cheers of people as they watched the parade go by- dragons dancing along, music guiding their every move. Even some lunar acrobats danced by, using their glamour to change into different animals for the children.

Some children created lanterns with their parents, drawing moons intertwined with earths to symbolise four years of peace between the two planets since Levana’s reign. 

Kai laughed along as he watched the parade from the broadcast screens displayed inside and outside the ballroom. This was not only a day of his happiness but a day of happiness for his people. Finally, after two years of preparation, Kai and Cinder were getting married. 

Those two years had been busy - with Cinder moving into the palace and getting adjusted to it, Kai and Cinder being broadcast at different places where they tried to unite lunars and earthens (including attending wedding of lunars and earthens) and stopping the degradation of cyborgs.

Kai smiled as he saw little children with cyborg limbs, hopping up and down on the spot with delight, mixed in between other excited children.

They had done good so far, Kai thought. He was proud of how much of an inspirational figure Cinder had become. 

He stood at the altar, watching as guests filed into the ball. He was surprised to see some of the commonwealth minsters here too- some of them still couldn’t get past the idea of Cinder being a lunar. 

He glanced around at the beautiful decorations. Red, paper lanterns hung in rows across the ceiling, their light giving the ballroom a romantic feel. Sweet, honey- like aromas diffused in the air, mixing with the delicious aromas of food. They filled his nose with delight. 

Waiters rushed around the ball, giving the guest refreshments whilst the wedding preparations were still in progression.

He noticed Wolf, Thorne, Jacin at the table with the refreshments, dressed in black suits. A red blossom sat in their suit pockets. They were also joined by kinney- the guard he had met on Luna. Wolf ate away at his food whilst Thorne talked and laughed. Kinney laughed along whilst Jacin cracked a small smile at what Thorne had said- a first. 

Kai stared up at the top of the stairs, his mind reverting back to when Cinder had stumbled into the ball, her dress wet and dirty, but her eyes bright. He smiled. Cinder had quite a knack for entrances. 

He shifted on his feet, awaiting her presence.

'Eager to get married, are we?' 

Kai turned to his side to find Torin strolling to him, also wearing a black suit. A grin pulled on the corner of his mouth.

Kai rubbed the nape of his neck. 

'Yeah, I guess I am. I have been waiting two years for this. Can you blame me for wanting to make her my empress already?’ Kai replied. 

Torin approached Kai and held him by his shoulders. 

'You have grown to become a great man, Kaito. Just like your father,’ Torin said.

Kai felt a lump in his throat. 

He wished his father was here, to witness who he had become. His father’s absence dampened his excitement. 

As if reading his mind, Torin said,  'It was not easy for you to pick up where your father had left off. The letumosis disease had taken him from us far too quickly. But you kept faith even when everyone else doubted you. If it wasn’t for you and your friends, we would all have been ruled over by Levana. Take pride in what you have done. Your father would have been very proud of you. As am I to you.' 

Torin pulled him into a tight hug. Kai held back his tears and patted Torin’s back. 

'Thank you, Torin.' 

They pulled apart. 

Torin smiled. 

'Now I’d best get preparing. I do have a wedding to officiate after all.’ Torin walked towards the altar. 

Kai had asked Torin if he would be willing to officiate their wedding. He had known him ever since he was a child and couldn’t think of any other way to thank him and honor him by giving him this privilege. Torin was touched and agreed. 

At that moment, Wolf, Scarlet and Jacin joined him. Wolf patted him on the back. Kai noticed Thorne’s absence. The two guys had reassured him that he would be back in time.

Kai rubbed his hands with glee as he glanced around. He stared back at the top of the stairs and waited for Cinder to appear. 


Getting through the street was hectic but exhilarating. As they all hurried along, Iko handing Cinder her bouquet and commanding the servants to hold the helm of Cinder’s dress, all Cinder could think of was Kai, waiting at the altar. And how she was going to get down those stairs without falling. 

Iko had bought these matching white high heels for her wedding dress- she got the cyborg shoe made for her especially. It took a bit of time for Cinder to get used to them but she could handle them now. She hoped they would be secure enough.

Cinder ran through the plan in her head. 

As the parade would finish, she would walk down the street, greeting the people before she ascended into the ball room. It was Iko’s idea- she was her wedding planner after all. Iko wanted it to feel almost like a journey, how Cinder once used to be a mechanic in a poor street and was now about to be an Empress. 

Empress. The word still felt foreign to her. Cinder had grown used to 'Queen’ but 'Empress’ was taking it a step further. More responsibilities to uphold. The thought of her being empress scared her, but she knew that with Kai by her side, she would get through it. 

'Hello ladies,’ a familar, smug voice sounded before them.

Cinder shook out of her reverie.

Thorne leaned against a market stall, a playful grin on his face. 

His eyes lingered at them all and rested on Cress. He grinned widely, making Cress blush. 

'You all look very stunning, even you Cinder, if i have to admit.' 

Cinder laughed, resisting the urge to nudge his arm. 

'Thank you. Shouldn’t you be with Kai?’ Cinder asked, her heart beat peaking slightly.

Thorne waved his hand dismissively. 

'Yes, I know. But I wanted to ask you something first.' 

Cinder raised an eyebrow.

Thorne straightened up, his face growing serious. 

'I know you felt awkward about going down the aisle on your own. So I was wondering… if you would like me to walk down the aisle with you?’ Thorne asked. 

Cinder’s heart warmed. She cleared the emotion from her throat.

'Thorne… That is…’

'Sweet, I know.’ Thorne smirked. He held her hands.

'Although I may not show it, your friendship does mean a lot to me. If it wasn’t for you, I would have escaped that prison cell later than I would have wanted. And I wouldn’t have met Cress.’ He glanced at her and winked. 

'So I want to make it up to you. What do ya say?' 

Cinder pulled a one sided grin. 

'As long as you don’t step on my dress or flirt with the guests, then why not?’

Thorne smiled widely. 

'I promise I will be on my best behaviour. Unless I’m near Cress, then I don’t know about that,’ Thorne teased.

'Thorne!’ Cress lightly punched his shoulder before planting a quick kiss on his cheek.

Cress, Iko and winter positioned themselves in front of Cinder.  

Thorne stood beside Cinder, curling her arm around his. He pushed his chest out with pride. 

'Shall we?’

With a nod, they all strolled through the crowded street. Extravagant music sounded, announcing Cinder’s arrival. The people separated, leaving a pathway decorated with crimson petals. 

Cinder held back her gasp, keeping her eyes focused on the several faces that greeted her. 

The people bowed and cheered as she walked past. She smiled as the children held up their lanterns with radiant smiles. Their parents lit them up and let them float into the sky. A whole array of purple, yellow and blue lanterns swayed in the air, illuminating the night sky. 

Cinder spared a glance at the lanterns, a wide smile spreading across her face. Cress, Iko and Winter giggled with delight. Cinder thanked the children for the display. 

Gripping onto the side of her dress, Thorne escorted her up the stairs. With every step, Cinder remembered when she had first rushed up these very same stairs to warn Kai about Levana. How long ago that was now.  

Cinder felt a sense of tranquility flood through her as she reached the top of the stairs. 

This was it. 


This was it, Kai thought. From inside the ball, the muffled music in the distance informed him that Cinder was here. 

Kai noticed Thorne was still not here. Jacin and Wolf had then told him about Thorne’s plan to walk Cinder down the aisle. 

Kai was touched at Thorne’s offer. He noted to himself to thank Thorne when he saw him. 

Kai could hear the cheers and hoots of the people and saw several lanterns floating into the air. 

A sudden pang of nervousness hit him in his stomach. He ran a tentative hand through his hair and adjusted his red and yellow militia uniform. 

Cress, Iko and Winter glided down the steps, grinning widely. 

The crowd inside the ball gasped.

Kai followed their gazes and saw why. 

At the top of the stairs, stood Cinder, her arm interlocked with Thorne’s. 

His heart oozed with warmth. He let his jaw drop. 

Behind her veil, Cinder glanced at him, a beautiful smile across her face. 

Kai grinned widely, unable to cover his dumbstruck trance. 

Cinder watched the steps as she descended them gracefully. Thorne stared at Kai, giving him a 'isn’t she beautiful?’ look.

Kai nodded. 

Reaching the last step, Cinder strode to him, her eyes staring into his and only his. 

Kai felt his heart would explode at any moment. 

He glanced back at Torin who gave him an approved nod. 

Thorne left Cinder beside Kai and took up his place with Wolf and Jacin. Cress, Iko, Scarlet and Winter stood beside Cinder. 

'Hi,’ Kai greeted Cinder. 

'Hey,’ Cinder whispered. 

With her cyborg hand, she held onto his hand. 

'You look beautiful.' 

'You don’t look so bad yourself,’ Cinder replied, winking at him. 

Kai let out a small laugh. 

He nodded at Torin to begin.


Torin ran them through the customs- tying ribbons onto each other’s wrists and slipping rings onto each other’s fingers as they repeated words after Torin. 

Then came the vows. 

Cinder focused on Kai’s handsome smile, blinking away the warning of her blood pressure increasing. 

Kai cleared his throat and then recited:

'Cinder. Ever since we met, you always intrigued me. That day when I met you in your workshop, it was your eyes that surprised me. You had such sadness in them. I didn’t understand it at the time as all I saw was a independent, beautiful and talented woman working away in her workshop. 

'It was then that I realised I wanted to know more about you and why you were sad. And then eventually, all I wanted was to remove that sadness from you. When I found out about you being a cyborg and a lunar, I realised what you must have gone through. But despite that, it never changed how I felt about you. You were still that carefree mechanic who saw me as myself and not as a prince.' 

Kai rubbed her knuckles with his thumbs. His voice grew more soft.

'Fighting against Levana with you was the best time I’ve ever had. Yes, there was the stress of defeating Levana and all, but I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than you. I love you to the moon and back and no matter what people say about cyborgs and lunars, I will never judge you nor think you any less of a person than me. 

'I love you for who you are. And it would give me nothing but joy if you became my empress. I will love you, Cinder, till the day I die.' 

Kai kissed her knuckles. 

Goosebumps rushed through Cinder’s whole body. 

Cinder smiled, her eyes starting to ache with the urge to cry. She was right. His vows were perfect. 

Sighs of swoon echoed in the ballroom. 

Now it was Cinder’s turn. She took a deep breath before speaking:

'Kai, my beloved emperor. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have believed that dreams could come true. When you entered my workshop, all I could think about was telling my sister that you were there. And that you were as handsome as she had said.

'But when we kept bumping into each other, all I could think about was meeting you again and talking to you. You made me relax and forget that I was someone no one cared for.’

Cinder glanced up briefly at her surroundings.

'When you discovered I was a cyborg and lunar, in this very same place, I knew for sure that you wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I was a person of two species that people despised. But here you are, before me, loving me all the same. 

'You made me feel special when I thought I was nothing. You were willing to fight other people’s judgments to be with me. And there are no words that can describe how much love and respect I have for you.

'If i had to go through everything I did again, knowing that you would be my happily ever after, then I would. I love you with all my heart and I will stand by your side, no matter what. I promise I will never let that handsome smile of yours fade,’ Cinder finished, bringing his hands to her lips.  

Cinder could hear Iko sniff behind her. That was a good sigh. She smiled with relief. She relished the warmth that emitted from Kai’s smile. 

A moment of silence fell over them, the words absorbing into the crowd. 

And then Torin continued on. 

Two people approached them, holding cushions where two crowns rested.  

Kai folded her veil behind her head. 

As Torin announced them Emperor and Empress, Kai and Cinder leaned in to kiss. 

Cinder felt her insides melt as she felt his soft lips on hers. 

Applause and cheers echoed in the ball, reverberating through their bodies. They both pulled apart, the warmth dissipating between them.

They both faced the guests, their hands joined firmly. 

The crowns were planted onto their heads. 

Cinder’s heart pumped loudly. Full of life. 

It took her only a moment to register it- she was now an Empress of the Eastern commonwealth.


The ball was lively with music, dancing and laughter. It was funny to see how some of the guests really acted when they weren’t being broadcast to the people of New Beijing. Some of the guests ate away at the food served, like beasts. So much for etiquette. 

Cinder stifled a giggle. She glanced to her side where Thorne danced with Cress, who swayed on his toes and Jacin twirled Winter in circles. 

Scarlet and Wolf sat at a table, feeding each other some cake whilst Iko stood at another table where she gave a scolding look at Kinney. Kinney stopped munching his cake, a questioning look on his face. 

Cinder swayed on the dancefloor with Kai, her arms around his neck. She turned back to him. He pressed his forehead to hers, brushing his lips against hers. 

'So, Empress, what did you think of my vows?’ Kai asked, raising a curious eyebrow. 

Cinder smirked. 

'Very cheesy, but every bit sweet.’ Cinder gave him a kiss. 

Kai pulled a one sided grin. 

'I could say the same for you. I told you, you would be good at writing your own speeches. You need to believe in yourself.’

'Well, at least I got you to believe in me.' 

Out of nowhere, Thorne interrupted their dance. 

'May I have a dance with the 'empress’?’ Thorne asked with a smug smile. 

'I think you should stick to calling me Cinder. You make 'Empress’ sound creepy when you say it,’ Cinder teased. 

Thorne stuck his tongue out. 

Kai patted him on the shoulder.

'Thank you for walking Cinder down the aisle. I appreciate it,’ Kai said. 

Thorne nodded. 

'No problem. I always wondered how it must feel to have all that attention on you. It’s pretty exhilarating,’ Thorne said mischievously. 

Cinder nudged his arm. 

'Can’t even compliment you without you adding to it,’ Cinder remarked. 

Kai glanced up at the top of the stairs, a wide smile on his face.

He interlocked his hand with hers.

'Looks like that dance will have to wait, Thorne,’ Kai said.

As Thorne protested, Kai guided Cinder up the steps. Cinder asked Kai where he was taking her but he just told her to follow him.

They reached the top and walked along the platform. Kai guided her to two chairs in the corner, bathed in the moonlight. 

Cinder followed the light back up to its source, gawking at the sight of the bright moon in the distance.

'It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I thought it’d be a nice view to watch from here,’ Kai said, seating himself in his chair. Cinder straightened her dress from behind and sat back in the chair.

She couldn’t stop the sigh of relief escaping her lips. She realised then she had been in these shoes the whole day.

They both gazed up at the moon. 

'Do you miss being up there?’ Kai asked after a moment of silence.

Cinder shook her head. 

'It was never really my home, even though I was born up there. I guess it felt good in a way, being Queen of Luna. I could at least make some changes to Artemisia after how Levana ruled it. But not everything could be changed. Not everyone either. That’s why I decided to have a prime minister up there. Besides.’

Cinder glanced at Kai,

'This has always been my home. With you.' 

Kai reached for her hand and held it firmly. 

He caressed their hands with his free hand. He stroked them with thought.

'I know it will be difficult now that you are Empress. The responsibities and the demand of people and so on. And I know we still need to get rid of the stigma of lun-' 

Cinder leaned towards him. She stared into his eyes. 

'I know. And I am prepared for it. Nothing can be perfect. Although some things may be set in stone, it doesn’t mean we can’t etch new things on it. We will change things as best as we can. For the better,’ Cinder reassured, a confident smile on her face.

Kai nodded, matching her smile. 

'Spoken like a true empress.' 

As they exchanged a kiss and Kai changed the subject to their honeymoon, the moon shone brighter, bathing the whole palace in its glorious light.

eldiahope  asked:

here dress like pudding am her clogoing would so cute on you I kwon she evil but why she dress would look cute on you

I guess it’s cute, but I don’t really like long dresses…they restrict your movement so much.  There’s no way I could fight in this!!  And since my fur is white it kinda blends in….

I’d date anyone my age if they were nice and I wanted to!!  Luffy says Pudding’s bad, but that doesn’t mean all three-eyed people are bad!!

First I love you - Malia Tate AU imagine

A/N: thought of this cute fluffy imagine early this morning hope you enjoy & NO HATE LOVE IS LOVE NO MATTER THE GENDER!!! Xxx

Warnings: some smut didn’t go into so much detail & SUPER CUTE FLUFF

Pairing: Malia x Fem Reader


Today was our 6 month anniversary I was preparing a little dinner since I had the place to myself due to my parents going on a mini vacation to Florida. I was making Malia’s favourite deer and potatoes she’s gonna freak when she sees this, I bought a little number from the boutique near town it was this cute peach mini dress I placed my hair in a half up half down bun to top it all of with white lace lingerie for later.

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Some Things Are Meant To Be

It had been a long few months. Everyone knew that Rafael had wanted to be a judge for some time. After you two had gotten married he decided that he wanted to spend more time with you. He loved his position as ADA but it kept him away from home and you two had talked about starting a family. He did not want to be one of those parents whose kids only saw them at the breakfast table. The conversation had sparked after his abuelita died. She had always told him he would be a judge. So you took a break trying for kids and spent all your time doing whatever you needed to help Rafi get there.

That was six months ago. At the beginning it was fun but the last half you had just been so exhausted and had been sick a lot. But tonight was the night of the results and you hoped that after this, things might cool down.

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anonymous asked:

long haired seb wearing a bun. thoughts?

listen, here is another example of times that sebastian stan has done things and left me speaking double standards bc i actually hated the “man bun” trend, like….so much. But Sebastian with the bun? That was my shit man, I loved it, look how soft he looked