i hate the bun so much

The SLBP Lords As Cute Baby Animals.

Nobunaga: No-BUN-aga

Mitsuhide: Respectable tea drinking baby pig

Inuchiyo: Very Doge Much Cute

Hideyoshi: This monkey has his same hair style.

Mitsunari: He reminds me of a blue butterfly but he hates insects so I chose an owl as the next best thing.

Ieyasu: The only animal I’ve ever see him like is a falcon so, BOOM, baby falcon.

Kenshin: A baby crane admiring nature

Shingen: Adorable Baby Tiger

Yukimura: Precious yukimura kitten is precious

Saizo: Don’t underestimate this cute white fox, he has a darkness inside him.

Masamune: I want to snuggle this baby dragon

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Kojuro: Bontenmaru? Oh nope that’s Kojuro.

Shigezane: Looked up cutest baby animal and this is the first thing that showed up because he is my bias. Shigezane the Hedgehog 

Stages of getting a pixie cut:

1. Should I do this?
2. I’m gonna do this
4. Ok so this bedhead is awful
5. But it’s so easy!!
6. I love it
7. …
8. I can’t do anything with this
9. I look ugly
10. I hate this
11. It’s too much work
12. I just want buns and braids and ponytails
13. I’m gonna grow it out it won’t take that long

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Okay okay but consider this..... Simon and Baz in beanies


You’ve heard of the Baz-bun, now get ready for


Simon has this new piece of cloth, and worse, he puts in on his head, hiding all his luscious locks, the warm bronze of his hair that gleams like gold in the sunlight, and Baz hates it. He hates it so much.

‘Why are you wearing this awful thing every day, Snow?’

One day he can’t take it anymore. Baz frees Simon’s head of this so hated fabric and puts it on his own head, to show him how awful it looks. But Simon just nods,

‘Yeah, you’re right, it shouldn’t be me wearing it,’ and he adjust it properly and gently, with a new look in his eyes. ‘it should be you.’

Because every-day-in-a-suit-Baz looks f*cking good in a casual beanie, and Simon loves it to death.

[here’s the fanart w/o the ask ♥]


@metalhat tagged me to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song I listened to, and my last selfie….better late than never right?

Lock screen and home screen:

…..still the same as the last tag thing….so I just reused those images….I almost never change them. Lol.

Last song I listened to:

Ej Till Dig by Lillasyster…..I hate this stupid goddamn piece of shit band…..why you ask? Because I love them so much.😳💙😭😍🇸🇪

Last selfie:

I only take selfies when I like the art I’ve done with make up. Lol. So my last selfie is from when I went to see John5…..I’ve been a glasses wearing, hair up in a bun, glued to my computer screen working on photos since. Lol. Nothing to see here.😂

I have no idea who’s done this or not so I will tag @slytherin13-blog @spice-ghoul and @dysphorakai 😊💙

Me playing until dawn

*likes josh*
Me: he’s such a cinnamon bun who went through so much
*pick Ashley or josh*
*josh gets cut in half*
*starts game again and finds out no matter what you choose you can’t pick josh*
Me: I hate this game.
*finds out josh was alive and played prank*
Me: you crazy bitch! Jessica is dead! *whispers* I still love you child
*josh goes missing*
*finds josh*
Me: I’ll take care of you my princess
*couple seconds later he dies*

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I know you would probably hate to see my face, but honestly that doesn't really matter too much in the end, does it? -The Hatter

Without so much as a glance, the cat bundled her hair into a messy bun and sat, staring out over the moonlit river. “That depends on what you want. If you were chasing redemption, a simple apology would put her higher than Vian currently is, what with the petty backwater excuse he gave me for not protecting me. Such a sorry Skree, no wonder the others point their noses up. Maybe if he let go of his ego…”


If everything in the voltron fandom wasn’t so damn focused on LANCE THIS LANCE THAT LANCE LANCELNACE it would have been so much more enjoyable

Like, yeah sure I like Lance, he’s a very good bun.
y'know that feeling of when you eat too much of your favorite food and then you just
start to hate it?



Today is actually kind of important to me. I’ve only ever worn my hair back in a bun once and with a hat on. The kind of town I live in is incredibly conservative and for the most part everyone dresses and styles themselves the same way. I hate having people comment on my appearance or body at work because I transitioned while working there and because the views are really so backwards.

But I’m doing it. Hopefully I can navigate today without too much comment. Wish me luck.

A redraw of a picture frome exactly one year ago, my first drawing ever to be posted on tumblr.

Happy Ava’s dDemon Anniversary, here’s to many more! And happy birthday to our most beloved lava bun, precious cinnamon roll wrapped in fire and death. Happy birthday, Ava Ire! May happiness finally come your way this year!


Ashton appreciation post - ROWYSO Amsterdam, May 20th

  • doctor: so, what seems to be the problem?
  • me: okay, here's the problem... I really miss Kaneki and I just miss his beautiful tragedy so I feel bad for missing his pains, but I really miss that baby, and at the same time omg I love Haise so much he's adorable and he's strong despite people thinking he's weak I mean he's working among people who literally hate him for everything he hasn't done and these people have personal hatred against ghouls and there he is this little bun who is kind to them all no matter what but he's also aware what's happening and he's serious when he needs to be and he also likes puns and he's so lonely even lonelier than Kaneki I mean Kaneki knew he had friends and he stayed away from them but Haise can't tell which one of his 'friends' are real friends and don't actually hate him and he's scared of losing control because he's wiser than Kaneki but omg I miss Kaneki so much that baby is precious so you see I'm scared instead of merging these two actually become separated and one of them disappears and ruins my life and I just can't deal with all the feels this whole thing is giving me. So. Yeah.
Questions I STILL have about Dr. Frank-N-Furter...

💋 Does he ever take his makeup off?
💋 Does he ever actually sleep?
💋 Does he ever leave his castle?
💋 Who is his father?
💋 What do his parents look like?
💋 Has he ever tried to fuck Riff Raff?
💋 Why did he originally leave Transsexual to live on earth?
💋 How does he get his hair so fucking big?
💋 Honestly, what was he going to do with Brad, Janet, Rocky, Dr.Scott and Columbia after the floor show was over?
💋 How old is he supposed to be?
💋 What does his “4711” tattoo mean?
💋 Why is he so hostile towards celery?
I mean come on, I hate celery just as much as you do Frank, but there’s no need to send it flying across the dinning room. Calm the fuck down honey buns.

(There has been way too much anon hate recently and it needs to stop! I’m not gonna put up with anons that want to put down my precious little babies. This fandom is for everyone. No matter their style, body type, language, culture, or whatever! We don’t need sick people who get a rise out of insulting others and putting them down just for fun. So if you seriously don’t have anything nice to say, then DON’T SAY IT! If you type something that would offend you if someone sent it to you, DON’T SEND IT! Simple as that!)