i hate the boons

I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.

So the whole ‘finger print’ thing from the end of season 4 has bugged me for a while. I’ve come to the conclusion based on ‘evidence’ below that no one messed with the prints, or tried to help get Red out of hot water… Instead I believe that they are in fact prints from a completely unknown person that is somehow involved in this whole mess…

Gale told Ressler that they found perfect fingerprints on the record player brush that Kate apparently missed while she was cleaning up after Fowler’s death.

And Ressler admitted to Samar that he turned the prints in to be run.

But when the prints came back, Ressler tells Gale - and the rest of the Task Force - that they didn’t match. 

Gale says that’s impossible. Ressler says the results are accurate and that the ‘unsub’ isn’t in the system.

Liz then questions Red about it, and asks him how he switched the results.

But Red seems genuinely confused and tells Lizzie he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Ressler tells Samar at the end of the episode that the prints should have matched Red’s, (or at the very least, the fingerprints that are on file of the man we KNOW as Red.) And yet they didn’t.

But then I remembered a strange, yet seemingly innocent (and at the time unimportant) comment made by Gale earlier in the episode about the Gordon Lightfoot vinyl record that was playing during the scene when Red killed Fowler in season 1…

^^^^^^(SO WHO’S PRINTS ARE THOSE?!!!) ^^^^^^

Could someone else have been in the house before Red was there (minutes, days, weeks, months) and put that record on the player, (and also touched the record cleaning brush) who was also somehow involved in the night of the fire and/or the disappearance of Red’s family on Christmas Eve?

And was that person in Diane Fowler’s house as an accomplice of her’s, or in fact on Red’s side and trying to help him by pressuring her to come clean (or at least back off?)

And just as a note, Red DID in fact start the record player in the killing scene of Fowler, but we never see him actually place the physical record on the player… or touch the brush, which he seems to know nothing about when Liz confronts him in ‘Philomena.’

Still too early to tell who this mysterious person is, or who’s side they’re ultimately on, but it seems that there is definitely someone else at play in the game…

So we were talking the other day about New Vegas companions and how they were received by the community; Arcade is pretty much universally loved, and probably the one who got the most hate was Boone.

Expanding on the Boone hate (which I was greatly exposed to when I first got to Tumblr), Toasty mentioned that a lot of people didn’t like how angsty he was, which was a main factor in his character design.

I thought about that a little bit and finally came back with this: As always, preference on companion use is always valid (and Boone’s not great for people who actually want to kill things themselves), not particularly liking his personality is fine too (different strokes for different folks), but thinking he was a poorly made character sticks in my craw, and here’s why.

Boone saw a lot of shit while serving.  Not just Bitter Springs; he makes it clear he had to shoot plenty of his comrades who’d been crucified by the Legion.  And while mental health is something strongly pushed by the Followers of the Apocalypse, the NCR had severed official ties to them two years before the first battle of Hoover Dam (opting for the OSI, which was focused on tech than the health of their people).

So instead of getting any kind of treatment for the horrors he’d seen, the NCR cut Boone loose when he didn’t reenlist.  To make things even worse, the NCR’s failure to secure the area along the Colorado indirectly cost Boone his wife, and since he’d given up taking the NCR’s orders to mercy kill prior, you can imagine how well that went in his head.

So now we have a man ruined by the country he signed on to protect. I see Boone as an analogy of how fucked the NCR is in the Mojave.  And, depending on what kind of courier you’re playing, either another thing for the NCR to answer for or another carelessly made mess for you to deal with.

As for the people who call him a “bitch” for how he acts, let’s put this into perspective.  The only other companions who’s got as tragic a back story (one could potentially say worse) was Raul.  The major, horrible events in Raul’s life happened 200 and (roughly) 125 years ago, the things Boone went through happened 3 and 1-2 years ago (if even that, since we don’t know exactly when Carla died). Two or three years to deal with something over two or three lifetimes and you see why Raul acts a little more stable.

In short: Boone’s behavior is pretty damn normal for someone went through the shit he went through with no emotional support and his character was a useful contribution to the story as it showed you directly how fucked the NCR’s Mojave campaign is.

Dear Blacklist Writers *Update* Brandon has read and responded to this!

Dear Blacklist Writers,
On behalf of a lot of your fans, I say this with all respect.
We’re tired.
We won’t be around come April 7th. Our PVRs may still record it, some may just download it, but please know we won’t be watching it.
So apologies to your advertisers in advance.
Before you ignore this, know that we were dedicated hardcore fans, that couldn’t wait for a new episode. In fact we ended up writing our own fanfic just to pass the time.
Now we write them to fix the mistakes and continuity errors you’ve made.
When we went down this road together, The writing was gritty, the character development was on point, Spader was on top of his game, the mystery was enthralling, and Boone was pleasant.
Sadly no more. The only thing keep you up is one man - and it isn’t Ryan.
You see, we’ve caught on.
You’ve taken a character that we were into and we got to watch her slowly grow and develop. Only for it to be all taken away - a complete and utter character assassination for the sake of a redemption arc. Now people not only hate the character, but Boone as well. I understand this hate is completely misguided. As the blame should be put on you.
Speaking of character assassination, You’ve destroyed or pushed aside other characters for the sake of one character and\or storyline.
You went from an amazing first half to a horrendous repetitive second half that had no bridge in between.
You’ve used the same petty “I hate Red” plot point over, and over and over again. Followed by the “I like Red”. Plot point, over and over again.

You’ve forgotten how great this show was, and what it was all about. Sadly, so have we.

Somewhere along the way you thought your fans were stupid, but even now the less hardcore fans are crying foul on all your Social Media accounts. Tired of the repetitive love triangle. Fed up with the baby story, exhausted with Tom and I’m afraid not even Spader can save you now.

I’m writing this, in hopes you will pull up your socks and do better. We know you can, we’ve seen it. It hurts and makes us angry to know what this show can be, and what its become.

Your actors deserve better, especially Ms. Boone - she doesn’t deserve the backlash for your misogynistic writing. Spader deserves to be on a show that doesn’t teeter-totter around. The rest of your cast deserves to be more present on the show and consistently written well.

All we want is consistent, linear story telling. Not the same stuff over and over again. Please. For the sake of your jobs, the advertisers, the network, and your fans.

Write better.

A fan.


If you wish to screen grab this and post it where ever you have my permission to do so. I’ve done this cause I don’t know what else to do to save this show.