i hate the 70s


That 70′s Show + Instagram || Because they totally had Instagram in the 70′s.

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

I look waaay more tired than I feel in this photo. My swim goggles always give me weird baggy eyes. Today’s shirt is a Nevada thing: state outline with Since 1864 inside of it.

Speaking of Nevada, all I’ve seen on snapchat and instagram for the past week is the massive amounts of snow and water they are getting in Tahoe and Reno. My sister’s street was completely flooded for two days but luckily nothing came up to her condo. INSANE. I’ve also been reading @reginatarae‘s blog and seething with envy. 

Of course, it was 70 degrees here yesterday and I didn’t hate it. Clearly I just can’t decide what I want.

I didn’t run or workout for four days in a row last week due to cold and laziness and then a wedding and I can feel it this week. Everything feels a little harder, I’m much more likely to hit snooze instead of get up, the workouts take more effort. It’s fine, I have learned in the past that this is normal for this time of year and me. The important thing is that I just keep moving.

This is the time of year I make more of an effort to get outside for a short walk during the day. It kills two birds with one stone: I move more and I get natural light. It works okaaay. When you’re secretly an emo kid like me, this part of winter can be really hard to get through. But I have some things to look forward to: my roommate is moving out at the end of the month, a ski trip is being planned, another wedding to go to. Keeping busy also helps, I think. 

So that’s where we’re at. Just keeping on, keeping on!


♫There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though we never thought that we could lose
There’s no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando♫

My heart hurts sometimes because I think about John and Paul and how they didn’t have the happy love story they deserved. They didn’t get to get married. They didn’t get to be public about their relationship. They didn’t get to grow old together. Why? Because society was, and still is to some degree, homophobic, and their careers would’ve been ruined if they dared to come out of the closet, so they had to hide their love, get “girlfriends”, get married and hate each other for a minute. I think by 69-70, John and Paul (mostly John actually) had such strong negative feelings for each other because of the fact that they were both married and it was set in stone that they would never be able to be together forever, or else. They were mad at the world for not accepting them and they took it out on each other. And as a bisexual woman who kept my relationship with my ex girlfriend secret from my family for a YEAR, I know exactly how that feels and it fucking hurts. I just wish society back then was more accepting because John and Paul’s story would be so much more different than it was.

anonymous asked:

My grandma that passed was a dark skin black woman. We have "men" in our family that despise black women & refuse to date them. My cousin has 2 children with a white girl, he dropped them off with my uncle in my grandma's house. When I saw those kids in her house, all I could see was disrespect, self hate and fetishization. This rage just came over me, I was extremely pissed off. I felt like that was a slap to the face of my grandma's face. (P. 1/2)

P(2/2) it’s one thing when they just date out, but it’s another thing when they start having children. We haven’t had mixed children in our family for over 70 years and I feel like these self hating bastards are f*cking it up. I saw my other cousin earlier that day, she’s dark skin, 4c hair (they were in braids this time) she’s just a very blk & beautiful little girl. Call me mean or call me a bitch but I don’t want mixed people in my family, I want to keep our family black and beautiful.       

I’m not judging how you feel I fully understand given so much self-hatred (intra-racism, misogynoir, colorism, etc. within the Black “Community”. All that I ask of you is not to hate the children, they didn’t ask to be here; they are not to be blamed for their mothers and fathers misogynioristic, racist, and colorist behaviors and attitudes. It’s so sad to me that so many children are being born because of a blue and purple passionate hatred for and an attempt to erase the original image of the black woman. IT IS indeed a slap in the face to our foremothers that after all they went through and have done to uplift their sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons that they would assassinate their characters and images in the way in which we are witnessing on social media, youtube, etc.. This is why I agree with some black women that this reason amongst others is why the black male collective is not prospering.