i hate that this is goodbye

Second Chance ~ Part 3

Part 3 - Try again?



“Hello sweetie.. Barom is not answering his phone. I know he’s been sick since last night. I just want to make sure that he’s alright. Can you tell him to call me back?“

“Yes Mrs Yu. I’ll let him know.“

Shit. Why I automatically said that?

And by less than 30 min, you already in front of his apartment door. 

You press his apartment lock number. It have been a while since you have been here. The last time were when you told him goodbye. You feel so dumb for coming back here, but his mother said he’s been sick. And you totally hate yourself for still being care.

You turned the doorknob and push the door in. You see him nowhere. You walk to his couch aka bed, they were messy. Is he out somewhere? But his mom said he’s sick. Suddenly you hear a flush from the toilet. He walk out, holding onto the sides of the wall. He look up to you and you examined his face. His cheekbones are more visible and the dark circles under his eyes seemed to start to ruined his perfect face.

He looks tired as hell. Without saying anything he drag himself to the bed.

You walk towards him. His hair were messy that it usually are and his lips are white. You place you hand on his forehead and widen your eyes. “You’re burning, Rome.”

He let out a cough, “Did my mom call you?”

You just nodded, “Since when? Have you took any medicine yet? Do you even eat anything?”

He turns to look at you while still laying at his bed. “Did my mom send me an angel to save me?”

You bit your lower lips for his lame pick up line. But it didn’t make you red cheek invisible. You place the damp cloth on his forehead. “Go to sleep. I’ll heat you some food.”

After putting some congee that you bought on the way here you took a peek at him. He must be really sick. He cover all of his body with his blanket. You put the congee on the pot and start stirring them.

“Rome..“ You push his arms lightly. “You have to eat something before you take your med.“

He shake his head. “I’m not hungry.” and push the bowl.

You let out a sigh. “Do you want to be sick? Come on. Eat some.”

“I rather be sick to know that you still care.“

“Eat. Or. I’ll. Be. Mad.“

He look at you with his half open eyes and open his mouth slightly. He did chew a little when he taste the meat. He looks super weak. You couldn’t bare yourself when he’s looking like this. He said he’s took enough of the congee. He can’t eat no more. So you put the bowl to the sink and get back to him again. “Sleep.”

It’s already morning. You cuddle up to the sheets and pull them higher to cover your torso. Wait.. I don’t remember going home last night.. It’s not even my bed. You could feel a hand on your stomach, holding you. You feel him moving behind you and gave you a small peck on you cheek. 

You try to pry his hand but he only hug tighter than before. 

“What do you want Rome?“

“ I want to fix this. I need to fix us.”


The thing I hate about every new figure skating season is saying goodbye to the programs I’ve come to love. No more Virtue/Moir Prince medley, no more Adam Rippon Queen tribute, no more Yuna Kim Les Miserables… but what I always manage to forget is that there will be new great programs. Some skaters I can expect continued greatness from, like my beloved and underrated Gilles/Poirier, and other skaters surprise me. This Nathan Chen short program is one of the latter. I like Nathan, but none of his previous efforts inspired me. Now, there’s this. From the moment it starts, it’s emotional, it’s sexy, it’s cool. The music is original. He’s flying across the ice. You know it’s a Shae-Lynn program from the beginning, all that punchy choreography. It makes you look at Nathan differently, which is the best thing a program can do. A wise fictional figure skater (lol) once said the goal is to surprise the audience, and this does just that. I didn’t know he had it in him to do a program like this. It isn’t perfect yet; despite Nathan having–I believe?–the most ballet training of any current skater, he still seems restrained, as though he doesn’t trust himself to let go and relax into it. But I know it can get there, that he can get there, and that’s exciting. Good job, Nathan Chen. I’m rooting for you.

I hate myself

I hate I’m afraid to talk to people, I hate that I’m ugly, I hate that I’m weak, I hate being afraid, I hate my illnesses, I hate my medical problems, I hate Being alone, I hate being the reason everyone leaves, I hate that I can’t live normally, I hate everyone’s pity, I hate not understanding the world, I hate I have a low self conscious, I hate the idea of I’m a failure, I hate life for being cruel, I hate the fact I trust so easily, I hate being Ignored, I hate the feeling of being Unwanted, I hate my attempts to make someone laugh, I hate how I always lie! I hate My anxiety, Most of all I HATE MY LIFE

I Know everyone’s going to say “It’ll get better!” or “We’re here for you” No matter how many times I see these messages I will always be ALONE!

I know people say they care, but in the end I’m always hurt, The reason I’m writing this is because, I’m doing something I’ve always wished for, I’m going to give myself a medical overdose.

Thank you for being my friend everyone


..::Celia, Ethan & Sophie::..

Only few days had passed since Mr Hubbs’ death, Celia and her aunt Eloise organized his funeral. There were a lot of people who wanted to say him goodbye for the last time, but just a few of them did stay after the funeral ceremony.

Eloise was very sad and depressed, her brother was the only family she still had and now that he was gone she felt extremely alone.

Amberlee - I’m so sorry Cely, I know how you love him. - she wasn’t good with words, not in similar circumstances, but she wanted to do her best to support her best friend.
Celia - Thank you, Amber! - she replied gloomy.

Ethan hold her tight in his arms. He was uncomfortable there, he hated all that funeral thing, it reminded him of his parents death and what he felt when he and Finley became orphans. He was there for Celia and she knew and appreciated that.

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I dont know if you do that, but would you do a comperance of tony starks beards in rhe different marvel movies?


iron man 1, we have the pretentious, I-Rly-Fucked-Up-And-I-Need-To-Fix-Things™ Grief Playboy Goatee™

IRON MAN2: we have the slightly unkempt Human Disaster I’m Gonna Die Soon Grief Goatee™

AVENGERS: Grief Goatee™ has transformed into Slightly More Trimmed Grief Goatee (Because-I-Have-Cool-Superfriends-and-I’m-Trying-To-Impress-Them)

IRON MAN 3, peak Grief Goatee™, human disaster, u can feel the sadness in the individual facial hair follicles

AGE OF ULTRON, slightly Trimmed and Upkept I’m-Recovering-But-I-Accidentally-Created-a-Murder-Robot Grief Goatee™ . not recommended to wear unless if u want to fuk up rly bad

CIVIL WAR. not too unkempt, but this is the Grief-Goatee-of-Ultimate-Betrayal™ . notice the extra hair length on the sides for Ultimate Best Friend Loss™

ALAS, SPIDERMAN GRIEF DAD GOATEE™. Less Human Disaster, but more PETER PARKER PLZ DO NOT FUCK UP LIKE ME GOATEE™. (ten bucks this convo is him begging him not to grow a goatee. it ruins lives)

MORAL OF THE STORY: do not grow a goatee. misery and grief will consume ur whole life