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“Sometimes you even look like her…”

He’s just a Crystal Gem
Each day he watches them
Cry and then cry again
He’s Stevennnnn

He’s got a pink lion
Rose shattered Pink Diamond
Opal is the best fusion
He’s Stevennnnn

Pearl is still hurting
Garnet is gay!
If you think they can’t, they’ll always find a way!

The Cluster will erupt
Jasper will become corrupt
The Rubies will float through space
He’s Stevennnnn
Stevennnnn, Stevennnnn
He’s Stevennnnn!    

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I can’t believe this iconic no smoking PSA had the hymn Store on it and was released 4 years ago and then she updated it and then put it on EMOTION Side B…..bye

  • heroic character on Steven Universe:*shows that they are a flawed individual and have made mistakes in their life*
  • fandom:OMG.........they must be evil......like a completely horrible evil mastermind......what a twist everyone, we have been fooled his whole time.........
  • villainous character on Steven Universe:*shows that they have emotions and weaknesses and are capable of behaving humanely*
  • fandom:my poor misunderstood baby!! they have never done anything wrong!!! protect them from the horrible evil protagonists!!!!!!!

a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines


@lost-at-sea-dont-bother-me when will the torb reign end