i hate that

I know I shouldn’t buy a townhouse on impulse but the one I want was built in that one passably-contemporary geometric phase in the 70s with gigantic vaulted ceilings and new hardwood floors and a porch that looks out on the woods, it’s like a mile away from a grocery co-op and a dog park, and it’s actually in our price range despite the humongous square footage. It would be a bit of a commute for my husband but I already know I’m like… way too invested in this property. It’s been on the market ONE day and we’re going to look at it tomorrow afternoon. Gaaahhhh how am I supposed to sleep now???

I hate crying in front of people. I hate complaining about my problems. I hate it because people don’t really care. You just look like you’re asking for attention. You look weak and I hate that.


(I care about my friends, don’t get me wrong but this is how I feel about my problems)

this was supposed to be stevetony but i……can’t draw steve so like it looks like a lovechild between him and justin hammer??? sort of?? anyway im trash bye

like… my dad loves guns… I grew up with guns in the house (locked away) and I’ve even shot my dad’s pistol before. but that doesn’t change my opinion that people should be allowed to dislike guns without being ridiculed