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vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

  • Naomi: I find that men are a lot like wine...
  • Yosano: Oh? How's that?
  • Naomi: Well they start as grapes: Immature. But then you have to stomp them into something that is acceptable to enjoy a meal with.
  • Yosano: Cheers to that!

When the all male alliance forms on day 1 Gary is really gonna be RIGHT there to dismantle it throughout the season


I did a little make-up test for the new threads I’ve planned!

I’m very excited for this since I haven’t seen a thread about them yet!

Not gonna tell you how they are though ;) Maybe you can guess??

This does not include you @askthelocalnerd. You have an unfair advantage. :D



Sometimes, I think about those moments where Ordo thinks Mereel, this person he loves so very deeply, is an awful, terrible, hurtful creature. He doesn’t love Mereel any less, not even a hair’s breadth less, but Mereel can be so dreadful sometimes.


Mild Hiatus

(( Okay so, let me start with, this is for my own health. I’m serious. I’m really tired and just for like the past week I’ve had several panics and the anxiety never goes away and I’m just not having fun anymore. My stomach is constantly turning on me, I can barely eat and sometimes I end up crying. I can barely get up in the morning half the time, I shouldn’t dread coming online to do a hobby and I should stop forcing myself too, for reasons I’m not going to tell just anyone.

So I’m taking a week or two off completely from this fandom, RP-ing and tumblr all together. I’m legitimately constantly sick and I hate it and I can’t take it anymore.

When I get back though, I may drop a few threads if I can’t see them continuing. Otherwise hopefully I’ll be coming back with a new theme, possibly icons. I’m available on skype, ya-da, ya-da, cheers. ))

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Alright, I wasn’t going to say anything, but someone sent me this post of a comment on a screenshot of something I wrote earlier this year and I just want to say a few things.

Hating a ship? It doesn’t mean that you hate it because it’s a wlw relationship. 

I don’t project myself onto Clarke because guess what? I have nothing in common with her. I don’t relate to Clarke. Do I love Clarke as a character? Hell yeah. But I don’t relate to her and finding Bob attractive doesn’t mean that I “live to fetishize” him. Please stop being literally disgusting. You know, kind of like your entire fandom measuring Alycia’s fingers through videos of her and actually fetishizing her.

If Clarke had fallen in love with a girl that didn’t try to kill her/literally destroy her to the point that she couldn’t face her own people- I would’ve been fine with it. Even though I ship Bellamy and Clarke 100%, if Princ/ess Mech/anic were to happen and a positive, romantic relationship formed between Clarke and Raven, I would have zero problems with it. 

I didn’t like Clarke’s relationship with Lex/a because of the things that Lex/a did to Clarke. Is it lesbophobic to point out the very real fact that Lex/a was the one trying to kill Clarke and all of the 100 in season 1? That she tortured Raven and tried to have Octavia killed? That she told Clarke that an alliance between their people would only begin with Finn’s death, and once Clarke killed him Lex/a threw away the entire alliance and left them all for dead? That she took Clarke prisoner? 

THESE are the reasons that I never supported Clex/a, and being glad that a relationship I personally view as being extremely negative does not make me lesbophobic.

You can try to make me out as some kind of vile human being, but I’m not.

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Hello!!! I am really loving your Cobwebs fic! (idk what's up though, Eren's a spider and I am petrified of spiders but I love it????) I am having a little trouble visualizing what Eren looks like though and was wondering if you could maybe do a quick little sketch so we can see him?? Only if you have time though! I'd hate to inconvenience you or take you away from your incredible writing 😁 If you don't have time that is 1000000% fine and I still love you anyway 💙

Hello there :D thank you so much <3

I’ve only done a few quick things in terms of concept art for the arachne!Eren AU but they are here:

When I get a free moment I’ll try to do some better face sketches to show off Eren’s eye placement a little more, hopefully something a little less rushed :p

P.S. Completely ignore the legs in that first one, I just got really frustrated and wanted to get it finished quickly so I drew them in really quick to get a basic oh-that’s-definitely-a-spider-right-there figure to go with the rest.

my dude roommate was hosting a grill thing today and it’s been an experience. there was this white woman and i hate her, you guys. i have known her for like four hours and i hate her guts. she teaches english in a brooklyn public high school and like. things she’s been talking about:

making fun of students for names that are hard for her to pronounce, or that she deems silly, 98% of which of course belong to kids of color. special extra mocking for black urban names, of course. telling kids that it’s not that she’s pronouncing their names wrong, it’s that their names are SPELLED WRONG. blaming kids – as opposed to the system that was meant to educate them – for not being able to read or write well. she actually said “back when i worked with SMART kids – not that i ever will again –”

imitating kids’ accents. marveling at the kids who wrote involved or thoughtful essays. talking excitedly about how she liked to teach classes about comics, but deriding manga (all manga. all of it) in the same breath. going on and on about the manga she’s read that is violent/gory or misogynist or what-have-you as though american comics aren’t rife with that sort of thing. deriding kids for the stuff they choose to read and calling black self-published novels “street books” (”you can’t even BUY them in a REAL BOOKSTORE!”). publicly humiliating kids for reading “thugs and the women who love them” or “push” or “a child called ‘it’”. bragging about steering kids away from harry potter and toward c.s. lewis, and away from stephen king and toward h.p. lovecraft. backtracking away from THAT one real quick when i finally asked her, “what makes c.s. lewis better than harry potter?” bragging about turning a haitian kid who only wanted to read haitian writers onto vonnegut.

just a complete smug, self-satisfied, self-centered, contemptuous, snobby, racist white feminist MESS of a human being. i have given up and am hiding in my room now. please send your prayers to any black or brown child who is depending on this woman to educate them.

okay but like

what if…..hamilton….being performed in the bartlet white house……and like, charlie sitting there twisting the program between his hands, barely breathing for all two hours, getting choked up during all the washington/hamilton scenes 

something to consider