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The fic itself is a bit much for me, but the basic premise of “Mini Clones” is a straight shot directly up my alley, because shrinking is actually my favorite fandom trope second only to de-aging :Dc

The armor is still pretty half-assed, but at least it’s half an ass better than nothing but phase I shinies. Edit: Aaaaand I put Fives in Echo’s armor. Smooth.


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, a little violence, dead (flasback), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. Anyway, hope you hate Dot as much as I do xd .Oh! And the tags are being stupid little b#tches, please if someone doesn’t receive my notifications, let me know.

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Chapter 9

You have no clue how much time passes while you stare at the white wall of your home, neither how much time Steve looked at you without saying a word. The tears had dryed from your cheeks but the pain in your chest hasn’t stopped, you can tell that it will never. Numbed you look at Steve, who winces when your gazes cross, you don’t wanna know how horrible do you look for him to react that way, you don’t care. 

- Why? - you whisper 

- It’s not his fault… - Steve straighten up from his half lying position, whining because of the pain on his side. You can tell, but, that he’s healing extremelly fast - He don’t have any choice

- He didn’t even let me explain! - tears burn in your eyes again

Steve let out a deep sigh, defeated

- I should have explained you everything before…

- Do it now - you demand

Steve’s eyes make holes in your soul before he starts talking

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Awkward Flirty Anon => AF anon => anon af => anon as fuck, I'm already a fan of my title. Also I prefer gender neutral terms but otherwise yes, I am prepared to duel (ง •̀_•́)ง Not hamilton style mind you, guns aren't my thing, but I will totally throw a glove down and then have a slap fight with the other one

oh my goodness you are so adorable, anon af, i like that lol AND YOU ALREADY MADE A HAMILTON REFERENCE. that by default makes you on my fav people list lol


@glowingjinjin tagged me to do some embarrassing ass ‘baby to glo up bias tag’ thing omgnfndkls. plz don’t laugh at me aAHHH 

I CHOOSE TO TORTURE TAG: @toastyyoongi @chumini @sugakookiefactory and anyone else who wants to do this <3

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share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

aaaahhhh thank you lea and @thebluefuckingunicornblr <3 took me some time to get to do it tho xD

1. I have blue eyes and i love them (probably the only thing i love about myself)

2. I love anime

3. im gonna be a cook someday 

4. i love my bed and probablöy wouldnt leave it if i didnt have to

5. im getting annoyed easily

6. Im the jealous friend

7. i dont know how i did my Abitur but i did it somehow 8)

8. im living in germany, but id like to travel around the world and cook in different kitchens in different countries

9. im running out of facts right now ._.

10. i love and hate my friends at the same time, but for good reasons xD

Thanks for sending the message/tagging me <3 was fun 

I’ve drawn this for @skribblie
I know it’s a bit too late for this, but I think a bit of an encouragement can’t be that unuseful?
I’ve done this to show you that you do matter, that you are loved and that you’re not pathetic. That it’s okay to cry, to need someone to talk to or to care about you because you can’t do it yourself. To need someone in general.

Also, the people I brought in as examples for as those who love and care about you, are
Male anon with two BEAUTIFUL eyes (the one is yellow, the other blue. I’m so proud of the eyes hehehehe)
@Female anon with beautiful green eyes ( I drew one open and the other closed because I can’t draw. I do that way too often, as you can see.)

Just don’t forget that you are loved, even when some people don’t show you because they’re too shy.



My god guys i’ve found the best harry potter fanfiction it made my heart hurt and everything. Mix of fluff, angst and a little bit of smut and i highly recommend it to everyone.

Title: “I’m Sorry, I Couldn’t Help It”
Pairings: All canon ones with Drarry queerbaiting
length: 17 chapters that are long

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I made Me Rapun-Gusta before for a friend so this time for another friend, I turned her favorite character into the troll face. Honestly, Troll Elsa creeps me out pffft, hope you like it, Ami sis!

the ugly christmas sweater series: kabby [x]

he said she wasn’t an angel so she proved him wrong

Full Res [x]

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