i hate tagging things like this wow

Dear Diary,

Today I got rid of the number/key system for source tagging. I can’t believe it took me so long. Now things will just say what source they are like a logical blog should be doing like source: thing. See how easy that is? What took us so long? I don’t know why we thought the key thing was a good idea in the first place. I hated numbers back then. I hate looking at numbers even more now.

We also reached 40k followers and none of us are really sure what to do about it.

That’s – that’s, wow, that’s high. We don’t really know what to do with a number that high. I still hate numbers so I’m pretend it’s not there and just keep making bad jokes.

The next thing I’m tackling for spring cleaning is that theme. Did you know it hasn’t been changed once since we started the blog? Someone should get on that. Or, like, maybe I should get to working on all the jokes in the drafts instead of playing ME Andromeda for the third time. Hm. More later.

Mod Megan

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Here's my simple list of rules to reading fanfic: 1. Unless you know the author makes consistent updates, don't start a WIP 2. If you don't like it, stop reading it. 3. Ask in the comments if the author would like feedback. If the answer is no, then don't leave feedback. I'm talking critique, not positive feedback. If you can't be nice, blah, blah, blah. 4. Heed the warnings, but also 5. No one owes you trigger warnings. It's nice, but people need to take care of themselves, not the writer.

Which leads to 6. People interpret trigger warnings differently, therefore, the reader is responsible for policing their own psyche. 7. My idea of what an excellent fic is will be vastly different than someone else’s idea. There is something for everyone, don’t shit on what other people like. 8. A person wrote this for any number of reasons. Be happy it exists. This might be the only place where you come across something that speaks to you personally & that’s true for someone else too.

These are all really great points. 

I’d also like to add that some of us writers don’t tag everything, even relationships, because we have no idea when we start that a certain pairing is even going to be a thing. If you follow writers like this (like me!) please be aware that following a WIP may mean you get occasionally blindsided. The author probably was too. 

There are also certain things I won’t tag because I don’t want to give away spoilers. If that’s something you disagree with, yelling at me about it won’t change my position. In which case, either don’t read my stories, or have a friend read them first to make sure there’s nothing in there you hate. 

An interesting example of this was Save Me, where I had Braeden appear out of nowhere as a character. And wow, did I cop some backlash for it. We’re talking Braeden, on her own, and no, she wasn’t pairing up with Derek (it was a Steter fic anyway, but hey…) 

And no, I didn’t tag her as a character because right up until she appeared, I had no idea that’s who the story needed. I write on the fly. Planning novels is for work, and that’s not what I’m here for. 

So I’m going to tell every reader what I told that reader: You can feel free to stop at any time, but I’m going to keep writing my stories how I want. 

There are plenty of readers and writers in fandom, and everyone is free to find someone who is the right fit for their needs. 

  • Person: gives me attention, initiates conversation & spending time with me
  • Me: omg this person is amazing 😍😍😍 I love them so much they're so perfect! I'd do anything for them :') I hope I never lose them!
  • Person: gives someone else attention, initiates conversation & spending time with them
  • Me: wow fuck this person I hate them so much lol I don't know why I ever liked them honestly ?? They can jump off a cliff for all I care haha BYE FOREVER

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Redpill me on this Tropic-depression person and discord thing.

Ok I don’t know everything about it but I’ll take a crack at it.

So they are a blogger who for some reason they hate, and I mean HATE! when people post screenshots from their discord about a funny moment; he feels so strongly about this he created the blog official-discord to find anyone posting these screenshots and re-blog them with negative comments. 

Like an its a fair number of posts he’s done this with and not all of them are tagged with discord, or even screenshots. But rather just people talking about their experiences with the service, which means he must be putting “Discord” in the search and scrolling down until he finds things to be angry about, which can and must take time.

So in short

Normal Tumblr user: “Wow I had some fun in discord with my friends, I think I take a pic of our fun times and put it on Tumblr so other can have a fun chuckle with us during these happy times.”

Tropic-depression/ Official-Discord:

I hate hate hate edgy people who say shit like “wow this new song sounds exactly like [x song from 1970 or some shit] real music hasn’t been a thing for years the artists can’t even come up with their own stuff”
Like no.. calm your ass down, mark, you actual wooden plank. It’s called sampling and it’s been around for as long as the tech to do it has. Some of the songs you like use sampling but the music they sampled was obscure so you don’t know it. People have fucking sampled Mozart like shut up seriously. Do you know how hard it is to get the right sample, the right beat, the right tempo, the music to compliment the sample.. it takes a lot of work you sponge.

Honestly. Music purists need to fucking choke.

Five things I don’t write in fics

I was tagged by my fave mermaid friend @eliamartvll. Thanks, Hannah! <3

1. As a rule, girl on girl hate that stems from jealousy. No, I don’t care, there will be no girl hate out of such shallow reasons in my fics. I do not do that.

2. As a rule, treating emotional manipulation/possessiveness (wow, okay, this is a really weird word - wtf, English??) and the like as good foundations for a relationship. I’m talking about things like treating extreme jealousy as “cute” or character A pining after character B in a way that makes them think like it’s okay to want character B to break up with their partner because character A could “treat them better” or something. And don’t get me started on emotional manipulation. I’m just not here for that.

3. Characters having kids. Look, it has happened, I have written about it, but it’s not my fave. This is probably where my own personality shines through - I don’t see myself having kids and I do not gravitate towards plot lines including kids. That is not to say that I hate kids and characters with kids or those who plan to have them. No, rock on, but I just don’t feel very suited to write about it.

4. Death to Cause Feels TM. I write death only when it’s absolutely necessary. Have I written fics with death in them, if there’s no death in canon? I have no idea. Probably not. I cry a lot.

5. This is not a rule - just a weird occurence, but I don’t seem to be able to write smut. Especially the explicit kind. I don’t know why?? I wish I did, but it’s not happening. I’m a grown-ass person who can’t write smut (but i am an avid reader and if you are a smut writer there are good chances that i am shouting at the clouds thanking you because you are amazing ok bye). I’m working on it, okay? I really wanna write some good shit smut. 

+1. And, according to all of yall, I don’t write fics with zero angst.  

Okay, here’s who I’ll tag: @caramelkru @tempestaurora @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @missemarissa @kay-emm-gee @ponyregrets and everyone else who wants to do it!

Antis (and anti tag) still a thing here?

Seriously? Y'all are still pointlessly hating around? Wow…gross…and pretty sad…but kinda funny too.

dorunasch said: back in my heyday half my fics were tagged with variations of “i hate u” “hitomi why” and “goddamn it why do u ruin everything good and pure in the world” (i don’t know why the pic is so crisp, i saved it to my computer like three years ago)

wow that sounds like my friends any single time I talk about Alito and that one thing about Durbe’s backstory. wow three years that’s an entire year more than Ryoga’s maturity

dorunasch said: ALSO feel free to tag me “rangerhitomi” that’s the tag i track and also how most people know me

I mostly tag it for my anal organization stuffs, since I made two of my blogs “Very Organized, Tags For Everything” and the other two “Suffer” to make it easier if you reference something we talked about previous

In Vogue

Chapters: 5/10 (estimated 120k)
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Read here

Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit first row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story. (There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

‘Is that why David Beckham has been featured multiple times on the pages of your life’s work? Does your criteria seriously consist of one thing – a man’s ass?’
‘Well the ass is a man’s best asset,’ Harry smirks, holding the Martini glass high up his face. ‘And don’t call the magazine my life’s work. There are far more important things in life, Louis Tomlinson, than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.’

Damn it’s pathetic how hard the hellers are holding on to this whole mixtape thing 😂😂😂. It must be sad that they’re so desperate they need to act like a gift from a FRIEND is a huge fucking romantic gesture. They’re acting like the tape was labeled “Dean’s favorite love songs” or some shit 😂. Like wow, get over yourselves. I honestly feel sorry for you. I’m not tagging this because I know I’ll get hate even if I put it in the anti tags but damn you hellers are desperate.

poisonous-panda replied to your post: How comes you hate on people who post comments on…

Would you not think it a compliment to your art or writing though that it could make people freak out like that? I find it hugely rewarding if people add lovely things in comments on my fics rather than in tags cos it’s easier to find. I guess we interpret it differently huh xD

Let’s review it like this.
A comment I appreciate: “Wow, this is really good, well done to OP. Amazing skill you captured (Example) Ardyn very well! I love the details.

that could’ve been tagged. That ruins the post. There’s a fine line between constructive feedback and just adding a comment cause you find it suitable to thirst on it.

And to add to your;
“I find it hugely rewarding if people add lovely things in comments on my fics rather than in tags cos it’s easier to find.“
I always look at my tags with XKit’s tag viewer. And I always love to see the compliments there. Comments are appreciated as mentioned above, just- not the thirsty ones…

i had the great idea of going back to check some anti tags that i’ve always found funny and came back astonished because wow people really do not know what an anti tag is for….. if you like something…… don’t tag it with the anti tag just to tell the people who dislike that thing that you, in fact, like it and so should everyone else…. that’s not how it works….


Destiel shipper: “I miss SPN episodes with lots of Cas and Dean interactions in them! :(”  Tags: #spn #destiel #wank for ts 

Destiel hater: *reblogs post* “You’d better stop watching the show then, since SPN is about SAM & DEAN, not stupid destiel! UGH delusional destihellers only care about their ship, they’re not TRUE FANS!!! Oh and SAM WHO btw??!!”

~15min later~

Destiel hater: “When will Castiel die?! He’s so useless and annoying! Plus, Misha is ugly, a terrible actor and he queerbaits the destihellers and the minions!!! Btw, here’s a really offensive and unsourced rumor about him. I hope he gets fired. Also: fuck him!” Tags: #destiew #anti-Misha #anti-minions #destihellers

Destiel shipper: *reblogs post* “Wow! 1) You’re wrong 2) Stop spreading hate and offensive rumors 3) RUDE!”


Just Bear With Me

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,685
Warnings: Swearing, implications of violence
A/N: Based on that smol/tol thingy. This messes with the canon a little bit, so let’s just pretend Bucky never chose to go back to cryo and T’Challa gave him a brand new arm.

Your name: submit What is this?

So, you fucked up.

You fucked up bad, but not — or rather, hopefully not — in a way that drastically would jeopardize yours and Bucky’s relationship.

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