i hate tagging these so much

some of yall are being so good and polite and censoring players names so hate doesn’t get into the tags and that’s real great i applaud you but i want every pens fan to know how much i hate crosby

One Word Tag

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Where is your phone? Beside (me)

Your hair? Damp

Your dad? Ew. 

Your other half? Yukimura

Your favorite food? Ravioli(?)

Your dream last night? None

Your favorite drink? Boba

Fear? Mottephobia

Favorite shoes? Sneakers

Favorite way to relax? Walk

Your mood? Content

I love? Yukimura

Where were you last night? Bedroom

Something that you aren’t? Attractive LOL

Muffins? Sure~

Wish list item? A schloarship (=___= “)

Where you grew up? The Bay Area

Last thing you did?
your mom

What are you wearing? Shorts

Something you hate? Butterflies

Your pets? None

Life? I don’t have one ( TT-TT )

Regrets? Few

Missing someone? uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh no?

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Hey I'm Kylo Ren and I went to search my tag for content and WHY IS SO MUCH OF IT REYLO? Why are people okay shipping me with Rey when she clearly was scared of me and I hurt her? I hate how popular the ship has gotten and I know Rey deserves better than to be put in those situation by shippers. Idk. It just pisses me off.

music tag

@henmi tagged me in this!! thank you so much dear! i love doing these;;

rules: just add 5 questions of your own if you wanna lol 

1. who is your favourite artist right now? currently im into this k-indie group called cheeze (치즈) their songs are pretty calming i love it?? 

2. who is your favourite artist of all times? hmm i don’t have an all time favourite tbh 

3. genre you absolutely despise? i dont really hate any genre but some genres under electronic music arent really my thing (the ones that gets all screechy to the ears?)

4. genre you love? - jazz fusion, rythmn and blues, idk the soft ones i suppose as long as it doesnt sound screechy to my ears 

5. first song you learned by heart? probably a kid’s song 

6. first song you learned by heart in foreign language? probably a chinese song, since i live in a multi-racial country it’s pretty easy to learn other ethnic group’s songs

7. your favourite lyrics? just watch standing egg’s voice mv  i love the lyrics even though i bawled

8. favourite song? currently ryeowook’s the little prince (어린왕자), im waiting for inseong to cover it fully one day 

9. what does music mean to you? (don’t be afraid to write a full essay if you wanna lol) my means of escape from hearing reality? it comforts me a lot and gets me into the mood, like i have a playlist of happy and sad songs. music also makes me realise how beautiful the language music is? like you can be listening to songs in foreign languages but still relate to it so i find it amazing tbh

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(1/5) URGENT PLEASE PRAY FOR ME i am really anxious and i have panic attacks and i feel like one is about to happen because i stayed home from school today and this girl who isn't nice made prom plans and was relentless enough to make me agree to them. so now i'm staying home from school and the girl is really mad at me and i hate when people are mad at me because i feel like a really bad person. she's always talking about how much our friendship means to her and saying that i've made a

(2/5) difference in her life which makes me happy but it’s a very draining relationship and no matter how many boundaries i set she does not respect them. she gets really mean and then apologizes and says all these things that she likes about me. and she always says “i love you” and yells “say it back” at me when i don’t ever feel comfortable doing that. and so i wrote her a note about it once and she just said “it’s ok you don’t have to apologize i’m not mad at you” when really i was telling

(3/5) her that she had hurt my feelings and i didn’t want to say that i loved her. so she started saying “well just say ‘i appreciate you’ or 'i love having you as a friend’” and when i don’t say those things sincerely enough she yells at me and it makes me scared. she’s always wanting my approval and i don’t always give it to her because she’s not nice. i want to be there for her and show her God’s love but i don’t know how. i get scared every time i walk into school because she’s extremely
(4/5) clingy and makes fun of me and other people. my therapist says it’s a toxic relationship, which i agree with, but i can’t end it because our school is tiny and i see her every day. even though we are both lesbians, we haven’t ever said that it was a relationship. we (or she) always describe it as friendship. she’s always making me sit with her and if i don’t she stays where i am and whines. she never talks about anyone but herself and i’m sick of hearing her whine about the same stuff

(5/5) every day. am i being hateful? is God disappointed in me? i’m really scared about going back to school. please pray for me. ps i’m not sure if i asked 4/5. i’m very frazzled. sorry for this giant ask.

Hi there, dear. I’m so sorry that this has caused you so much anxiety and discomfort; you deserve friendships that make you feel comfortable and happy. I wish I had more advice besides agreeing with your therapist that this relationship sounds very unhealthy, and is definitely hurting you. You are not obligated to stay friends with this person just to “show her God” – right now, your priority is to keep yourself healthy. If she’s not willing to respect your boundaries or let you do things (show affection, sit where you want, etc.) on your own terms, that is not your fault and it’s not your job to fix that. I’m not sure how you can end the friendship, though; maybe ask your therapist for advice? If anyone has advice for anon, please share. But I’ll be praying for you, certainly.

Spirit of comfort and courage,
I pray that you help this person feel your presence now; replace their anxiety with your peace. Guide them as they work through this difficult relationship; send support their way as they figure out how to end the friendship if they decide to do so.
Be with the other person, too – open her heart to really listen when this person expresses the need for boundaries and healthier behavior, and help her to let the friendship close with grace.

  • me: *stumbles upon something i kno w will trigger a moodswing or will cause me to split*
  • me: *checks it out anyway*
  • me, once ive been triggered: oh no ://// im so sad ://// why do i always feel like this ://// im so miserable :///
  • me, the next day: *stumbles upon something i kno w wi-

Jyn, I think, never knew the effect she had on others - never realized the intensity of her own humanity or the presence she brought to a room. She was, as expected, troubled and quarrelsome; she was also impossible to ignore or forget.

In her short life, she had seen relentless hardship and become hard herself. But her fire shone bright.

It’s become fashionable in some quarters to claim Jyn Erso went to Scarif intending to die a martyr - that she realized she had lost everything and chose her path by its inevitable end. I will dispute this claim until my own dying days. I think Jyn fully recognized who she was and sought a way to channel her best and worst impulses, her darkest moments and her brightest, toward a cause worthy of her true incandescence.

In a kinder universe, she would have walked away from Scarif. 

I cannot imagine who she would have become, but I think she would have been extraordinary.

I am grateful I knew her, no matter how short the time.

- “Unpublished Reflections on Jyn Erso”, from the personal files of Mon Mothma


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.

  • you are allowed to have feelings
  • you are allowed to feel intensely
  • you are allowed to be emotional
  • you are allowed to be sad
  • you are allowed to be angry
  • you are allowed to be hurt
  • you are allowed to be frustrated
  • you are allowed to be happy
  • you are allowed to be excited
  • you are allowed to be enthusiastic
  • you are allowed to feel your feelings
  • your feelings are not bad or shameful
  • your feelings are not too much
  • you are not too much

vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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