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Tfw you imagine Zeus taking on Thoth’s form and acting like a ho:


SU fandom in facebook: HAHA LOOK AT THIS! *offensive jokes, terrible shippings, stupid comentaries* UWU SUPER NEAT RIGHT?? PLS LIKE AND SHARE!! 

Me: … its fine i’ll go to Tumblr



  • Neurotypical: why are you sad?
  • Me: I have BPD. I get severely depressed and I absolutely hate myself
  • Neurotypical: haha we all have those days. We all go through depression
  • Me: oh really??? Several days a week throughout your life? Where you can't function whatsoever and all you can think about is dying to escape this pain??? I bet you dO!!!!!!
  • Neurotypical: ........
  • Me: fuck you :))

I’ve been recording myself doing this dance for almost a year and im finally happy with it!! I would like to dedicate this to my husband Oh Sehun ;) But srsly guys pls watch and enjoy :))) THANK YOU <3 

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May I request kannaorise?

I’m conflicted about Rise butting in, but I said “hey, why not try it”.

Kannao is my only one so yeahhhhh.

But this is definitely cute! 

Maybe I can tolerate a few non-Kannao…maybe…nope

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omfg, i saw your tag...you hate Olitz ? But why ? everything about them is so tragically and passionately beautiful :(

Hi Anon! To be honest, when I read you saying that Olitz are “tragically and passionately beautiful“ I completely felt my heart break. Seriously. And I needed some time to process my thoughts before replying, because it’s really hard to explain why you actually hate a ship without sounding too much like hating. But the truth is, I hate them like I never hated any other ship in my life. They are the worst. So I’ll just go ranting on it, and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I can’t pretend to see anything good in this ship, when I really don’t. For this, I’m not sorry.

External image

I don’t find them beautiful in any kind. Sure their situation is tragic, and their love is insane - awfully insane. But I can’t ship a couple who romanticises horrible values.

Let’s start with Fitz. Some people find his love for Olivia incredibly passionate and beautiful. Good for them. I find it disgusting, and I don’t even call it love. Calling her at any time of the night, and he doesn’t seem to care if she needs this call, because he needs it. Summoning her all of a sudden without even consulting her, just because he wants to see her - and who cares if she’d rather do something else.

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And when she asked him to let her go, he just acted like he did, for her own sake - while having her followed by his men - and Jake, in season 2. What kind of love is that?

He doesn’t love her. He is just obsessed with her. He doesn’t care about what she wants or what she needs, because he wants her and he needs her, and that’s all that matters to him. He does everything she tells him to do, not really because he wants to make her happy. No. He just wants to win her over. So of course, he doesn’t notice the sad look in her eyes everytime he’s around her. He doesn’t notice how miserable she feels because this whole situation kills her. She desperately loves him, that’s a sure thing. But she’s not happy. She knows she can’t have him for herself, and that’s why she needs to move on. She knows that. He knows that. But he doesn’t care. Because he loves her, he wants her, and that’s all that matters. He is the most selfish person on TV. He doesn’t deserve even a piece of her love for him. And what kills me is, while he’s the only one always putting his own desires over hers, everyone in this show makes her look like she is the one to blame. Because poor Fitz couldn’t stand living without her even for one minute…

He also treats her like his property. Season 2 again, I was horrified by one scene in particular. After he learned about Defiance, Fitz decided to stay away from Olivia. I understand that. But then, after 10 months without seeing her - though it was his decision, he just went after her in the hallway, while she was trying to walk away from him because that was too painful for her. Then he just grabbed her arm, led her to a closet, banged her against the wall.. And then, what? He told her “This was just a one-time thing, nothing has changed, I still hate you” something like that.. BUT when he found out she was seeing someone else during that time, he had her followed again. Like, she was his property. Seriously? Is that supposed to be beautiful?

Let’s move on to Olivia. I love Olivia Pope. She is a strong and independent woman, yet she is very sensitive, she needs love and protection, just like any human being in this world. She is a beautiful woman, and I’m not talking about her physical appearance. She, in her heart, is a beautiful woman. But I hate the Fitz’s Olivia Pope.

Because that Olivia is always sad, and miserable. She is willing to give up everything she believes in, for his one-hour calls. And she has no self-respect, and no independence when she’s around him. She can dig into her own trash to get her phone and hear his voice (it happened in season 3, I can’t remember the exact episode, but I remember the scene very clear). I mean, do you know what people, in real life, dig into the trash, to get food, booze, clothes or anything? It’s not because they want to - because, honestly, who would do that for fun? It’s because they don’t have any other choice. To survive, they have to forget about their dignity, their pride, and just dig into a trash. And I never saw anyone doing that with pleasure. They always look terrible, as they must feel, I think. I also know someone who did that in the past, and that wasn’t the best part of her life.

But Olivia did it. To have Fitz’s call. No dignity. No pride. For Fitz. Is that beautiful?

She’s never happy with him. OK they bang for a few hours, he tells her he loves her, promises a thousand sunrises and shooting stars and big houses in Vermont so she can make jam - she said she wasn’t a jam woman, by the way, but Fitz always cares about her, right?.. So many empty promises, for what? A few hours of happiness, and then a hundred days of misery. That’s what she has signed for with Fitz. And he doesn’t care. he is happy with it. She isn’t. But still she loves him. So she loves someone who cannot make her happy. But all I want is to see Olivia happy, be the strong and independent woman I know she is, and finally find peace in this messed-up world. So, how can I love Olitz?

Last, but not least - I am a huge fan of Mellie. Because yes, sometimes you can love both Olivia and Mellie. ;)

That woman is not easy-going, and I can get that Fitz, at some point, stopped loving her - even though horrible things happened to her. I mean, there are things he didn’t know about, like how his father raped her. She never told him and just let her marriage fall apart. Plus, she has quite a foul temper. No, Mellie isn’t an easy-going woman. And she played a part in their marriage wreck.

But she’s still his wife. The mother of his children. And he owes her some respect for that. Showing off with his mistress right before her eyes, imposing that disgusting love story upon her, talking to her like shit, and then - seriously, that was the cherry on top! - keeping her from having her own affair with a man who really made her happy, just because he couldn’t handle seeing another man screwing his wife, while he himself was screwing another woman.. God, Fitz is a pig! Any man who disrespects a woman that much is not a man worth loving. So I don’t get how Olivia can love a man like that. Oh, and remember that Olitz scene? The one in that Vermont house:

External image

Such an Olitz kind of sexy romantic scene. I’m sure every Olitz fan were happy during that episode 8, Season 3. I understand that. But you know the other side of the coin? At the same time, Mellie was trying to contact Fitz. Her husband. She couldn’t, his phone was off. And then she just understood. She asked the secretary to call Olivia Pope to check - her phone was off too. And you could see the pain and humiliation on her face. This is what Olitz does to Mellie, a woman, a human being like anyone else in thos show. They humiliate her. They treat her like she was nothing, just a little bump on their road. They take her pride out of her, and leave her meaningless, confronted to that horrible truth - she is nothing else but a wife. How humiliating is that for a woman? And as a woman myself, how can I agree with that idea, just in the name of a so-called tragic love? Ugh, no, I’m sorry. That is impossible.

So yeah, that is why I hate Olitz. And I always will.

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tdpdfw: am i messaging them too much? are they just pretending to be offline to avoid me? what if they dont like these messages i sent them while they were asleep/offline? what if im being annoying? what if they hate me and im just embarrassing myself? what if they make fun of me for being so affectionate and cheesy? do they hate me? do they hate me? do they hate me? do they want nothing to do with me?