i hate tagging my own things

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

someone added these tags to my post and i figured while we’re at it how about a friendly reminder that snape gave the man that killed the woman he claimed to love the information that convinced him to target her in the first place while he was working for said man of his own accord, and that he admittedly did not care if the woman’s husband and infant son were murdered.

and how about another friendly reminder that this person he was working for completely voluntarily at the time was actively trying to commit genocide against people with the same parentage as the woman he claimed to love. 

he’s a complicated character and you can make of him what you will but let’s keep these things in perspective, buddy.

TLC Shipweeks 2017- Week One Day One- Home.

tbh wolflet is as cozy as you can get honestly it was all i could think of when i thought of the theme. I wanted to make this look better but i haven;t slept in like,,,,a long time,,,and idk lmso. anyway yeah they went out dancing at the bar last night and she stole his shirt but Ze’ev was wearing those pants when they went out. idk how to draw him lol. i will probably go back and redraw this someday.

  • Shadow: it was a surprise huh
  • Shadow: I guess you could say it was
  • Shadow: *glances at Blue*
  • Blue:
  • Blue: hoe don't do it
  • Shadow: out of the blue
  • Blue: oh my god

but he is so cree–

but he is so much ol–

but i flooded the tags with hate, took a shit on gif sets and other artwork in form of useless/condescending/ignorant replies, and obnoxiously hounded the makers via anon messages

so why do you still ship it when i clearly don’t like it?!?

ok then i whine about how uncomfortable it makes me and reblog your edits so i can have this thing that makes me so uncomfortable on my own blog too

What I don’t understand is why, if you’re making a hate post or dislike post about a ship, do people feel inclined to tag it? When I go on a ship tag, I go to see the cute shit and read things about love. Not a five paragraph response to an ask about why you hate *insert ship name here*. You can talk about your opinion and whatever, but why tag it?

Actually, in retrospect, why make a post at all? I have plenty of ships I hate, but will I make a post about it? No.

I mind my own god damn buisness. I stay in my own lane, and let people ship shit. I have no need to spew my opinions, or write out why I hate the ship. Who cares? I have things I love, I have things I hate. I just focus on what matters.

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put you to a test | shawn mendes

requested (kind of?) by anonymous

word count: 3,064

author’s note: tw for body image stuff; i’ve tagged it as such, but here’s another warning. there are some dark thoughts and rude comments throughout this, but i promise things get wrapped up by the end - please know that most of the things said in here are the characters’ thoughts and not my own. all characters in this that aren’t shawn are fictional (i guess y/n’s only part fictional, but you know what i mean). title from “be like you” by ed sheeran. i love you, and shawn loves you too. xo

Your name: submit What is this?

You hated mirrors.

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Discussion on Recent Post on PJ

AKA Answering Ask Time

Ah man sorry for just suddenly disappearing like that guys. Just I had to take a sudden break from tumblr. Anyway – I got several asks over the hours I was not on there… though I did turn it off at one point due to some hate being sent to me, which I will address below. I decided to go ahead and answer all of the asks that are surrounding the situation that happened and the events that happened due to it in this post. Any other questions that are specifically asking about something else (though mentioning a bit of what happened Monday) I’ll answer on their own and appropriately tag them, since I know a few of you were wondering about PJ a bit.

Anyway! On with the show! I hope that with this I can clear up a bit of things as well as give my thoughts on what you have to say about it! And I’ll be going in a random order with the asks… so bear with me! ^^

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Okay guys… um. Shit. This is weird. I hate to be doing this since I just logged in and saw this blog had reached 322 followers. Which I mean I’m thankful for. But I’m not gonna carry on with this blog.

Hate on me all you like, but I cannot support Jon anymore based on his recent actions. I just cannot. Just a quick trip to the jontron Tumblr tag and all the receipts are there. For real, he was my favourite youtuber. He inspired me to start my own channel and I watched all his videos ten times. He was an inspiration to me and honestly it hurts that things that to turn out this way. But I really can’t support him anymore.

I’m leaving the blog up as is, for anyone who’d still like to see the gifs I made and such. But I’ll never be touching it again. Unless some miracle happens but I think he’s too far gone… I’m so sad really.

I don’t mean to take this time to plug myself, but my main tumblr is @fennequeen if you wanna follow me there idk. I’m barely on except when I promote new videos. I’m sorry it had to turn out this way, honestly I’m destroyed and I’m disappointed.

Just letting y'all know :

On April 1st, this blog will not post screamers, I will not post flashing images or videos, I will not post unsettling and/or offensive content

I’m also 100% on board with tagging posts for certain trigger mentions, pleas just let me know through ask or pm and I’ll do it (I’m not sure entirely how but if you include the tag you have blocked it will help)

I won’t fake anything like taking my own life, I won’t spread hate or discourse.

The worst that might happen is a really hilarious practical joke I have planned that y'all might enjoy thoroughly

I swear by this post and promise to uphold it to the utmost best of my abilities

((Seriously please let me know if you want certain things tagged and include the tag! This musical contains some touchy subjects so I totally understand if some people are affected negatively by the content sometimes!!))

aph poland discourse is always so wild because it’s like a large portion of people apparently don’t know how to say “i hate that fandom treats aph poland like comic relief” without also throwing a giant, homophobic wrench in their own argument by crying about how he’s gay and wears dresses which upsets their str8 sensibilities

Fanart of Emma, Henry and Regina was the runner-up - people responded with ship hate. Anti-SQ stuff.

Fanart featuring every major character was the winner - people responded with ship hate. Anti-OQ, anti-CS, anti-Robin, anti-Hook.

In both cases, tagging the artist. Insulting the artist. Keeping it classy, in other words.

My own work has won and been a runner-up, and the same thing happened. Ship hate. Hook hate. And for the record, no, I have never ever made any such comments, regarding any ship, myself. I’ve not seen any such comments from the artists in question here, either.

Can we stop acting like the other side’s the only one who does it? It’s not. It happens every time. Every time I look at the fanart Adam posts there’s hate in the comments. Every time.

This one wasn’t even SQ vs CS, it was two pictures with family as a theme (which I think is a big reason why they got picked). But people honed in on the ship thing anyway. They got personal towards the artist, even.

Stop acting like your own side can do no wrong and is full of sunshine and rainbows because it’s not. Stop parading this crap around as if it’s “proof” of anything. If a couple of idiots’ anti-SQ comments on the first post is proof that all CS fans are whiny entitled crybabies then surely the same logic should apply when a couple of idiots make anti-Robin/OQ/Hook/CS comments on the second post, right? Wrong. On both counts. Grow up.

This is nonsense. The only thing it does is cause more divide and more hate and I would think, maybe, after what we just saw these past few days, we could all agree that we need less of that. And no, posting insults on people’s art on Twitter isn’t activism. You’re not cool, or progressive. You’re just an asshole.

If you have to engage in ship wars and other immature crap, do it somewhere else. Don’t do it on people’s art, gifsets, graphics, or other thing they poured a lot of time and effort into. Don’t use people’s creations for that. Go be a bitch somewhere else.

okay so I’ve done this before and this is meant to be more of a “realization” but like from one gay guy to the next can we like… collectively stop it with the “lmao I love dick” shit? like we say we hate terfs but that is the e x a c t same things that terfs say when referring to how they’re lesbians “that love vagina” it is really transmysogynistic,, 

(and it further shows that we aren’t aware of our own privilege because we’re guys and we don’t think about transmysogyny cause it doesn’t effect us directly)


I created my own little Safe Haven for everyone who needs to rest for a while and wants to forget all the stressful things in the world. It’s a magical and peaceful village. There are no such things like hate, anger, any conflicts, etc. Just the beauty of nature and cute animals. Take a break and go visit! If you upload any pictures of this town, please tag them with #acnl safe haven or #edencrossingofficial so I can see and reblog them! I hope you enjoy this little paradise ♥
Dream Address: 7500-6599-1864

Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down

ship: wincest (could be read as a general pairing though)
rating: teen
ao3 link
tags: drinking, angst
summary: “Dean hated it. He hated being sent on a mission by those pompous sons of bitches that thought they were better than anyone else with their perfectly manicured hands and fancy tools.”
word count: 2,052
a/n: so this is kinda seen as a coda to the last episode but it takes place after the episode actually and this kinda came out of some of my own questions that i have when it comes to what’s currently happening in the plot. you’ll see what i’m talking about. plus it’s the first thing i’ve written since my dwbb so yay about that.

Dean was an alcoholic. He would try to deny it whenever Sam would bring it up (which wouldn’t be often because he knew where that conversation always ended) but there was no denying the facts. There was almost never a time that Sam didn’t see his brother without some kind of drink in his hand. However he was getting better. His morning coffee wasn’t spiked with whiskey anymore.

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My favourite things about the kylux fandom: 

 ~ Millicent™ 

~ pink-haired Hux 

~ reserve’s NSFW head canon Friday 

 ~ the serious dedication to putting Hux in various exotic forms of fancy lingerie

 ~ exasperated best friend Phasma

 ~ the shared emotional experience of a new Children, Wake Up update 

~ Hux’s Tiny Butt 2k16 

~ the wacky adventures of the Knights of Ren 

 ~ weird alternative names for Domhnall Gleeson in the tags of posts 

~ force grabbing the lube 

~ the “I fucken hate kylux” anon 

~ giving Hux increasingly obscure and unpronounceable first names in fics 

~ vastly overestimating size difference 

~ pretty dresses without context 

~ the freckle discourse