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The room was like something out of a bad gangster movie. It was obviously some kind of storage room, so Edward Nigma deduced, judging by the shelves pushed up against the walls of the dimly lit room. A single light bulb flickered directly above him. As it was, he was tied to a chair, bound in rope at the hands and the feet. Perhaps the most humiliating part was the red ball gag in his mouth. He was having trouble not drooling all over himself because of it.

His captors were not ones for subtly. He took a breath and inhaled the stench Marlboro cigarettes. Ah, Constantine.

A door behind him broke open with a heavy, metallic sound. “So, you found him?” Another familiar voice. Lantern.

“Well you could say that…” The Englishman came into view, trench coat bloodied and cigarette hanging out of his mouth. John sounded bored.

Lantern followed, glowing green suit a harsh, sharp contrast against the dimness of the room. It made Edward squint. Lantern’s mouth fell open slightly and he turned to John with a baffled look on his face, “You could have just used a gagging spell.”

“True,” John admitted. “But this is far more entertaining, wouldn’t you agree, mate?”

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  • me, two weeks ago, seeing hate in the ship tag: I'm a bad person and I should be ashamed, everyone rightfully hates me
  • me, now: fuck off losers

I know that Shou scene where he imagines himself with the same eyebrows as touchy toe and freaks out is often taken comically, which it is really fucking funny i wont deny that, but i honestly think that it really show’s something about Shou.

Could you imagine, looking in the mirror and seeing something that you share with someone who hurt you, neglected you for who knows how long? Cutting all ties with someone abusive would be much, much harder when you see them in your own reflection, and I’m sure shou knows that.

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This is going to be so difficult I’m a very boring person lol

Name: someone called me kitsnz in an ask the other day which I thought was cute. So, let’s go with that.

Pronouns: she/her 

Country of origin: straya

Sexuality: I guess straight. I’ve only been with my bf lol

Star sign: scorpio 

First language spoken: english

Other languages spoken: not enough worth noting haha


  1. jumpers. I’m constantly buying them. I would wear jumpers every day if I could. Why do I live in australia? I need to live somewhere cold lol
  2. sweet and salty popcorn (I’m always snacking on it)
  3. rain very very very very very much
  4. console games (specifically ps4, 3ds & psvita) 
  5. character reference sheets. I love seeing how they look from different angles lol
  6. fluid/smooth animation? The opening of YOI gives me an eyegasm everytime.
  7. cartoons. I can’t help it. 
  8. gossip/drama. I’m the worst. I love hearing it, I don’t like being in it lol.
  9. coffee.. but I can’t drink it because it gives me anxiety. So I drink herbal tea lol
  10. listening to podcasts/letsplays/music while I draw
  11. pineapple on pizza (I’m being controversial)

9 dislikes

  1. sleeping (what a waste of time amirite?)
  2. australian netflix… it has nothing (we tried to proxy but they keep blocking us lmao it’s so shit)
  3. satin/silk… the feeling of my nails catching on it makes my skin crawl
  4. how slow I draw
  5. obnoxious/rude people
  6. raw tomato… no thanks
  7. when I procrastinate. srsly the day goes by too fast
  8. jumpscares. They used to give me panic attacks lmao
  9. buying shoes. I’m really picky so it’s a headache.

Other Facts:

  • I caught chicken pox for the first time at 23
  • and I was really mad because I got ONE small pockmark and it’s on my face (above my eyebrow) and I tried so hard to not scratch my face in particular..
  • I’m left-handed
  • I get distracted easily
  • my only hobbies are drawing/gaming and they both take so much time, if I do one I get so absorbed I can’t do the other lmao
  • my current favourite song is ‘something just like this’ by the chainsmokers
  • I was obsessed with two songs and played them all the time while I was drawing a bunch of yoi stuff so now they remind me of yuuri and viktor whenever they play lmao
  • My yuuri song is ‘emotional-virtual riot remix’ by Flux pavillion, Max Koma
  • My Viktor song is ‘Adore’ by Amy Shark (who is an australian singer and this song is great so check it out if you want)

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Okay, beans. I’ve been debating this for a couple of days, but I think it’s time I addressed it. I’m really sorry, normally I don’t do this, but I think it’s important to talk about.

An anon has been sending me messages for the last couple of days and they haven’t been very nice. It’s in regards to something in the fandom, but I don’t want to talk about that because I don’t want to be a part of any discourse. I’ve been steadily deleting their messages, but they did accidentally send me one off-anon. I have messaged that person to please stop, and they didn’t respond back, but today I received this:

Now, the ONLY REASON I am bringing this up at all is because this line of thinking is not okay. Anon hate is never okay, but bringing in my deafness to get me to respond to your previous angry messages is especially cruel. 

You’re not bothering me by disliking something I wrote about. If I was mad or upset, I would have published your un-anon ask, but I didn’t want to do that to you and drag you into a comment battle with other people, as your message was really mean.

However, my concern is that if this person encounters someone else like me, they’ll say something like this and it will be really hurtful. In this message, this anon is treating my deafness as a joke, an “insert eye-roll here” and that ISN’T okay. I literally do not give one single fuck about what you think of my fics, but this bothers me. It shows the inherent thinking of “deafness is a joke.”

Don’t use something like this to insult someone. It’s not fair, it’s not okay, and to the wrong person, this could be really hurtful. Have I heard worse? Of course. But I do hope the person(s?) who have been messaging me see this and realize this is not the way to go about getting someone to engage in hostility. I won’t argue with you or publish your asks.

Dislike my fandom preferences all you want, but please don’t bring my deafness into your argument.

I feel like people will hate me for saying this but I don’t ship the whole Winchest thing. I don’t understand it. Like why? Under no circumstances am I a homophobe, but they’re fuckin brothers man! Like so y'all just be layin down with your family? That’s how kids grow up and call their uncle “Uncle daddy” or “Aunite momma” like wtf.

rare picture of jimin with haters

On this week’s episode of “Stupid Crap In The Rebels Tag”:

1. Kallus isn’t allowed to have a redemption arc because he’s a member of a fascist government with some allegorical inspiration from the Nazis.

2. “The show isn’t treating their female characters right!”  *conveniently ignores that Sabine had her own character arc this season and more named female characters than ever had important roles in the plot (Pryce, Brunsen, Ursa, Mon Mothma)*

3. “The show doesn’t treat their POC characters right!” *conveniently forgets that Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine aren’t white*

4. We are still whining about Ahsoka.  Even though with the lead time they have on this show there was no possible way they could have squeezed her into Season Three along with everything else.

Pet peeve: hatewatching.  Why do people watch a thing they intend to hate, hate it because they went in planning to hate it, and then go on the internet to talk about how much they hate it?  What is the purpose of this activity, other than to be a dick to people who didn’t hate the thing?

I honestly don’t understand why people do this.  Why would you subject yourself to hours of watching something you hate?  If you hate it so much, why would you then subject yourself to MORE HOURS of talking about it on the internet?  Do you want to suffer?

Me jamming and lip syncing to ASTRO 💩🎶

I’m going to make this a tag and the only rules are to use any filter (but most likely these filters) and jam/lip sync to your favourite kpop song/s at the moment!! 😂 I just thought it was so funny so I want to see other people do it~

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