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okay, sad headcanon coming: They didn't have camera phones in the 80s, which meant you had to take pictures with an actual camera. Since most people didn't just carry cameras around, they probably didn't take many pictures or videos. What i'm saying is, Veronica has no pictures of JD. First she'll forget his smell, then she'll forget his voice, then his face, but she'll never ever forget how he made her feel or how much she loved him. She'll just wish she could look at him.


quicksilver falls easily from your tongue.
your words drip of mocking metal, a pool of poison,
asking for a smile, a promise, a laugh.

disguised in speckled stardust, you hide fire,
you hide a cruel cold. you hide a blanket of thin
air that chokes and stand firm, close to the sun.

and you leave quickly, flying high with wings
made of feathers you plucked from my dying body.
i refused to call you god, so you killed.

from an angel, and you wore all the faces of mercury.

About Keith and Leadership.

I’m honestly so tired of seeing all the “Keith is a horrible leader. He should never become the black paladin because he’s reckless and he sucks!” on my dash… especially those that use the rescue scene in Season 1 Episode 1 as an example. 

Funny enough, if you stop and really really pay attention to this entire scene, you will realize that it actually highlights a lot of Keith’s traits that would make him a successful leader for Team Voltron (or any team, for that matter):

→  Despite it not being in his initial plan, Keith was able to think, act, and then successfully lead a group of people he didn’t even know in a strategic manner despite the obstacles and limitations that unexpectedly arose.

→  He was able to maintain his cool while in a pinch, even while everybody else was freaking out and screaming at him about everything. As someone who works very closely with the military and leads a team of people in combating casualties when they occur, I can attest that remaining calm in the face of chaos is an invaluable leadership skill. If the leader is calm, the rest of the team will more likely be able to calm down and focus on the task at hand.

→  He was able to direct this panicking group of people to take action in order to execute his plan (such as guiding Hunk to use his weight to help them steer the overloaded hover bike), which from personal experience I can tell you is not easy.

→  He was able to make split-second, confident decisions at just the right time in order to further their escape. I can’t emphasize enough how making solid decisions in a pinch can truly be the difference between success and failure, even between life and death. That being said…

→  He understood that risks were necessary if the team as a whole was to have a chance at success. Sure, people are complaining about how he drove himself and the others off the edge of a cliff, but it was all part of a plan he was able to develop on the fly. If you recall, not a single one of them got hurt.

→ Also tied to the bullet above, Keith was confident in his own skills to know he could execute said plan. He was confident enough to tell the others among their terrified screams to trust him.

In the end, Keith was able to rescue Shiro and lead everyone else to safety with no casualties on their end.

Some examples from later in the series also display other excellent leadership qualities that Keith possesses:

→  He is a team player. He understands that they all need to work together in order to achieve their common goal, and he also understands that personal desires must sometimes be sacrificed in favor of what is right for the greater good.

→  He recognizes others’ efforts and lets them know that they are noticed and appreciated, like when he tells Hunk how invaluable his efforts were during their mission to retrieve scaultrite from the belly of the Weblum.

→  The team’s current leader appears to know him better than anyone else (and definitely knows him better than we know Keith due to the very limited information we have on his past), and strongly believes that Keith is capable of leading the group. 

Do none of these things count for anything? Because honestly, Keith sounds like an excellent albeit unwilling leader to me.

P.S. This is not a post claiming that Keith should be the Black Paladin, it is simply a post to prove that all those who say he has zero leadership skills are wrong.

Florence Coleman

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rules:  make a sim look good with EA’s classic cheese hair color. more info

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i love angelica so much??

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Ok um,,, can you do like really vanilla, soft nsfw headcanons please ;v; like mc is a tad bit down but like?? Idk. I love you btw aaaaaa

headcanons of the babes with a vanilla mc? how they would treat a mc that goes slow or soft? or would you like mainly fluffy with with a bit of nsfw?

sorry for all the questions, love you too! it’s early and i just woke up so this sort of went over my head haha (⌒_⌒;)

u know, the wsnack story is exclusively on twitter and its buried from it being months ago but i just want people to know about the meme that is wsnack, because its my favorite word and i use it all the time and anyone not in a specific friend group wouldnt really understand it so:

one time i was really excited about having multiple snack items instead of just one and me being the person i am, i made a post “tfw = TWO FUCKING SNACKS”

and i was like yeah man it works perfectly, the t is two, the f is fucking and the w is- wait. no. no oh no thats not

and so i sadly deleted the post… but people saw anyways + i instantly posted about it like “hey guys apparently snack starts with a w now”

and then as i described my snacks i realized i actually had 3 snacks. so the full meme is tfw = two (3) fucking wsnacks.

so yeah, if i ever use wsnack on here, u guys just need to know the origin. its important. 

a meme was born due to me being a fool. but its ok bc its my favorite meme. im the wsnack king

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Honestly, I was so disappointed to see Kylo Ren. I don't find the actor attractive at all? Like... he's supposed to be the big bad, and they have HIM?! lol

ghsjkalksjhdghjk same tbh I think the actor plays the role just fine and it’s reasonable of them to have picked a guy with an.. unique face but there’s so many reylos on here who actually find him really attractive it’s amazing (I don’t find him attractive either, but I thought “well, I’m a lesbian, how would I know” so I’m glad I’m not the only one haha) 

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u should share a link to ur playlist!! like on spotify or something. (unless u don't want to lmao)

:00 ya heres the link!! https://open.spotify.com/user/xilently123/playlist/1zYV07UTz3mNMKWcf0UJRj,that was the one that i was listening to, but u can go on my profile and see others :0 i’ve hidden some tho bc im not happy w those playlists yet lmaoo

also pls dont judge my username … god… i made that who knows how long ago

thank you @crvciatvs for tagging me :))

rules: tell us your one favorite character from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people

have to warn you people, i am really bad at choosing favourite characters, i get wayyy to emotionally attached to all, even those i don’t particularly like, so after some consideration here’s the list

1. Sirius Black - Harry Potter Series (adopt me pls)
2. Lily Calloway - Addicted Series (read these immediately! they’re AMAZING, i swear)
3. Ronan Lynch - The Raven Cycle (my idol in life)
4. Arwen Undomiel - Tolkien’s Universe
5. The Darkling/Aleksander Morozova - The Grisha Trilogy
6. Mara Dyer - The Mara Dyer Series
7. Luka Kotova - Aerial Ethereal Series (srsly GO READ, same authors as the addicted series)
8. Emma Frost - Marvel Comics/X-Men
9. Damian Wayne - Batman Comics
10. Lena Luthor - Supergirl

i’m tagging:  @superherosandstones @my-flourish-and-blotts @roartonrotters
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