i hate socializing

Sometimes I’m scared because Alycia Debnam-Carey is so, so talented, and so sweet and caring and she wants to succeed so bad you can see it in her eyes, and she has so much potential, but then I see how some fans lose it and forget boundaries and respect and the fact that Alycia (or any other celebrity for that matter) is a real person with feelings, and start being inappropriate. Just because social media allows you to communicate with your favourite celebrities doesn’t mean you should send them everything that comes to your mind. Would you go to someone in the street and tell them how much you want to fuck them? Or tell them how much you want them to fuck one of their friends? No, you wouldn’t. So what makes you think that you can do that on social media? It’s dehumanizing. RESPECT, guys. Just be respectful. You’re allowed to love the shit out of them, but don’t interfere with celebrities’ private life. Tell them you love them, you admire them, but don’t be a creep for fuck’s sake. I know Alycia is an adult and can protect herself, but I don’t want her to be grossed out and uncomfortable because of a group of people who don’t see the limit between admiring someone and being totally inappropriate. And I don’t want any of this affecting her career, because she’s really talented and she’ll get far.

‘Person of Color’

I was shocked the first time I heard it in real life.
As if I was hearing someone repeat a paper written by a kkk member.

I am Mexican, a Hispanic; not a ‘person of color’.
My native ancestors were persecuted for their religion during la Conquesta.
As were my Catholic ancestors, during la guerra Christera.
Neither died as martyrs to be belittled to ‘martyrs’ of color’.

My veins are both rich in Native and Spanish blood,
I refuse to let that be forgotten and replaced with a term, as insulting as: ‘colored blood’.

My skin as white as the snow that falls onto Spainish land during winter. My eyes as dark as the bark on trees in my country, my hair as black as the coal found under my native Mexico.
I refuse to let that be forgotten, and recognized as simply ‘colored traits’.

My last name is a Spanish last name, which I carry as proudly as my first name: A Nahuatl name.
Which is a constant reminder of who I am, and where I come from. I refuse to let my name ever be considered just ‘colored name’.

I am a Mexican, a Hispanic, and I refuse to let that be stripped away and forgotten under a term like ‘person of color’.



Samwell Social Media part 3/?

Nursey’s Snapchat


I just made and entire post about Nursey without mentioning poetry, his moms, or the word chill????? Is this really a Nursey post?


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Um, no. If you commit a crime, you should not be treated differently or more “fairly” than a man who commits the same crime. You know, equality of consequences or something?

I thought feminism was about equality. Oh, or would that be the bad kind of equality the feminists talk about?

My favorite thing about Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley, is that despite the aloof nature and general broody exterior, you know that 95% of his internal monologue is just panicking like: