i hate so much about the coloring of this movie


hard candy (2005)

you know, actually, it’s kinda funny. because every time i would mention some obscure singer or band, you knew so much about them. but not right away, it was like a few minutes later. maybe enough time to look them up on the web? jeff, you used the same phrases about goldfrapp as they do on amazon.com. busted! oh and by the way, i fucking hate goldfrapp.

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can i have more heather duke headcanons?

ye man

-heather duke has an older sister and they have an age difference of twelve years

-her mom is one of those moms who’s pretty old but looks 25

-she has a huge ass collection of foreign coins and that collection is a secret she will take to her grave

-she makes pretty average grades with an F here and there and a solid 100 on the first quiz of the year

-her family’s rich but they live in a small house. her father insists they’re safer that way so if he ever loses his job or something they’ll still have plenty of money to fall back on

-her parents met while they were rollerskating and her dad thought her mom was so cute that he skated right into a wall

-heather duke has also seen hot guys at the rink and skated into the wall

-the apple does not fall far from the tree

-heather chandler will only wear matching bras and panties in cute colors and designs, heather mac throws on whatever she sees first, and heather duke has exactly two bras that she alternates between bc they’re comfy and she hates bra shopping

-her favorite class is her off period, and her least favorite class is the rest of them

-she hates children

-she’s not a dog person! she doesn’t hate dogs, but she doesn’t like them much either, she prefers cats

-in kindergarten, she had to take anger management classes after kicking her teacher in the shin because she wanted a pink cupcake and they gave her yellow

-her favorite color is actually purple, but she doesn’t like how she looks in purple, so she opts to wear green (and then red)


I hate how in movies with makeovers, they tell the protagonist to ‘lose the glasses’ because 'it’ll make them so much prettier’. I mean, I sort of get it, glasses sometimes take up a huge part of your face or have this really ugly color you regret getting, but it always made little me feel bad about mine. See, my disability is that I’ve had problems with my fine motor skills since birth. Not as bad as you’re probably imagining right now, but I can’t deal with small things and typing with the thumbs and grabbing a plastic cup without accidentally squeezing and wetting myself with its content. Dealing with contacts is another thing I can absolutely not do. Ever. And if I’ll try, I’ll probably end up like that woman that went blind because she never took out her contacts and just kept adding new ones for thirty years. You can imagine that seeing those movies and hearing them say those things about glasses really upset me — I thought it’d been inevitable that I’d be forever stuck in the 'Before’ zone and that I’d never get my 'After’, that I’d never be truly beautiful.

Of course, not many have my problem, and over the years I’ve accepted myself and my humongous glasses/friend. But still, dear authors, dear Universal Studios, dear world, please create a movie or write a book that next time shows us that ditching your glasses for contacts and straightening your hair won’t make you any more beautiful or any more important. You can still make movies where the protagonist keeps her glasses or trades them for less First-Glasses-Then-Face-ones. But don’t call them ugly or nerdy or anything even remotely close to that, because it does have an effect on people, and it sure had an effect on me.

Yours sincerely, a proud glasses-wearing, naturally clumsy girl.


Did I ever mention that narrative tile that I made based on HTTYD for a project? Not sure, but here are some photos. :’)

(I’m genuinely kind of discontent with the glazing job. The thing I hate most about glazing is that it rarely ever turns out the way you want it to, so tiny details are next to impossible. And once it gets fired for a second time… You have no idea as to whether or not the colors will run or not. But, it’s pretty decent, I’d say!)

I Know You- Bucky Barnes

Character: Bucky Barnes
Prompt: “Pretty please could write a Bucky one shot with prompts 45, 52 and 53, I’ll love you forever”
45. Ranting about annoying things they both disagree on which leads to kissing and so on
52. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
53. “I’m not a child so don’t treat me like one.”

Warning: This came close to turning into smut but wasn’t sure if that’s what the requester wanted or not so no warnings. However, I’ll be working on a smutty Bucky for tomorrow so stay tuned! xD

I let out a sigh, leaning back against the kitchen counter. A half-finished bowl of cereal sat in front of me, but I was suddenly too annoyed to even consider eating the rest of it.  “How many times are we gonna have this same conversation, Stark?” I asked. “You act like he’s a viscous dog we have to keep locked up at all times.”

“Uh hello? Ex-hydra murderer? What about that does not scream vicious to you?” Tony argued, spreading his arms out as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “And I can guarantee his bite is just as vicious as his bark.”

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Why are you so angry that people of color are getting movies made about them being superheroes? White people already have every single movie ever. ONE movie isn't going to kill you. Sit the fuck down, son.

yeah i’m so angry

look at this anger

im seething with rage………how dARE marvel make a movie with an almost completely black cast………

i hate this movie so much and i never want to see it 

and i definitely wasn’t just pointing out the hypocrisy on this website that says a movie with an 80% black cast is diverse because they come from different nations despite being the same race but also claims anything with over 50% white people in it is racist because white people

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would you recommend some korean movies (can be asian in general) for me to watch on vacation?

These are the ones that I have watched and then I’ve rated them too (right corner):

Hope can be a bit sensitive for some viewers as it’s about a rape case on some kid ;’( but still good (crying is a natural reaction).Punch is good too! Inspiring! Tough As Iron is a good watch, takes up some serious stuff like dementia, right or wrong, living life. Train to Busan is fairly popular and absolutely a good watch. Bleak Night is beautifully directed and has a great plot (bullying and a twist), somewhat bitter sweet. Obsessed.. ah I wouldn’t recommend it because the story is eh , but it’s beautifully directed but has a tragic ending and is R rated (male leads butt looked amazing tho & he’s so handsome). Just do not watch 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant. I have no idea why I watched it and I wish I could forget every second of it lmao. The Beauty Inside is a movie with an interesting plot, definitely a good watch but the message of the movie can be interpreted in different ways. Likes for Likes is a good movie, not amazing but definitely a chill movie to spend time on. Phantom Detective is so cute, I watched it without subs and it wasn’t that hard to understand. I’m not sure if the subs are out yet. Grow Infinite’s documentary was really good and emotional so if you want to watch it even if you’re not a fan then you’re more than welcome haha! Flying Colors is such a feel good movie and very inspirational, must watch! Veteran is a fave, the antagonist is played by my favourite actor and I swear I hated his character so much ahah, but the movie is good. Elegant Lies (another fave) is about bullying and very beautiful with it’s directing and dialogues (warning: can bring tears). Unforgettable is a good movie with great child/young actors, but with somewhat bitter-sweet ending. The Throne was soooo good :’) I don’t know if I can say it’s tragic but many emotions are involved, and apparently historically true. Slow Video is cute, and quite unusual as the male lead is someone who sees stuff in slow motion and also falls in love with his childhood crush. Catch Me is so-so, it’s a weird rom-com. I liked it, but I wouldn’t recommend it that much.


I always feel like i never watch enough movies as it is, and it’s true… i always re-watch the same shows and movies. These are my favorite picks of 2015. 

A Most Violent Year was a slow burner with beautiful shots and 80′s era-aesthetics.. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac work so well together, and this film was/is so under-appreciated because the lead is an actual good guy, throughout the whole film. Entertainment has been stuck on rooting for the bad guys that you almost find yourself looking to see where Isaac’s character was going to go wrong. Definitely worth watching for the last scene and Isaac’s quote in the dinner table scene.

Mommy already had me from the moment I finished previous Dolan films. I didn’t know what to expect when i went, and was even more confused when the theater attendant said the way the movie was shot was intentional and would soon make sense… it was so worth it. I think everyone I follow agrees that there’s absolutely no one who can do what Dolan does. It’s frustrating as hell to know how young he is and the ability he has to write so deeply about a variety of things. He’s got an eye for cinematography, and ear for fucking fantastic music, and a mind that writes like no other. I left that theater in awe and goosebump-ridden from the last scene/use of music.

The Hateful Eight was not high on my list of movies to watch in 2015. I don’t like Westerns, Django was a let down, and i’ve kind of gotten bored of Tarantino due to all the infatuation on this website tbh. I mean it’s a lot, but I understand it for the most part. Watching this was such an experience.. the fucking music oh my god. So good, and I never give much thought in QT’s films about much of his music even though some have become iconic. It was so perfectly fitting and new, I was living for it. Every frame every second was so well thought out and had the most beautiful use of landscape (first part). The story/characters were incredible and sooo Tarantino like in the best way. I think I was deprived of something signature of his and I finally got it. My only problem was the overuse of the N word which was highly unnecessary and really uncomfortable to hear.

It Follows popped up in an article on my homepage saying it’s the scariest movie that’s come in the last couple of years. Read the synopsis… nope I thought I was gonna pass it up and move on. Kept seeing articles on it and gave in. Went to a screening with the director and writers about a week later and had really low hopes. I was seated in a full house with incredible sound and let me tell you I almost shat my pants a couple of times. If you’ve seen it, you already know hands fucking down the door/hall scene is fucking SCARY. I felt like my soul left my body when I watched it. For a newcomer, this movie is flawless. So rich in color, incredible use of landscape which was in Detroit, but was also switched from a rustic abandoned setting to a suburban neighborhood. It keeps you on edge and has you wondering what the fuck is going on. The most incredible thing to come out of this was the score by Disasterpeace. The whole soundtrack is a horror music dream. It’s got obvious Carpenter themes but so original it’s something I listen to ALL the time. I’m still obsessed with this movie, I think I always will be.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night came outta left field and will always be an under-appreciated favorite. Black and white works so beautifully esp. when it’s a vampire film set in modern times. Music is definitely key and is to be listened to whenever, because it’s just that great. Women vampires should really be a thing, just not the Twilight kind.

Lost River, you already know. If you’ve been following me forever you know my deep struggles with this movie and how much i begged and pleaded to watch it. NWR is a huge love of mine and hearing that Ryan Gosling (his bf) was making a film, I knew it was going to have some nwr bits. Not only were websites saying it was like NWR, but also compared it to Lynch, Korine, and Noé.. the fucking best at surrealist/auteur film makers. It was bashed and hated on over and over and I knew it was going to be good. It had me so fucking in love when I finally did get around to it. It’s a simple, simple story with grim fairytale themes. Neon colors, Ben’s dancing, the town’s settings, the relationship between Ian and Saoirse’s character.. I want to live in that movie forever. I’ve read everything about it, yet there isn’t much, It’s still such a weird film and something no one has talked about since and I live for it. It’s the movie I would have made if I was ever given the chance.

Ex Machina was/is so clean and crisp it’s like breathing new air or s/t. Sounds cheesy, I know. But JC made such a fantastic role for Alicia and knocked it out of the park in terms of how the AI looked. So stunning, esp. in close up shots. The film has you rooting for one person and in a matter of a scene it changes completely. You know it’s good when I have yet to fully realize Alicia isn’t that AI from the movie.. I will always see her as one.

The Revenant fed my crops, gave me food, and nurtured my soul in terms of cinematography. Emmanuel gave me goosebumps and had me saying wow repeatedly under my breath a couple of times. I’ve only ever felt like that when I saw Children Of Men which is also his work. It’s undeniable he’s created the best shots of our time. His work with Alejandro is only proof of that. 2 hours of jaw dropping scenery was enough, but Leo and Tom are a fucking force together. Leo will never seize to amaze me. He’s become a meme, but in reality we all know his work is out of this world and commitment is something that isn’t seen much anymore in Hollywood. You always think he’s outdone himself with the last role, but he keeps fucking your shit up. He deserves the award, he deserves it all.

The Lobster had the weirdest description, but on the other hand it was the Dogtooth guy so why are acting surprised? It was exactly as described and more. I laughed my fucking ass off along with the whole theater which had a capacity of 600 ppl. Ben Whishaw and John C. Reilly are the best comical bit and so good together despite such a random pair. I don’t know what to say without spoiling it. It’s my favorite film of the year and has that uncomfortable Lanthimos scene(s) which is worth watching for let alone.

to wrap it up… i’m always a slut for cinematography and original scores, bye!

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★ Relationship status: single lol

★ Favorite Color: Red!!

★ Lipstick or chapstick: Ugh I hate both. I have this weird thing about stuff on my lips/skin, so I hate lotion and chapstick and all that stuff. Ick I hate it.

★ Last Song I Listened To: uhhh I don’t know I think it was a mashup of All I Want for Christmas is You and Welcome to the Black Parade that I found on Youtube heh

★ Last Movie I Watched: Thor: Ragnarok

★ Top 3 TV Shows: Steven Universe, Stranger things, and… I don’t really watch much TV but Law and Order I guess??

★ Top 3 Characters: Hmmm I had to limit myself to one per franchise but: Garnet from Steven Universe, Nico Di Angelo from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Eleven from Stranger Things.

★ Top 3 Bands: Only one of these is a band but my favorite musicians are The Mountain Goats, Dodie Clark, and In Love With A Ghost.

★ Books I’m Currently Reading: School is being difficult so I’m not reading anything atm but the book that’s next up in my to-be-read list is I Crawl Through It by A.S. King.

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favorite color: chartreuse. lmao, weird?

lipstick or chapstick?: chapstick, i hate lipstick tbh

last song: astro’s baby haha i was listening to their albums as i drove home from college today

last movie: uhhhh something on netflix,,,about a time loop? dude repeatedly gets trapped in an elevator naked on the day of his wedding lmao i don’t remember the title of it but it was pretty funny

top 3 shows: currently it’s gotham, riverdale, and stranger things

top 3 ships: binu binu binu socky habin

there are a lot less questions here than i expected

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Personal ask: 6 30 40 7 11 12 35 22 1 17

1. Any scars? Several, one is from a rooster who was an ass other is from a trailer spring and my oldest is from a rat

6. Someone you hate? Old ex who was abusive

7. Best Friends? Oh my gosh @mangaguitar96 is my best friend I also know some other amazing people on this site as well and outside this site

11. Last time you cried? about 6 hours ago

12. Favorite color? Blue and purple

17 What do you love?  Horses and dragons

22. Shorty and at the barn I’m at pony girl. To the dogs Aunty Em

30. What the movie or read the book? Read the book! So much more detail!

35. Do you wish you could ever start over? Nope

40. Do you believe in love? It’ll take a lot to convince me

I'm watching the first look of shadow hunters

I’m so upset by this as a die hard fan of the mortal instruments I’m pissed by this cast. Luke is not black! Isabelle is not Hispanic! Like come on it’s not that hard to get race right. And the girl playing clary is annoying not a fan of her I wasn’t a fan of the movies but I like Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell bower better. Not a fan of any of the cast except Simon I could rant for hours lol. But it’s just not up to par and I’m sure my opinion will not be agreed with but that is on its my opinion. The clips don’t seem at all like the books like when did they go to a dance? Looks like prom. When did they have a campfire? When did any of this happen? I’m a bigger fan of the movie. Sorry not sorry. It looks more like its own show then a show based on a movie. And as much as I hate how it looks and the cast I know I’ll watch it lol and I know and I hope I love it. everyone is attacking me about being racist and that the book does say the race so here is some info for them I’m not even white lol. I’m half Cuban half black so no I’m not racist to Hispanics or blacks also it’s obvious isabelle is not Hispanic it’s describes her in the book as having pale colored skin and that her and Alec have the same shade of pale skin so that’s a fact actually have you read the books? And Luke is described with blue eyes and long ragged hair so to all these people maybe get your facts straight before you attack people cause I’m darker than Isabelle

Preference #76: You Break A Bone

Harry: ”Y/N, sit down.” You heard Harry shout from the other end of the dressing room. “You’re going to hurt yourself sweetheart.” All you wanted to do was take a look out the window, without being a nuisance. You slump back onto the couch. “How am i supposed to have any fun, on tour with you guys if i cant even walk?” You groaned, nudging the wheelchair with your good foot. A few weeks ago when you were helping your friend move into her new flat, you may have accidentally dropped a TV stand on your foot. So for the next 3 weeks your foot  will be covered in a plaster cast, now littered in random doodles, thanks to Louis and Zayn. Harry pulled his shirt over his head, while walking toward you. The dark scarf that he ties his hair back with, trapped tightly between his teeth. He mumbled something you couldn’t understand, before he took the fabric and tied in into his hair. “What?” You barely got the word out before he was scooping you off the couch and putting you in chair. “I said, because you get to roll around in this cool thing the whole time.” He pushed the chair into the hall and started running. The wheels sliding across the floor. You couldn’t contain the excitement inside, shrieking and laughing when ever he made a sharp turn. You got the a dead end and he stopped leaning against the wall to catch his breath. “And, you have the worlds greatest driver.”

Liam: “It hurts like crazy” you groan while twisting trying to find a comfortable spot on the couch. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…sorry.“ You sighed “I know, I know “. You didn’t have the heart to blame Liam, he was too adorable, for accidentally breaking your leg. You were riding your bike next to him, it was a beautiful day. Liam wanted to take a morning stroll, the sun was shining and you were happy. You had everything you wanted next to you. You thought nothing could happen, that is until Liam managed to swerve his bike into yours and made you go spiraling out of control into you crashed down a hill. You didn’t feel the pain until Liam helped you up. The doctor identified it as broken and put a horrifying blue cast on it. You were a little mad when you got home, but seeing him taking care of you made your heart warm.” Y/N, is there anything else I can do?” you smiled and tapped your chin “ hmm , well…” he stood at the foot of the couch , twiddling  his thumbs “ how about you watch a movie with me “ he smiled “Ok , but don’t  move so much you’ll hurt yourself more. I don’t want you to fall off the sofa” you laughed and sat up “But it’s so uncomfortable, I also hate this cast color. Didn’t they have white or something?” He came around the corner with a handful of movies. He put one in and gently squeezed next to you. He kissed your forehead “it brings out the color in your eyes.” You rolled them but snuggled close to him none the less. “I’m sorry again” you smiled and kissed his cheek” it’s ok, now let’s watch the movie”.

Niall: “Yep it’s definitely broken.” you watched as the doctor examined your arm. “I’ll go and get the things to deal with it right now.” you nodded and sighed. “Its ok Y/N, you’re tough “you smiled and looked at Niall. He was coming down from visiting his family when he arrived home, to find you missing. You called him up and explained that you had broken your arm. You had always been clumsy, bumping into things and whatnot. You were hurrying up the stairs, from the cold and fell backwards because your neighbor’s cats had stepped in front of you. Scaring you half to death but making you tumble down as well. Said neighbor heard your screams and brought you to the hospital. “Yea I know, it hurts so bad!“ The doctor came back a few minutes later and tended to your arm. You got some pain meds and Niall helped you to the car. “Don’t worry you’ll rest soon and feel better. I got ya “you giggled “thanks babe.”

 Louis:“I wouldn’t climb that tree Y/N, it’s too high” you groaned “where’s your sense of adventure. Your inside spirit animal “you heard him laugh “well I don’t want my spirit animal to be a monkey that’s for sure.” you chuckled “oh Lou, come on look its easy” you climbed upon a steady branch and made monkey noises. You looked down at your too small to see boyfriend. He was sitting in a lawn chair. You had had enough of his non adventurous spirit and called out to him. “Lou im lonely come up here with me “he made no attempt to move. “No thanks. I have a plan why don’t you come down and we can go back home and watch TV. ““Louis! Look at the trees and oh! Look look, there’s a bird nest!” you grinned and pointed to a branch a few feet away. “No Y/N just come down love. We can do something else. You’ll hurt yourself.” you shrugged and moved toward the nest.” Just one sec.” you say stepping and maneuvering your way to the small thing. You giggled as you heard him call up” Y/N. im serious you’ll get hurt ““no I won’t “you say as you suddenly step on a loose branch and fall. You screamed as you fell on your left  hand, and cried out in horrible pain. Louis ran up to you, helping you up and cradling you. “Don’t you dare say it Lou.” You peeked at him, he frowned “I'm…” You glared at him “take me to the hospital. Its broken I think” he nodded as you cried. He put you in the car, reassuring everything’s ok til’ you got to your destination. 

Zayn: “Oh my,” You groan from the floor . Zayn sat practically motionless on the couch. Concentrating on the sketch in front of him. The cast you have wrapped around your hand and wrist, is making it a great deal harder to paint your toes than it should be. In your third attempt, you managed to get nail polish everywhere except your nail. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked from above you, his hazel eyes peaking over the top of his sketch book. “I cant even paint my own nails with this stupid thing on.” You growled and push away the large bin of nail polishes. Zayn pushed his sketch book, and lowered himself onto the floor next to you. His dark hair flat and mess today. “Can i do it?” He questioned with a smirk. “Please?” You responded, lifting your leg and setting it in his lap. The concentration was visible on his face, as he hunched over your foot. His bottom lip trapped between his brilliant white teeth. After a few minutes of quite, he twists on the top tightly. “Done,” He says with a smile. Each of your toes painted a different color. “Thank you.” You smiled, pulling him close to you with your good hand.

-Aria and Kady xx

So I saw Captain America: Civil War, and overall, it was an enjoyable moviegoing experience! It’s honestly been years since I had any huge feelings about the MCU, so I wasn’t expecting much out of the movie, but there were parts of it I liked a lot.

However, there was one thing that I did have intensely negative feelings about. 

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Believe in Swan Queen

Okay, I’m finally doing this! 

I am Swen

Hey everyone. I’m Dom (Dominique to my mother, but only when she’s yelling at me). I’m a 21 girl who has no idea how to adult. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. I was raised a Dallas Cowboys fan, so for those of you that like football, you would know that being a Cowboys fan where I’m from is a big no-no. Tbh the only bullying I’ve ever experienced in my life was just the fact that I liked the Cowboys. I could rant about that forever, but no one needs to hear how I get when I talk about football. I don’t really think I’m that good at much. I’m good at bullshitting life. Does that count? I’m counting it. My favorite color(s) are all shades of blue really. Mainly navy blue (this relates to the football thing really). 

I’m the least healthiest person you’ll ever meet. I know, it’s horrible, but I just hate almost every food that’s good for you. My favorite drink is Sprite. I drink at least 2 cans a day. It use to be more so don’t judge me. I got a little better. My favorite food is a cheeseburger. My favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump (with Imagine me and You and Love Actually in second and third. Now thatI’m thinking about it Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 are probably in from of Imagine Me and You now-a-days). One of my favorite genres of music is country. My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy seasons 1-7. I don’t like to think about seasons 8 and after. Some of my other OTPs, oh jeez, I’m gonna try to keep this as short as possible: Jori (Victorious), Rizzles (Rizzoli and Isles), MerDer (Grey’s Anatomy I hate everything), Bechloe (Pitch Perfect), Clexa (The 100), Siophie (Coronation Street: I use to ship them so hard tbh), Naomily (skins), Spashley (South of Nowhere), Ryan and Marissa (The OC), Jax and Tara (Sons of Anarchy), Tig and Venus (Sons of Anarchy)…remember when I said I was gonna make this short? Idk what happened but I’m forcing myself to stop right now.

I LOVE Swan Queen

Okay, so I started OUAT when it first premiered in 2011. I just remember my mom and I kept seeing commercials and ads about this show everywhere so we were like, why not watch it? It looked good. I started shipping Swan Queen full on by 1x05 (That Still Small Voice). I truly thought Regina was going to kiss Emma when she walked up to her at the mines when they were talking about saving Henry. Like why else get that close?! It still blows my mind that they didn’t kiss. I’m a huge sucker for the classic season 1 Swan Queen. I like when my ships bicker like crazy. But I’m also a HUGE fan of season 4 Swan Queen. My babies have come so far and it just so amazing to see the difference from season 1. I love it so much much, it hurts. My favorite season 4 moment? hmm too many to choose just one. I would have to say when Regina magics herself out of the bug and is all like “Thanks for trying, Miss Swan”. But then that stupid looking monster flies over the town line and Regina looks at Emma. You know, THE LOOK. The look that killed us. The look of true love. 

Anyways, why I love Swan Queen so much. Why I’ve devoted my life to them over any other couple. Well, even though the OUAT writing team aren’t saying this right now, Swan Queen is actually the greatest love story I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect modern fairy tale. What’s more romantic than the person created to break the Evil Queen’s curse is also said Queen’s true love? It’s fucking beautiful. AND THEY HAVE A SON. I just want them to all have their happy ending with each other. Why is that so difficult, A&E? Honestly, I have so much to say about them, but there’s just too much to say and this post is already long AF.


This fandom is beyond incredible. I never thought in a million years that when I joined Tumblr, I’d find a group like Swen to fall into. And no matter how much I hate OUAT now (I do, I really don’t like the show anymore, I’m purely watching for Regina and Swan Queen/ Swan Mills moments) I just can’t give up on Swan Queen. I’m way too deep now to just walk away, no matter how many times I say I will. Also, I truly believe Swan Queen is endgame so I’m waiting for the day it happens and then just go ape shit all over the internet about it. I’m so excited. Anyways, I’ve met some amazing people through Swen. But, I must say you guys, the fanfictions are what I live for. I honestly don’t see the point in reading books anymore when Swan Queen fanficiton is so much more entertaining. I could read about Emma and Regina falling in love 80 trillion times and I’d still cry every single time. Speaking of Swan Queen fanficiton and crying, I would like to give a special shoutout to purple-hershey and hunnyfresh. You guys are the reason for most of my tears and I couldn’t be more thankful. The fan art, the vids, this fandom is damn talented! Shoutout to every member of Swen. This fandom goes through hell and back and yet we come out stronger every single time. And once again with this Believe in Swan Queen movement (thanks by the way dakota829snow and ethan-8!) we continue to grow stronger as a fandom that refuses to be silenced. It’s amazing. All you guys are amazing. Never change. 

One of my favorite things about Zootopia?

In Zootopia, there is prejudice against Judy.  She’s a female, she’s a rabbit, and yet she wants to be a cop!? Preposterous.

In Zootopia, there’s prejudice against Nick.  He’s a predator, and a fox, and yet he wanted to join Cub Scouts for Prey?  Preposterous.

In Zootopia, there becomes prejudice against all predators, because of the “Going Savage” epidemic.  Keep Clauhauser the face of the ZPD?  Keep Lionheart the Mayor?  Preposterous.

In Zootopia, there is a meekly Assistant Mayor, who is just a sheep.  She is kind, and ready to work and help, and do what is necessary for Zootopia.  She’s the mastermind behind all of the attacks on predators, and is the one making them go savage?  Preposterous.

This movie does something that no other movie has done and done WELL before; it has shown prejudice from all sides.  Judy has obstacles to face, barriers to overcome, and is treated with prejudice.  Yet she has prejudices herself.  As does Nick.  AS DOES EVERYONE.

This to me is so important about our world.  We forget to see the other side of things and how the world is really affected; Cis and hetero people are hated by LBGTQ people just as much as LBGTQ people are hated by Cis and hetero people.  Black people, mexican people, native american people, white people, so many people hate each other because of things that have transpired in the past, and because of the color of their skin.

The message I take from this movie is that no one is infallible.  People who have experienced prejudice are also just as likely to have prejudice.  But there is something that we, together, as HUMAN BEINGS, can do NOW.  We can forgive; we can learn; we can move forward.  Predators once hunted prey, but that is not the way anymore; prey were once meek and afraid, but not anymore.

We have evolved past what we once were.  None of us are guiltless, but none of us are guilty either.  Move past what you KNEW about the world, and learn about the world as it is NOW.

We are all together in this world, and all of us need to get to know one another, and the truth about what makes us who we are.

Welcome to Zootopia, where anyone can be anything.  Even friends.

Why political engagement is critical to games journalism

Earlier tonight, someone tweeted at me, “Not to be rude, but you’re part of the problem. You’ve compromised your integrity as a journalist by being an activist.” 

There are always a few things that come to mind when I hear this viewpoint expressed. First of all, my role at GameSpot was not that of news reporter. I was a critic. And I believe that a critic’s role involves engaging with media on multiple levels, and that to not engage with media on a political level often results in a woefully incomplete appraisal of a work.

Games, like film and television and books and music, have political meanings. They reinforce or sometimes challenge certain ideologies and value systems. And I sometimes commented on this aspect of games in my reviews, always in the larger context of also talking about the game’s mechanics, visuals, world, or whatever other facets of it also seemed to me to warrant discussion in my attempt to offer some sort of evaluation of a complex, multifaceted work. And I think that to call me an activist for doing this is just silly. 

In her piece “The Trouble With Blue is the Warmest Color,“ New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis said this:

The truth is, if I were hung up about every predatory director or every degrading image of a woman, I couldn’t be a film critic. So I watch, loving movies that don’t necessarily love or even like women.

I feel much the same about games. Many games disrespect or insult or hate women, reinforcing patriarchal and sometimes deeply misogynistic ideas about the roles of women and the value of women relative to men. Yet rather than commenting on this in my reviews for every game that reinforced regressive views of women, I reserved criticism of the treatment of women for only those games that I felt were the most egregious, troubling, or absurd in this regard. The number of reviews I wrote that comment on representations of women is very few. Yet, both sadly and hilariously, the fact that I ever did it at all painted me as a feminist crusader in some readers’ eyes, and in the comments section of just about every review I wrote were suggestions that I actually gave game X whatever score I gave it based on its treatment of women, even when I didn’t raise such issues at all. 

Given those comments and the other critiques and harassment I’ve received for ever raising such issues, and the critiques and harassment I’ve seen other women (and, to a lesser extent, men) receive for raising such issues, it’s pretty clear to me that this quote, which I reblogged yesterday, hits the proverbial bull’s-eye: 

Gamer culture has pushed the argument about women’s roles so far to one side that most of them honestly believe the status quo of default objectification and women-as-rewards is the “neutral,” “nonpolitical” starting position.

Games are not politically neutral. Neither are mainstream romantic comedies, or action films, or any novel I’ve ever read. They may sometimes appear politically neutral if the values they reinforce mesh with the value systems of the larger culture, but our culture is not politically neutral, either, and it is not outside of the role of a critic to comment on or raise questions about the political meanings embedded in the works one evaluates. In fact, it is often impossible to review something apolitically, because to not comment on or challenge the political meanings in a work in your review is to give them your tacit endorsement. 

This teaser for Battlefield Hardline, for instance, seriously glorifies and fetishizes the militarization of police hardware and firepower. This has always been deeply political, and recent, tragic events have made it impossible to ignore the political nature of such imagery. 

Which brings me to the other thing that comes to mind when I hear this viewpoint expressed. Inherent in the statement that, by being an “activist”—which, here, I take to mean “someone who has attempted to raise certain questions and concerns about the meanings present in some games”—I’ve failed at being a “journalist,” is the idea that journalists don’t ever try to challenge existing power structures or political ideologies or give a voice to the voiceless or any such thing, that the role of journalists is always to simply dryly report the “facts” in such a way that never favors one “side” of an issue over another, but always presents both as equal, even when those sides are not equal at all. And I would never suggest in a million years that writing about video games is remotely in the same sphere of importance as covering the real news of the world, like, say, recent events in Ferguson, or Gaza. I don’t believe for a second that it is. Rather, this is just to make a point about what journalism is and isn’t. News coverage of Ferguson that offers a full and complex picture of events there should naturally raise questions about the abuse of authority, about institutionalized racism and oppression. That’s not activism; that’s part of what journalism should and must do.

Games aren’t the same sort of thing. Thank goodness. But, like film and books and TV, they are a meaningful medium that both shapes and is shaped by the culture at large. Games are worthy of being taken seriously, of being treated with respect, and part of that means that, like books and film and TV, they warrant serious coverage and criticism. To suggest that journalism about games shouldn’t ever raise questions about or challenge the politics of the games industry or of games themselves is dead wrong. Games journalism needs to do this. Any journalistic publication or writer covering games that never seriously engages with games politically is failing to do journalism.