i hate small images

When small children are portrayed as big fans of One Direction
  • Y'all: *busting a nut* OMG this is so cute :)) They are so nice!! I CAN'T EVEN THIS IS SO ADORABLE! 😘 😚 👏 Imagine if this was their daughter Oh my GOSHHH!!!
  • Me, a salty bitch: Fuck this ain’t 2012... ain’t no Up All Night shit...😒😒😒 U don't even know the lyrics to Temporary Fix u fuckin Directionator. Ur fake ass couldn’t even talk when WMYB came out... Nice Mrs. Horan t-shirt, u fraud... I bet you don’t even know he a brunet...fucking poseur. 😤 Make way for my adult ass, I’ve been rotting in this fandom for half a decade waiting for Liam Payne to breathe on me.... You can’t skip no line, just ‘cause you three feet tall.... I’ll knock your ass three feet down to the ground. The suspenders are off, Zayn is gone... Get off my property, fucking carrot scumbag... This band is for big kids now 🔫🔫🔫

Finally done!

Here’s my half of the art trade with @rubys-universe! I was going to color it traditionally, but I couldn’t find the right colors, so I just slapped some digital color on it. ^^

And yeah the lines are all blurry and weird cuz this was just a picture of the drawing that I took with my phone and messed with the contrast and such ahah