i hate skype with a burning passion

me: i hate d/e/n/n/o/r with a burning passion because denmark is my brother

also me: this image of me in denmarks coat? this is my icon now, im putting it on my ids page too. i love this image. i dont know why, really. but its my favourite. its my skype icon too, and will be my instagram icon when one of my datemates breaks our matching icons. on discord too, this is my icon. im not being dramatic or anything, i just really……. really……… love this image? w

105ttt  asked:

Ah, okay, I see why it bothers you! I hate Tri Force Heroes with a burning passion too, and while I don't hate BotW necessarily, it has made me feel awful a few times as well, so I get ya

like it was suuuuuuch a cool experience until the end

like the great plateau?? everything felt so mysterious and new even though all of it was old

and oh man, the lost woods ACTUALLY made me feel…lost. and alone. and sad and desolate. i had to skype with a friend just to make myself feel better while i was doing it because it was THAT depressing.

i know “the journey is more than the destination” but like, the destination FUCKING sucked as far as the storyline in botw is concerned and I will forever be bitter.