i hate sidney crosby

when people talk shit on sid it makes me so sad because one time i saw him out to lunch and some woman with a stroller spilled her diaper bag and he stopped to help her pick it up and carried it to her car

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Why do you hate crosby

i want to be clear: i do not hate crosby as a person. i actually quite like him as a person. but he always terrorizes my team, he has the entire NHL up his ass, and he’s allowed to get away with dirty plays because he’s sidney crosby. so yeah i hate crosby

thank you for being a friend: kris letang & sidney crosby

Unlike the vast majority of players who storm off the moment their interview is done, good ol’ Canadian Sidney Crosby knows to wait that extra couple seconds till the camera stops rolling.

It may be small, and I know he’s not the only one to do it, but it still amazes me how Sid is as polite as can be in every situation he’s put into. Whether it be something small or large - this guy knows how to act.