i hate season 3

keith’s mum headcanons

i’m already in love with this rebel space cat so here are some headcanons about her

  • i love the fandom headcanon that she piloted the blue lion
    • which to some seems unrealistic, especially seeing as voltron kinda died with alfor for ten thousand years bc he hid all the lions and sealed Black away, but what if it was just Blue, Red, Green and Yellow for a bit? their pilots couldn’t form voltron, obviously, but they could still help out the universe here and there; so what if Blue wasn’t originally hidden on Earth, and keith’s mum found her, and yeah
    • and then she came to earth, met Texas Kogane (i will forever call him that), and when shit went down and she was forced to leave (either the galra or the other humans found out about their relationship) she left the lion there, hoping that her son would find it when he grew up
  • she was an amazing pilot (i mean, keith obviously got his natural talent from somewhere)
    • Texas Kogane can’t pilot for shit
  • what if she had the same kind of personality as lance? the joker of the team, the one who boosts everyone’s morale, but also with that side of seriousness and responsibility that i s2g if we don’t get in season 3 imma scream
  • she’s also adorably violent
    • i mean, she gave her son a fucking knife
      • “honey, that’s sweet of you, but babies here don’t get weapons so early on… or at all…” “don’t be ridiculous, he loves it!”
    • she gave the other pilots all of the noogies
      • if they refused her noogies she’d pretend to pout like the dork she was
  • when she was forced to leave earth, she felt so guilty leaving her son behind, and hoped that one day she could return and be the mother he didn’t have

feel free to add on!