i hate rudy

Day 3: If Misty had chosen to stay with Rudy

When I was a kid, I hated Rudy because he got in the way of Ash and Misty. I was already shipping the Pokeship even before I knew what shipping was. I don’t hate him anymore. He’s just…ya know…Rudy.

Ash and Tracey were on Lapras’s back as they left Trovita Island. It wasn’t just them leaving the island. They also had left a friend.

Tracey wasn’t really that affected since he understood what Misty felt. If you meet someone you felt attached to, it’s gonna be hard to let go.

However, Ash wasn’t exactly all cheers. Tracey was confused. The Ash he knew would always cheer every time he won a match. But somehow, he looked like as if he lost a battle.

“Ash?” Tracey spoke out. “You miss Misty don’t you?”

Ash blushed. “I don’t! Sure, she’s my friend, but she’s much happier with her boyfriend, Rudy. Sheesh.”

Ash crossed his arms, hopefully telling Tracey the message that he didn’t want to talk about Misty.

Eventually, they reached the next island.

Tracey decided to set up camp while Ash was at a nearby pond doing some fishing. Some say fishing helps you clear your mind, but then…

Ash suddenly felt a bite on his hook. He reeled in to bring the Pokemon out. It was a Remoraid, a Pokemon he had never seen before (we’re still in Orange Islands times here, okay?)

Ash felt excited. “Misty! Misty! Check this…oh…right.”

He sighed and just released the Remoraid. He knew that she wasn’t there. Why was he calling her when he knew no one named Misty was there? Maybe he should have called on Tracey.

I need to get over this, but…how? Hmm…maybe I should try to be as cool as Rudy? Oh wait…no way. Ash, why do you need to be like Rudy? You beat him in a Pokémon battle!

Ash eventually tried to move on.

He and Tracey soon found themselves on Shamouti Island. Turns out that Ash was some ‘Chosen One’.

He finds himself in the middle of the battle between the legendary bird Pokemon. He tried to catch his breath, but then everything else went black.

Tracey wanted to save him, but he wasn’t able to swim that deep.

Suddenly, a familiar figure steps in and brings Ash back to shore.

Ash eventually regains consciousness and sees a familiar redhead. “M-Misty? Oh…I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”

Misty smiled at him. “Ash, you’re awake and definitely not dreaming. I’m really here.”

Ash stood straight. “Why are you here? I thought you were with Rudy?”

“Things moved a bit too quickly with Rudy. I thought I liked him, but it was really just a crush. Nothing more. I realized that being in an adventure with you and Tracey is much more fun than being some girl who just tags along a cute guy.”

“Isn’t that what you do anyway? Even when you’re with Tracey and I?” Ash teased.

“Haha, you think you’re sooo handsome.” Misty sarcastically replied.

“Hey, the handsome guy could’ve been Tracey.”

“Ha. But really, though. I get to learn more when I’m with you and Tracey. I’m just stuck on that island with Rudy. I do like him and his sister, but I felt like I wasn’t gonna do much there. It’s like I’m meant for something more. I feel like I’d be able to achieve to get that ‘something more’ if I continued traveling. So Ash, please. Allow me travel with you again.”

“Mist, of course. You’ll always be my best friend. Besides, you think I’m more handsome than Rudy anyway.”

“OH SHUT UP, KETCHUM! One more comment like that then I’m going back to Rudy!”

“Okay, okay. Glad to have you back, Misty.”

I am really not digging the third season of Misfits. I hate Rudy...it's like they thought who could we get that's more offensive, twatty, annoying, and just all around douchey. It gets old....why couldn't they just have added another girl. I think we get enough comic relief, that we don't need some random asshole.