i hate ramona


“I felt bad for Ramona so I came to her rescue. Setting off a dangerous explosion without any regard for my own safety or anyone else’s.”

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Woo, I'm so excited! When bitch!Ramona kissed Sheldon I was like, "He's gonna go to Amy and propose, isn't he?" And he did! Yay! :o) I didn't cry but I had tears in my eyes.

OMG. I mean… I was in a state of shock for like an hour after watching this episode. I still am, in a way.

It was ridiculous because I think I spent this last week as much time trying to avoid spoilers as I spent trying to come up with ways as to WHY the HELL RAMONA would be back that wasn’t something like “she’s back to seduce Sheldon”.

Cause I know Sheldon is someone who can’t be seduced, he’s not like most men. He doesn’t think like most men. He really thought she wanted to be friends for Christ’s sake!

But… I don’t know, I was in this state of denial like “oh, she’s just going to be his dorky assistant again now that Amy’s gone” (for real I convinced myself of that).

And then last night I downloaded the damn episode and I couldn’t even hit play, I was like “I’m gonna have to face this reality that RamNANA IS BACK AND SHES TROUBLE” 

SO ANYWAY, I hit play and I don’t think.. and honestly, last week’s episode was also so good and fun but I did NOT think I’d love this episode as much as I did. Probably my fave of the season in term of hilariousness.

Sure, I hated Ramona. My face transformed every time she was on screen. But everyone else on this was just so perfect. Bernadette sitting in between them at the apt in AMY’S spot.

When they all walked her to her car. I was laughing so hard. It was great.

When Sheldon asked her if she was seeking a relationship I almost threw my laptop out of the window cause they were alone in a room and of courSE RAMANONA WAS GONNA MAKE A MOVE.

My face when she kissed him was.. actually, I was Ross seeing Joey and Rachel kiss:

It was exactly like that.

When I snapped back into reality and saw he was on a plane, I was like, GOD DAMMIT HES





But yeah, I mean.. I’m fine.

The episode was hilarious

I hate ramona

The gang is the best gang ever

Mayim and Jim are GOLD

Amy skype with the girls was hilarious. Shamy skype was naughty and I loved it.

I hate ramona (sorry Rikki, nothing against you) but the character is a bitch!

The gang was amazing all episode. I love them all!! Bernadette using all her body hahaha go bernie!!!

The stairs lol so funny!

Penny talking to Sheldon YAS she is the perfect to make him see this is not good. I think the conversation make him realize it a little. If not he will keep ignoring it. The painting is still on 4B? They bring it to Lenny no? I tried!! Love it Penny!

YOU F***** BITCH DON’T DARE TO KISS HIM (again sorry Rikki, you played your character good)

I really thought he would go to the bathroom to wash his mouth lolololol

I love sheldon proposing BUT I feel it’s not the right way. But I love it, I love he realized he needed to. And he was like NOPE and boum, he is in NJ

Don’t get me wrong. I want a yes, but he needs to explain that, Amy deserves that.

He doesn’t bring a jacket. No bag. He had the ring on his pocket ALL TIME? Go Sheldon!

I’m ready for season 11. We will survive the hiatus as always. Bring me fics! I will draw all summer for the fandom! Don’t fear! Shamy is gold, I love Majim so much (read groknation article) so yeah! My body is ready for more!

- maybe it’s just me but I actually like when my guy stands up for me ? to me it shows that he cares and the protectiveness is cute ! and liking that doesn’t have to mean that i’m too weak to stand up for myself. but it’s just a sweet thing and i don’t think it’s intended to be a here honey you can’t handle this let me do it moment. it’s more of a natural human instinct to protect things you love ? -

Shade Comes From Mind Reading, Darling | Pearlet/Jalaska/Trixya/Biadore | Ramona


-holy fucking shit this took so long to write i started in like february lmao

-i made an author blog bc thts what the cool kids are doing so hmu on artificialramona

-someone called kenny pops up in this fic a bit, he’s jinkx’s best friend/tour manager/general tiny bean. he’s the one who keeps appearing on courtney and adore’s snapchat n arm wrestled violet

-god bless kiwi for beta-ing this fic n being me pearlet data base ilu bb

-this is dedicated to cheshire because i am a horrible person n they wanted to collab on my witchcraft idea but then i just wrote it on my own n i will literally die feeling bad about it

-i worked bloody hard on this i deserve a ridiculously long author’s note


“It was just a general psychic thing, nothing specific. I don’t understand why it’s only certain thoughts,” Jerick explains, “it’s like my narrator got sloppy with their plotline or something.”

warnings: drug/smoking mentions in the chapters “oops” and “shit gets weird.” i tried to do the most tasteful pearlet smut i could in the chapter “accidental voyeurism isn’t as funny as it sounds.” alcohol consumption in the chapters “american horror story: brian mccook” and “another layer on the crazy cake” and mentions throughout.

fic drinking game: take a shot every time jinkx is referred to as “the redhead.“ word count: 13.4k

•song inspo for the pairings•

Pearl and Violet // Me vs Maradonna vs Elvis by Brand New

Adore and Bianca // Somebody Else by The 1975

Trixie and Katya // Wicked Little Town and its reprise from Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Jinkx and Pearl friendship // Comfort by Basement

Jinkx and Alaska // The Only Exception by Paramore

“i hate the wittiness and ability to evoke distress in me ramona withholds and i am planning on sabotaging both in the future. i hate ramona. god, i hope ramona dies. i hope i die.” -kiwi


Right At The Very Beginning (A Very Good Place To Start).

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